Dragon and Judge

Dragon and Judge

Timothy Zahn / Feb 26, 2020

Dragon and Judge When orphan Jack Morgan is dragged off by Golvins on planet Semaline because he smells like a Jupa Judge Paladin golden Draycos poet warrior of K da dragon symbiotes tags along in the form of a

  • Title: Dragon and Judge
  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • ISBN: 9780765314185
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When orphan Jack Morgan 14 is dragged off by Golvins on planet Semaline because he smells like a Jupa Judge Paladin , golden Draycos, poet warrior of K da dragon symbiotes, tags along in the form of a back tattoo Alison, host to newly intelligent K da Taneem, is kidnapped by Braxton Universis mega corporation renegade Neverlin and mercenary Colonel Frost to open a safehen orphan Jack Morgan 14 is dragged off by Golvins on planet Semaline because he smells like a Jupa Judge Paladin , golden Draycos, poet warrior of K da dragon symbiotes, tags along in the form of a back tattoo Alison, host to newly intelligent K da Taneem, is kidnapped by Braxton Universis mega corporation renegade Neverlin and mercenary Colonel Frost to open a safe.The villains who massacred Draycos scout ships now want the destination of the refugee fleet of surviving K da dragons and their Shontine hosts, to finish their genocide Uncle Virge, the artificial intelligence based on Uncle Virgil, the swindler who raised Jack from the age of three, pilots their spaceship Essenay sounds suspiciously like S and A , and keeps the secret of who Jack s parents were, and how they died Danger everywhere, brains and cooperation required.

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        Timothy Zahn attended Michigan State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in physics in 1973 He then moved to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and achieved an M.S degree in physics in 1975 While he was pursuing a doctorate in physics, his adviser became ill and died Zahn never completed the doctorate In 1975 he had begun writing science fiction as a hobby, and he became a professional writer He and his wife Anna live in Bandon, Oregon They have a son, Corwin Zahn.


    1. Jack 14, human host to golden dragon Draycos, K'da poet-warrior, is dragged off by Golvins, aliens on planet Semaline, named by numbers's first two initials (Nionei = 918), who recognize his "Jupa" scent from their last two circuit judge-paladins, Stuart and Ariel Palmer p211. Meanwhile Alison and her newly intelligent grey symbiote Taneem are kidnapped (by Mustache and Sideburns) with the contents of Uncle Virgil's safety deposit box, to crack safes held at the Patri Chookoock Brummgas family c [...]

    2. Please vote on list Best Timothy Zahn novel.This is my favorite one in the series so far. The plot was great, as was the character development. I liked getting the perspective of Alison and Taneem also. I didn't enjoy their chapters as much as Jack and Draycos's, but they were still very good. The backstory for Jack was interesting, and I also enjoyed the new development in the relationship between Jack and Draycos. I was a little disappointed that there was nothing in the book from the twist at [...]

    3. The plot both thickens and expands as we careen ever closer to the fateful time of the K'da and Shontine refugee fleet arrival! Jack and Draycos get kidnapped by an alien group, and when Alison and Taneem head out to look for them, they're kidnapped by some mercenaries. They wind up on different planets, but each pair has their own part to play in the grand tangle of events as the past and the present collide. Delightful book, setting the stage for the sweeping conclusion of the Dragonback serie [...]

    4. I definitely think this series probably is just a bit too long. While we learn alot of answers to mysteries here the story wasn't clamoring for them settling the mystery of Jack's parents could easily have been undiscovered, or even been a side book. Tying it in to the bad guys of the K'da story is just a little much, it's a big universe, all the evil in it shouldn't come from one guy.Also, there's alot of Allison in this book, and she's completely uninteresting, IMO, and I'll be a monkey's uncl [...]

    5. Dragon and Judge (2007) 312 pages by Timothy Zahn.Jack Morgan is a fourteen year old boy. Orphaned at three, brought up by his Uncle Virge a con man who teaches Jack how to open safes, trick and swindle people, etc. Virge died when Jack was thirteen, before he died he programmed the computer in the Essanay with his personality. Jack was hiding out on Iota Klestis when the advance party for the Shontine and K'da was ambushed and Draycos, a K'da poet warrior, was the sole survivor. Without a host [...]

    6. Jack and Draycos are running out of time, and out of leads. But a minor detour to satisfy Jack's curiosity about a planet Uncle Virgil would never let him explore soon takes an unexpected turn. Jack finds himself in the alien village where his parents died, and Alison finds herself abducted. But both of them see an opportunity: Jack to learn the truth about his parents, and Alison to learn the plans of the enemy. The only problem is, can they stay alive long enough to win?Like the previous books [...]

    7. Reader thoughts: So many clues! There may be a bit more about international law and ownership disputes than some young readers will care for, but they don't have to understand them to get the story (and there aren't many, but even a couple mentions might be boring to some).Jupa Jack finds out his Uncle Virgil isn't really his uncle, and he learns who his parents really were. Draycos nearly dies, they stop an arsonist, Jack gains wisdom over alien disputes, and Draycos and Jack get a new skill (t [...]

    8. Dragon and Judge takes the series for an interesting turn of events, when Jack decides, against the advice of Uncle Virge, to go investigate something on the planet where his parents died. Naturally, the circumstances of his parents’ death are a bit more mysterious than Jack was initially lead to believe, and he quickly finds himself drawn into that mystery. Allison, for her part, is separated from Jack through unforeseen circumstances, bringing her back into contact with some old villains, an [...]

    9. A very good installment of the Dragonback series. I waited quite a while after book 4 to read this. I wanted to have my hands on a copy of the 6th and final book, and then when I was finally able to, I couldn't find my copy of five. So, I was a little out of the loop when I picked this up, but it all came back quickly. That is a nice thing about Zahn's writing. He gives you just enough recap to bring it all back after a long hiatus, but not so much that it gets repetitive and annoying if you are [...]

    10. This book bumps from three stars to four starts because the ending is so strong. The entire book moves pretty well, and furthers the overall story, but the ending is clearly a cliff-hanger for the next (final) in the series.As for what it's about, the series is about a young boy that teams up with a "dragon" (symbiotic relation, although since the dragon would die without being able to be absorbed by the boy, symbiotic may not be quite right). Initially I didn't think this would work, but it has [...]

    11. Zahn never really gets better which would be disappointing if he wasn't so good to begin with. He's never going to change your life with brilliant writing but he will keep you turning pages with brilliant story telling. Jack Morgan and Draycos continue their quest to save Draycos's people from extinction and get trapped on the planet where Jack's parents died – or were murdered. Great adventure. I would recommend this series to anybody especially young adults and children.

    12. We finally find out a bit more about Jack's parents. Alison remains a mystery. I really love the names of the race he ends up being judge for. Explains the ship name as well.Overall, I'm thoroughly enjoying this space opera, though it is likely suited for the teen rather than the full adult sci fi. However, it doesn't talk down to you, or re explain too much. If you like this series, check out the Quadrail series.

    13. Jack Morgan, Draycos, Alison, and Taneem continue to struggle to discover when the K'da and Shontine will arrive in our galaxy. Jack and Draycos search out info on Jack's parents' deaths, and become judge for an obscure people. Meanwhile, Alison and Taneem are kidnapped to crack a safe for the criminals hunting the K'da and Shontine. It may hold the answers they need, but in the wrong hands the info could be deadly.

    14. A very solid book in the fifth of the dragonback series. Different secrets are finally revealed, including more about Jack's history and what happened to his parents. I very much like books that jump between different characters, but I definitely didn't like the chapters that dealt with Alison as much. The ones with Jack and Draycos were much better and what really kept me interested.

    15. DNF to this book and now DNF for this series. Yes, I realise there's only one more book after this but the last two have been so dull and so plodding that I can't be bothered anymore. This is such a shame because the series started out so strong. But it's not doing anything for me anymore and I can only imagine Jack and Draycos will be just fine without me.

    16. Jack finally finds out about his parents, but he and Draycos are no closer to figuring out the rendevous point with the K'da and Shontine. I like these characters and this world is interesting but this is the fifth book! How long is Zahn going to drag things out having some real plot developments?

    17. The Dragonback series continues improving. In this, the fifth book, Zahn expands the narrative by adding two new viewpoints. Thanks to this, the story never slows down despite Jack and Draycos again getting sidetracked a bit. The new viewpoints (Alison and her K'Da Taneem) from familiar characters added a lot of depth, too. Dragon and Judge is definitely another solid entry in the series!

    18. Wow. Lots of stuff going on in this short book. We learn more of Jack's history, we learn more about Alison (and raise more questions of course) and Taneem is coming into her own. Will they succeed? I guess I'll have to find the next book in the series!

    19. Very good book in the series--keeps up the pace from the previous book and creates some interesting plot elements that I'm very interested to see resolved in the final book.

    20. Both myself and my 10-year-old son enjoy this series. :) They're clean, yet emotionally engaging, rousing adventures. They feel very well-rounded.

    21. Once again, the author keeps changing the pace and revealing more interesting backstory, along with action and deception. Great series!

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