The Ghost at Dawn's House

The Ghost at Dawn's House

Ann M. Martin / Feb 29, 2020

The Ghost at Dawn s House Dawn has always thought there was a secret passage hidden in her house But she never thought there was a ghost until now All kinds of creepy things go on whenever Dawn s at home There are even spooky

  • Title: The Ghost at Dawn's House
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590435086
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dawn has always thought there was a secret passage hidden in her house But she never thought there was a ghost until now All kinds of creepy things go on whenever Dawn s at home There are even spooky noises behind her bedroom wall Dawn is sure there s a ghost in her house And so are the other Baby sitters But they re so busy with their baby sitting jobs that they hDawn has always thought there was a secret passage hidden in her house But she never thought there was a ghost until now All kinds of creepy things go on whenever Dawn s at home There are even spooky noises behind her bedroom wall Dawn is sure there s a ghost in her house And so are the other Baby sitters But they re so busy with their baby sitting jobs that they hardly have time for a ghost hunt Will Dawn and her friends ever solve the mystery, or will Dawn have to share her house with a ghost

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        Ann Matthews Martin was born on August 12, 1955 She grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, with her parents and her younger sister, Jane After graduating from Smith College, Ann became a teacher and then an editor of children s books She s now a full time writer.Ann gets the ideas for her books from many different places Some are based on personal experiences, while others are based on childhood memories and feelings Many are written about contemporary problems or events All of Ann s characters, even the members of the Baby sitters Club, are made up But many of her characters are based on real people Sometimes Ann names her characters after people she knows, and other times she simply chooses names that she likes Ann has always enjoyed writing Even before she was old enough to write, she would dictate stories to her mother to write down for her Some of her favorite authors at that time were Lewis Carroll, P L Travers, Hugh Lofting, Astrid Lindgren, and Roald Dahl They inspired her to become a writer herself Since ending the BSC series in 2000, Ann s writing has concentrated on single novels, many of which are set in the 1960s After living in New York City for many years, Ann moved to the Hudson Valley in upstate New York where she now lives with her dog, Sadie, and her cats, Gussie, Willy and Woody Her hobbies are reading, sewing, and needlework Her favorite thing to do is to make clothes for children uscmillan author annmma


    1. this was one of my faves when i was a kid. i was so jealous of people who lived in new england because their houses were wicked old & maybe had secret passages! then i moved to new england (when i was 22) &ah, a lot of the houses are pre-fab 60s era suburban knock-offs completely devoid of secret passages. bummer.i also loved this book because it was so atmospheric, with all the storms & dawn constantly reading ghost stories & scaring the crap out of herself. when i was a kid, i [...]

    2. This is a pretty good book. I like how the secret passage starts in the barn and ends right in Dawns room. Dawn gets really scared when she finds out that different things are going in and out of the passage but what she doesn't know is that it's just Nicky Pike. Nicky found the passage before Dawn and he was using it as a hiding place. This is a really mysterious book.

    3. Man, what a disappointing re-read this was! The Ghost at Dawn's House was my favorite BSC book when I was a kid. This time around I was like, "whuuuuut?" For one thing, the cover still irritates the shit out of me. It always has. The staircase goes up instead of down. The lights are on behind Dawn and Jeff, even though they discovered the hidden passage during a power outage. It's sparkling clean, instead of being all musty and dusty and creepy. There's a friggin' eighties-looking safety baniste [...]

    4. dawn's house is really old and she enjoys reading ghost stories, so naturally the house must have a haunted secret passage in it, right? meanwhile nicky pike doesn't fit in in his family (too girly for boys' town, too much of a boy for girls' town) and keeps disappearing to somewhere within a 2 block radius of his house, the rule instated by the pike parents. when dawn actually finds a secret passage from her barn to her house, she discovers discarded items in it like a piece of a sugar cone (an [...]

    5. Felt nostalgic today so I whipped through an old BSC book from my collection of BSC books I got for Christmas in 1989! I discovered I had only actually read a handful of the books as a kid so I resolved to catch up and read the ones I had skipped now as an adult. I think I would have enjoyed them more if I read them as a kid. Oh well.

    6. This was one of my favorite Babysitters Club books when I was younger, so when I found it at Goodwill for 30 cents I was super excited. I remember reading these in 2nd grade and thinking that the girls seemed so old and sophisticated. Now I can really tell that they're only 13!

    7. Ok, I so LOVED all the books in the ENTIRE series. I read all two hundredish of all the books. This one was just really creepy though.

    8. AWESOME. Who didn't want a secret passageway in their house?! The only thing was, as an Australian, I had NO idea at seven or so what this underground railroad was meant to be.

    9. A blast from the past. Reliving my childhood. Super mad that I sold all of my Babysitter Club & Sweet Valley Twin books.

    10. Dawn chooses to fear ghosts.Dawn actually finds the secret passage in her house she has been counting on for some reason. She quickly becomes convinced that it is haunted. She hears spooky noises coming from the passage at odd times, and she finds a collection of old-looking objects in the dirt, such as a buffalo nickel, an ice cream cone, and a beat-up old children's book that looks like it's 100 years old. (view spoiler)[It turns out that Nicky Pike has discovered how to get into the passage a [...]

    11. Normally, when my boyfriend finishes work two hours later than I do, I don't bother going home and instead spend that time playing Pokemon Go. I take down gyms, I spin Pokestops, I hang out at our local park for two hours until it's time to pick him up. However, now that I've made a triumphant return to Stoneybrook, as soon as I finished work I hurried home so I could devour another installment. This one is tons of fun, I really like how the "mystery" pans out (although I don't like that it's al [...]

    12. The thing about Dawn, is that she wasn't so horrible in her first BSC books. A living stereotype of California, sure, but aggressively annoying? Not quite yet. I actually LOVED this book as a kid, because I was so into ghost stories and anything to do with the paranormal. Which is pretty much exactly how I am now as an adult, except nobody can stop me from staying up late and terrorizing myself like a total goon.Anyway! The plot of this book is pretty convoluted, as they all are. Dawn is searchi [...]

    13. I've been reading the Baby-Sitters Club since forever, and I love these books! If you have a lame teenage girl who refuses to do anything other than dopey movies, give her these to start a useful habit with. The whole concept of the Club induces very nice thoughts in the young mindset. Sorry that I sound like an old woman right now. As for this particular book, the four stars are because of the incomplete feeling I got at its end. You'll know why when you read it. The Club gets into the mystery [...]

    14. I am still, to this day, immensely jealous of Dawn's secret passage. I remember my best friend Rachel and I tapping on walls in our houses trying to find a passage just like this, and being so disappointed when our parents told us that our houses were much too new to have anything like that. Re-reading this as an adult, however, all I could think about was how unsafe this passage was. Sharon claims she can't figure out how to lock it but isn't worried about it because it's a secret, yet in ten b [...]

    15. Dawn finds her infamous secret passage in this book, and discovers the legend of Jared Mullray. She also forms an odd bond with Nicky Pike, who uses her secret passage to escape from the triplets teasing, although that seems to be contained to this book only. This was one of the very first books I read (back when I still liked Dawn) and I read it while I was eating cheese popcorn, so my copy had cheese colored fingerprints on some of the pages.Things I remember from reading this as a kid:I was d [...]

    16. I used to love the Babysitter's Club! My friends and I used to swap them between us when I was in primary school. They were so popular at the time, there was a waiting list at the library if you wanted to read them in chronological order! I used to be allowed to buy one book a week on a Friday when I was younger; this was usually an Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Point Horror or one of these! I would love to revisit them at some stage, just for nostalgia's sake!

    17. I've been re-reading some of the BSC books because I discovered the brilliant, occasionally inappropriate, Baby-Sitters Club Club podcast. I always liked this book. Dawn isn't my favorite baby-sitter, but she and I do share an affinity for ghost stories. This BSC book has plenty of ghost story elements: an old house, a secret passage, a bit of folklore, an explanation for some of the ghostly occurrences. A quick, fun, nostalgic read.

    18. Posted originally on my blog: The Writer's InkwellI realized my previous reviews about the beginning of the series might have been a bit too harsh. Yes, there are some really immature moments and certainly some things that question why these girls believe they are the best baby-sitters, but as I get further into the series, I begin remember exactly why I loved this series so much as a child.The truth is, my younger self just wanted to be able to have what these girls have: a supportive group of [...]

    19. This cover doesn't make any sense. The stairs are going up. And the lights are on. And there's a handrail. And the stairs are going UP?? What the heck? Okay, anyway! This was a good, scary read. Dawn borrows a Nancy Drew book, The Hidden Staircase, from Claudia and becomes convinced that there is a secret passage in their old farmhouse. I actually remember reading this one and being totally freaked.Dawn does find a secret passage, by falling through a trap-door in the old barn. It was covered by [...]

    20. A weirdly unresolved adventure for the intrepid Babysitters. I guess all the history I remember about the secret passage--it was a stop on the Underground Railroad, or something, right?--was from later books. (I read quite a few of them, borrowed from my sister, when I was a kid.) The abrupt ending was quite a surprise, therefore, as I was expecting a big infodump, presumably from Dawn's mother's date, Trip--why else was he even in the book?Dawn was always one of the blander Babysitters; her sin [...]

    21. Dawn finds a secret passage and starts seeing evidence of ghosts. I really liked the descriptions in this book because it was actually kind of exciting--the idea of finding a cool passageway in your own house was really unimaginably cool, though of course when I think about its probability of actually being constructed the way it was described my brain kinda starts to melt. (Fun to read when you're a kid, though.) I thought the "clues" were contrived, though--as usual when it came to kids' myste [...]

    22. It's Dawn's turn to tell a story and she's got ghosts on the brain! This book I liked, as it had some really interesting spooky elements (perfect for fall reading) but also had a lot of really interesting disasters on the baby-sitting end of things. Seriously, do these things happen? Knowing kids, they do. Mrs. Pike, you are my hero - I want to be more like you!A fun read but I almost dropped this down to three stars because we never resolved a portion of the plot. I'm deciding to take the high [...]

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