Ma'ii And Cousin Horned Toad

Ma'ii And Cousin Horned Toad

Shonto Begay / Nov 19, 2019

Ma ii And Cousin Horned Toad A lazy conniving coyote habitually takes advantage of his animal cousins until his cousin Horned Toad teaches him a lesson he never forgets

  • Title: Ma'ii And Cousin Horned Toad
  • Author: Shonto Begay
  • ISBN: 9780590612340
  • Page: 339
  • Format: None
  • A lazy, conniving coyote habitually takes advantage of his animal cousins until his cousin, Horned Toad, teaches him a lesson he never forgets.

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        I was born in a hogan in Shonto, Arizona My parents are traditional Navajo people My father is a medicine man, and my mother weaves rugs and herds sheep.My message is simple Build bridges through the arts and stories of your culture, validate and share these visions and voices Celebrate your personal identity through the arts In my talks, I am as much a student as I am a teacher, says Shonto.


    1. Summary: This is a Navajo story about a coyote and a toad. The coyote does not like to work so he visits his cousin who has land with food. The coyote eats the toad so he can take advantage of the land. The toad stayed alive in his stomach and tortured the coyote until he let him free. Writing trait:Ideas - This story has a strong main idea and lesson for the reader. We learn that it is important not to use someone for their hard work because there will be consequences. The conversations between [...]

    2. Plot Summary:Ma’ii, a lazy, conniving, and freeloading coyote, takes advantage of his cousin, Horned Toad, by eating the corn Horned Toad worked hard to cultivate. In an effort to keep Horned Toad’s entire farm, Ma’ii tricks Horned Toad and swallows him whole. Eventually, Ma’ii gets his comeuppance and learns a valuable lesson.Critical Analysis: In this humorous morality tale, the only two characters are Ma’ii, a ravenous and deceitful coyote, and Horned Toad, a nice horned toad who fe [...]

    3. Ma'ii and Cousin Horned Toad is a Navajo Legend of why the coyote does not bother the horned toad. This book is about the coyote going to visit his cousin the horned toad so that his cousin can feed him a good meal since he raises a farm. when the coyote visits his cousin, he eats too much of his food and is not thankful so his horned toad cousin gets mad and tells him that if he eats anymore he must help him on the farm. The coyote did not like this idea and wanted the farm all to himself so he [...]

    4. I really enjoyed reading this story, it is about a hard working horned toad who is just overly nice to his long lost cousin the wolf. The wolf shows up for a free meal and a place to sleep. The horned toad goes above and beyond for his family. But, then the wolf does something awful to horned toad. Horned toad eventually gets the wolf to leave and never come back. But, it is a great read and story for students. I would love to share it with my students or have it in my class library. I think the [...]

    5. Trickster Coyote, Ma'ii, is bested by good-hearted Horned Toad:Coyote, in order to steal Horned Toad's farm, swallows the little creature, who then takes revenge from inside Coyote's guts."Horned Toad's skin was too rough for Ma'ii's delicate insides. He swam through the tunnels and strange spaces inside of Ma'ii until he came upon Ma'ii's big, fat, thumping heart. Ma'ii screamed and begged for mercy."Horned Toad gave Ma'ii's heart one big tug, then another. Ma'ii yelped and fell to the ground. [...]

    6. This is a traditional Coyote story in which the trickster Coyote (Ma’ii) tries to cheat a “cousin” out of his own farm, but Cousin Horned Toad, symbolizing wisdom and strength, turns the tables on him. The son of a Navajo medicine man, Begay illustrated this story with beautiful muted watercolors in addition to writing it. His work has been displayed in 50 galleries including The Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe, the American Indian Contemporary Arts' museum in San Fra [...]

    7. I really enjoyed reading this book. This would be a great way to introduce Native American culture into the classroom and talk about different types of folk tales. You could use this book to discuss the meaning of the moral of the story. You could use this book to talk about how folktales used to be passed from one generation to the next (by word of mouth).

    8. This is a story from a Navajo Native American legend. The story is about a coyote and horned toad who are cousins. Coyote learns a very hard lesson about why you should work hard and help each other equally. A great book to use for studying Native American beliefs, and teaching lessons about being sneaky.

    9. Ma'ii, the coyote, tries to take the horned toad's farm, but tricking the toad to get into his mouth so he could swallow him. It is interesting that the horned toad is the good one in this tale since he looks very creepy in the illustrations. Nothing like a toad at all! Overall, I liked the tale, but it isn't one of my favorites.

    10. This book is about a wolf and his toad cousin. The wolf is a selfish guy who does everything he can to get what he wants without having to work. He uses his cousin toad for food and eats him so he can own his farm. This book has a great message for children about working hard and not being selfish. This is a good book for fourth graders and fifth.

    11. This book holds a Native America legend about a coyote and horned toad who are cousins. Coyote learns a very hard lesson about why you should never be lazy and let everyone else work for you. A great book to use for studying Native American beliefs.

    12. I enjoyed this book because there were song lyrics which could be fun to sing along with the students which I think that they would really love. Some of this book was difficult to fully understand, but there was a glossary provided at the back of the book which really helped.

    13. I think this book would be great for a 4th or 5th grade class. I enjoyed reading it and the illustrations that went along with it.

    14. This is a traditional Navajo story. This book would be good for older elementary students. It's a good book for inferring the meaning.

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