Angel City: The Angelus Trilogy

Angel City: The Angelus Trilogy

Jon Steele / May 28, 2020

Angel City The Angelus Trilogy Electrifying from its explosive first scene to its unexpected and shocking conclusion Angel City revisits the unforgettable characters from The Watchers to reveal of the earthly and otherworldy myste

  • Title: Angel City: The Angelus Trilogy
  • Author: Jon Steele
  • ISBN: 9780451416803
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Electrifying from its explosive first scene to its unexpected and shocking conclusion, Angel City revisits the unforgettable characters from The Watchers to reveal of the earthly and otherworldy mysteries of the Angelus trilogy Katherine Taylor, ex escort, and Jay Harper, private detective, no longer remember each other They no longer remember the cosmic battle theyElectrifying from its explosive first scene to its unexpected and shocking conclusion, Angel City revisits the unforgettable characters from The Watchers to reveal of the earthly and otherworldy mysteries of the Angelus trilogy Katherine Taylor, ex escort, and Jay Harper, private detective, no longer remember each other They no longer remember the cosmic battle they fought against the Nephilim In fact, the only memory of the events of their pasts takes the form of a child, Katherine s infant son, Max, who has, unbeknown to anyone, stirred the interest of the same vengeful spirits Meanwhile, from the shadows steps a defrocked priest named Astruc, whose face looks as if it has been clawed by some terrible beast and who hides his eyes behind blue lenses He and his brilliant young ward have discovered something unfathomable in the catacombs under Paris something that will confirm that the time of the prophecy is at hand.

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    1. As I'd read and really enjoyed The Watchers which is Mark Steele's previous book in this series I was delighted to be able to read this latest one. While I guess it would be possible to read this as a standalone story I would really advise anyone to read The Watchers before this one as, while it is a story that can stand alone, it gives much background information on the main and fascinating characters that are in this book. Essentially this is a book about angels and the never ending war betwee [...]

    2. An adequate follow up to the beautifully written "The Watchers" by Jon Steele. I enjoyed this one, but without the magnificent and charismatic protagonist, Marc Rochat, this one lacked a certain human element that made the first one hugely and emotionally successful. I'm not sure how much I would have liked this novel, without the first one. This def. is not a stand alone read. Without the first, 95% of this one would not make sense and confuse a reader. The final seventy five pages actually kep [...]

    3. In an act of ultimate literary sacrifice, Jon Steele slit the wrists of his soul and bled all that he had into Angel City. A mystical combination of metaphysics, astronomy, history and culture, fine art and science, Angel City is a phenomenon unto itself. It breaks the boundaries of genre, redefines the gritty style of Noir, and takes the reader into a realm that is difficult to emerge from. Indeed, one feels as if their soul somehow expanded with awareness while reading Angel City.A versatile w [...]

    4. I liked Angel City so much that I stopped reading it, and bought the first book in the series, The Watchers, so I could have the complete experience. The first book built slowly, introducing characters, and dropping well–placed bits of foreshadowing and indications that things were moving in unexpected directions, then delivered a powerful finish. Angel City follows the same road. Harper and Katherine return, but with their memories scrubbed, (mostly--pesky little unauthorized memories break t [...]

    5. Take some angels, some demons, some humor, some action, foreign phrases, then blend it all up and you have Angel City by Jon Steele! The writing style is crisp and flows smoothly from tense moments to tender moments without a hitch as the two main characters take turns center stage. In spite of the fact that I learned after the fact that this was the second book of a Sci-fi, fantasy series, I was captivated by the creativity of the author. Without a brief re-cap of book one, The Watchers, Jon St [...]

    6. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley for the purpose of review. The review is my honest opinion and I was not paid for this service. Sadly, Angel City did not capture my attention. I found the prologue to be extremely boring. It really did not seem to have anything to do with the rest of the book. Once past the prologue it did not get much better. While the book was well written, I felt that the author did not draw the reader into the story. A story should draw the reader [...]

    7. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley for the purpose of review. The review is my honest opinion and I was not paid for this service. Since reading The Watchers, I've spent more than a bit of time imagining what mad road the author might steer the story down in Angel City, but none of my imaginings were even remotely correct. The ending can only be described as diabolical and will surely give whole new meaning to the word ‘cliffhanger’.This astounding novel contains loa [...]

    8. This review originally posted on my blog, drey's library.The Watchers ended with a bang, leaving one of the three main characters dead. Now, our detective has no memory of what occurred, and our bell-ringer’s angel is hiding in a small town with her toddler. Neither know that they’re paying the price for events they managed to live through in The Watcher, and neither know that so much danger abounds – nor what’s being done to protect them.Because someone is hunting those who bear the lig [...]

    9. Wow! A reading highlight of the year for me. This sequel to the original and powerful The Watchers is extraordinary, weaving together the experiences of different lives in different realities, love, mercy and hatred fighting for dominance. It will stay in my mind, just as The Watchers does still. Do make sure you read The Watchers first. An outstanding series.

    10. I received my copy from Blue Rider Press through NetGalley.WOW! What a book! What an imagination and what a story!When I read The Watchers almost a year ago I was blown away by the book. The idea behind the story was original, well thought out and brilliantly delivered. When I discovered that the book was the first part of a trilogy I was both delighted and a little bit afraid; would the author be able to live up to the expectations he had created in book one? And, before I go on, if you haven [...]

    11. I read The Watchers, Jon Steele’s debut novel back in June 2011 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Two years later and the sequel is upon us. My only uncertainty going in, was how much I would enjoy it knowing that one of my favourite characters from book one was gone?Jay Harper has adjusted to the revelations he uncovered about origins. Working for the celestial authorities is never boring, and within a few pages he’s already involved in breakneck chase to save Paris. Just a typical day on the job [...]

    12. The second part of the Angelus Trilogy, Angel City leads us further in the stories of Jay Harper and Katherine Taylor, introduced to us in the first in Jon Steele's series, The Watchers.I'm not sure what genre I would put this novel in. Given its notion of angels taking the forms of men, and walking amongst us, the idea of being able to warp time, a bus that appears to be able to break the sound barrier, science fiction/fantasy would appear to be the prime candidate, but as the story unfolds, it [...]

    13. This, to me, was a very different book than the first one, Watchers. But it needed to be. It had to be, and if you've read the first one, you know just what I mean.What was the same was that I experienced this book more than I read it.When there's some bit on the mythology on angels, where they come from, what they are, and I'd usually wince at what Steele's got down for that, I barely even notice. Because while I'm reading the book, it's real. The characters are real. And shit I don't like? Wel [...]

    14. The sequel to The Watchers (Angelus Trilogy 1). One of things that bothered me about the first book was lack of clarity. I am happy to say the author has kept his sub-plots a lot clearer this time.The scene with Harper and the terrorists was well-written and finally elevated him out of the murky confusion of the first book.The cathedral wasn't a focal point this time, which is a shame and I have to admit to missing the character Marc Rochat.The descriptions of the cathedral and his role as the Q [...]

    15. Fantastic imagination & "musings on folks" has Jon Steele especially where character interaction goes. The Watchers really grabbed my attention & Angel City takes it forward yet again! The Watchers began in a different timezone & centred mainly on 3 characters in "nowtimes", it wasn't action-packed nor did it need to be as the tale developed, Angel City brings more action as the plot/story now evolves further bringing into play other elements as well as the tride & trusted from T [...]

    16. Angel City picks up basically where The Watchers left off and retains much of the essence of that first novel in the Angelus trilogy – the intricate detail, seductive noir feel, brilliant flashes of humour – but this is a very different book. The protagonists have scattered across the globe, the pace of the action has picked up considerably and the sense of impending disaster is intense. Since reading The Watchers I’ve spent more than a bit of time imagining what mad road the author might [...]

    17. This book continues the story of the battle between the angels, good and evil, that was begun in "The Watchers". The characters are not as engaging as in "The Watchers" but the book is still a roller coaster ride of a read, with loads of action, a touch of esoteric history and a claustrophobic trip into the tunnels beneath Paris. The author has a gift of giving voice to the different characters, creating characters that leap off the page to scare you or steal your heart (as Rochat does in "The W [...]

    18. Excellent book! I just needed a quick book to read for a fishing trip so I grabbed it in Walmart and just loved it. It's a very exciting novel and keeps you on the edge of your seat. My only regret is that I did not read the first book in the series. I bought the book not knowing it was the second in a series of, I believe, four. However, I really enjoyed it and it was a great read. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves an adventurous and raw read.

    19. An excellent action packed read. The only bad thing was that it ended on a serious cliffhanger and I now have to wait for at least a year for the next installment! Argh!

    20. Angel City starts off with two pages dedicated to explaining several historical events or mentioning’s like The Cathars and Montsegur. By briefly mentioning what these things meant was cleverly done, since next you are reading about the year 1244 where these terms are used. Already from The Watchers I learned that Jon Steele used several historical landmarks and history in his story and continuing this in Angel City was interesting to read about, since his usage of the angels is closely linked [...]

    21. I loved this book also, but not as much as the first book. I was not a huge fan of the lesbian angle where Katherine Taylor all of a sudden falls in love with her protector seemed forced and unrealistic. I am excited to finish the series and cannot wait to see how it all ends.

    22. Enjoyed 2nd of the trilogy as well. A nail-biting ending!! Put it down, and promptly picked up the 3rd installment.

    23. This is the sequel to The Watchers. For anyone reading this review - don't even bother reading this book if you haven't read the first book. This will be a trilogy called The Angelus Trilogy with the final book due out this year (2015). Each book is heavily tied to the other so this review WILL contain spoilers from the first book by nature of a review. I have to say, Angel City was something of a let down after the mystical, beautiful story telling of the first book. It's as if the author shift [...]

    24. Angel City by Jon Steele is book #2 in The Angelus Trilogy. I received my copy of the book as part of a giveaway and it took me awhile to finish the book. I actually put it down after a hundred pages or so and could not continue. It took my awhile to figure out why and once I did I was able to restart the story and found myself involved and once again caring for the characters. I will explain that in a moment. But first, a little about Angel City and The Angelus Trilogy."What is the day?" one s [...]

    25. BOOK GIVEAWAY July 24th to 23rd AugustOpen to UK residents onlyLink: sj2bhouseofbooksPrologue: The 13th Century, a Holy War between the Cathars and Crusaders in Montsegur, French Pyrenees is being fought. Or the followers of another religious faith including women, children and infants are being slaughtered in most horrific and torturous ways. We are then launched into current times, 3 years on from the cataclysmic events in Lausanne, with a terrorist attack in Paris. Harper becomes involved an [...]

    26. Originally published on Tales to Tide You OverAngel City is a complicated, multi-threaded tale that plays on faith, fact, history, and knowledge. This book is a treasure of unreliable narrators who don't know, can't remember, or won't say what's going on. That might sound frustrating, but it isn't really because you get tied up in the nowtimes, as the book calls them, while you gather evidence about the beforetimes in the hopes of understanding the time to come.From the characters who are angels [...]

    27. Book Two in the Angelus Trilogy, Angel City, provided as a net galley copy by the publishers in exchange for an honest review (thank you), is an action-packed, hold on to the edge of your seat read, that’s a cross between a high-octane adventure/crime novel and something akin (but much better) than Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code with doses of philosophy, science and astronomy thrown in for good measure. Commencing with an explosion that rocks Paris and the cosmic forces protecting and harming [...]

    28. The ending is a cliff hanger. I loved the 1st book. Second book was harder to get into. But now I have to read the 3rd because of how it ended!

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