Grim Tides

Grim Tides

T.A. Pratt Tim Pratt / Dec 15, 2019

Grim Tides Marla Mason ousted chief sorcerer for the city of Felport is languishing in exile on the island of Maui with her best friend the psychic and rather hedonistic Rondeau She s making a living of sorts

  • Title: Grim Tides
  • Author: T.A. Pratt Tim Pratt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Marla Mason, ousted chief sorcerer for the city of Felport, is languishing in exile on the island of Maui with her best friend, the psychic and rather hedonistic Rondeau She s making a living of sorts as an occult detective, but for the most part, she s just marking time Driven from the city she loves, Marla is adrift, nearly friendless, and stripped of almost all herMarla Mason, ousted chief sorcerer for the city of Felport, is languishing in exile on the island of Maui with her best friend, the psychic and rather hedonistic Rondeau She s making a living of sorts as an occult detective, but for the most part, she s just marking time Driven from the city she loves, Marla is adrift, nearly friendless, and stripped of almost all her power and resources.Obviously, it s the perfect time for old enemies to try and kill her.A group of sorcerers, all with their own reasons to want Marla dead, assemble and prepare to attack her while she s at her most vulnerable The members of this Marla Mason Revenge Squad include the one armed witch Nicolette, the cheerfully murderous psychopath Crapsey, a criminally insane shapeshifter, a man who hunts werewolves for fun, and a master of anti magic, among others But they aren t taking chances with an enemy as formidable as Marla They hire the world s most notorious and deadly chaos witch, Elsie Jarrow, to lead their assault But Elsie is impossible to predict and just as hard to control, and may well have an agenda of her own Besides, Marla isn t as helpless as they think she s still got a few friends in high and low places, including a god or two And no matter how bad her life is, there s nothing Marla loves than a good fight There s bound to be trouble in paradise.

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        T.A Pratt is the pseudonym of Tim Pratt, under which he penned the Marla Mason books.I ve crowdfunded seven projects four through Kickstarter successfully in the past few years, and I don t foresee any problems with this one, either I write novels for a living, and this is a book I m excited to do It s always possible there will be bumps and delays on the production process, or an unforeseen illness or other disaster, but if so, I ll keep everyone posted, and we ll get there in the end.


    1. I am a huge fan of this series. It’s so dang fun, including everything I look for in an urban fantasy. Broken Mirrors, book 5, went a little too far off the rails for my tastes, but Grim Tides was an excellent bounce back. The author usually has a ton of fun with his characters, but the dynamics were particularly interesting in this installment – bringing together a whole host of eclectic personalities. Pratt also brought back one of my favorite characters, whom I’m hopeful to see next boo [...]

    2. This is why you should take my advice, and don't make the same mistake I did: read these books in order.Grim Tides is the start of a new arc, and a new direction for the Marla Mason novels. Freed of the previous arc, publisher, and commitments, T.A. Pratt changes up everything, and tries to redefine his character and the meaning of the books. It's a little bit tropey, as there's several mystery subplots all running at once, and Robert B. Parker's Spenser series, D.O.A. (the film), and the Doom P [...]

    3. Ah, I loved this one. Nice to see that Marla hasn't lost her edge, living in a tropical paradise. Also nice to see lots of familiar faces. Am now hoping the next story will have an appearance by her mom.

    4. Marla Mason clawed her way out of a crappy childhood to become the Chief Sorcerer of Felport. But after she rips a hole in reality to resurrect a friend, the other sorcerers finally have enough of her and banish her from the city. Marla has been devoted to Felport for years; without that mission she is completely at sea. And now that she's without many of the powers or allies she's had in the past, all her remaining enemies ally to take her out while she's vulnerable. I like the idea of this nov [...]

    5. I had a couple problems with this, which I mentioned in my progress updates, but I enjoyed the characters and where the plot went in the end I'm excited to read the next one (view spoiler)[ that seems to be going where I always wanted Jane Yellowrock to be a traveling problem-solver for hire a supernatural Jack Reacher with a bit less vigilante justice maybe (hide spoiler)]

    6. Interesting as alwaysI really like the way chaos magic is portrayed in this series. It's also well written as per pratt's usual

    7. Tim Pratt has a new Marla Mason book and I, for one, was all over it. I felt the last novel (Broken Mirrors) had some issues that detracted from the fine series, and was worried that the series would continue to degenerate.Because Pratt's publisher dropped him after the economic downturn, he had to scramble to make ends meet. He published the last novel as a serial--taking donations to make it worth his time. Unfortunately, it indeed felt like a self-published novel, written in chunks. The basic [...]

    8. "Thanks ever so much for seeing me. We may as well get started, don’t you think? Let’s scroll through the mortal timeline and look in on Marla Mason, exiled sorcerer-queen, driven from her beloved city of Felport."And so begins Grim Tides. I groaned when I read this, thinking it an attempt to amuse via a virtual tête-à-tête with the audience. Eventually, the meaning of this exchange becomes clear, and I have to offer a nod of respect for the clever introduction.Mr. Pratt has developed a c [...]

    9. I liked this book as much as I have liked every other book in Tim Pratt's Marla Mason series. His writing is excellent; his imagination is even better. Pratt continually comes up with new and imaginative scenarios and creations for Marla to encounter in her life as a sorcerer. In this latest edition, Marla is freshly deposed as the chief sorcerer of Felport, and is sort of living off the generosity of Rondeau, her odd sidekick. (It's hard to explain exactly what Rondeau isbut he's different.) Sh [...]

    10. Marla is always a mixed bag. She's an interesting character, and I like both her world and the characters around her. And yet I never quite feel like I love her. And maybe that's how it should be. We doesn't follow the patterns of similar Urban Fantasy protagonists and she's not really the most likable or even the most root-for-able by a long shot. She reminds me a little of Parker (you know, the guy Mel Gibson portrayed in Payback from the Parker novels) in that she's not really a good guy, but [...]

    11. I've liked the Marla series from the beginning largely because of the narration. This is a place where audio can transform material into something special. Like the Dreden series, I would have to think a few times before buying a Marla story without the superb work of Ms. Almasy to give it height and depth.Grim Tides is a solid entry from the story point of view. The only quibble I have is that it needed some editing to blend the various parts together better. Instead of coming across as a seaml [...]

    12. This was a lot of fun, both because the story was good, and because from vacations I could picture exactly where she was during the parts set in Lahaina and more generally in the other parts of Maui. Mediocre cheeseburgers indeed. :)Marla Mason has been ousted as chief sorceror of Felport, and exiled from her beloved city. She's living on Maui because that's where Rondeau wanted to go, and he invited her to come along, but she isn't happy with nothing to do, and she's kind of tired of paradise.W [...]

    13. Once again: Really glad this book exists. I think this was the first one Pratt funded via Kickstarter, and clearly that worked out well!It took me a while to get into this one, because I found the setting a little jarring, and I had a moment of "oh god not another paranormal detective story" But by the time the main plot got really going, I was totally on board. The story and characters continue to be original in an overworked genre, and I dug the way it all fit together even if some of the side [...]

    14. A Different VoiceI found it interesting in this novel that the overall voice changed slightly but the tone and mood remained mostly the same. I continue to enjoy the well developed characters and the humor, though this novel is also a bit darker than the first few in the series, by necessity. I will be reading the next novel and continue to recommend the series to anyone who enjoys action, fantasy, and clever repartee with a side of mysteryI would even say that it has some elements of a caper st [...]

    15. Liked this better than Broken Mirrors, would probably give it 3.5 stars. Thought the portrayal of Marla's slight depression/discombobulation regarding being kicked out of Felport, and her recovery/reestablishment/recreation of self was creative and relatively realistic. Good treatment of ending and opens up more exciting stories without having to remain tied to one place (either Felport or Hawaii).

    16. Another great book of the series. The only one I haven't read of the series was the broken mirrors because I like Marla so much and didn't want to experience her loss of Felport. I'm really excited to see where her new life will take her with the decission she made at the end of this book. I also appreciate the complexity of family relationship in this one. I hope the series continues and can't wait to see the next

    17. Best book in the series so far. Loved the sinister six style line-up and watching Elsie operate was insanely entertaining. Being taken down a few pegs has done Marla the world of good too. Although truth be told, I like her bitchy.Also bonus points for the throw away Tokoloshe reference, nice one Tim.

    18. I give this 18 stars and 200 thumbs up. As with all Tim Pratt's novels, I had an unbelievably fun time (with some real laugh out loud moments). The world is always a better place when a new Marla Mason book is out, and I cannot wait for the next one.

    19. Ooo good fun read. Loved Marla in Hawai'i. I liked seeing the relationship between Marla and Rondeau changing. Infact there wasn't much I didn't like, another great addition to the Marla Mason universe.

    20. Still a fun series, and this one did some nice work in using Marla's character to examine the human perspective as different from the divine.

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