Thin White Line

Thin White Line

J.A. Templeton / Dec 15, 2019

Thin White Line Kenzie s picture perfect California life is turned upside down when her father leaves the family for another woman Within months she goes from private school and posh beachside living to public schoo

  • Title: Thin White Line
  • Author: J.A. Templeton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kenzie s picture perfect California life is turned upside down when her father leaves the family for another woman Within months, she goes from private school and posh beachside living to public school and a sub par apartment in rainy Washington On her first day at her new school, Kenzie is reunited with her cousin Brooke, a rebellious senior who sings in a popular rockKenzie s picture perfect California life is turned upside down when her father leaves the family for another woman Within months, she goes from private school and posh beachside living to public school and a sub par apartment in rainy Washington On her first day at her new school, Kenzie is reunited with her cousin Brooke, a rebellious senior who sings in a popular rock band with two of the sexiest men Kenzie has ever met Kenzie is soon swept into a world of partying, concerts and tattooed bad boy rockers Just when she starts to feel like she finally belongs, a single night and a fateful decision changes everything New Adult Romance 17 due to adult situations.

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    1. Okay, going into this, I had no idea that the title Thin White Line was referring to cocaine. So, I'm reading the beginning of this book and I'm thinking: "So far this is such teenage high school YA cliché." Then the characters start whipping out the drugs! I got really into this book after that and I am so freaking happy that Kenzie ended up with the guy I wanted her to. (Especially after the recent disappointment that is Dead Ever After)And, I'm wondering, is this the first book in a series? [...]

    2. 3 solid, unexpectedly gritty stars!I will say I was a bit surprised at this readgood girl moves to a new town and really a new entire lifestyle and BAM, welcome to the dark side!Kenzie is a good girl from an all girls schoolher parents unexpected split has left her in a downgraded lifestyle. This girl finds life in the fast lane when her cousin takes her under her wing. Now she is in an atmosphere with local rockers, diving into the realm of drugs because everyone else is taking them and then pr [...]

    3. Good girl Kenzie, lived a pampered, straight-edged life before her parents divorced. Then, suddenly finds herself lost in a whirlwind of wild parties, drugs, slutty girls, and hot rocker boys. But, tragedy strikes and she starts to question her lifestyle, attitude, her choices in friends, and boys in particular. This book took me by surprise; I expected one thing, but got something totally unexpected. And, by unexpected, I mean the heavy drug use, and party scenes. And, as much as I liked the li [...]

    4. would have earned a 5 had the ending not been so typical. I really felt like it needed to be more gritty and not the HEA, especially with the subject matter. other than that superb read.

    5. Ewww a love triangle. Why is there always a love triangle? Ahem. Anyway not a bad freebie, though I do have quite a few gripes. Firstly, writing in the present tense. More and more authors seem to be doing this lately, but I find it rather awkward. Second - stop calling that teenage boy a man already. You know him from SCHOOL. He is not a man. So annoying. Third - what teenager says "making love"? I mean seriously, no. Fourth - must YA/NA characters always declare their profound love after ten m [...]

    6. I loved the idea of this book. Kenzie is a good girl and she does go a bit bad. She's in pain and finding ways to cover it. She gets taken under her cousin Brooke's wing at school and in life and soon finds herself in a whole new world. A world filled with hot guys and parties.This book starts out like a typical YA/NA book and quickly delves into the dark side of life, then ends on a happy go lucky note. I love all things dark twisted and real, so I was really excited when I downloaded this book [...]

    7. Short book that packs a punch. It's a very realistic & honest story about teenage peer pressure & the things you do to fit in with the 'cool' crowd. It shows the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse without being preachy. Liked it.

    8. 3.5 starsNot too bad. This was a freebie & it amazingly enough held my interest. I really enjoyed it. Love when that happens :)

    9. Rating: 3 starsIt's been a long time since I've read a YA read, Usually, all of my YA reading is either paranormal romance or fantasy, so this book was without a doubt putting me outside of my comfort zone. I'm glad I was given the opportunity to read it though because there were so many times I thought to myself, 'Wow, this is all so familiar'- going back to my high school days. This generation of teenagers lead totally different lives than the average teenager led 20-30 years ago. Templeton pu [...]

    10. I did enjoy reading Thin White Line, although YA fiction is not my usual read.The story is about young love, first love, heartbreak and everything in between.Kenzie is torn away from her privileged lifestyle and private school after her parents separate. She finds herself in public school, living in an apartment with her mother, over a thousand miles away from her friends and the only home she's known.Her cousin Brooke is in a band, with some very cool, very hot, talented, tattooed guys. Kenzie [...]

    11. Some spoilers I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked Kenzie right from the start. Even though she was miserable and out of her element she accepted her cousin unconditionally. I loved the respect and love the girls had for each-other just because the were family which ultimately lead to them being friends as well. Teenagers face these types of issues all the time, peer pressure, drugs, sex, self worth and respect, making choices on a daily basis. There's a fine line between experimenting, f [...]

    12. Kenzie lived in a bubble until her parents' marriage blew up. Her reality included a safe boyfriend, big house in a gated Southern California community with guards. She attended a good school and had few worries. Then the divorce hit, letting things get ugly and life became very different. She found herself a thousand miles north, living in a small apartment while starting at a public school. Her only salvation was her cousin Brooke. But Brooke has changed a lot since they last saw each other. S [...]

    13. I got this book as a freebie on Kindle and bought it without reading the blurb. It's a freebie- how can you resist!As I've said in some of reviews, weirdly enough I love reading about drug use- it's probably a weird kind of book fetish. soz. Despite only giving it 2 stars, I had enjoyed it as a short quick read as a freebie. One thing that I really liked about the novel was the relationship between Kenzie and her cousin. It is something is valuable and precious that I kind of got jealous wanting [...]

    14. In my naivety I had no idea that thin white line meant cocaine!! In my defense I got it as a free Kindle ebook from my Kindle device that has a small black and white picture that is barely visible and I was in a hurry to download as many books as I could before I had to get on a plane to go to a place where I wouldn't have internet and it just went downhill from there. This book reminded me of pieces of my life that I really want to put behind me. It hurt me that these people threw their lives a [...]

    15. Kenzie ist sehr behütet in einem reichen Elternhaus in Kalifornien aufgewachsen. Nach der Scheidung der Eltern zieht sie mit ihrer Mutter in ein bescheideneres Heim in die Nähe ihrer Tante, während der Vater mit seiner halb so alten Freundin im alten Heim ein neues Leben beginnt.Brooke, Kenzies Cousine kümmert sich um sie. Brooke singt in einer aufstrebenden Band und Kenzie lernt zum ersten Mal Jungs kennen, die nicht wohlerzogen sind. Unerfahren, wie sie ist, schlittert sie in ein Chaos zwi [...]

    16. There is a lot of heavy subject matter in this story which is the reality of teens these days. I have read some really well done novels that cover these subjects (sex, drugs,alcohol, family issues, etc), but THIN WHITE LINE didn't work for me. The character development wasn't deep enough that I really felt the darkness that lead to taking drugs. The drug taking itself just felt like a plot device to preach "don't take drugs" and everything seemed a little too easy the way it worked out.There is [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book more than I expected. It has its flaws and my patience for this increasingly more common YA/NA hybrid genre is next to nothing. The author latched onto a couple of terms and phrases and recycled them one too many times for my taste but I pressed on and finished this story in one sitting.I'm okay with the "too stupid to live" type of heroines as long as I see steady growth and progress. Kenzie is young and quite naive but she doesn't just twirl her hair and pop her gum through [...]

    18. when i was reading the ending i was like the end makes no dam sense i dont fucken understand like was my book missing pages or something at first i enjoyed the book dint care to much for ryder tho werid right but deklan i wish there was more to the story so much could have been done with it good fast read

    19. this was a great story. its about real things that can and do happen. from peer pressure to just wanting to fit inis is about a good girl who was privileged and loved her life. she then had to move to a new state and school. only person she knew was her cousin Brooke who is nothing like kenzie remembered. kenzie meets hot band mates of Brooke's.Ryder and Deklan ooze sexiness. Kenzie finds herself in situations she never thought about before and makes choices not thinking about the consequences. [...]

    20. Enjoyed, for sure. 3.5-4 star rating.This story was realistic for the most part and it including the gritty details of peer pressure. The characters were lovable and enjoyable. I quickly became attached to the all the characters but I do feel that more depth could have been given to them if the book was longer. At some points the story seemed rushed and that is what lowered it's rating for me. I enjoyed the ending results but it could have been explained in more detail. I am the type that reads [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book. It's probably not something I would read again (or a series I would pursue), but I enjoyed the writing style. I was easy to read. It was a little almost a bit judgmental at times, I guess? Which sounds ridiculous considering the contents of the book as a whole. Or maybe that was the point? A lesson learned? I guess it depends on if you're reading it as a teenager, or as the mother of a teenager. (Sidenote: Reading books like this as mother-of-a-teenager will only make you fe [...]

    22. Kenzie is a high school student whose life gets flipped upside down due to her parents' divorce. Her mother moves her back to her childhood city and Kenzie is instantly the uncomfortable, unhappy outsider. Brooke, her cousin, steps in and gives her a life and new friends. Kenzie makes a handful of dumb decisions but learns almost more than she can bare throughout the process. This is a great Saturday afternoon read. It's simple, quick, easy and keeps you interested to the end. I love the charact [...]

    23. This may be the best YA book I've ever read. It tells about Kenzie and how her parents divorce is affecting her.She deals with moving from her mansion in California to an apatment in Washington. The story follows her friendship with her cousin Brooke, who's a singer in a band. Her developing relationship with Ryder, the bass player. Her feelings for Deklan , the drummer. The drugs and alcohol she participates in, friends that turn on her, life and death situations, and her father abandoning her. [...]

    24. I've never read any of J.A. Templeton books before but the book cover caught my attention. I first thought that Kenize’s character was going to be an uptight snooty girl but she was totally different. Loved her cousin Brook because she didn’t give a crap about what other people thought of her. Kenize’s knows right from wrong but will she make the right choices at the end. I did wonder on who Kenize was going to end up with! Would it be Ryder ~ the good looking guitar player or Deklan ~the [...]

    25. Well written but only gave 3 stars as the characters are generally undefined & the heroine is incredibly insipid. She was such a follower, without enough personality and strength of character to make her own decisions. Drugs bad? Oh well, I will do it anyway as everyone else is. Guy is treating me like crap? Oh well, thats ok, cause he's hot, even tho I can't stop thinking about his even hotter best friend. Blech. There was very little to like or admire about the main character. Hmmm. I'm wr [...]

    26. I loved this book, darker than some of my recent reads I couldn't put it down.Kenzie moves from California to Vancouver to be closer to family when her mother and father's marriage breaks down. Reunited with her cousin Brooke, Kenzie starts a new high school a far cry from what she's used to. Feeling out of sorts with everything in her life, Brooke takes her under her wing and introduces her to the band she plays with. Suddenly exposed to hot dangerously handsome men, alcohol and drugs. Kenzie f [...]

    27. I wasn't sold on this book. It felt like an after-school special(do they still DO those?)crossed with a Lifetime Channel For Women made-for-TV movie. The focus was on the eventual "something" happening, but when it finally occurred it was at the end, in a super-wrapped up quickie ending. It was a little forced. I gave it 2 stars because the dialogue was good, like real people talking, and I was totally into the cousin character (mostly at the beginning.) Maybe it would work better for a pot-smok [...]

    28. Tough Subject matterbut there's an HEATough Subject matterbut there's an HEAGrowing up can be very difficult at times. When parents get divorced they can sometimes really hurt their children in the process. Kenzie has to learn to start over while dealing with the pain of her parents divorce, drug use and new friends as well as romance. The author has done a great job with the character development as well as the storyline. I really felt the character's emotions as I read the book.This book has a [...]

    29. Started off really addicting but the HEA ending was a little too happy for me (& I LIKE happy). For such a dark subject, it was too rushed and forgotten about by the end. I didn't feel the romance, either. The real story here was a mother and daughter changing their lives together. My favorite part was when the brother came to visit. It was a really sad family situation and I felt bad for all of them. It could have been a lot better IMO if there wasn't a dumb "triangle" or if Kenzie wasn't i [...]

    30. A quick and simple read that packs a bit of a punch. I'm not saying it's the best book in the world, but it definitely gives you a glimpse into what peer pressure is like, and how even the strong can slip up. The romance of the book is blah but hey, ya can't win em all!

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