The Canopy

The Canopy

Angela Elwell Hunt / Jun 05, 2020

The Canopy Deep in the lush and dangerous rain forests of Peru Alexandra Pace and her team search determinedly for a cure for deadly diseases One strain of the disease has already begun the process of ravaging

  • Title: The Canopy
  • Author: Angela Elwell Hunt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Deep in the lush and dangerous rain forests of Peru, Alexandra Pace and her team search determinedly for a cure for deadly diseases One strain of the disease has already begun the process of ravaging Alexandra s own mind and body Finding a cure is the only hope for her and for her daughter, who has almost certainly inherited the same disease.Alex believes she is searchinDeep in the lush and dangerous rain forests of Peru, Alexandra Pace and her team search determinedly for a cure for deadly diseases One strain of the disease has already begun the process of ravaging Alexandra s own mind and body Finding a cure is the only hope for her and for her daughter, who has almost certainly inherited the same disease.Alex believes she is searching for a needle in a haystack until she meets Michael Kenway, a British doctor who lost his wife when mad cow disease ravaged Britain in the 1990 s He presents her with an incredible story a patient suffering from the disease was cured by a mythical healing tribe living deep in the jungle Reluctantly placing her faith in Michael, who is entirely too religious for her comfort, Alexandra and her team seek out an unreached indigenous group who may hold the cure not only for Alex, but also for the world.Award winning, best selling author Angela Hunt combines the unique rainforest setting, modern science, and a thrilling race for a cure into a powerful message of faith and redemption.

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    1. This is a preachy Christian book masquerading as science-based fiction. The really unfortunate part is that you don't realize it until the last 50 pages of the book, when you suddenly understand you're not going to get an interesting answer to the medical mystery you've been reading about - instead you get a very long sermon and a terribly unrealistic deus ex machina (quite literally) ending. There was nothing in the book description to indicate this is Christian fiction. Very disappointed.

    2. I did like this book, but I struggled to determine if I liked it enough to give it a full four-stars or not. There are aspects of the book that I really-really liked, and there are other aspects that took me out of the story a bit. Ok, I'll go with 4-stars, since I think the positives far out-weigh the negatives.Overall, the book is very well written, and the plot is interesting and rich. I loved the details given concerning the scientific expedition, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the science and [...]

    3. OK, this one was as good as Uncharted, the other book I read by Angela Hunt earlier this year. Her style is just so interesting. Let me tell you, I have heard missionaries say that God is very active in performing miracles in other places in the world, and this book demostrated that (I know, I know, it is fiction, but it illustrates the reality of what I have heard missionaries saying). Want a whole new take on God's activity in the world? Read this one!

    4. Excellent! I was interested in this book for 2 reasons. My son was born in the , and I knew someone who died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. This was superbly written with enough factual science on the subject of Prion diseases. And, as a believer in the spirits, I very much enjoyed reading about the primitives beliefs!

    5. The beginning of this book is riveting as it chronicles the agonizing last steps of an as-yet-unnamed, mortally wounded, and fearsomely tattooed Native as he heads toward civilization from deep in the jungle to deliver a message.Here the writing was at its best as it delved into the sights and sounds and smells of the Peruvian rainforest in the early morning. The first chapters move back and forth between the stories of the American medical researcher Alexandra Pace and the British doctor Michae [...]

    6. This book was almost really good--that being said, I did enjoy reading it. I loved the setting and the author had obviously done her homework on that aspect. It had potential. I enjoyed the scientific info on prion diseases and appreciated the research and knowledge that went into this aspect of the book. The end was way too predictable and not well developed. I was also bothered by the main character's hostility toward Michael--it was so unwarranted that it was hard to take seriously. I would h [...]

    7. I thought this would be an action-packed medical mystery in a jungle setting. What I got was preaching, preaching, and more preaching. Clearly, according to the author, you cannot be a happy or healthy person if you are not a god-fearing Christian who believes in creationism. Absolutely painful to get through. I don't think I have ever given a one star review in my life. This only got one star because I couldn't give it a zero and still submit the review. Skip it.

    8. Angela Hunt always comes up with a plausible story in the most remarkable settings. This is no exception as she takes the reader along on a jungle expedition in a well-researched medical mystery. After having read what I believed was all of Hunt's books, this was a fortuitous find.

    9. Don't give upIt's worth it to keep on reading. The rainforest setting got me interested and you really get to know the characters, but the story moved too slow for the first halfBut THEN grabbed hold and didn't let go!!! The book was amazing with the way Alexandra comes to know and accept God and the power of healing her mind, body and Spirit. You really felt like you were hiking with them deep in the jungle with all the fascinating but very dangerous carnivore ants, anaconda and a whole host o [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. As I have made my way a second time though Hunt's books I found a mixed bag. Some approached the high level I once considered them on par with while many others fell far short, others that I had once ranked with four and five stars. Thus, I now keep my expectations low when I pick up the remaining books in my stack to re-read.Although some aspects of the narrative approached the limits of reasonable suspension of disbelief, the narrative as a whol [...]

    11. I loved this book. To me is was in the style of Ann Patchett's book "State of Wonder" but without the disappointing part towards the end of it. This book just kept getting better and better. I highly recommend it. I have heard of true stories like this one of God revealing Himself to isolated tribesmen and them waiting for someone to come and tell them more. I even heart a story where a tribe had built a Church while waiting! This book is from Scribd- For a free 60 day free trial use the followi [...]

    12. I unfortunately tend to approach "Christian Fiction" with low expectations because sometimes it can be a bit cheesy. This book actually was better than I expected. The story centers around a neurologist who travels with a team to the rain forest, searching the jungle for the cure to a particular brain disease. Sort of a medical mystery/ jungle adventure /faith journey all mixed up. I was drawn into the story more than I expected, and it kept me interested. The writing wasn't amazing, but not ba [...]

    13. This book was very enjoyable. It was a medical mystery type of book and kept me reading. Its been a while sense a book has caught my attention to the point of not getting bored while reading it, and wanting to have more time to read it, which is a good sign. However, towards the end when it got into all the spirtual/spirit stuff I started wishing she would have been more predictable and let them find a natural cure for the disease. At the same time I do recognize how powerful the spirits can be [...]

    14. I think Angela Hunt is a great author. Her writing is interesting and informative without being forced. This book especially must have required a great deal of research on the rain forest as well as medical research on prion diseases. However, this book was not quite as good as others Hunt has written (such as The Novelist and The Face). The ending seemed rushed and somewhat unbelievable, while also predictable. I love Hunt's Christian perspective, and will read as many of her books as I can fi [...]

    15. As one other reviewer wrote: "This is a preachy Christian book masquerading as science-based fiction". The blurb on the back made it sound really interesting and it gets off to a reasonably good start - so by the time I realised it was a Christian sermon I still wanted to finish it to see what happened. Unfortunately the characters were cliched, a lot of the interactions (eg the hostility of Alex to Michael) were unbelievable and the storyline quite naff. Oh well, lucky I'm on holidays and read [...]

    16. Ugh! What I thought I was going to read, because this was what was advertised on the book, was a book about medicine, mystery, tribes, rain forests, and healing. What it is actually about is Christianity, and why people who don't believe in God are hopeless. And, the main character was just plain annoying! The contrived conversations were difficult to get through. Eye-rollingly difficult. And, the endless chapters of the main character thinking to herself when she couldn't sleep was just ridicu [...]

    17. Boring. Took several days to finish it. I generally like either a book that's too fantastical to be believable, and therefore you can allow yourself to get sucked into the story, or a story that's totally on par with human existence. Good Christian fiction is very hard to find. The writing was blase, the characters were too stereotypical, and though I'm not saying the storyline isn't believable were it to happen in real life it was just too convenient. Meh. I probably won't read any more by this [...]

    18. The Canopy is set in South America, where people hardley see the son due to the thick canopy above. I loved the characters, and enjoyed getting to know them. Alouth the man getting eaten by ants, fishing for pirahna, and other things like taht werer a little creepy, it was good to see how the tribes lived. It was hard knowing Alex was dying, and during her last stages made you feel really unsettled. I did think the "spirits" keeping missionaries away from the tribes was really interesting. But D [...]

    19. I thought this book was a medical thriller, like a Michael Crichton novel, but the author was going for a religious allegory. The first clue was when when the main character, Dr. Alex Pace, was offended by a coworker's use of a religious term. Her character was not deeply developed - her mistrust of men stemmed from a husband that took off before her baby was born - but little mention of the father that was missing.

    20. A well done blend of science, faith, and adventure. Alexandra and Michael must overcome a difficult start to their friendship in order to seek a cure for neurological prion diseases deep in the ian wild. The characters are well sketched and believable, and optimism and faith demonstrate their strengths. Also, this book appears to be much better researched than most "inspirational" fiction.

    21. I really liked parts of this book- the beginning was great & I was really into it. I thought the science info about prion diseases was really interesting, too. I liked the story of Jesus as it would be told to a lost tribe in a rainforest. But, there were also several parts I found annoying or disjointed. The book didn't always flow that well either. I guess I just have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

    22. I absolutely loved this book! I loved the variety of characters, the setting, and of course the story! I think that Angela Hunt really knows what she is doing as an author and she picked the perfect organization style (using date and time and switching the focus onto different characters). I am a very outdoorsy kind of person and I am fascinated by the different kinds of science fields, so this was the perfect book for me!An exciting, intelligent, and enjoyable read!!

    23. This is only the second fiction novel I've read that has scientists as the main protagonists, going about their daily work (minus all those thriller/adventure novels by popular authors). The story is pretty interesting, even if the science is a little outdated and the main scientist can be a little stereotypical with her belief that faith and reason cannot coexist. But I still liked the characters and I think the message of faith is pretty powerful.

    24. This book is so different! It's about Alexandra who is doing research out in the in the tree canopy . The disease she is seeking a cure for is one that her mother died from and she now has. I learned how the lost tribes live and how God reaches even people we think are mere heathens. Fascinating story!

    25. I love Angela Hunt. The level of detail and research that she clearly puts into each story is very impressive. This book didn't disappoint. There is a good balance of emotion, struggle, and impressively enough, scientific research for medical interventions to be found in the rainforest. I felt like I knew Alexandra and her daughter, as well as some of their companions.

    26. I LOVED this book and wanted to rate it a six, but found the ending a bit far-fetched. Still, the book totally incaptivated me and I was involved until the end. While I thought the ending a bit far fetched, it is written very well so it is easy to read and follow. I also enjoyed the subject matter and her descriptions of the jungle made me feel I was there. Very fun!

    27. How many cures for disease are hidden in the jungele? Are they all plants and animals? Read this book for the answer. I have read a number of this authors' books, and they are all different; surprisingly different. Her characters are well drawn, and her locations vividly described. The plot and pacing were well thought out.

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