The Only Witness

The Only Witness

Shannon Flagg / Dec 06, 2019

The Only Witness Center City wasn t exactly a hotbed of activity which suited Vera Warren just fine She liked her life the way it was quiet and uncomplicated In the blink of an eye both go out the window when she s

  • Title: The Only Witness
  • Author: Shannon Flagg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Center City wasn t exactly a hotbed of activity, which suited Vera Warren just fine She liked her life the way it was, quiet and uncomplicated In the blink of an eye, both go out the window when she sees something no one was intended to see Things become even complicated when Deacon Deke Hawke, President of The Vikings MC and her secret crush, shows up at her dooCenter City wasn t exactly a hotbed of activity, which suited Vera Warren just fine She liked her life the way it was, quiet and uncomplicated In the blink of an eye, both go out the window when she sees something no one was intended to see Things become even complicated when Deacon Deke Hawke, President of The Vikings MC and her secret crush, shows up at her door She can t be certain he s there simply as a customer or if he knows what she saw Deacon Hawke wasn t looking for a relationship he had enough on his plate Between being President of The Vikings and a member of the Center City Pack, he had to walk a fine line to keep the two apart It was one he walked with pride, and skill Then everything changes, and Deacon finds himself thrust into a life and death battle, with Vera at his side Lives will be lost Secrets will be revealed Bonds will be built and broken and the only thing that s certain is that nothing is certain.

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    1. I went back and forth between a 3 and a 4 on this one. It was pretty good, a little tough to follow but it had potential. I wasn't even bothered too much by the abrupt switch to a pnr/were/shifter story. What finally lost the 4 stars for me was the cliffhanger / complete lack of resolution or answers. If you're trying to lure people in to a new series, don't tick them off with a cliffhanger on the first book.

    2. A MC book this is not. I started reading this and was thinking this was going to be a good story. At 20% I was like WTF! I wanted to stop reading it but at the same time wanted to see what happens. I honestly think that the Arthur should have had that this was a paranormal story with werewolves and other creatures in the synopsis. I gave it a shot read the whole thing to realize that it actually ends with a Cliffhanger! Sorry but I will not being reading book 2.

    3. I loved the blurb on this book and that isn't to say that there is anything wrong with it but I went in thinking it was a biker book and then it became a biker werewolf book. Over all it was just okay for me. I would likely try something more by the author as the writing it self was decent I just don't know that I would read more in this series.

    4. Shannon Flagg is a friend and fellow author in the Freak Circle Press.The Only Witness folds two romance worlds together—bikers and werewolves—into a compelling story of love and betrayal, loss and gain. MCs and wolf packs have a lot in common, actually, being insular kinds of outsider, “family” groupings, with very strict rules, so the overlap makes perfect sense but also causes tension among the characters and in Center City. Vera is a wonderful female lead, a normal woman who has plen [...]

    5. Many reviewers complain that they didn't know about the paranormal side of the story. For me the problems were three:- The Cliffhanger: I hate cliffhangers and more when I think the story itself doesn't have enough meat in it for a second book.- I didn't get the attraction between Deke and Vera. Maybe the chemistry was in that first meeting we didn't get to see at the beginning. At first I thought Vera must be around 22-24 years old for the way she acted, when a " friend" throws to her face that [...]

    6. At first I really really liked it then at a point I was shaking my head, mumbling WTF?!? Ok, so it's brief life as a MC novel got shoved aside to be a pnr, however so many freakin questions arose and not one was answered, including who's who in the event that sparked the title of the book. Yep, not a big fan of cliffies. especially when I feel a bit betrayed since I didn't set out to read about werewolves.

    7. Darn, started off as a fairly good MC book then about 25% in turned into a shifters on the run book. Now I don't mind reading paranormal, but the entire MC angle was dropped. Too many different things going on and pretty much ended on a cliffy. Had potential. Yes, there was an epilogue; however, instead of wrapping things up in a nice bow, it ended on a cliffy with discussion regarding some journals, most questions and the last sentence --- "we have to go back"

    8. This was an interesting read. I purchased it as it stated it was a biker book but after a while it became a shifter/werewolf read. Not the sort of book that I would normally read, but with all the twists and turns, it held my attention. I really enjoyed this book, kept me interested and when the ending came, I was surprised that I am looking forward to the next book.

    9. This was a great book with solid writing. It is a cliff hanger somewhat but it's not too bad. I know some reviewers gave it a low rating because they thought is was a contempory romance around an MC. It has the MC vibe in the beginning but it changes to a paranormal book. Good drama and action and the love scenes were hot! If you like paranormal suspense romance then you'll enjoy the book!

    10. 2.5 stars: This book showed a good effort, but the character development was lacking and the storyline was choppy. I liked the humor and playfulness, but just don't have the patience for the flow-not compelling enough for me, but if paranormal romance is your thing, this could be the book and series for you. I just need something more fast-paced, more edgy, and with more grab!

    11. Book was little misleading. Didn't realize it was about werewolves and shifters. Once I got over that it was pretty good book. Left a lot of questions unanswered so have to wait for the next book. This is maybe buy for me.nds on the price.

    12. very slow starter and the plotwhy did Vera fall for someone she thought she saw kill a person?

    13. The story started out pretty good until the whole shifter thing came into play. It was no longer a MC story, which was a little disappointing. I liked Vera, and Deacon more later on. He was an azzhat in the beginning, he didn't want to admit his feelings or show that he cared for her. It wasn't until she was attacked and left for dead that he became OTT protective. I thought Houdini was a great character-loyal,fun, and a real flirt. A few questions/issues I had with the story: why Deke's sister [...]

    14. Werewolves, shape shifters, psychics and empaths along with some hot ass bikers.ooh my! This book has it all. Shannon Flagg did an extraordinary job bringing these mythical creatures to life. She rocked the storyline with the plot, who doesn't love meeting ones soul mate? While tasteful written and a work of magical brilliance, this wasn't my cup of tea. But that doesn't mean it won't be yours. So enjoy and take a break from the day to day drama.

    15. This is a great story. Interesting characters. It was a little rushed. My personal preferences are more detail, more background, etc. but I enjoyed it. A lot going on and I'm intrigued enough to want to read the next book. Glad to get to know Deke and Vera better after being introduced to them in "Postcards for Sturgis"

    16. Not what I thought it would beSo firstly, I never read the synopsis, because I just don't do that. But the cover and title gave me the impression it was a story of murder.d it is but surprisingly so much more than just that. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline kept the appeal right to the end.

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