The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage

The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage

Derek Landy / May 31, 2020

The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage When the TARDIS lands on a planet that looks identical to Earth the Tenth Doctor and Martha are amazed to find it packed with fictional characters from her childhood But who has the power to create a

  • Title: The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage
  • Author: Derek Landy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the TARDIS lands on a planet that looks identical to Earth, the Tenth Doctor and Martha are amazed to find it packed with fictional characters from her childhood But who has the power to create an entire world out of books and why The Doctor and Martha must solve the mystery before their story ends Eleven Doctors, eleven months, eleven stories a year long celebratiWhen the TARDIS lands on a planet that looks identical to Earth, the Tenth Doctor and Martha are amazed to find it packed with fictional characters from her childhood But who has the power to create an entire world out of books and why The Doctor and Martha must solve the mystery before their story ends Eleven Doctors, eleven months, eleven stories a year long celebration of Doctor Who The most exciting names in children s fiction each create their own unique adventure about the time travelling Time Lord.

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        Derek Landy is an Irish writer and screenwriter In addition to the bestselling children s YA series of Skulduggery Pleasant books, a supernatural mystery series starring Skulduggery Pleasant, a skeleton detective, and Valkyrie Cain, a young female magician, he has written two screenplays that have been made into films the IFTA award winning Dead Bodies and the IFTA nominated Boy Eats Girl Landy himself was nominated for an IFTA for Best Script He doesn t like to brag about all the awards he s won, such as the Irish Book of the Decade, or the Red House in the UK, or all the other awards that he humbly displays on his mantelpiece He is also far too modest to mention things like the first book being a Publisher s Weekly Best Book of the Year, but would like to extend an invitation to Oprah to pop around one day for tea, in thanks for selecting his book for the Oprah s Book Club Kids Reading List Derek plays too many video games, reads too many comics, and watches too many movies He lives in Ireland with too many cats Occasionally he talks to real people, but only when he absolutely has to.He is the best selling author of Skulduggery Pleasant, the


    1. This is the tenth book in the 50th Anniversary event of eleven short stories featuring the eleven doctors along with eleven different companions. Now, it's the turn of the Tenth Doctor and his companion is Martha Jones.The GoodEverything!!! If you can't read all the eleven stories and you just can read one single short story of this event, this is the one! If you like the Tenth Doctor and/or Doctor Who franchise in general, you will love to read this book. And also, even if you aren't particular [...]

    2. In 1969 the classic Patrick Troughton story ‘The Mind Robber’s was broadcast. For those of you who haven’t pored over DVDs of old black & white episodes, it sees The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe trapped in The Land of Fiction, where they meet Gulliver, Rapunzel, D’Artagnan, Blackbeard and Cyrano D’Bergerac. It’s a classic adventure, a welcome change from the many base under siege stories of the Troughton era. And it clearly made a great impression on Derek Landy as here we are not quite [...]

    3. This was surprisingly enjoyable, considering I am not a huge Martha Jones fan. I guess it is because I was so attached to Rose.I just always found Martha to be so desperate. However, Martha was at her best in this story.Another thing going against this story is its length, I think it is difficult to write a good DW story in such a short space because you usually have to create and present entire new worlds and characters. However, this story managed to create a very interesting world by using fa [...]

    4. I've read the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 10th now from this series so far, though this was a re read - I enjoyed it every bit as much as the first. Ten was written so canon, though Martha not so much. But nonetheless, a fabulous short that made me laugh and smile throughout :)

    5. After reading: Well, that was . . . what's the word I'm looking for? Bad. Yes, that's it. Everything felt forced. The characters, the dialogue, the plot . . . everything. And worse, it was boring. And for the worst of these stories yet to be with Ten, that's just cruel, Universe. What did I ever do to you.Before reading: Seriously side-eyeing this whole project now. Been looking forward to seeing who would get Ten since December and it's . . . this guy? I have no idea who he is. (Not that he's n [...]

    6. I'm a little hesitant about the "it was amazing!" description of a five star rating on - if I had to use words, I'd go with "I really liked it!" - but I did enjoy this story more than any of the others in this set of Doctor Who anniversary short stories, so, well, relative to the others, five stars it is.I expected to like it, of course - it's Derek Landy, who is, after all, my current absolute top favourite author, and I'd read the phone book if he wrote it. (I would, too. It would probably be [...]

    7. Este año me he propuesto, entre otras cosas, leer las historias cortas de Doctor Who que salieron el año pasado por el 50º aniversario. Quizá lo suyo hubiese sido empezar por 1st, pero tengo debilidad por 10th y al final he sucumbido a sus encantos y no me arrepiento de nada.Esta novela refleja muy bien la personalidad de 10th y la de Martha, además su relación aunque resulta un poco fría siempre cuidan el uno del otro. Leerlo ha sido como ver un capítulo de la serie, pero más breve y c [...]

    8. This is the e-short for the Tenth Doctor and sees him travelling with Martha Jones. From what I could gather from the references it is set somewhere towards the end of Series 3. In it the Doctor and Martha arrive in a place that looks strangely familiar to Martha, and she soon realises that is because it looks like the setting for a book she read as a child. It seems the Doctor and Martha are in a land of fiction- although not the Land of Fiction that the Second Doctor visited! This is not the s [...]

    9. This addition to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection was, at least by me, highly expected: it stars none other than the fan favorite Tenth Doctor and my personal best companion ever - Martha Jones (thank you so much, Mr. Landy, for picking her up).This time, Landy has provided us with an enticing, and genuinely lighthearted at that, episode to the Tenth Doctor adventures that comes up as entirely compatible to the stories produced and written by previous showrunner Russel T. Davies. The r [...]

    10. The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage features the tenth Doctor and Martha and is an interesting romp set in a world which models itself on fictional characters and places, a bit like The Mind Robber from the second Doctor’s era. The Doctor and Martha both sound exactly like they do in the television series which is a bonus point for me and the tenth Doctor sounded particularly smug and pleased with himself, something that I never liked about his character. I quite liked some of the references to [...]

    11. I am a bookworm and Doctor Who fan so this was a good choice for me to read. The Tenth Doctor and Martha visit a world where everyone they meet is a character from books that Martha has read. In short, this seems like a book lover's dream. But as always with the Doctor, it's not that simple. This was a good, quick, humourous read and the characters of Martha and the Doctor were portrayed similarly to their televised counterparts. I particularly liked the Doctor's sarcastic manner and the links t [...]

    12. Ten was written so well, I read everything with his accent and voice it really was Ten. [weeelll weeell] [did miss allons-y though]. Martha was great too, I love all Tens companions and Martha was great once again. Both of them made me laugh, the way they speak to each other. The story is about the Doctor and Martha being trapped in a storybook Martha read when she was a kid. It’s about the troubleseekers [which kind of reminded me of Scooby doo]You’ll find more characters like Rapunzel and [...]

    13. ". . . Tell me, Doctor, what does every story require of its reader?""The willing suspension of disbelief.""Exactly. You have no idea the power generated each time somebody is told a story. When a conscious, sentient mind willingly ignores what is real, what is facr, and instead chooses to invest in people and places that never existed. . . It is magnificent. It amounts to nothing less than a rejection of reality. And when reality is pushed away, no matter how briefly, it leaves a gap, crackling [...]

    14. My son and I read this at bedtime over several days/weeks. It was very enjoyable for both of us. Many laugh out loud moments and the tenth Doctor came back to life for us on the pages with his witty and often hilarious dialogue and actions. Even Martha Jones (my personal least favourite companion) didn't ruin the fun story, and actually even made it a bit funnier because the Doctor here seemed to feel much the same about her as we do, often (good humouredly) mocking her. Ha.I've bought more from [...]

    15. Soooo good! It was just like a Doctor Who episode. Loved the story, and loved how you can just hear the Tenth Doctor and Martha. It even ended like a true episode of Doctor Who, so good.

    16. Wow. After the train wreck that was embassy row, this was like a breath of fresh air after you've been quarantined in your own apartment for three days (yes I know what I'm talking about tyvm). I mean this review has nothing to do with the story itself (but I can say that I enjoyed it and it made me miss 10 and DTR even more) and everything to do with that it was such a NICE READ. It was a s1-4 doctor who episode, and those are nice.

    17. 50.yıl hikayelerinin 10, açıkçası Martha tamam ama Tennant gelmedi bana tam Doktor. Hikaye tabii ki fazla klasikti ve ara bölüm tadındaydı. Maalesef Trenzalore Öyküleri de, bu kısalar da fazla sıradan geliyor, özellikle Douglas Adams katkılı hikayelerden sonra/

    18. Again, a fun read. The Doctor and Martha Jones visit a place where books become reality. Even the fictional world of Twilight is briefly introduced as a setting and even more quickly discarded in the blink of the Doctor's eye. So much for that, thanks Doctor.

    19. Ten is everybody's favourite. Very few people actually have a different favourite Doctor (me included), but even so, we all love him as well. Ten comes to a close second place to me, and Ten and Rose are my second favourite pair (with Nine/Rose being the first, obviously).Since in Nine's story Rose wasn't around, I had a tiny bit of hope for Derek Landy to write her and Ten in his story. But even with my tiny bit of hope, I thought he'd choose Donna.Just like Ten is everybody's favourite Doctor, [...]

    20. The Tenth Doctor does The Mind Robber, essentially. Good characterisation of the Doctor and Martha but the story didn't do much for me.

    21. Funciona mucho mejor como mini capítulo de la serie de lo que lo hizo la anterior historia, The Beast of Babylon, que me resultó en su momento bastante aburrida y muy poco parecida a la esencia de Nine.Esta, en cambio, es entretenida, ingeniosa y logra plasmar en pocas páginas las personalidades, tanto de el décimo doctor como de Martha, bastante bien. Es creíble, es gracioso, muy poco distinto a ver la serie.

    22. (Sigue leyendo para encontrar la reseña en español)The plot was interesting and not what usually happens, but I found it to be rather predictable. The TARDIS lands on a planet, that wasn't there the last time that the Doctor visited that part of the universe, where the people who live there are characters from books. This already implies that they're not real and that some sort of mind technology is going on, especially when the first characters that they meet seem to be connected to Martha, w [...]

    23. Derek Landy, “THE MYSTERY OF THE HAUNTED COTTAGE”, (published October 23rd 2013) starring Ten (David Tennant).Freaky imprisonment inside a fictional children's story, 'The Trouble Seekers' books which I assume are not really in existence. The Doctor is just like his Tenth incarnation. ****“'The little fat boy.'The Doctor raised an eyebrow.'What?' Martha said defensively, keeping her voice down. 'That's how it was described in the books. Don't blame me. This was 1951. everything back then w [...]

    24. Doctor Who - The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage is another short, little volume in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - 12 Doctors, 12 Books collection of mini-books. This one features the Tenth Doctor and his companion Martha Jones. The TARDIS lands in a bank of fog, but when Martha steps out of the TARDIS it immediately becomes a clear and sunny day with grass and trees and such. The Doctor and Martha meet four children - two boys and two girls, and Martha realizes she recognizes them as the Trou [...]

    25. This is the 10th E-short that was released in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, the television programme. It featured the reincarnation of the Doctor played by David Tennant and his companion Martha Jones, who was played by Freema Agyeman. In this short installment they find themselves on a planet that shouldn't exist, in an area that previous held nothing. Once landed and out of the Tardis, Martha recognizes the world as being a recreation of a booked called "The Mystery of the [...]

    26. Well that was peculiar!The tenth doctor, David Tennant, on duty here, and Derek Landy having a stab at getting the character right. The companion Martha Jones is also very much present.He sort of succeeds at getting their characters right; possibly to the point of caricature. The doctor is witty and knowingly arrogant, and Martha is somewhat sarcastic and puts up with the doctor's eccentricities well. Both of them are armed with a range of grins for all purposes. It feels a little added for purp [...]

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