Saint Homicide

Saint Homicide

Jake Hinkson / Feb 20, 2020

Saint Homicide The other inmates called him Saint Homicide the murderous man of God who heeded the voice of wrath when it told him to do the unthinkable Many consider him a fanatic Others see him as a prophet And s

  • Title: Saint Homicide
  • Author: Jake Hinkson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The other inmates called him Saint Homicide, the murderous man of God who heeded the voice of wrath when it told him to do the unthinkable Many consider him a fanatic Others see him as a prophet And some simply think he s insane Here, he tells his story.

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        Jake Hinkson, a native of the Arkansas Ozarks, is the author of HELL ON CHURCH STREET, THE POSTHUMOUS MAN, SAINT HOMICIDE, and THE BIG UGLY His first two books are being translated into French by ditions Gallmeister and will be released in Europe in new hardcover editions in 2015 He lives in Chicago and blogs at thenighteditor


    1. This is a quick-read novella from one of my new favorite authors, Jake Hinkson. It's about Daniel, an infamous prison inmate nicknamed "Saint Homicide" that is now presenting his confession of what led him to this point and why he completely accepts his guilt. In the first two novels I've read by Hinkson, there are elements that show a fascination with the darker side of Christianity and all of its contradictions. Here, he confronts this darker side head-on in this portrait of quite a compelling [...]

    2. Since his incarceration, Daniel has been dubbed Saint Homicide by fellow cellmates. The man does not believe he is innocent; he fully understands why he’s locked up. Declaring that he acted only in the service of God, Daniel did something very, very wrong and he’s going to explain why.Daniel believes he is a good man. He studies the bible, cares for his ailing wife, and protests outside of abortion clinics by declaring the procedure murder. He says he allows the Lord to work through him, giv [...]

    3. Once more Australia's Crime Factory Press has introduced me to the work of an exciting modern talent in the modern pulp crime genre, I'll buy whatever they put out at this point.Jake Hinkson's black as night novella is a tight little story that builds to a hell bound climax. A prison cell confession of a self appointed lay preacher that sets you up for one thing, delivers another and then reminds you why you came in the first place all the while painting a portrait of a pious fanatic struggling [...]

    4. Jake Hinkson, author of the novella THE POSTHUMOUS MAN and novel HELL ON CHURCH STREET returns with a new novella, SAINT HOMICIDE to explore one man’s hidden urges and sickly sweet lust narrated with a naivety and undercurrent of malice that demands the reader’s attention.In a misguided attempt to serve his creator, Daniel, a devout religious man, crosses the line between doing God’s work and being an agent of hell. Though Hinkson outlines the ending up front; we know Daniel ends up in pri [...]

    5. Brilliant novellaHinkson is one of my favorite contemporary authors, particularly in the neo-noir subgenre. This is a quick read about how a devout Christian man ended up in prison for homicide. It's a wild and perverse ride, even by Hinkson's standards. Daniel is a very unlikable but believable and compelling character. As a reader, I was so hooked on finding out how Daniel ended up on his path of murder, I lost track of time. I don't want to give too much away, but I can't recommend this littl [...]

    6. Synopsis/blurb.“The other inmates call him Saint Homicide, the murderous man of God who heeded the voice of wrath when it told him to do the unthinkable.Many consider him a fanatic. Others see him as a prophet. And some simply think he’s insane.Here, he tells his story.”--------------------------My take.I needed something short and sharp to kick-start my reading this year into life – it’s the back end of January and I feel like I’m in a slump already – even though the books I have [...]

    7. What I enjoyed most about this short novella is that it went to completely unexpected places. At the start the narrator seems to relish that his fellow prisoners have named him Saint Homicide (echoing Sarte's biography of Jean Genet: Saint Genet: Actor and Martyr) because he revels in his guilt while they profess their innocence, so when he starts telling his story an expectation is created that some gruesome murders are to follow. Perhaps they do, but where this story goes first is a trip throu [...]

    8. Everything Jake Hinkson writes, I read. For my money he's THE best pure noir author working today. Saint Homicide is further proof of that.

    9. An overly pious anti-abortion activist goes off the rails in this gritty short novella. After a car accident leaves his wife horribly disfigured and the pressure on him mounts, Daniel becomes more unhinged, focusing on hours of prayer in a room filled with dirty sheets and unwashed clothes. When his mother in law calls asking him to find her wayward teenage daughter, he is pulled through the seedier side on Little Rock from a pornographic movie store where he battles the temptation of the flesh [...]

    10. It's crazy to think so many layers can be included in a novella of this size. No matter the character you get something that gives you some sort of connection - regardless as to if you want it or not. You're exposed to the struggles of the main character, "Saint Homicide", and you're left wondering where it really went wrong for him - because there certainly are no shortage of triggers. This book feels like it's about struggle and while you're never left 'cheering' for the lead character, you're [...]

    11. This novella explores themes that have interested me for a long time--in particular the relationship of psychology to religious belief. It reminded me of a modern-day twist on Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling--what do you do when you think you hear the voice of God commanding you to kill? Is it God or are you insane? Nevertheless, the inside of the protagonist's mind is dark and full of hate for everyone. He opposes abortion, but you get the feeling that he is a bitter, disappointed believer who [...]

    12. Very few stories not only leave me at the literal edge of my seat on the bus, but even fewer manage to surprise and completely swallow me whole.Jake Hinkson accomplished that easily. Saint Homicide is immediately engaging, heartbreaking and jet black funny. A mix that entertains and had me eating the book alive in a two sit downs (a guy needs to take the bus to work and then back, pesky eight hour break between that).Whole-heartedly recommended.

    13. Crime Factory is 2 for 2. Hinkson's Saint Homicide is gritty as hell. One of those stories that fits perfectly as a novella - doesn't waste a word and builds from the first page. Daniel is a intriguing character and I give Hinkson kudos for running with such a challenging character. For fans of seriously dark noir, especially those who enjoy works like Les Edgerton's The Rapist and Jedediah Ayres' Fierce Bitches should put this on top of their list.

    14. Very compelling. You're advised to take it in during one sitting. In part that's because of its length -- longer than a short story, not quite a novella either. Yet its arc is just right for what the tale sets out to achieve. The central concept is really inspired, and the way Hinkson takes you inside the mind of his main character and shows you Daniel's inner turmoil is really something to see. Hinkson returns to one of his favorite themes, religion, to great effect.

    15. Great short story , Hinkson writes noir like it's the 1950's. Makes me want to visit Arkansas ,actually makes me want to drive THROUGH Arkansas. As a Yankee all the back road dealings scare the crap outta me, maybe I'd rather fly over the South.

    16. Full review in the next issue of All Due Respect Issue 3. Our featured author for this issue will be the man himself, Jake Hinkson.

    17. Dark and powerful. A short shot of noir really got under my skin. If you are looking to read a feel good story, look elsewhere. Hinkson is a master of his craft.

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