Shadow's Dangers

Shadow's Dangers

Cindy Mezni / May 28, 2020

Shadow s Dangers Losing a loved one is never easy Deliah learned to live without her parents when fate took them from her as a young girl But history repeats itself and causes her to face even greater challenges when

  • Title: Shadow's Dangers
  • Author: Cindy Mezni
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Losing a loved one is never easy Deliah learned to live without her parents when fate took them from her as a young girl But history repeats itself and causes her to face even greater challenges when Tess, the woman who raised her and was like a second mother to her, passes away Even worse than dealing with her loss is the coinciding arrival of inexplicable nightmares tLosing a loved one is never easy Deliah learned to live without her parents when fate took them from her as a young girl But history repeats itself and causes her to face even greater challenges when Tess, the woman who raised her and was like a second mother to her, passes away Even worse than dealing with her loss is the coinciding arrival of inexplicable nightmares that haunt Deliah s nights She becomes consumed with images she doesn t understand and a recurrent dream about her parents car accident Oddly, this dream details different versions from what she had always been told about the accident But when a new family, The Wates, arrive in town and begin to pay close attention to her, even stranger events follow Now, Deliah must not only face her nightmares, but the possibility that a world she never suspected exists And this world may cost her everything.

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        Cindy Mezni is a Swiss author living near the beautiful Lake Geneva She writes in French and in English and her books are published in both languages She loves creating new universes and creatures and playing with fictional characters If she s not lost in one of her imaginary worlds, she s probably with her people and or her two Energizer bunnies of dogs and her Snorlax of a cat.She s the author of the YA fantasy series The Last Hope, the adult dark fantasy trilogy N phyr and the YA dystopian trilogy The Red Era To never miss any book release, giveaway or event, join Cindy Mezni s mailing list by going to cindymezni


    1. I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewWARNING: This book is addicting!Cindy Mezni's writing hoked me from the beginning and refused to let go.The GR description is really good, so I'm not going to give a big summary. The book opens up with seventeen year old Deliah recovering from losing her beloved grandmother/guardian. The only family she has left is her older sister, who does not show her any love. Her best friend, Hayden, is the only person in her life that loves her and that [...]

    2. I received this book in exchange for for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)Wow. What a whirl wind of a book. I did thoroughly enjoy this novel. Okay so here is a little over view:Deliah is a quiet 17 year old girl living in a small town,struggling to get over her grandmothers death. She has a horrible relationship with her delinquent sister Annabelle, and really has no family or support other than her best friend Hayden. With terrifying nightmares that plague her every sleeping momen [...]

    3. Deliah is a 17-year-old girl who lost her parents in a car accident when she was 4 and whose grandmother has just died of a heart attack. Now, she has only her sister to take care of her until she turns 18. Unfortunately, the two can't stand each other. So while Deliah is grieving the loss of her grandmother, she starts to experience strange nightmares. Soon, a new family, the Wates, moves into town and shows extreme interest in Deliah. Why is Deliah having nightmares? Why are the new kids tryin [...]

    4. "Shadow's Dangers" is a smart YA paranormal book that stands out from the usual romantic tales. The protagonist is an unwilling heroine, which makes her all the more appealing and her story is one that grips you from the beginning.

    5. *looks around for book 2* Anyone know where it is? Disclaimer-I was given a copy of Shadow's Dangers by the author in exchange for nothing more than an honest review.Shadow's Dangers introduces us to Deliah. Deliah has had a pretty rough life so far. Her parents died when she was young, and more recently Tess; the woman who raised her, passes away. And to make things worse she now has to contend with the nightmares that she is now suffering from. Her nightmares are full of images that she doesn' [...]

    6. Le Dernier Espoire translates to the Last Hope, a particularly evocative and intriguing phrase hinting at good things to come. Cindy Mezni does not fail to fulfill those early indications for intrigue. In this, her first novel published in English, Mezni manages to build a world and an emotional tone that is mesmerizing as Deliah’s journey and struggles unfold before our eyes. More than a simple YA paranormal romance, fantasy, supernatural or even coming of age story, Mezni manages to bring se [...]

    7. Deliah Morgan, dix-sept ans, voit son monde s’écrouler à la mort de sa grand-mère qui l’a élevée depuis la mort accidentelle de ses parents des années plus tôt. Elle se retrouve seule avec Annabelle, sa grande sœur qui la déteste cordialement, et des cauchemars aussi inexplicables qu’effrayants. Elle croit avoir touché le fond lorsque les triplés Wates – Garreth, Travis et Leighton – entrent dans sa vie. Pourquoi Leighton se montre-t-elle immédiatement amicale envers elle, [...]

    8. Le voici, le voilà, sans crier gare, un coup de coeur et mon dieu que ça fait du bien! Le dernier date de fin de l'année passée dans le registre surnaturel et je ne m'attendais pas mais alors pas du tout à ce que j'ai pu lire. J'avais aperçu un avis comparant la série à un twilight (bon c'est vrai que l'avis datait) donc j'étais un peu déroutée par ce que dégageait la couverture. Et oui, comme toujours, je n'ai pas craqué à l'appel du résumé, et même maintenant que c'est le cas, [...]

    9. J'adore ces livres où la première impression est déjà plus que positive et nous donne envie de commencer immédiatement l'histoire. Je les aime d'autant plus quand ce premier ressenti s'avère fondé et que le récit tient toutes ses promesses voire plus. Comble de chance, ce livre entre dans cette catégorie et de très belle façon! Autant dire que je me suis régalée durant cette lecture et que j'en redemande.Deliah est une jeune fille de 17 ans tout ce qu'il y a de plus normal, si ce n' [...]

    10. Here , here , without warning, a favorite and my god it feels good ! The last date of end of last year in the supernatural register and I did not expect but not at all what I 've read . I saw a review comparing the series to a twilight (well it is true that the notice dated ) so I was a little confused by what emanated coverage . And yes , as always, I have not cracked the call summary , and even now it is, I must say that the warning is far from sufficient. Think you know the supernatural world [...]

    11. *All spoilers removed* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Shadow's Danger by Cindy MenziThis book had many interesting new spins. The thought behind it was very intriguing. I even enjoyed the story line and the way the author built up to dramatic events and then executed them! Almost the entire book left you wanting to know what was coming up around the next corner, well next page :).I did however have a few concerns with this book. The first of which was severa [...]

    12. > CHRONIQUE COMPLÈTE <Les Dangers de l'Ombre nous propose de faire connaissance avec Deliah, une jeune fille de dix-sept ans, alors même qu'elle doit faire face au décès de la grand-mère qui l'a élevée après la disparition de ses parents. Cette dernière est donc forcée de vivre avec Annabelle, sa sœur aînée qui la hait de manière inexplicable, tandis que d'étranges cauchemars hantent ses nuits. Alors même que ma jeune femme essaie tant bien que mal de faire face, épaulée [...]

    13. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the Crazy for Young Adult Books group.Delilah has lived with her aunt for years after her parents died in a car crash (little kid Delilah was the only survivor), but when her aunt passes away she has a harder time dealing. She starts having strange nightmares about the car crash that killed her parents and the details differ from what she had been told while growing up. Around the same time a mysterious family arrives i [...]

    14. See original review here:lostinabookblog.wordpress/Well, well, well, what a nice surprise this was. If you're a fan of Jennifer Armentrout's Lux series, you'll enjoy this book.This is the story of Deliah and how her whole life was changed in a matter of months. Her grandmother recently died, her sister hates her and the nightmares that came around the same time of her grandmother's death are giving her horrible headaches. Everything gets worse when the Wates come to town, Garreth, Leighton and T [...]

    15. **I received a free copy for an honest review**Deliah is 17 years-old normal girl, strait-A student. She lost her parent when she was 4 years old in a tragic car accident. After that she goes to lives with her grandmother Tess in a little town in Alaska. She has a sister with a bad reputation – Annabelle- and a great best-friend Hayden. She was always criticized in the little town where she lives due to the reputation of his sister and the weird way of her grandmother.The story starts two week [...]

    16. Deliah, une jeune adolescente, voit débarquer de nouveaux arrivants dont l’identité va surprendre plus d’un lecteur ! J’avais peur d’avoir encore à faire à du vampire, mais non, on va dans l’originalité, et ça fait du bien.C’est un tome introductif, qui permet de découvrir le rôle que détient l’héroïne dans cette histoire, mais qui comporte tout de même de l’action, notamment grâce à une fin haletante. C’est un premier tome qui répond à mes attentes et ne me lai [...]

    17. I received this book to give an honest review.So at times I was a bit confused as to what exactly was going on within the story. Deliah is a teenage girl who has had tragedy hit her when she was young only to have the person that ended up raising her dye on her later on. So I could feel the emotion that Deliah was going through. On that note, Deliah's sister hates her and I felt as though the author could have elaborated more on this. We get a bit of why there is a hostility between the girls bu [...]

    18. I was completely held prisoner by this outstanding book! It's content and storyline surpassed anything I have read for a while. The detail and the way it is written leaves nothing out and has an amazing ability to place you in each scene. This takes paranormal to a whole new level and Cindy Mezni has produced a superb story!The story begins with a young girl Deliah Morgan who was orphaned as a young child and was raised by her grandmother, her older sister also lives with them but despises Delia [...]

    19. This book is about a girl named Deliah. She hasn’t had a pleasant childhood. Her parents died when she was only a couple years old. She then lived with her grandmother and sister. Her sister and she don’t get along at all. Her sister has a colorful reputation in their small town. She really only has one friend at school. Just a few months ago her grandmother pasted away. School has started back up and she does all she can to stay under the radar at school. A new group of siblings has moved i [...]

    20. Ok, it has been a while since i have read a paranormal book, even longer since i have read a paranormal young adult book. So when i read Shadow's Danger i was sucked right in, not only because it had been such a long time since i had read this genre but because of the story. It is young adult paranormal, but it is so much more than that, Deliah has suffered and is still dealing with a fractured family existence. She has her best friend but she just does not know how to act around everyone after [...]

    21. When I asked to review this book, I agreed for the two reasons one it's in the genre I love and two the unique premise of the story. Normally I could figure out just what kind of supernatural being is featured at the beginning but not with this book. I found myself being pulled into the mystery of what exactly was Garreth and his family. All kinds of theories were bounced around in my head and none came even close to what they actually were. This made this book such a fun read for me. It kept me [...]

    22. I received this ARC for an honest review. Deliah is a shy girl; she doesn’t have any friends with the exception of her best friend Hayden. The only family she has left is her older sister, Annabelle, which has given her nothing but a reputation of a social pariah. Deliah’s been haunted by nightmares every night since her grandmother died. This girl is in nothing short of a deep depression. Then the Wates family moves into town, the nightmares not only get worse, but her world is turned upsid [...]

    23. Delilah lost her grandmother and she feels sad, lost and alone. Her grandmother was her guardian since her parents died when she was only 4. Her only friend Hayden is a true friend but after her recent tragedy, Delilah feels disconnected from everyone and everything. A new school year starts and the girls begin their junior year reluctantly. Then comes in three new siblings in town. They are mysterious and Delilah struggles with her feelings for them. Travis is just scary. Leighton is beautiful [...]

    24. I'm not a big fan of this genre, but the mystery and suspense of not knowing where the story was heading kept me reading. Deliah has had a lot of losses and is left with a lot of unanswered questions about her scary dreams, a prophecy, the Wates, her parents' deaths, and more. Whom can she trust? When the truth is revealed about the Wates and what they really are, I thought thank goodness they are not vampires. The romance between Deliah and Garreth grows despite mistrust and distrust. Garreth i [...]

    25. Mezni has created a world unlike any other!To say that this novel is unique would be an understatement. The author has blended several genres into a mystical tale that’s both creative and enchanting. My mind raced for an explanation as the author revealed only the necessities, which caused my anticipation to skyrocket! Deliah’s an endearing character, with a heart of gold, and Garreth is an enigma in which I enjoyed learning about. There may be a few controversial responses about certain are [...]

    26. I was asked to read this book by a new to me author. WOW - I am definitely a fan of Cindy Mezni now!!!When I started this book, I had no idea what to expect. With not having read any of Cindy's books before this one, it was like pulling something out of the hat to read. I was told what type book it was but that was all.The first chapter seemed to be a little slow at first - but when I realized all that went on during that first chapter, I realized why!! The way that Cindy describes items and tri [...]

    27. Shadow's DangersCindy Mezni4 StarsI really enjoyed Shadow's Danger! There were parts that brought me back to reading two of my favorite series (The Mortal Instruments and The Lux Series). I was really missing a good paranormal read and this was perfect.This is the story of Deliah, a shy high schooler who lost her parents at a young age, and more recently, her grandmother. Deliah's life starts going haywire when the new family arrives in town, the Wates. Leighton, Garreth, and Travis instantly sh [...]

    28. Shadow's Dangers by Cindy Mezni (English Edition) was published December 24th by Evatopia Press. Les Dangers de l'Ombre (French Edition) was published November 30, 2013."Losing a loved one is never easy."- Back CoverDeliah doesn't remember anything about her parents. She only ever had two people in her life: her best friend, Hayden, and her grandmother, Tess. Her sister hates her, the whole school thinks she's crazy, she has horrible nightmares every night, and she faints every time she looks at [...]

    29. I loved that book. But there is a little something that disturbed me: the author played with my feelings way too much! (ah ah ah). I wanted to know, to guess, to understand everything that was happening with these mysterious and strange Wates, what was the origin of Delilah’s nightmares… All these details almost made me die! How can you possibly survive to such pressure? I wanted to go forward and see what would happen next, but I had to resist… So I was a bit frustrated… but also so hap [...]

    30. Deliah lost her parents at a young age. Now at 17, she has lost Tess, her grandmother. It is at this time that she begins to have nightmares about her parents’ accident. However, the dream differs from the account she has always been told. A new family, the Wates, have moved to town and seem to be very interested in her only adding to her confusion.This is a new twist on your usual paranormal romance saga. The author has created an unlikely heroine in Deliah. She also keeps you guessing throug [...]

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