I Before E (Except After C): Old School Ways To Remember Stuff

I Before E (Except After C): Old School Ways To Remember Stuff

Judy Parkinson / Feb 23, 2020

I Before E Except After C Old School Ways To Remember Stuff Ever find yourself struggling to remember simple facts and rules This title is full of memory aids including well known rhymes that will help unjumble your mind and improve your ability to recall na

  • Title: I Before E (Except After C): Old School Ways To Remember Stuff
  • Author: Judy Parkinson
  • ISBN: 9781843172499
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ever find yourself struggling to remember simple facts and rules This title is full of memory aids, including well known rhymes, that will help unjumble your mind and improve your ability to recall names, dates, facts, figures and events, and contains all the mnemonics you need to know.

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    1. Remember the days before we all sat in front of computers with nice fast internet connections and a short cut to Google?In those days you had to remember stuff. You had to be able to recite it, and use it at the drop of a hat. Of course, all thats gone now. You can look up anything in seconds. But isn't it nice to know that you don't need a net connection sometimes?This book gathers together memory aids from various fields and stitches them together in some sort of order. There is everything fro [...]

    2. Subtitled "Old-school ways to remember stuff", this was a very mixed bag. Some old favourites are there but there's a lot of random things as well, and I often thought that the mnemonic is sometimes more complicated than what it's, er, mnemon-icising.

    3. Neat little book that can be read in one sitting. It is divided up into the following categories: 1. The English Language 2. To Spell or Not to Spell 3. Think of a Number 4. Geographically Speaking 5. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral 6. Time and the Calendar 7. The Sky at Night and by Day 8. The World of Science 9. World History10. Musical Interlude11. Foreign Tongues12. Religious Matters13. The Human Body14. Lifesaving Tips15. The World of Work16. Other FavoritesSome mnemonics I remembered from my ch [...]

    4. I often wonder, What did we do before: typewriters, computers, internet, google, etc. This little book reminds me--one who graduated from high school with none of the listed technology except access to a manual typewriter only in secretarial training class. We relied on memory gimmicks to pass on knowledge by rote memory. I bought this book so I carried it around to peruse when waiting for something or somebody. It's fun to remember how things use to be. I didn't read every page but it was amusi [...]

    5. Cute and fun, but generally rather useless. Mnemonics were at times a bit convoluted and difficult, and topics ranged between the alphabet, numbers, the Seven Hills of Rome, digits of pi, and many other things I will never need to know. But maybe that's my (perhaps lacking?) modern education and attitude taking over.

    6. Just a way to remember things. Some of these mnemonics I knew while others were new to me. This is one that will sit on my reference shelf for the times I have a senior moment. I even learned a few new bits of trivia from it.

    7. A friend gave me a series of these books to have a look at. She saw them in a shop and bought them for her son as she thought they may be of use when he starts school and to encourage him to use some old school techniques to memorise.The book was diverse in subject matter covering English Language to History to Maths/Science to Geography to Religion and highlighted different mnemonic devices to remember lists and dates etc. Because it was so diverse, it didn't really work for me. Generalist book [...]

    8. Bile from the liver emulsifies greasesTinges the urine and colors the fecesAids peristalsis, prevents putrefactionIf you remember all this, you'll give satisfaction.I found some of the mnemonics in this book to be strangely unsatisfying. (e.g memorizing a word passage, whose letters correspond to the numbers of pi; if someone asks you to give them the decimal numbers of pi, what are you going to do? write down the passage and then count the letters? surely that's more difficult than just memoriz [...]

    9. The book is a cutesy collection of mnemonics and memory techniques to help you remember various types of information ranging from English language to Mathematics to Geography and beyond.As others have stated in their reviews, the text itself seems to only lend value to those who are remembering these adages and devices from when they were in school. It doesn't really address the faults of the mnemonics or that the information being learned is, in this day, a bit anachronistic and irrelevant. The [...]

    10. I first saw this book in an English teacher's classroom when I was subbing and I found it really interesting and helpful. It took me a long time to track it down and buy it for myself, but now I've finally finished it! There are some very helpful tips in here over a variety of subjects. I will definitely keep this one in my future classroom and I can easily see using it with my students. (Though I think I could have come up with some better acronyms.)I'd love to get some of the other books like [...]

    11. ISBN? – 9781843176589General Subject/s? – History / English / Title? – Tips for memory across education.General Analysis? – An interesting collection of information and the descriptions are brilliantly funny yet informative at the same time. It includes a wide variety of information including religion, work, animals, geography and mathematics.Recommend? - Yes, an interesting collection of information.

    12. Fascinating! I never realized that there were so many mnemonic devices and for what. There are chapters on spelling, numbers, geography, science, time & calendars, stars & planets in the sky, world history, musical interlude, foreign tongues, religion, human body, lifesaving tips, "world of work", and more! At the end of the book is "Helpful Mnemonics Websites".Lots and lots of interesting information!

    13. Generally, a very enjoyable read. Some of the mnemonics included were for things that were ridiculously elementary; others were very obscure. It might have been more interesting, in these cases, if the author had included some background information on the subjects. For the most part, however, I found the content relatable and intriguing, and reminiscent of school days, where I had learnt quite a few of the mnemonics mentioned (SOHCAHTOA, anyone?).

    14. Carly gave this book to me for my birthday--it is impressively comprehensive. My favorite part about this book, besides it's cool cover, is the mnemonic for remembering Roman Numerals (because I always get the 50 and 500 mixed up): I Value Xylophones Like Cows Dig Milk. Very cool! Thanks, Carly!

    15. This one was full of mnemonic devices to remember a ton of information, but I found that I never knew much of that info in the first place, so this one wasn't as fun to read as the others. It was fun to be reminded of some of the rhymes I learned as a child, and there were so many others that I had never even heard.

    16. I think that this book was a good read with lots of interesting facts about maths, science, English, medicine etc. Some of the tips they gave were useful and interesting but most were a bit stupid and hard to remember. Overall the book had good elements and ideas but too much of it was useless information.

    17. Interesting for what it is, but when you're inundated with mnemonics, there's no way that you can remember more than one or two. A few of the mnemonics were for useful things (converting Fahrenheit to Celsius), but some were a little too far out to be anything but curiosities (the different organs related to excretion).

    18. Was a fun read and found out some facts I never knew. I'm not sure the only solution to remembering things is to make very obscure poems out of first letters of words, I found myself more baffled by them than actually remembering the important bits. I'm sure it will aid the kids in the future with some of their learning.

    19. An amusing little book with all of those great devices you used to use. It was fun to read and remember making up pneumonic devices or lauging as i remembered my dad dancing around to some of them. Would be a GREAT gift for a graduate or for a student entering high school.

    20. This was an interesting book that gave you lots of ways to remember different things and gave you their history which was quite interesting but I found most of the rules or poems and so on was redundant because I already kew most of the things in the book but i thought it was an interesting read.

    21. I got 'I before E (except after C)' as a present, something that I'm really glad about as I would never have picked it up on my own. It was a fun, nostalgic book that I really enjoyed flicking through.

    22. Takes me back to school! Not really a read, but engaging never the less, it's amazing how much of this stuff I forgot, it's also enlightening, informing me of some the things I really should have known!

    23. Although some of the book brought back childhood memories of how I remembered certain facts, I found that a lot of the mnemonics were very convoluted and more difficult to remember than what you were trying to learn in the first place!

    24. Love this book. It has a mnemonic for everything from the English language to how to set a table. This will be a fun book to use in the classroom.

    25. Bringing back many memories! And learning new reminders--like quick way to do multiples of 9 (always had trouble with the multiplication tables!)

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