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  • Title: Beginnings
  • Author: Carol Lynn Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780385079044
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Hardcover
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        From clpearson about_memIn fourth grade, in Gusher, Utah, I won four dollars in a school district essay contest on Why We Should Eat a Better Breakfast And yes, this morning I had a bowl of my own excellent granola, followed by a hike in the hills near my home in Walnut Creek, California.In high school I began writing in earnest I have now in my files a folder marked Poetry, Very Bad, and another, Poetry, Not Quite So Bad Writing served a good purpose for that very dramatic, insecure adolescent Also at that time I began to keep a diary, which I still maintain and which has been indescribably useful to me both as a writer and as a pilgrim on the earth After graduating from Brigham Young University with an MA in theatre, teaching for a year in Utah at Snow College, and traveling for a year, I taught part time at BYU in the English department and was then hired by the motion picture studio on campus to write educational and religious screenplays.While performing at the university as Mrs Antrobus in Thornton Wilder s The Skin of Our Teeth, I met and fell in love with Gerald Pearson, a shining, blond, enthusiastic young man, who fell in love with me and my poems We ve got to get them published, he said on our honeymoon, and soon dragged me up to the big city, Salt Lake City, to see who would be first in line to publish them Poetry doesn t sell, insisted everyone we spoke to, and I, somewhat relieved, put publishing on the list of things to do posthumously.But not Gerald Then I ll publish them, he said Borrowing two thousand dollars, he created a company called Trilogy Arts and published two thousand copies of a book called Beginnings, a slim, hard back volume with a white cover that featured a stunning illustration, God in Embryo, by our good friend Trevor Southey, now an internationally known artist On the day in autumn of 1967 that Gerald delivered the books by truck to our little apartment in Provo, I was terrified I really had wanted to do this posthumously BeginningsTodayYou came runningWith a small specked eggWarm in your hand.You could barely understand,I know,As I told you of Beginnings Of egg and bird.Told, too,That years ago you began,Smaller than sight.And then,As egg yearns for skyAnd seed stretches to tree,You became Like me.Oh,But there s so much .You and I, child,Have just begun.Think Worlds from nowWhat might we be We, who are seedOf Deity.We toted a package of books up to the BYU bookstore, and asked to see the book buyer Well, she said, nobody ever buys poetry, but since you re a local person, let me take four on consignment As they came in packages of twenty, we persuaded her to take twenty on consignment Next day she called and asked, Those books you brought up here Do you have any of them I had anticipated that the two thousand books, now stacked in our little closet and under our bed and in my Daddy s garage, would last us years and years as wedding presents But immediately we ordered a second printing Beginnings sold over 150,000 copies before we gave it to Doubleday and then to Bookcraft.Beginnings was followed by other volumes of poetry The Search, The Growing Season, A Widening View, I Can t Stop Smiling, and Women I Have Known and Been Most of the poems from the earlier books now appear in a compilation, Beginnings and Beyond The poems have been widely reprinted in such places as Ann Landers column, the second volume of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and college textbooks such as Houghton Mifflin s Structure and Meaning an Introduction to Literature That first little volume of verse, and my husband s determination, laid the foundation for my entire career.Another characteristic of my husband was to have a profound effect on both


    1. This was a delightful book of poetry. I'm sure I'll refer to it again and again. I just listened to Carol Lynn Pearson read several of these along with her life story from podcasts on mormonstories and it made this book all the more meaningful. Thanks Lisa!

    2. Before writing my review I must give this disclaimer. I knew Carol Lynn Wright before she married Gerald Pearson. She went to Provo (UT) High School as I did and, although I graduated several years before her, we had the same great drama coach: Max Golightly. When I returned to BYU to do graduate work, Carol Lynn was finishing up her undergraduate degree. We both spent a great deal of time on BYU stages. She was one of the greatest actresses ever on those stagesI, usually, played cast of thousan [...]

    3. As a teen, Carol Lynn Pearson came to a fireside in our ward. Only about 6 of us came on that cold snowy night. Her poems were trendy and popular to use in talks, so I was surprised to see that she was a bit of a hippy. I soon forgot about her long granny dress and her long straight hair parted in the middle. Her poetry really touched me. Years later I saw her book at a thrift store for twenty-five cents. It is worth $25.00! I love to read this book of poems over and over. They have the unique d [...]

    4. This is by far my favorite book of poetry. The words speak to my soul. I love the heartfelt sentiment of each succinct little poem. In this collection her style is similar to the poetry of Emily Dickinson. Her later works have a different feel in my opinion. The illustrations are very moving. I have read this so many times that the cover is hanging on by a string! I received this book as a gift when I was a new mommy I guess my little Tiffany must have found it and added her own "illustrations" [...]

    5. To One Who Has Been Done DirtCry or curse or call it unfair,But be grateful till the graveThat in this hurtYou're the one who received,And not the one who gave.UnfedWe feed one anotherIn rations,Serve affectionMeasured toThe minimum dailyRequirement,The very acceptable Least--While loveBursts the wallsOf our larder,Wondering,Amazed,Why we are afraidTo feast.

    6. My favorite poem is "Trial Number Five." I can relate to many of the poems in this book. There are some on adoption, many on life, our relationship with Heavenly Father. It is a very lovely book of poetry. I received this book from my mother in law one Christmas. I plan to keep it and pass it on to my children.

    7. I've loved this book of poetry since 1980. My favorite poem in it is On Nest Building. I sent a copy of it to my parents from Paris when I was a student there. She expressed, better than I could, my gratitude to my parents for helping to make Paris possible for me. Her poetry will always be dear, insightful, inspired and profound for me!

    8. This way very early in Carol Lynn Pearson's writings and it shows her devotion to LDS theology and doctrines. I gave it to an LDS friend of mine after I was done reading it. I'm sure she will enjoy it deeply.

    9. An insightful set of works that really provides thoughts through poetry that can broaden our experiencewith poetry. It is probably my favorite of the works I have read of Peasons. She has had her own life's experiences that we can relate to through her written word.

    10. My first and treasured intro into the works (and future works) of my now beloved Carol Lynn Pearson. A must read for mothers. Flash forward to 2011 and her mature works in "The Sweet, Still Waters of Home". You will weep

    11. These poems gave me immense comfort at the beginning of this year. Some were too WAM POW religion-in-you-face for me, but there were some subtle gems in there. She has a way of writing poetry that is similar to the way I used to, so I think that's why they speak to me.

    12. I find Pearson's style satisfying and her themes thoughtful. This early poetry of hers is particularly poignant, because of what came later.I write more about reading over here.

    13. I memorized Carol Lynn Pearson's poetry years ago and have given several of her poems on programs, especially "Full Circle."

    14. I think to myself that I don't really like/get poetry, but there were ones here that were very lovely AND thought-provoking AND they keep popping up in my head.

    15. I love the simple beauty of her short poems. They touch you at the heart. She is a beautiful person. It is a book that I will treasure and refer to often.

    16. I wanted to re-read this after just finishing Goodbye, I Love You. Honestly, there's only a handful of poets that I can say I love to read their work and hers is one of them.

    17. I was curious about this poetry since I've heard it referenced many times and I know the author. All together, I found the short poems sweet an easy to read.

    18. I really related to her poetry back in the 1970's when these were written. I was recently reminded of her poem on prayer and used it in a Sunday School lesson the other day.

    19. Wonderful insights are characteristic of Carol Lynn Pearson's poetry . . . something in me wants to be just like her when it comes to the gift of words.

    20. The poetry in this book is simple, and poignant and cuts to the core, the illustrations only add to it more

    21. My very most favorite book of poetry. Carol Lynn Pearson's poetry is simple and lovely. I have been enlightened and touched by it.

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