First Class Family: The Complete Collection

First Class Family: The Complete Collection

A.J. Harmon Christopher Harmon / May 28, 2020

First Class Family The Complete Collection The best selling contemporary romance series First Class Novels is now available in this boxed set All nine books in the series are here and AJ has included a BONUS word novella that tells th

  • Title: First Class Family: The Complete Collection
  • Author: A.J. Harmon Christopher Harmon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The best selling contemporary romance series, First Class Novels, is now available in this boxed set All nine books in the series are here and AJ has included a BONUS 15,000 word novella that tells the love story of Peter and Maureen Lathem, available ONLY in this set Download your copy now and begin reading the sexy and wealthy Lathem brother s true love story The LathThe best selling contemporary romance series, First Class Novels, is now available in this boxed set All nine books in the series are here and AJ has included a BONUS 15,000 word novella that tells the love story of Peter and Maureen Lathem, available ONLY in this set Download your copy now and begin reading the sexy and wealthy Lathem brother s true love story The Lathem family is all about love, trust, loyalty, respect and family They still eat dinner together every Sunday and vacation together, too Each story focuses on one of the brothers finding their own happily ever after, and First Class Voyage and First Class Farewell involve the entire Lathem clan Love, sex, fun, loss and heartache are all included in these books that will you keep you captivated from the first page of the first book to the last page of the final story.

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        AJ grew up in Perth, Western Australia She is the third of six children and her first exposure to romance was her parents Now married for almost 55 years, they have always been her example when working on her own marriage and parenting skills Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and Georgette Heyer, were the writers she grew to love in adolescence and still loves now Her list of favorite authors now has grown to include, not only historical but also contemporary authors as well Sadly, she doesn t have as much time to indulge in novels as much as she would like Her family and now writing her own novels, keeps her very busy, but you will always find a book on her nightstand Other hobbies include cooking, one her favorite television shows is The Next Iron Chef on Food Network, and traveling, the UK and the Caribbean her favorite places to visit She and her husband of 28 years, reside on the west coast of the USA and have two grown children, making them empty nesters, and recently adopted a rescued puppy, Max, from the local humane society.


    1. What a terrific series, so sad it has ended. The hot, sexy Lathem brothers' stories have sizzled, been filled with drama, and lots of love! I got hooked on Matt and Janie's story in First Class to New York. Matt Lathem, wealthy, handsome, twice divorced, bumps into Janie, a widow with teen sons, at the Portland airport on their way to New York. Sparks fly and soon they are inseparable. Due to a misunderstanding, Janie returns alone to Portland in First Class to Portland. Matt and Janie remain my [...]

    2. I have read each of the books in this series. There really is absolutely no accurate way to express the quality and magnitude of each one. A rating system was difficult for me, I felt 5 was never high enough. Take eight brothers (all with distinctive personalities) being guided by two strong loving monarchs and you get wonderful individualized life journeys. Book 1 -8 is the detailed paths chosen by each brother to reach a fulfilled satisfying placement in their lives both professionally and per [...]

    3. What an incredible series!! The "First Class" books will take you on a journey of love, family, friendship, heartache and triumph. Each book delves a little deeper into each of the Lathem boys' lives, while still keeping the reader up to date on the goings-on of the characters in the previous books. AJ Harmon has captured the lives of the Lathem family with masterful precision; as the reader, you feel like you are in the room with them, as the story unfolds. You will laugh, cry, be annoyed and f [...]

    4. This series covers the love lives of all seven of the children, one grand-son, and of course the matriarch parents story. Each story line touches topics that are sensitive or in some cases controversial. This set includes gay marriage and adoptions, infertility, child abuse/neglect, rape, assault, lies, betrayal, insecurity and but over all love is primary. I like how you go right from one book into the next and it just keeps taking off from the previous book. While each book is about a differen [...]

    5. Wow what a great set of books! True romance, loving families, finding your one true soul mate, friends, babies, love, a great price for ALOT of books. What more could you ask for?? If you like sweet romances, sexy brothers (7 to be exact) , sexy moments, continued characters, not one main character was annoying all at a great price then buy this set of books. They will make you laugh and cry and wish that you had met a Latham man of your own. Kudos AJ Harmon for a wonderful feel good series with [...]

    6. I downloaded the first book in this series because it was being offered for free. I fell in serious like with this series, family and author and immediately downloaded the whole series in-bundle. I was not disappointed. Each story is unique and full of sweetness and charm.Highly recommend for anyone in need of some happily-ever-after endings and just enjoy a sweet story with a few angst but mostly charm.

    7. A Truly Special FamilyI started this journey by reading,a free copy of the first story, First Class to New York. I loved it so much that I went and bought the entire series. I totally fell in love with the Lathem family. I laughed, cried, and felt. This tremendous author makes you feel, which is the greatest gift a reader can experience. I can't wait to read more by this author.

    8. Took a while to finishI finally finished the series. I really liked the first couple of books but after that not so much. I skimmed through the last few just to finish the set. I read several other books in between these to break up the monotony. Writing was alright and I really liked and related to some of the characters but I couldn't get a sense for most of them.

    9. As others have done, I did not realize that there was a complete collection till I read the 1st for free and the 2nd I purchased and then the collection. I enjoyed the suspense of which son would fall next. It was fun to hear about different places in NY Cityd the city lifestyle. I look forward to reading more of A.J.'s books in the future

    10. First Class is first class!I have just finished reading the First Class Family: The Complete Collection. I can only say "BRAVO, BRAVO!!" I have read other series or collections, but this is one of the best I have read. AJ Harmon has shown that the family and each member, as well, are so important. I must repeat, BRAVO!

    11. HeartI have to say that I have ever read a box set like this.I longevity story.8 men find what they thought they didn't need.7 sons and 1amazing father have it all with there wonderful spouse'sey found what they didn't even know what they were looking foreat reading from start to finish.

    12. I have to say I have to say I am going to miss the Lathems. I have loved each story and then to get to read the parents story was just wonderful. Each brother was sexy, caring and you fell in love with each of them. I have to say I love Matt the best but wasn't disappointed in any of them. Looking forward to reading the next series.

    13. A Glorious Tale of Love and FamilyIf you love to read stories of love and romance with hot and sexy couples this is for you. It not only held my interest through 9 books it has adventure, mystery, trials and some heartache. In the end it is wonderful look into a big noisy, flawed family and the love they have for each other. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    14. Great seriesGreat stories and series. all are stories anyone can relate to. Great reading books about rich but down to earth humble people who respect for human beings show through. really enjoyed this series cause reminds me of our family but without the $$$.

    15. Great stories!very heartwarming stories. really made you care about the whole family. Highly recommend the whole series. I'd read them again!

    16. Love storyLove storyI enjoyed this novel from book 1 to the last one.I didn't want to put it down.Told friends it was worth reading

    17. Loved these books. The Lathem men are very romantic and it is a tight knit clan. After reading all these books, I will miss them!! It is an easy read and a little predictable at times, but I recommend them for some escape time.

    18. Sweet Love Story I really enjoyed reading on how the Latham family began their love story. Coming from two different social status but have enough strength in their love to endure all odds.

    19. Great Family I loved how the stories were interwoven and we were able to follow the family over the years. Great ending to read about the beginning of the love story of the parents.

    20. What an amazing series! This one book holds all nine First Class books and an extra tenth book, First Class Devotion, which is Maureen’s tale of how her and Peter had meet and fallen in love. This series is about each of their seven son’s and how they each fall in love and have their own families. Their family also includes step-children, found grandparents, best friends, employees who become a part of the family and others who make the stories richer. I really like all of the characters and [...]

    21. I loved this series by AJ Harmon, I had thought I had reviewed it when I read it but come to find I hadn't and that was two years ago and I still remember this series and the characters, What an interesting family and each book is dedicated to one member, its the type of family most of wish we could belong too. These books have the whole meal deal, laugh out load moments, sadness and family gatherings that would make a good movie series. Thank you AJ for your writing and giving me so many good m [...]

    22. I truly enjoyed this series of stories about the Lathem family - the men and the women whom they love. The stories are cumulative, so you really do have to read them in order, and having them all together in one seamless collection made it easy to enjoy the continuing saga. I would recommend this collection to my friends who like good romantic stories and don't mind a little steamy sex thrown into the mix (because the Lathem men LOVE to show their women just how much they love them!)

    23. First Class LoveI am in love with this entire Lathem Family!!! Each story was better than the next, but equally the same , if that makes sense. The stories are filled with love, devotion, romance, little mystery. I commend AJ for bringing the story back the matriarch telling her story to her Daughter in law's. Beautifully done. I would highly recommend this series to everyone that is hopelessly romantic.

    24. I enjoyed this seriesbut was tiring of it toward the end. I think it just went on a little too long It should be noted, that these books can be read stand alone (for the most part). The first book was my favorite (I received it for free). Because I liked the first book so much, I bought the series.

    25. Click buy - you will not regret it.You meet the oldest brother first and his story. His brothers and parents are all introduced in the first book. As you read the books you learn more about each of the brothers and what loves means to this family. Well written and worth your time to read this set.

    26. AWESOME WORK OF ARTThis was a fantastic read. I enjoyed every moment. All the characters were likable and lovable. Their stories of finding Their true soul mates were outstanding to say the least. Anyone who enjoys a great love story will enjoy this series. I highly recommend it. A great work of art.

    27. Super collectionKept me thoroughly engaged from one book to the next. Of course I had my favorites, but all storylines were exciting. It's so nice to have the next book lined up and waiting when you reach the end and are dying to continue reading.

    28. Cute. Free flowing. Couldn't wait for the next story When is started with the first book, it seemed slow. But as I got through the series I realized it was important to her All the back stories. Somewhat unrealistic, but fun.

    29. Excellent.You feel like a part of the family. I want to know what happened to Derek and Tyler? This was such an enjoyable read.

    30. Loved the seriesEnjoyed each book and liked all the characters. Would like to be able to read about the romance of the last 2 stepchildren,Janie's youngest son & Katie's son.

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