Abigail and Her Pet Zombie

Abigail and Her Pet Zombie

Marie F. Crow / May 25, 2020

Abigail and Her Pet Zombie Abigail isn t a normal five year old girl She doesn t have normal five year old pets Abigail has a pet Zombie This is their story This is the first book of the Abigail and her pet Zombie Series from a

  • Title: Abigail and Her Pet Zombie
  • Author: Marie F. Crow
  • ISBN: 9780989424295
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Abigail isn t a normal five year old girl She doesn t have normal five year old pets Abigail has a pet Zombie This is their story This is the first book of the Abigail and her pet Zombie Series from author Marie F Crow It is a humorous story of a little girl and her comical pet This is an illustrated, lighthearted, fun short story for ages 6 to 8.

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        Marie F Crow believes that monsters should keep you up at night with the thoughts of what if stalking your mind She began writing horror after feeling the genre of zombie horror was getting too far away from actual horror, forgetting what a zombie is, and what that can mean to your world The recent advents of movies and literature have pushed the concept of the flesh eating undead too far into the realm of the mundane and cute There is a need to once rehash the genre with the proper respect to the psychological ramifications, and sheer horror, that the monsters deserve That sheer horror of possibly having to kill your friends, family, or anyone else for that matter before they become a shambling corpse willing, even driven, to consume the flesh of their own The psychological destruction to the minds of the living their deaths could cause to those around them With the release of The Risen series, she hopes to, once again, breathe fear back into the genre that has always been a favorite of hers Crafting her stories with honest emotions, and believable circumstances, she creates her world with an added twist to the classic monsters She believes nothing is sacred in the land of horror inviting the reader to explore the depth of that concept by luring them deeper into her realm with visual images and emotional drama wrapped with a sparkling, gore dripping bow With open arms, she welcomes them back into the world of horror hoping they enjoy the ride, but requests they do keep all their limbs inside the ride at all times The Risen are waiting, and they are hungry Sugar and Spice and Everything Dies Twice,Marie F Crow


    1. Hmmm I love zombies, and I am pretty hip, but this book made me a little uncomfortable. Referring to the zombie as "it", when he is (or was) obviously a boy, bothered me. If it was Abigail and her pet cat, I think even then she/he would have been used. I know there was supposed to be a message to the story, but again, it was presented in an unsettling way. This book would have been better as, just for fun, without trying to add a "message". The illustrations were well done, but the story left me [...]

    2. This is a free kindle book on . The art is great, and the story is cute, but it seemed to appeal to an adult sense of morbid humor. Neither one of my kids cared to look at or read the book. Still, I think it's adorable. I'm going to check out the others in the series. 

    3. The quality of the illustrations is truly exceptional. I loved everything about this book and so did my grandkids. And, if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me! It's very obvious that this author loves doing what she does.This is a fun story about Abigail and her pet zombie. It decides to follow her to school one day because he felt lonely when she left. At first her friends were scared, but after a while they discover that her pet was really good fun. It teaches kids valuable life [...]

    4. Grade: A+ (5 Freaking adorable stars and beyond)Marie F Crow is brilliant. This lady cannot be stuck in a corner. She wrote amazing horror, and now she brings us a light-hearted, adorable children’s book with such a positive message! You cannot stop Marie F Crow.I am beyond excited that I got to read this book. Yes, I know I’m not the target audience and it took me a total of like 10 minutes to really read and look at the pictures, but gosh almighty, it’s just too cute. I love the zombie, [...]

    5. Julie & R.: The Early YearsLittle Abigail's pet zombie loved her so much that he followed her to school one day. While the children adored him, her teacher wasn't having any of it (a zombie in the classroom? the horra!) - that is, until she saw how friendly and kind the zombie was with Abigail and her classmates. The zombie was allowed to stay the day and even received a gold star for his impeccable behavior. Abigail and Her Pet Zombie is a sweet and charmingly rendered story about diversity [...]

    6. “Abigail and Her Pet Zombie” has to be one of the most unique children’s picture books I have had the pleasure to review! Parents will be delighted that their children know that zombies don’t have to be scary. There are lots of different monsters out there in children’s books…like Elmo. Kids love these characters and really take to them well. Abigail’s pet zombie is the next not-so-scary book to love!The pet zombie is referred to as “It”. It is very gentle and loves Abigail. It [...]

    7. I loved the pictures and enjoyed this as an adult, but there were so many things that I couldn't feel comfortable with. Why is this humanoid a pet? How is it that the teacher didn't understand and let the zombie stay in school when this zombie was so good at art? Why not let the zombie go into special ed and see what he/she could learn given a chance. Is this how we treat those who are slower? Obviously the zombie was good at making friends. Why is the zombie not allowed a gender? If this zombie [...]

    8. What a cute and colorful book! If your young child likes zombies, Marie Crow has assembled a gentler story of one that will entertain and teach a valuable lesson at the same time. I found the pictures to be really cute and well done. My son found this book funny and it captured his interest from start to finish. This is a great addition to my child���s Kindle book collection, and after also enjoying 'The Risen' series by this author, it���s nice to see that Crow���s wonderful w [...]

    9. Loveable, non-scary zombie tale for zombie fans everywhere! Abigail has a pet zombie. One day it got lonely and followed her to school. Abigail's classmates fall in love with it and they have a good time together. I adored the art! It's just so cute and it really fits the tone. It also has a positive message - not judging others based on appearances. Give this zombie picture book a chance - it really deserves it!

    10. A cute little book about a young girl named Abigail who doesn't have a regular pet - she has a pet zombie. The artwork is wonderful and the story itself was nice - as far as kids zombie picture books go!PaulARH

    11. This is a very short children's story about Abigail and Her Pet Zombie. I found it to be very enjoyable and fast. I loved the illustrations throughout the book. I look forward to more about Abigail and Her Pet Zombie.5/5 stars, Happy Reading, Ashley

    12. Very cute!I read this book with my 6 year old daughter. She loved reading about all the fun Abigail had with her unusual pet zombie.

    13. The illustrations were great and the story was original but I wasn't completely convinced by it. Not sure what age range it's for.

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