Which Witch?

Which Witch?

Eva Ibbotson Annabel Large / Feb 18, 2020

Which Witch Arriman the Awful the Wizard of the North needs a wife But which Witch will Arriman choose

  • Title: Which Witch?
  • Author: Eva Ibbotson Annabel Large
  • ISBN: 9780525461647
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Arriman the Awful, the Wizard of the North, needs a wife But which Witch will Arriman choose

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        Eva Ibbotson born Maria Charlotte Michelle Wiesner was a British novelist specializing in romance and children s fantasy.Eva Ibbotson was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1925 When Hitler came into power, Ibbotson s family moved to England She attended Bedford College, graduating in 1945 Cambridge University from 1946 47 and the University of Durham, from which she graduated with a diploma in education in 1965 Ibbotson had intended to be a physiologist, but was put off by the amount of animal testing that she would have to do Instead, she married and raised a family, returning to school to become a teacher in the 1960s Ibbotson was widowed with three sons and a daughter.Ibottson began writing with the television drama Linda Came Today , in 1965 Ten years later, she published her first novel, The Great Ghost Rescue Ibbotson has written numerous books including The Secret of Platform 13, Journey to the River Sea, Which Witch , Island of the Aunts, and Dial a Ghost She won the Nestl Smarties Book Prize for Journey to the River Sea, and has been a runner up for many of major awards for British children s literature.Her books are imaginative and humorous, and most of them feature magical creatures and places, despite the fact that she disliked thinking about the supernatural, and created the characters because she wanted to decrease her readers fear of such things.Some of the books, particularly Journey to the River Sea, also reflect Ibbotson s love of nature Ibbotson wrote this book in honor of her husband who had died just before she wrote it , a former naturalist The book had been in her head for years before she actually wrote it.Ibbotson said she dislikes financial greed and a lust for power and often creates antagonists in her books who have these characteristics Some have been struck by the similarity of Platform 9 3 4 in J.K Rowling s Harry Potter books to Ibbotson s The Secret of Platform 13, which came out three years before the first Harry Potter book.Her love of Austria is evident in works such as The Star Of Kazan and A Song For Summer These books, set primarily in the Austrian countryside, display the author s love for nature and all things natural.


    1. This was just a ton of fun. Ibbotson is like a tamer Roald Dahl, with a twist of Monty Python. The part about the rats, though? That was pure Stephen King. *shudder*

    2. This was one of my absolute favorites when I was littledark wizard holding a tournament for potential brides? Hell yes. I reread this recently thinking it couldn't possibly be as great as I remembered, but it was!!! Highly recommend to all baby goths (or grown goths who want their black hearts to spin up in a haze of slightly-grotesque mist and sprout happy bat wings).

    3. Paperjasto veselo štivo podesno da se čita kao razbibriga ako, recimo, treba da idete kod zubara ili već nešto na tom nivou prijatnosti. Super bi funkcionisalo kao crtani ili, još bolje, kao češki dečji film - kolekcija veštica je dušu dala za to :) Jedino bih zamerila to što je glavni đuvegija težak šmokljan, ali dobro, ta karakterizacija i jeste deo poente.

    4. Da morir dal ridere!Romanzo intelligente, divertente, ma anche assolutamente creepy (la scena dei topi No commenti!!)La mia infanzia è stata bella anche grazie a Eva Ibbotson!

    5. I was pleasantly surprised by this quick read. My daughter told me I HAD to read it, after she had read and enjoyed it herself. So I took it along on a long train trip, and read it in one sitting. While Ibbotson will never win any awards for character development, she does have a way with both words and plot; her turns of phrase continually gave me pleasure, and her silly plot made me laugh out loud several times, drawing bemused looks from my fellow train passengers. A good book for younger mid [...]

    6. This is this is the jewel of my childhood! My mum was just telling me the other day how, when I was younger (about 5 or 6, I think), there was a book I used to love. I would always read and reread and reread it again constantly, apparently. Though I haven't read this book in years and YEARS, I recently found it in a box in the attic and thought "OMG this is the book mum keeps telling I used to love!" and decided to read it again.Unsurprisingly enough, I still love it! It brought back many great [...]

    7. Re reading is not among my inclinations or priorities. However, I had to make an exception for Which Witch?. I read it first about 20 years ago, and I liked it so much that I didn't forget the small details for a long time. But recently I have had the urge to revisit past favorites. That's why I broke my habits and read this book again. The author's style is ebullient and twisty. Her imagination was spot on. She knew, by instinct, what was appealing and whimsical. The book is not of the fantasy [...]

    8. If you haven't yet discovered Eva Ibbotson, this is a great place to start. This is one of the charming, intriguing, hilarious, and outright pleasurable books I have ever read! It's about Arriman the Aweful, a wizard famous for both his power and his good looks has decided to marry a witch. From a long list of candidates the winner must be:the fairest of them all the most evil of them all.Belladonna is is determined to win the competition but the problem is she is a distressingly good witch.This [...]

    9. A fun read - silly and sweet, and yes, charming.I should just start writing "CHARMING" ten times in a row for all of my Ibbotson reviews. I can't seem to come up with another word for her. She's charming and delightful. Go read her.My work here is done.

    10. Arriman the awful, Grand Poobah of all things nasty and mighty dark wizard of the North has had many happy years of blighting, smiting and wrecking a great deal of havoc. But there comes a time when even the darkest of wizards gets tired of the "monotony" and wants to pass on the mantle to a more sinister and deserving wizard.The great hunt begins and Arriman creates a kindly, three-headed monster called the "Wizard Watcher" for the task. But with not even the faintest squeak of a dark wizard fr [...]

    11. I was inspired in re-visiting this book by my cute little sisters playing witches in our backyard. There they were strutting around the grass sneering disdain and blurting out curses on "unwanted visitors" commenting on how annoyingly good so-and-so was. And I just sat there and smiled, smart little creatures' I thought who at their young age already understood the beauty of a good-old bad guy.Then I remembered this book. I remember reading this when I was about 9 not really understanding half o [...]

    12. Arriman, der mächtige Zauberer, möchte sich zur Ruhe setzten. Nachdem er vergeblich auf einen Nachfolger gewartet hat, beschließt er zu heiraten und seinem Sohn den Platz als schwarzer böser Zauberer zu hinterlassenDie Wahl einer geeigneten Ehefrau verläuft turbulent.Mit viel Humor erzählt Eva Ibbitson von Verliebten heiratswütigen Hexen, sympathischen dreiköpfigen Drachen und skurrilen Zauber Wettkämpfen Warnung: Vielleicht sollten Eltern Kapitel 13 zuerst lesen , es könnte sensiblere [...]

    13. This book was adorable so thanks to Nithya. Belladonna is so adorkable and I didn't find her annoying even once :) I got transported back to my childhood!!

    14. It's fun and hilarious.OH, I'd like to know what happens next to Madam Olympia and Sir Simon! How they will try to kill each other!

    15. Overall, this book was OK. (In my opinion.)What I disliked:I couldn't really understand what the book was trying to say. It had some kind of accent or something I didn't understand. But that is probably because it was originally made in 1979. I also felt like this book put too much detail. Like the sentences were extremely long when it comes to describing. I am a visual person but I also like books that would just get to the point. I also felt this book was predictable (unless that was just me.) [...]

    16. In elementary school, I read so voraciously that I regularly picked out books from the library based just on their cover art or title or alluring book jacket. One such book that I borrowed from my elementary school's library had a plot that stayed with me, but I hadn't been able to remember the title until one day in the paperback section of the children's library of the main Chicago Public Library branch when, quite by chance, I found the book. It was called Which Witch? by Eva Ibbotson and I i [...]

    17. "ere really was no way of telling which witch was which." I picked up this book because of the reference in the Castle Hangnail, where Ursula Vernon mentioned Which Witch? as an inspiration. And since I really liked Castle Hangnail, I couldn't miss this one.I guess the author was a pioneer in the genre. Though he book is a bit out-of-date now, it's still not like the lot of children's books. It's really very amusing.Only four stars is for being just amusing, nothing more. It was a good read, but [...]

    18. It's hilarious, I was laughing so hard while reading it! It's like a parody of all the today's YA paranormal romances. (yeah I know it isn't the intention of the author - just look at the year when it was written, but still) If I'm to be fair, this book doesn't really deserve four stars, but I'm feeling generous. So what? Does it matter if it's predictable? I mean it didn't stop me from laughing out loud, so who cares?

    19. Recently, I have been in an Eva Ibbotson reading phase. While The Countess Below Stairs is my favorite, I still enjoy many of her other young-adult and middle-school stories. Which Witch? is a super cute and funny middle-grade book about a big witch competition. Arriman the Awful is tired of being an evil wizard. He just wants to rest and write a book, but in order to retire, he needs to find a powerful successor. After waiting in vain for a couple of years, his secretary suggests Arriman to mar [...]

    20. Thanks to Mbak Dyan saya dapat buku ini :) Ceritanya dark fantasy buat anak anak, enggak dark banget, tapi ada bagian yg sadis dan menjijikkan (bagian si enchantress menyihir tikus kanibal).

    21. Originally published on my blog, Nine Pages.Spoilers.I’ve read several of Eva Ibbotson’s books. Which Witch? is perhaps one of her best known, possibly for its clever title. It was too one of her earliest, preceded only by The Great Ghost Rescue (of which I’d not heard before writing this review). The theme of this book is a comfortable one: the power of love, the dangers of an absence of love, and the power of love to transform a person. It is told with a twist, however. The protagonists [...]

    22. Kindly white witch Beladonna has never been able to do black magic, but when the handsome wizard Arriman sets a contest to find the wickedest witch to be his bride, she is determined to give it her best shot.Beladonna has her work cut out for her if she wants to shake her embarrassing affinity for begonias and cute woodland creatures, but she is helped out in the contest by an orphan named Terence Mugg. Terence owns a pink earthworm named Rover, and Rover seems to be just the familiar to help Be [...]

    23. This is one of my all time favourite books, both as a young reader, a teenager and as an adult, I think I must have read it at least 50 times over the years. It was a regular check out for me while at school from the library but, bizarrely, I never owned my own copy.The book focusses on the white witch Belladonna, who is secretly in love with the dark and broodingly handsome Arriman the Awful, the most feared and fierce wizard of the North. He had decided he must marry as he needs an heir to pas [...]

    24. This was an odd one. Honestly. Being a good witch equals curse. Good witch falls in love with evil wizard on sight. Evil wizard will only marry her if, out of a line-up, she manages to do the evillest thing of all. Good witch longs to be evil. Good witch learns to do evil things, while still remaining good? Rest of plot shall remain unknown so I don't have to mark this post for spoilers, but come on--what do you think the ending will be?This book disappointed me for its wishywashiness. And I'm n [...]

    25. I really couldn't decide whether to give this book a 3 or 4 star rating so consider this a 3.5 that would probably have been a 4 if I was still a child. The book was just straight up great fun! It has been a while since I read a new children's book, that isn't a re-read from my own childhood, and I now realise I have been missing out. The process of reading this book was such good fun; Eva Ibbotson has constructed a really fantastical world with amusing characters and lots of plot twists. I was [...]

    26. Arriman the Awful, the Wizard of the North, decides he must marry in order to have an heir. But he can't just marry anyone -as a wizard he must marry a witch. So he sets up a competition for local witches. He will marry the witch who produces the blackest magic -- what he deems as a fitting qualification for his bride-to-be -- after all, as his servants reason, he must uphold his legacy.The magic has some surprising results and there are questions about the power of a familiar. Is Belladonna a b [...]

    27. This book was a great read. I missed it as a child (actually, I didn't even know of its existence), and I only got to it thanks to a group I'm member of. A memeber chooses a shelf each month, and we read a book from that shelf. I had little to no idea what to read for our November "Witches" shelf, but then, browsing through the books on the shelf, I found this book that looked interesting. And I bought it. And I read it. And I loved it.It is obviously a book for young kids, this is clear through [...]

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