In the Company of Thieves

In the Company of Thieves

Kage Baker / Jun 04, 2020

In the Company of Thieves The Company a powerful corporate entity in the twenty fourth century has discovered a nearly foolproof recipe for success immortal employees and time travel They specialize in retrieving extraordina

  • Title: In the Company of Thieves
  • Author: Kage Baker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Company, a powerful corporate entity in the twenty fourth century, has discovered a nearly foolproof recipe for success immortal employees and time travel They specialize in retrieving extraordinary treasures out of the past, gathered by cybernetically enhanced workers who pass as ordinary people Or at least they try to passThere is one rule at Dr Zeus IncorporaThe Company, a powerful corporate entity in the twenty fourth century, has discovered a nearly foolproof recipe for success immortal employees and time travel They specialize in retrieving extraordinary treasures out of the past, gathered by cybernetically enhanced workers who pass as ordinary people Or at least they try to passThere is one rule at Dr Zeus Incorporated that must not be broken recorded history cannot be changed But avoiding the attention of mortals while stealing from them It s definitely not in the Company manual.History awaits, though not quite the one you remember.

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    1. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley! Thanks to NetGalley and to Tachyon Publications!This is a collection of short pieces by Baker, related to her 'Company' series of novels. At this point, I've read the first seven novels in the series, as well as the first short-story collection 'Black Projects, White Knights.' And the only reason I haven't read the others yet is that Baker has passed away, and I'm going to be really sad when there aren't any more to read. So yes, I'm a fan. I'd say [...]

    2. Company of ThievesA collection of short stories by Kage Baker taking place in her Company universe where time traveling cyborgs pilfer the past for future profits."The Carpet Beds of Sutro Park"A very touching story about a flawed cyborg who takes refuge in his recorded memories to avoid the ugliness of the 21st century.“Unfortunate Gytt”A sort of Steampunk take on the Roslyn Chapel section of the Da Vinci Code. The main character has absolutely no idea what he’s gotten himself into and st [...]

    3. This collection of short stories (plus the novella about the women of Nell Gwynne's) is set in the world of The Company- a 24th century corporation which uses immortal cyborgs to travel back in time to rescue treasures that might otherwise be lost. Or at least lost to the corporation, which makes a fortune by selling these treasures. Thus the title, In the Company of Thieves. The stories are pleasant, but not as gripping as the novels of the Company, which are fabulous, especially the ones starr [...]

    4. i loved all the books of kage baker i still can't get it in my mind that she is no longer there for booklovers like me i miss her and it would mean the world to me to win a copy of this book :(

    5. "The Carpet Beds of Sutro Park" is one of the saddest stories ever published. Contrariwise, "Hollywood Ikons" is pure screwball comedy. It's a strong collection, although I can't say if it would be as powerful if it didn't fit into The Company series.Library copy

    6. Kage Baker is a writer whose work I never encountered - or experienced - until I read In the Company of Thieves, a fine collection of short fiction compiled by her sister Kathleen Bartholomew and published by Tachyon Publications. Baker died in 2011 of cancer, and Bartholomew is now the caretaker of her work, continuing to compile and write Baker's short stories and novels from notes left by Kage. While she died way too early - she was only 58 - Baker left an apparent wealth of both short fictio [...]

    7. In the Company of Thieves is a collection of short stories and novellas by Kage Baker, set in the Company universe (link to series page). I've previous read all the Company novels (with the exception of The Empress of Mars, which doesn't fit chronologically with the others) and as many short stories as I could easily get a hold of, which was far from all of them. As such, I was coming to this collection already knowing a lot of the Company's back story. That definitely affected my reading. As u [...]

    8. lynnsbooks.wordpress/2014/In the Company of Thieves is a book containing six short stories written by Kage Baker (the final story being completed by Kage's sister, Kathleen Bartholomew, using notes).I've only read one book of KB's - The Anvil of the World - which is a brilliant story, imaginative and full of quirky humour which I really enjoyed so I was looking forward to this collection of stories very much and they certainly don't disappoint.Apparently the Company, or Dr Zeus Inc as it is some [...]

    9. I received an electronic advanced reading copy of this from the publisher via NetGalley.Kage Baker is a name I was familiar with, but I had only read one of her stories in an issue of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine years ago. Interested in experiencing more of her work I was excited at the opportunity to read this collection, but ended up feeling ambivalent during most of the time reading it. Yet for fans of Baker I am sure this will be a welcome and highly enjoyed volume, particularly in the [...]

    10. First, I would like to mention that this book is a compilation of short stories. It was compiled by Kage Baker’s sister after the author’s passing. This is probably the reason why this collection seems to be a little hit and miss as far as quality and coherence of theme are concerned. In my personal opinion there are perhaps one or two really good works in this book. Everything else is just alright. The synopsis refers to the two stories that are at the end of the book which deal with Kage B [...]

    11. You can find my full review over on NomadicReaderI received a copy of this book in return for an honest review, my thanks to NetGalley and the publisher.I admit, sometimes I’m pretty shallow when it comes to picking a book to read. I judge by the covers (both the front and the back). The cover to ‘In the Company of Thieves’ pulled at me and I just knew that I had to read it.I was sad to learn that Kage Baker had passed on, and even sadder once I read the first short story in this series. I [...]

    12. A collection of "Company" related stories, most of them previously published. I'd actually read most of them in previous editions, but it was interesting to see them again. This collection stands alone better than some of the past Company collections did, so is a better start for someone wanting to try out Kage Baker's work. (Anyone wanting to start on The Company novels themselves really should start at "In the Garden of Iden" or "Sky Coyote" as after that point they become extremely sequential [...]

    13. This is all my fault, ladies and gents.Somehow, when I read the description on Netgalley, all I could see was that this was the book about time travel. Woohoo! I love time travel books. Well, what I failed to notice was that it was a collection of short stories from Kage Baker.I hate short stories with a passion, that's why I avoid anthologies and rarely review novellas. There is just never enough time to immerse yourself into the story and fall in love with the characters.In this case all the s [...]

    14. Kage Bakeri Company-sarja lõpetav kogumik. Kuigi viimane jutt annab märku, et tegelikult võib sari veel tükk aega jätkuda. Nimelt on proua Bakeri õde asunud "järelejäänud paberitest" ja "märkustest" kokku kirjutama uusi sarja jutte, kogumikus on esimeseks pääsukeseks viimane, "Hollywood Ikons". On küll ära tunda stiilivahe ja loomulikult on palju puisem kui Kage Bakeri enda looming. Aga see selleks.Parimad lood olid aurupunklik "The Women of Nell Gwynne's", Kage Bakeri paari lemmik [...]

    15. Science fiction author Kage Baker passed away in 2010, putting In the Company of Thieves into the awkward category of posthumous works. Some of the stories collected here were previously published, but some were finished by the editor, Kathleen Bartholomew. All of the stories take place in the world Baker created for Dr. Zeus, Inc a company from the future that uses their immortality/cyborg technology and time travel technology to save lost works of art and literature and endangered plant and an [...]

    16. I decided when I started with that I would read everything of Kage Baker's that I hadn't read yet. This one is a collection of short stories published in 2013 and containing 6 mostly previously-published stories. The last of the group, Hollywood Ikons, was finished by Baker's sister Kathleen Bartholomew, a writer in her own right, who had often collaborated with Baker - that story has its first appearance here. The Women of Nell Gwynne's is probably known to Baker fans - that is included. And m [...]

    17. Kage Baker is a favorite of mine, and I'm sad that she will be writing no more. In this collection, her sister compiles past work and completes story sketches to give us a fresh take on the Company.I've read a couple of these before in other iterations, like Mother Aegypt (laugh-out-loud funny) and The Ladies of Nell Gwynne's. There are some I haven't seen, but perhaps have just missed from other collections. And the final story, at least, seems to be written by Kage's sister based on notes on a [...]

    18. This is not a novel, but a collection of stories within a single universe of the Company. The employees who work for the Company are immortal and their tasks involve time travel. (There are novels by this author that cover the same universe and, obviously, get more detailed about how things work.) These are good tales, if you enjoy short stories. It’s not typically my story style of choice, but with them all sharing a universe to tie things together it was a little easier to handle. Plus, the [...]

    19. 5 estrellas porque esta colección de relatos y novellas contiene tres joyitas: the wonen of nell gwynne's; mother aegypt y rude mechanicals. También tiene dos relatos cortos bastante graciosos y entretenidos y por último un relato escrito por la hermana de la autora, basándose en notas que le dejó la autora antes de morir y donde se ve claramente que la hermana es mucho peor escritora. Pero libro imprescindible si te gusta la serie de La Compañía y no quieres pagar animaladas por esas tre [...]

    20. I rated it 4/5 not because I really liked it as a whole, but because I loved some of the short stories. the one with lady beatrice for example was sooooo good. others, not so much. i found it kind of strange that the style seemed to differ from one story to another (the writing style i mean), and I guess this influenced my liking only some. Though I didn't like that particular story, the one with the Romanians was pretty funny, given that I'm Romanian myself. All in all, not bad at all. I read t [...]

    21. This is a collection of previous published novellas and short stories with one brand new story written by her sister using extensive notes on the story idea. Any fan of the Company stories that hadn't wanted to pay for the small press editions of these stories will be very happy to dip back into this story universe. The new story has that same magic as her solo stories and includes Joseph and Lewis in California. It was good and bittersweet at the same time knowing that we were robbed of so many [...]

    22. That was fun. Nice ideas these Dr Zeuss &co, immortal time-traveling cyborgs, techno-magic and steampunk. Also, zesty characters and tongue-in-cheek dialogue. A good flow in the language & plots. So why only three stars? I guess it's a feeling that it's just a story, not a revelation and especially not a key question about us and our world.Even so, I will probably read more stuff by Kage Baker, now that I've found her.

    23. I'd love to have a trade copy, that GORGEOUS cover from Thomas Canty ya know? But for now, I have it on my nookThe Carpet Beds of Sutro Park (from The Best of Kage Baker) re-read aloud to Lisa 12/11/2014The Unfortunate GyttThe Women of Nell Gwynne'sMother Aegypt (read in Mother Aegypt 1/9/2005)Rude MechanicalsHollywood Ikons read 7/26/2014 & again 12/12/2014

    24. A collection of "Company" stories featuring the immortal cyborgs of the time traveling Dr. Zeus Company. Many of your favorites are here plus some of the less often featured ones like Mother Aegypt. Also includes "The Women of Nell Gwynne's" which is an entertaining introduction to the women's auxiliary of the Gentlemen's Speculative Society. Very good.

    25. The ebook I've borrowed from the LA Public Library's OverDrive collection does not include the short story "The Women of Nell Gwynne's". Nor does the TOC of the Kindle edition that is available online as of 7/20/15 include that story.

    26. Another anthology of Baker's shorts and novellas, including Rude Mechanicals and Hollywood Ikons which featured Joseph and Lewis, by favorite company duo.Well worth reading but probably most fun if you've read the Company novels/have context.

    27. Have to admit that I didn't even finish this book before returning it to the library. It's short stories which I wasn't expecting and even though I love time travel stories these were disappointing. Didn't even want to read the last one.

    28. This terrific book made me mourn Kage Baker even more than I did before I started it. It's full of her trademark humor and sarcasm with touches of pathos, even the story her sister finished. My only regret was that there were no Mendoza stories.

    29. Great set of company stories and novellas, including a new one finished by Kage's sister after her death. I loved them all and am so sorry Kage is not around to continue doing what she did so brilliantly. The Company books are some of the best SF ever written.

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