Three Plays: Our Town, Skin of Our Teeth, Matchmaker

Three Plays: Our Town, Skin of Our Teeth, Matchmaker

Thornton Wilder / Dec 16, 2019

Three Plays Our Town Skin of Our Teeth Matchmaker Three of the greatest plays in American literature collected in one volume This important new omnibus edition features an illuminating foreword by playwright John Guare and an extensive afterword for

  • Title: Three Plays: Our Town, Skin of Our Teeth, Matchmaker
  • Author: Thornton Wilder
  • ISBN: 9780060146504
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Three of the greatest plays in American literature collected in one volume This important new omnibus edition features an illuminating foreword by playwright John Guare and an extensive afterword for each play drawing on unpublished letters and other unique documentary material prepared by Tappan Wilder Our Town Wilder s timeless 1938 Pulitzer Prize winning look at lo Three of the greatest plays in American literature collected in one volume This important new omnibus edition features an illuminating foreword by playwright John Guare and an extensive afterword for each play drawing on unpublished letters and other unique documentary material prepared by Tappan Wilder Our Town Wilder s timeless 1938 Pulitzer Prize winning look at love, death, and destiny is celebrated around the world and performed at least once each day in the United States The Skin of our Teeth Wilder s 1942 romp about human follies and human endurance starring the Antrobus family of Excelsior, New Jersey Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1943 The Matchmaker Wilder s brilliant 1954 farce about money and love starring that irrepressible busybody Dolly Gallagher Levi This play inspired the Broadway musical Hello, Dolly.

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        Thornton Niven Wilder was an American playwright and novelist He received three Pulitzer Prizes, one for his novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey and two for his plays Our Town and The Skin of Our Teeth, and a National Book Award for his novel The Eighth Day.For see enpedia wiki Thornton


    1. I loved Thornton Wilder's The Long Christmas Dinner; especially the way he managed to use the essential unreality of the stage to telescope time so that generations pass before our eyes, partaking essentially of the same Christmas dinner. So it was with considerable excitement that I picked this book up at a second-hand bookshop.I am sorry to say that it was somewhat of a let-down. Wilder uses the same technique of breaking up the illusion of verisimilitude that the proscenium stage provides, wh [...]

    2. original readings:The Matchmaker & The Skin of Our Teeth May, 1982 and January 2018I was on a kick looking for monologues in his short plays and got into reading the longer ones as well.Our Town June, 1982, June, 2015(I was Emily Webb. I can still remember a hell of a lot of those lines)

    3. One major thing that is pointed out in this play is that people walk through life without ever really seeing anything, and this is shown on many an occasion, not really being noticed until it is too late to do anything about. People that are alive do not have the worries that life will be short because they are still living it. They do not worry about spending each second like it was their last because it is not. They live life on a day to day basis, not worrying about whether or not they live i [...]

    4. I'd like to say that Thornton Wilder as a playwright didn't interest me very much although i liked "our town" very much. It's one of the cases of "the author of one work", The skin of our teeth was very bad, i didn't like It at all, and the matchmaker was an ordinary farce. As a novelist i did't read any of his well known novels yet.Here's my reviews about each play

    5. I seldom read plays and "Our Town" is a probably why. Despite the simplicity of its staging, it was altogether too difficult to follow without a stage or movie equivalent, even after a second reading decades later. But as extraordinary as the movie was, I needed the play to make it even better. Thornton Wilder's introduction to his writing life was equally extraordinary, although he says "I never did anything original, but I always enjoyed myself." At least one of these other plays became a reno [...]

    6. Fun fact about "The Matchmaker" - it was a re-written version of "The Merchant of Yonkers", which was based on a German comedy by Johann Nestroy, "Einen Jux will es sich Machen, which was in turn based on the English play by John Oxenford, "A Day Well Spent." It also drew on material from Molier's "L'Avare". And "The Matchmaker", of course, was the basis of the musical "Hello Dolly."As a straightforward farce, "The Matchmaker" is the odd-man-out in this threesome: Our Town and The Skin of Our Te [...]

    7. I really enjoyed and found relevence and quality writing in the first two plays, but the third "The Matchmaker" which eventually became the musical "Hello Dolly" was not very interesting. It was a commercial play written to make money, whereas his other plays were written with certain amounts of integrity and artistic craftmanship (along with having something to say.) Reading them all together was acctually a bit confusing. I would like to read his novels to get a better grasp on him as a writer [...]

    8. For book club, we are only discussing one of Wilder's plays - The Skin of Our Teeth, which is the strangest of the bunch. I had seen a high school production of Our Town before and now want to see Hello, Dolly! The plays might not seem as strange when viewed as opposed to read. Without the brief analysis of The Skin of Our Teeth, I would've been utterly baffled. It is an odd play and received a rather warm reception due to its time, WW2. There will be plenty to discuss.From a reading perspective [...]

    9. I actually only read "The Matchmaker" which does not list as a separate book. It was fun to read the original story and it's evolution.

    10. I just can't understand why Our Town is so beloved. I read the play and watched a couple of versions but it seems to me to be a play about nothing with about as much dramatic interest as watching paint dry. The Matchmaker is fun and it's really interesting to see what Jerry Herman Did to it in Hello Dolly. The story is very very similar except that the whole Hello Dolly scene is just made up for the musical to give Dolly her big number. In the play no one knows her or remembers her at the Harmon [...]

    11. I’ve had this book since sometime around Middle School, and always meant to actually read all three plays. I only read one of them for school, and it’s so long ago now I don’t remember at all what we “learned” from it. It’s been on my shelf for decades, and finally it was time to take a look and see what it was like.Our Town was the play I was assigned to read, I believe, in middle school (probably ninth grade, though I might have read it for school in two separate years). I’m not [...]

    12. I read The Skin of Our Teeth first prior to seeing it performed at The Theatre For A New Audience's production at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center in Brooklyn. I did so in order to familiarize myself with what I would be seeing performed. I have never read Thornton Wilder before and this is a strange play as each of it's three acts appears to be set in different time periods that manage to weave the ice age, Noah's Ark, Cain & Abel, etc. into modern times. Like most plays it can be read quick [...]

    13. I already have this book down as "read" long ago. I really don't know if I read it or not but I did at least read "Our Town" before back in prep school I'm sure. That was a LONG time ago. "The Matchmaker" too I think. Anyway"Our Town" - Read this last night. Still a very moving emotional and spiritual experience. I ought to go see the play some time! The message? Be mindful, awake, aware and present in each moment today in all things and for all people! A very Buddhist message.Moving on to "The [...]

    14. My score on this is averaged from all three plays within the collection:"Our Town" *****I came in with certain expectations, since my only prior exposure came via the many allusions to Wilder's most famous play. The glimmer of nostalgic Americana is there, ironically undercut by where the story ends up. As theatre, I appreciate the sparseness of the set suggested in Wilder's directions (quite avant-garde for American theatre of the period) and the magic realism of the third act. Wilder's dialogu [...]

    15. Our Town surprised me. I went into it, thinking that it was going to be a cliche warbling about Americana lost; I've heard rumors about the play that have not been kind. But the sadness and longing in Act III is touching and brings much needed depth to the previous scenes.I'm intrigued by Skin of Our Teeth, but I feel like there's too much going on. Is it modern, is it classic, is it archaic? Is breaking the fourth wall necessary or just a trick of the trade? I like the writing, but staging this [...]

    16. This is one of those books that you can't escape if you take any kind of course involving 20th century theatre. No problem, though, these are three great & classic plays. Better yet, they're still so popular that you stand a good chance of being able to see a production. "Our Town" is the most frequently performed, but unfortunately, a lot of the complexities evade all but the most professional productions. LOL, go see it anyway. "Skin of Our Teeth", another great play. "The Matchmaker" is a [...]

    17. Each of these three plays by Thornton Wilder is humorous, poignant, and - most importantly of all, I believe - deeply perceptive, whilst retaining a simple, fast-paced narrative style and dealing a sharp slap to the concept of the fourth wall. I only wish that I could see them performed on stage. My personal favourite is Our Town, which begins as a gentle satire on life in a quintessential small American town at the turn of century and develops into a rather philosophical commentary on our abili [...]

    18. My favorite Wilder's play is , of course, "Our Town." About two years ago I saw Dadiv Cromer's production of "Our Town" in Barrow Lane Theater, NYC. The book, if paired with performance, stays in your mind forever.The "Skin of Out Teeth" is masterfully told story of mankind, highlighting the best and the worse of people. No matter what times we live in- modern or pre-historic, humans remain unchangeable.As for "Matchmaker", the quotes about marriages are irresistible. As, for example: marriage i [...]

    19. Three plays that couldn't be more different. Despite being a chestnut of Americana, Our Town is a far cannier piece than most suspect. I was especially interested in/impressed by The Skin of Our Teeth, haveing recently been alerted to the influence of Finnegans Wake on Wilder. In any event, a very strange post-modern piece of theater that I'd love to see some day. The Matchmaker (source for Hello, Dolly) is a bauble, that I can imagine being funny (or not) depending on cast & direction.A fas [...]

    20. Good. American. Interesting. I picked this up to revisit "Our Town" which I loved years ago (and still do). But the other two plays were particularly intriguing on this read-through. Both quite different, and neither what I expected. Comparing the three gave me a much fuller sense of Thornton Wilder's aesthetics as a playwright and of his motivations as a writer in general. And plays are a nice break from novels. This was time well spent.

    21. The play Our Town is a play about a small town in Grover's Corners, New Hampshire and the ordinary people who lived there. The most important point of the play is that we miss how important everyday life is and how we should relish each and every day: each and every moment. Pg 110: Quote from Emily: "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it? every, every minute?"The Matchmaker is the basis for "Hello Dolly" one of my favorite musicals with Barbara Streisand.

    22. I love "Our Town." It seems to simple and familiar, but at the same time it makes you think. "The Skin of Our Teeth" was definately odd. There were times I was laughing out loud, it was so ridiculous. It's something that I am going to have to think about for a while before I can feel like I truly understood the whole thing, but it was very interesting. "The Matchmaker" was fun, but not incredible.

    23. Only read Our Town as I recently saw an interesting production with Helen Hunt as the Stage Manager. For the production, I thought they must have changed some of the scenes or dialogue as it seemed so modern. Suprisingly it was pretty much word-for-word except for one small change. I guess it's all in the interpretation.

    24. The over all theme of the three plays is love. For example all of the plays take place in a small town in New Hampshire. The town seemed very tight nit. To me Our town was the best of the three because it to me showed the most love.The author was showing readers this in the book and I didn't really enjoy reading this play.

    25. I only read the first, Our Town, to preview it as a possible drama for the 8th graders next year as we are changing up some novels. I thought I had read it before, but after reading it, I don't think I had. I really enjoyed the story, and appreciated the subtlety of message. Simplistic and profound.

    26. Did not enjoy "Skin of Our Teeth" at all! But "Our Town" was a sweet, sentimental moment of theater, and "The Matchmaker" of course makes me think of my high school production of "Hello, Dolly," which I loved. So nice feelings all around.

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