Two-Minute Mysteries

Two-Minute Mysteries

Donald J. Sobol / Jan 27, 2020

Two Minute Mysteries Included Are The Case of the Angry Chief The Case of the Attempted Murder The Case of the Attic Suicide The Case of the Balloon Man The Case of the Bamboo Fence The Case of the Big Deal The Case of th

  • Title: Two-Minute Mysteries
  • Author: Donald J. Sobol
  • ISBN: 9780590081115
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • Included Are The Case of the Angry Chief The Case of the Attempted Murder The Case of the Attic Suicide The Case of the Balloon Man The Case of the Bamboo Fence The Case of the Big Deal The Case of the Bitter Drink The Case of the Blackmailer The Case of the Bogus Robbery The Case of the Broken Arm The Case of the Bronze Nymph The Case of the Bumped Head The CIncluded Are The Case of the Angry Chief The Case of the Attempted Murder The Case of the Attic Suicide The Case of the Balloon Man The Case of the Bamboo Fence The Case of the Big Deal The Case of the Bitter Drink The Case of the Blackmailer The Case of the Bogus Robbery The Case of the Broken Arm The Case of the Bronze Nymph The Case of the Bumped Head The Case of the Buried Treasure The Case of the Cave Paintings The Case of the Dead Boxer The Case of the Coin Collector The Case of the Dead Broker The Case of the Dead Frenchman The Case of the Dead Judge The Case of the Dead Millionaire The Case of the Dead Professor The Case of the Death at Sunrise

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      • Donald J. Sobol

        Donald J Sobol was an award winning writer best known for his children s books, especially the Encyclopedia Brown mystery series Mr Sobol passed away in July of 2012.


    1. This was a sentimental read for me more than anything. I loved these as kids but now I find the conclusions quite ridiculous. They expect children to know how wine should be served and specific scientific and mathematical things that even I don't know. So the sentimentality is there for sure but I didn't enjoy this.

    2. Me encantó.De todos nada más adiviné como 5 jajaja :(Pero está muy bueno. Soy fan de los thrillers y de todo ese rollo.

    3. The author truly does make plenty of assumptions of the reader's knowledge. To solve these mysteries, you are expected to know things such as how much a middleweight boxer weighs and the names of cities in Texas. And these puzzles are geared toward children?Not to mention, Dr. Haledijan can be rather annoying in his constantly correct deductions.

    4. Really quick read, pretty fun. A little violent at times. Really creative. I had a hard time solving these mysteries I probably only got one or two. Age rating: 11-12+(some murders are descriptive)

    5. Some of them are products of their time and are impossible to know if you're younger than say 40. Some of them are impossible to know unless you just happen to know the particular esoteric twist - for example, what a Pullman car is and how it's loaded. Some of them are just retreads of Encyclopedia Brown stories but with much fewer words and those aren't that interesting. And some of them are so easy you don't even finish reading them - and they ARE two minute-mysteries, even!That said, there's [...]

    6. I bought the three books in one. I was at a workshop and the presenter began the workshop by starting to read one of the mysteries. Before she was finished, everyone (all adults) were listening to her finish the story and asking her to read it again so we could solve it. She smiled and said, "I have just shown you the easiest way to get your students' attention." She was right! I have used this book over and over and shown others the "magic" of it. When I was at a private high school, students w [...]

    7. “Two-Minute Mysteries” by Donald J. SobolFun collection of short mystery stories requiring the reader to solve the case. The answers require knowledge of old-fashioned, out-of-date items, but still enjoyable. I used it as a focal point for my weekly study group.Angry Chef Hawkins, the marine, stared in amazement at Inspector Winters. "I never heard of a restaurant called Pasquale's Pizzeria," he objected. "I wasn't ever in it, I didn't rob it, and I certainly didn't shoot anybody." "A marine [...]

    8. I think this book is a good mind challenge for anyone. It's made up of many short mysteries to solve. When you read the passage you flip the book to see the answer to the question. There are criminal mysteries con mysteries and more. The mysteries should take around 1 minute to solve. My favorite mystery was the second one. I recommend the book to people who like mysteries. i enjoyed reading the book 3 stars.

    9. This was a total nostalgia kick - I remember loving this book as a kid and my wife gave it to me recently after finding a copy in a pile of old books. It's pretty uneven - some of the mysteries as good while others are completely unsolvable without arcane knowledge. A bit of light fun, nothing more.

    10. Terrible. The characters and scenes are great but this detective is ridiculous. The reason he can solve the mystery is due to reasoning that lay people do not possess. I thought I was getting a great book with a clever Poirot-like detective. Instead, what I received was a mystery scenario with Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen.

    11. Short, fun mystery collection. Not hard to solve. Good for sleuths just starting out. (Quite a few are solved by circumstantial evidence that would not hold up in court!)By the author of Encyclopedia Jones.

    12. This was a good one to read just a few pages at a time when I wanted to challenge myself. Some of the cases were very easy and some were rather impossible, especially considering my edition was written in 1960 and some of the details that may have been common knowledge back then are not now.

    13. Perfect bathroom reading. However this was clearly written in the 1940s -- 1970s, because the "common" knowledge that helps solve the mysteries is hopelessly out of date.

    14. Short read but well written. I like it a lot because each mystery is only about 2-3 pages. It is creative and fun to read.

    15. I thought this book was really fun. Most of the solutions are stupid easy and the other solutions rely on specific knowledge/trivia. My wife and I always get a good laugh out of the mysteries. 10/10 would recommend for fun. If you want serious mystery, avoid this book. If you want silly and fun stories, this book is great. This book would not be good for children, as it features many murders and suicides.

    16. The book Two-Minute Mysteries is a very mysterious and difficult book. It was written by Donald J. Sobol and was published on November 1st, 1991. This book has a lot of mysteries and is very entertaining for older kids. Some parts are hard to understand, but others are not as difficult and can be easily solved. These are very cleverly written, not only in dialogue and character personalities, but in the way the clues are hidden in the text. They are entertaining and mind bobbling because of the [...]

    17. Haha, this is just as hard as I remember! What can I say? Except, now as an adult I don't feel as dumb. This Two-Minute Mysteries was written to intentionally frustrate. It's just silly.I picked this up at the library, remembering I had a copy when I was younger and I was feeling nostalgic. The mysteries are hilariously difficult for the intended audience and probably for anyone other than Donald Sobol. Dr. Haledjian?! I can't even pronounce his name or half the names in the mysteries now, let a [...]

    18. From the author of the children's Encyclopedia Brown books comes a collection of short mysteries aimed at adults. Each mystery encompasses about a page of text, with the inverted answers included on the bottom of the second page. I enjoyed donning my sleuth hat, reading and re-reading these short vignettes, and trying to figure out who-dun-it. I didn't keep track, but I know there were more cases in which I was left stupified than cases I solved. Towards the end of the book I was more successful [...]

    19. okay, so i know this book is supposed to be for younger readers (nevermind the fact that it's full of suicide and murder), but having recently re-read it (i remember loving it when i was a kid), i'm astounded at some of the jumps in logic that are taken to reach the conclusions of some of these "mysteries." i appreciate books that encourage kids to use their brains, but it seems to me that a lot of these were written with the intent in mind of stumping and frustrating their audience and nothing [...]

    20. Overall I really liked this book, as the reader you have to find clues and decide whether the the situation was a murder or a suicide. While reading, the reader has to take different infrences, such as, is the witness telling the truth or is the witness lying. At the end of the small stories within the book, you are given the answer and an explanation as to how that conclusion was reached. Inside the book there is a lot of dialogue and different back stories for different characters. Such as: In [...]

    21. This book was Not really scary it suppose to be mystery but it was pretty good though. I learned they were some good parts that i like like 3 kids needed to Solve a mystery in one whole day. At the they did solve it but they were missing one important thing. That was to find the name of a ghost from the past time and discover what he did in the mystery house were the were sloving the problem. The how could those kids solve that Mystery. Lol

    22. The book that I read was "Two-Minute Mysteries" by Donald J. Sobol. This book was great and have a lot of mysteries in one book. Each little mysteries was like demanding me that to exercise your mind and try to solve them myself. It was a pain but it was an amazing mind experience. The author had to make me challenge to think outside of the box and for the most part the book was a little hard to understand.

    23. Consisting of 100 or so clever little mysteries to solve, Two-Minute Mysteres by Donald J. Sobel challenges you to think outside of the box! Each mystery includes a short two-page account of the murder/crime, followed by the inverted answer at the bottom of the page. An excellent thought provoker that I thoroughly enjoyed, I rate Two-Minute Mysteres 4/5 stars.

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