With This Ring

With This Ring

Celeste Bradley / May 30, 2020

With This Ring From bestselling author Celeste Bradley comes With This Ring a delightful tale about the lengths one woman will go to marry at all costs THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENTElektra Worthington is the lovely middl

  • Title: With This Ring
  • Author: Celeste Bradley
  • ISBN: 9781466806047
  • Page: 393
  • Format: ebook
  • From bestselling author Celeste Bradley comes With This Ring, a delightful tale about the lengths one woman will go to marry at all costs THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENTElektra Worthington is the lovely middle daughter of the eccentric, impoverished Worthington family Her beauty means nothing to her except as her currency to return the Worthington name to its former glory of statFrom bestselling author Celeste Bradley comes With This Ring, a delightful tale about the lengths one woman will go to marry at all costs THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENTElektra Worthington is the lovely middle daughter of the eccentric, impoverished Worthington family Her beauty means nothing to her except as her currency to return the Worthington name to its former glory of status, riches, and dominance in the ballrooms of Regency England To this end, she will stop at nothing even if she must kidnap a rich lord in the process If this lucky gentleman is just returning from a long absence and knows nothing of the Worthington reputation, well, a girl shouldn t look a gift lord in the mouth right THE PRICE OF PASSIONLord Aaron Arbogast, returning to England after a decade old scandal of which he was not truly guilty, but instead took the blame out of loyalty to a good friend is the last of his line He will someday become the Earl of Arbodean and inherit the estate if, that is, he can prove to his ailing grandfather that he is a reformed man Falling for a woman like Miss Worthington could cost him everything But his desire for her Priceless

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        Celeste Bradley is the author of Fallen, which was nominated for a RITA in 2002, and The Pretender, the first book in the Liars series According to Bradley, the best thing about writing is that she finally gets to use the brain full of trivia she s collected over a lifetime of living in eight states, residing in over twenty homes, and changing her major five times It was research for my writing career That s my story, and I m sticking to it For now, she lives in Tennessee with her journalist husband, her two divas in training, and the smartest dog in the worldcmillan author celest


    1. I've given this a C+ at AAR, so 3.5 stars.With This Ring is the third in a series of books about the oddball collection of Worthington siblings. The focus here is nineteen year-old Elektra, who is determined to repair the family fortune by making a hugely advantageous marriage which will also serve to wipe some of the Worthingtons’ more outrageous and eccentric antics from the collective memory of society.Lord Aaron Arbogast, heir to the elderly and cantankerous Earl of Arbodean, has recently [...]

    2. This is book 3 in the Worthington series.Elektra Worthington is determined to marry into money to save her family and their home. At the top of her list is Lord Aaron Arbogast. He has just returned to England after being gone for 10 years (he won't know all her family's angst) and he is loaded. How convenient that he just happens to stop at an inn where Elektra is waiting for her cousin. What else is there to do but kidnap him to do her bidding.Aaron Arbogast can't believe that he has been kidna [...]

    3. In order to restore her family's reputation and fortune, Elektra Worthington sets off to marry herself off. Lord Aaron Arbogast has returned to England after a decade of exile and hopes to mend fences with his grandfather from whom he is to inherit. Elektra kidnaps Aaron but he pretends to be his valet but sparks still fly. I adore the broken, chaotic, endearing Worthingtons. They are a delight to read about and I liked that there was lots of the family in the book. I also enjoyed the inner dial [...]

    4. With This Ring is the most recent release in this series by Celeste Bradley. I was able to receive a ARC in return of a honest review. I had really high hopes for this one, since every other book I have read from this author I have really enjoyed. However, I am sad to say that I couldn't get into this one at all. I had a really difficult time keeping focused on the story, and I felt like the story line was balanced in some ways. However it felt a bit off and I after getting half way and getting [...]

    5. Good story about two people who want to do what is best for their families. Elektra feels that it is up to her to marry well and help restore her family's fortunes. She has one man in mind, but when she discovers a recently returned to England lord staying at the same inn she is, one who knows nothing about the reputation of her family, she comes up with the idea to kidnap him. But things don't go quite the way she planned.Aaron has come home after ten years away, ready to make peace with his gr [...]

    6. absolutely delightful!I just loved 'With This Ring'! Elektra Worthington is magnificent and unpredictable, a born rescuer and convinced that her role in life is to save her family and restore them to the grandeur they once knew.How? By marrying for position and money. And she has her sights set on the very person.No love for her! That's for her weird parents who seem to slope of for delightful bedroom type antics wherever and whenever they can, be it the family carriage or a convenient folly.The [...]

    7. A sweet and quirky Regency read with a rather unforgettable family. Elektra was fun, if a little misguided, and Aaron was an absolute charmer. Recommended.3.5 stars

    8. My favorite one of this series so far. Elektra Worthington is the most beautiful of the Worthingtons, and probably the most ruthless too. In the eyes of her siblings, she's vain and a bit silly, she has a plan to restore her family's good name and fortune by marrying a rich, titled man, but to do that she needs to be beautiful, well dressed, and in possession of excellent social graces. Lord Aaron Arbogast looks like the answer to her prayers: he's the heir to an earl, supposedly rich, and after [...]

    9. "With This Ring by Celeste Bradley 2014(Wicked Worthington's Series)The Worthington's stories are all fun to read and Elektra, the middle daughter's story is no exception. Electra got it in her head that it was up to her to save the Worthington name and Worthington manor. How? By Marrying a very, very rich Duke or Earl. One whose reputation is without scandal.She was asked by her parents to go and meet up with a second cousin, Beth, who they felt needed to share Elektra's season. Elektra had sav [...]

    10. Cute story. I thought I had read one of the Worthington family books before, but it doesn't show it on my lists here, and the cover copy doesn't sound familiar, so I suppose I haven't. This is the third book in the series, and the heroine is determined to restore her family's fortunes through her marriage. So determined that she gets the crackbrained notion to kidnap an earl. Only she kidnaps the wrong man. Only he isn't the wrong man, he's just pretending to be his own servant, but nobody knows [...]

    11. Aaron is back home to pick up his inheritance; Elektra is trying to 'save' the Worthington family from penury; and we have her doing things NO-ONE in their RIGHT minds would do in a REGENCY setting.Light-hearted enough- if one suspends belief; fairly easy to read; and I suppose I've become used to Ms Bradley's interpretation of 'seduction'LOL; not bad.

    12. Edited ReviewDue to the author letting me know I was mistaken in my dissing of the editor I will revise my review.Aside from my confusion over the whole Amy is Amelia is Amy bit, I did enjoy this book. The Worthingtons are one of my favourite Romance families and this book simply added to their pallet, letting me learn more and more about them which I was slavering to do. It is great when the hero/heroine isn't some orphan cut off from all support. I love the fact that Elektra has her whole fami [...]

    13. With this Ring, the third novel in the Wicked Worthington Series by Celeste Bradley, finds the family down on their luck after the loss of the family estate to a fire. Nineteen year old Elektra Worthington, the middle daughter, feels that it is her responsibility to return the family to social and economic prominence by marrying into money.In preparation for her coming out season in London Society, Elektra has used her considerable manipulative talents to secure invitations to all of the finest [...]

    14. *Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for sending me a free copy for review*I love Celeste Bradley. She has been on my favorite author list for years because of her Liar's Club and Royal Four series. There were several characters from those series that make an appearance in this book, which I enjoyed a lot. Button will always be welcome!With This Ring ended up only being about 3 stars for me, which is still a pretty good rating. I have a difficult time connecting with some heroines, especially [...]

    15. I almost passed on this book, because as much as I loved the first book - I hated the second book. I am so glad I decided to try this book! I loved Elektra! She is smart, loyal, fun and just a little wicked. Aaron is almost perfect, he took the blame for something to protect his friend and it cost him everything. He is back in England after 10 years of proving himself worthy to his family only to be blindsided by Elektra!The path to true love is a very bumpy road for these two and I loved every [...]

    16. Generally I love historical romances with hot/pretty covers but this one for some reason didn't meet my fancy all the way. It was an okay read, the story was okay, and I loved the thoughts Aaron had, "yes, it was a very good idea for them to part ways. Being attracted to a selfish, social-climbing-unto-madness woman was the last thing he needed!" He's obviously in denial of his attraction. And Elektra that girl is too cute when she's all excited, "oh, yes," she murmured into his chest. "There is [...]

    17. I liked the first two books- the first one in particular. I've decided that's in part because the crazy family is less involved in that one, and because I really like Celeste Bradley. I just cannot see anything cute or too redeemable about the parents, the youngest sister, or even Electra. Add in the fact that they have had relatively well-off friends throughout the series who can't seem to help when the family is starving or the little kids have no clothes, but are happy to set in and help out [...]

    18. With this Ring starts out a bit aggravating - he desperately wants to get back to his grandfather, but can't seem to say no to her ridiculous requests like "take me back to London" and so forth - but it rounded out nicely. His quick about-face on getting back to the earl makes sense once his relationship to his cousin is explained. Bliss turns out to be less annoying than originally thought. The Worthington's lack of estate is addressed. Button and Cabot are making headway, albeit, at a snails p [...]

    19. This was a cute story. I have a soft spot for stories that have the Hero and Heroine fighting against each other. Having an off the wall family doesn't hurt either. Aaron was banished to the Bahamas to protect people he loved. Elektra belongs to a crazy family. Their Manor House burnt to the ground and she feels she has to marry a Duke so she can rebuild it. Aaron's man is ailing so he trades places with him when he meets Elektra. They both feel the sparks. From there it is all about fighting th [...]

    20. I'm sad to say that this book does not meet Bradley's usual standards. There is only 1 other of her books I would rate this low (or lower)--and that was one of the Liar Club series. It wasn't until over 1/2 way through the book--and several thoughts of dropping it, only to read on because it WAS Bradley--that I really started enjoying it. So if you can read that far, carry on; it'll get very good for the end. However, because it took over half the book for me to really enjoy it, I cannot rate it [...]

    21. With This Ring is the first book I read by Celeste Bradley and I loved it. It is a cute and funny story about Elerktra Worthington who feels responsible for her family misfortune and wants to save them by marrying int money and lord Aaron Arbogast , returning to London after 10 years exile. From the first page I didn't want to put the book down, Their story is really enjoyable and delightful. Thank you Celeste Bradley

    22. I wasn't even able to get 1/3 of the way into this book before I just lost interest. Electra's just too childish -- the whole kidnapping trope can be difficult to carry off, and I just never thought any of it was believable.I couldn't make myself keep reading -- which was strange, since Bradley is a talented storyteller and writer.

    23. Not as good as the first two books in the series, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I really liked Aaron, and Elektra, both individually and as a couple. Attie still creeps me out a little bit but fascinates me at the same time. As always I love Button, his charm is eternal. I eagerly await the next installment in the series.

    24. Not bad, but the whole series has been a little too farcical for me. I do love Atalanta though and the hero in this was very attractive, but I have had a hard time warming up to the family. Everything and everyone in the family (except those disgusting twins) is just too pitiful and I have a difficult time with the comedy when I find them so pathetic. But something keeps me reading:)

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