The Living Church: Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor

The Living Church: Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor

John R.W. Stott / Mar 29, 2020

The Living Church Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor At the th anniversary of the dedication of his church John Stott gave voice to his dream for All Souls London and all souls everywhere I have a dream of a biblical church a worshiping church a c

  • Title: The Living Church: Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor
  • Author: John R.W. Stott
  • ISBN: 9780830834860
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At the 150th anniversary of the dedication of his church, John Stott gave voice to his dream for All Souls, London, and all souls everywhere I have a dream of a biblical church a worshiping church a caring church a serving church an expectant church Reflecting on his than sixty years of service at All Souls and a worldwide ministry thatAt the 150th anniversary of the dedication of his church, John Stott gave voice to his dream for All Souls, London, and all souls everywhere I have a dream of a biblical church a worshiping church a caring church a serving church an expectant church Reflecting on his than sixty years of service at All Souls and a worldwide ministry that led Time magazine to acknowledge him as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, Stott alerts a church that is in transition to the marks of a church that is living The Living Church is the full articulation of Stott s dream for the body of Christ in the world today To the people of God who inherit the global church he has helped to build for the past sixty years, he bequeaths this calling There is such a thing as goodness pursue it The postmodern mood is unfriendly to all universal absolutes Yet the apostle says there is such a thing as truth fight for it And there is such a thing as life lay hold of it May God enable us to make an unabashed commitment to what is true, what is good, and what is real.

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        John R W Stott is known worldwide as a preacher, evangelist and communicator of Scripture For many years he served as rector of All Souls Church in London, where he carried out an effective urban pastoral ministry A leader among evangelicals in Britain, the United States and around the world, Stott was a principal framer of the landmark Lausanne Covenant 1974 His many books, including Why I Am a Christian and The Cross of Christ, have sold millions of copies around the world and in dozens of languages Whether in the West or in the Two Thirds World, a hallmark of Stott s ministry has been expository preaching that addresses the hearts and minds of contemporary men and women Stott was honored by Time magazine in 2005 as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.


    1. Definitivamente siempre estarà entre uno de los libros de mayor impacto e influencia mi vida ministerial. John Stott siempre se distinguen por su balance y equilibro, y en este libro es evidente en su eclesiología. Habiendo escrito este libro al final de su vida; todo pastor, plantador de iglesia o joven en sus inicios ministeriales debe leer esta obra.

    2. There are plenty of books being written today about what makes a healthy church. The problem with most of these books is that they don’t say anything new, they are usually unbalanced, and they have very little lasting value. John Stott’s The Living Church is the complete exception.The Living Church – Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor is by far the most profound book I have ever read on the health and welfare of the church. It is without a doubt of the purest form of expositional literature [...]

    3. British pastor and theologian John R. W. Stott has been such a prominent voice for Bible-believing Christians worldwide that he has been referred to by some as “the evangelical pope.” In The Living Church, the latest in his long line of published works, Stott comes closest to that position in both tone and authority.This is not just another book about “how to do church”—this is a work of solid scriptural exposition, reflecting years of pastoral experience that addresses the core issues [...]

    4. Stott's reflections as an octogenarian reveals spiritual fundamentals which every churched Christian should be conscious of.It goes through 9 chapters of a 'living church', a church of fulfilled essentials, of worship, of evangelism, of ministry, of fellowship (koinonia), of balanced preaching, of giving, of impact (salt and light) and of timothys (Paul's disciple). This is followed by a brief autobiographical sketch of why he is still a member of the Church of England, going through the church [...]

    5. In this book Stott shows what can be expected from an authentic, living church.He works through what God would deem as essential from His vision for His church according to Acts 2, being that of a learning, caring, worshipping, evangelizing church.It goes into detail with regards to different elements.Worship. The Characteristics of Worship that Glorifies God’s Holy Name goes into detail into the various facets of worship. Biblical worship i.e. what is expected from those reading as well as pr [...]

    6. Read john stott when I got to know Christ 10 years ago. His basic christianity is one of the first introductory book given to me. (Together with macarthur’s the pillars of Christian character actually – but somehow stott’s style appeals to me more.) This book presents the main tenets of Christianity in a very clear and organised manner, and with good illustrations. Simple enough to not lose you, yet deep enough to entice you. The first 8 chapters presents the three main points: Who is Chri [...]

    7. Buku ini menolong saya mengerti banyak hal tentang gereja. Penulis menyampaikan ide pemikirannya dengan sederhana tetapi dengan makna yang dalam dan "mengena". Tanpa terasa, 3 hari saya bisa menyelesaikan pembacaan buku ini. Di dalamnya ada pembelajaran yang sangat baik bagaimana seharusnya Gereja Tuhan mengambil sikap dalam konteks dunia saat ini.Dalam pembahasannya, Penulis menjelaskan apa pergumulan umum dan khusus gereja masa lalu dan masa kini serta bagaimana solusi pemahaman dan tindakan u [...]

    8. In many ways this book is an anthology of teachings drawn from his other books, reorganized and rounded out to speak to today's context. It also has the feel of a memoir with the inclusion of three historical appendixes. I wonder if this will be his last book. I was disappointed that a deeper and more thorough treatment was not given about postmodernism and the emerging church. It is basically covered in five pages or so in the preface. Stott's primary admonition regarding the emerging church ha [...]

    9. I had been unaware of this book until I saw it referenced in some essay or another book. Written a few years before his death, John Stott reflects on over 60 years of ministry and offer sage advice for pastors. There is a sense that this is a follow-up to his work on the Sermon on the Mount - Christian Counter-Culture. He writes with a view toward dealing with the post-modern influence in the 21st century church. I found my heart and, in a sense, my ministry refreshed as he covered such topics a [...]

    10. John Stott tries to put a balance between the conservatives and the liberals, between being relevant and attached to the roots of the Gospel, between a thoughtful preacher and a passionate preacher. He firmly grounds the church on prayers, worship, service, evangelism, fellowship, giving the biblical meanings of each, putting away with the wrong descriptions that have invaded the church pulpits today.I look forward to read more from his writings. He simply puts perspectives correctly and gives a [...]

    11. My church read through this during summer 2008 as we merged with another church. The ideas that Stott has are good for church structure in the age of post-modernism. He finds key ideas and actions that create good churches. He encourages all churches (and all Christians) to do these things. He does realize that variety will happen in these areas, even with some good fundamental ideas. He focuses on the areas of essentials, worship, evangelism, ministry, fellowship, preaching, giving, impact as w [...]

    12. I haven't finished it yet, actually. I had to turn in my interlibrary loan copy or start paying 10 cents a day! (; But I'm buying a copy, because this one is stellar! Reviews use both the words: "rigorous" and "nourishing" to describe it. (: I am encouraged and excited about it.Okay the first 2/3 of this book was amazing, the last 1/3 not as much! I have corners turned down all throughout the first section and then none.He has a lot of clarity on certain things and not others.

    13. John Stott's The Living Church is "incarnational theology." He reflects upon almost a century of ministry and explains how the church can actually BE the church. He touches on God's Vision for the church, Worship, Evangelism, Ministry (laity & clergy), Preaching, Giving (&Stewardship) and how we can actually impact the World for Christ. It'd be a great workbook for servant leaders in a church context.

    14. Like all of John Stotts writings (at least the ones I've read), this book is clear, concise, biblical and theological, well organized, and what I love most - it reflects his pastoral heart. This book was written when he was in his 80's. Considering the fact that he was ordained at the age of 29, that has give him over half a century to reflect on the nature and call of the church. Great book.

    15. Any reflections by John Stott are worth paying attention to. Here are his reflections on what should be the core of any church. Made me think as I thought about how ministry with InterVarsity is a part of the Church, but is not and how what we do on campus can/should reflect his core principles.

    16. Very John Stott: Understated, gentle in tone, biblically unflinching. Every chapter contained a genuine challenge for me. The final appendix might have been the best of them all. Doesn't claim to be comprehensive, but then there's not much that he doesn't address.

    17. This is a must read for all churches and Bible Study groups.John Stott puts the pillars of what a church is supposed to behave, act, give.This guy definitely writes with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    18. This was such a calm, balanced view of the church, and yet still included enough call to action for us as believers and members of the church. Really cool to read an octogenarian's reflections on challenges and solutions for the current Christian church.

    19. Simple, refreshing, reminding readers with clarity of the beauty and strategic role of the church. Stott is faithfully biblical, and writes in a way that energizes, motivates, and brings conviction for greater service to Christ and His Church.

    20. As one of the foremost leaders in all evangelicalism, John Stott's words deserve to be carefully weighed and his plea to be earnestly considered.

    21. Great book, but the best part was Appendix 3 - Reflections of an Octogenarian. Very practical advice for those of us in a younger generation.

    22. John Stott is so encouraging, a great heart for the Word, and a love for the church. I do not agree with everything in this book, but this is a great read.

    23. One of Stott's last books. This was a solid theological treatise on the church that has led to a lot of practical discussions with my staff team.

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