The Opposite of Nothing

The Opposite of Nothing

Shari Slade / Jan 24, 2020

The Opposite of Nothing Callie Evans would rather hide out in her DJ sound booth than face the fact that she s in love with her best friend notorious campus hottie Tayber King Tayber turns hooking up into an art form no dra

  • Title: The Opposite of Nothing
  • Author: Shari Slade
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 411
  • Format: ebook
  • Callie Evans would rather hide out in her DJ sound booth than face the fact that she s in love with her best friend, notorious campus hottie Tayber King Tayber turns hooking up into an art form no drama, no commitment, no lies, and nobody gets hurt Nobody but Callie, that is When she sees an opportunity to explore his sexier side using a fake online profile, she grabsCallie Evans would rather hide out in her DJ sound booth than face the fact that she s in love with her best friend, notorious campus hottie Tayber King Tayber turns hooking up into an art form no drama, no commitment, no lies, and nobody gets hurt Nobody but Callie, that is When she sees an opportunity to explore his sexier side using a fake online profile, she grabs it Now her uninhibited alter ego Sasha is steaming up the screen, and Callie is breaking all of Tayber s rules.As Callie and Tayber get closer, online and off, she knows she has to confess And risk losing him forever For mature readers, contains strong language and adult situations.

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    1. Please note: I stopped starring reviews awhile ago. They make me stress, and I like to avoid stress. Instead I designate this book as: Running-into-Walls good. The last book that made me run-into-walls was Alexis Hall's Glitterland. Not a comp title, but gives you a sense of my taste.In THE OPPOSITE OF NOTHING, Shari Slade takes the "Just Friends" trope and injects it with such wry, authentic, achey longing that I became physically uncomfortable. GOD HOW I SQUIRMED. SO. MUCH. SQUIRMING.Callie (t [...]

    2. 4.5 stars, mostly because I wanted it to be longer. :)I am always excited to read books written by friends, but I'm also always a little nervous. Because if I don't like their book, then I have to find an honest but gentle way to let them know why. And that can be hard. So when I can honestly rave & enthuse about the book, I'm always thrilled.Shari's book sucked me back into my teen/college years with a vengeance. My life wasn't nearly as rough as either Callie or Tayber's, but I can identif [...]

    3. 2,5 Stars! The Opposite of Nothing was a nice story! It could have been so much better thought, if the heroine wasn't so depressing as a character and if it was a little bit more lenghty because many things were left unsaidThe story is about two friends that secretly have feelings for each other, Tayber, the gorgeous playboy with the disastrous childhood and the sweet heart and Callie, the very closed of and self-conscious, music geek with many possibilities. So the real story begins when she ge [...]

    4. The Opposite Of Nothing es la primera novela que leo de su autora, Shari Slade.Para ser sincera empece esta lectura porque la portada me llamo mucho la atencion, ademas nunca me puedo resistir a las historias de amor entre amigos.Esperaba algo diferente cuando lo inicie. La trama no era mala pero para mi le falto mucho desarrollo, tanto a los personajes como a la historia en si, todo era demasiadosimple .No me desagrado que fuera un libro juvenil mas que Young Adult, lo que no me convencio fue q [...]

    5. **ARC generously provided by author in exchagne for an honest review**The Opposite of Nothing is everything for the two main characters in this sweet novella. For my personal tastes, the book was a bit young for me. The characters were young and the actions of Callie were juvenile. But since it is NA and she was young in college I was able to look past it. Sorting through your feelings, however unconventional, is part of maturing so it worked here. The characters are a bit under-developed when i [...]

    6. This was okay. It wasn't bad AT ALL. It was just a bit too "in your head" with too many words unsaid for me. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that it was a bit young. Still, I'm glad I read it. I'm glad things were resolved for the most part. I just feel there could have been so much more. That's about all I can say without giving the storyline away

    7. Meh!Está bien. Es una historia tierna en donde la premisa de los mejores amigos que se enamoran es re visitada. No sé qué tienen las historias sobre mejores amigos pero siempre me gustan.En tres palabras: tierna, sencilla, linda.No te cambiará la vida pero para un viaje de 3 horas está bien.

    8. “All she did was lie.”She met Tayber first when he was having sex with her roommate, Callie spoke up during their tryst and asked them to keep it down. Next day Taber recognized her in calculus class and asked for her help with the subject. He wormed his way in from there, but seeing him hopping from one girl to the other had her scared. She didn't want to be nothing to him. “I don’t lie. I don’t make promises. When I fuck someone it’s because we both want the same thing.”Don’t a [...]

    9. Oh holy cow. I loved this book. Ms. Slade's writing was so beautiful and vivid, it sucked me in an wouldn't let go.I LOVED the deep third point of view. And we get to hear from both Callie and Tayber. I loved the story and the way they connected. And I can't say anything because of spoilers but I loved how a certain plot point played out. I thought it would go a certain way and I was super happy with the way Ms. Slade took it.Her style of writing is what I want to see more of in NA. Gorgeous pro [...]

    10. “Sucks, doesn’t it? Realizing that what you want and what you need don’t always line up.” Novellas have to really hit hard to make a good impression. The limited amount of time they have to hook the reader, and deliver an impressive, likable story line, is very slim. The Opposite of Nothing did deliver on these pointsCallie was basically what we all probably envision ourselves to have been throughout childhood - different. She never felt like she fit in with the "right" crowd, but was be [...]

    11. ** Received a Ebook copy From Author for an Honest review.** I am a little late posting this review due to the fact that I let my TBR pile get so Big .I neglected or forgot about certain books I really should have read at the time I received them.I'm sorry for the delay Shari Slade!! Callie never had many friends growing up .She was teased and bullied most of her life. That is until she hand picked a college away from everyone who knows her to start anew .She's finally making a few friends and e [...]

    12. Callie’s a sweet, shy girl who left her hometown to attend college where she wouldn’t be pegged the uncool recluse as before. Her secret crush on her guy friend, Tayber is very believable, even for these days, where the assumption is that most girls are fast, free and up front about their desires.Callie and Tayber are great friends, but in truth, she’d longs for much more with him. He’s also been hurt, by family issues, and has closed himself off except for fast, commitment-free hookups. [...]

    13. I really, really enjoyed this book. Callie and Tayber's story was a great, light read with an authentic, true-to-life plot that can resonate with just about anyone, especially those who've been college-poor and those who've tried to sort out feelings for a close friend. What I liked best about this story was the top notch writing. Ms. Slade's style mixes humor, wit, and emotion, with realistic dialogue and an overall fluid presentation. As as writer, I could take a few lesson from her, and I def [...]

    14. Una linda historia que muestra lo que en ocasiones somos capaces de hacer para obtener lo que queremos, aun si no pensamos en el daño que podremos hacer cuando todo sea descubierto.

    15. Opposite of Nothing was a terrific read right from the start. The words really transported me back to the college campus of my younger years. I loved Callie and Tayber. Their easy friendship was a delight to read, and I was really intrigued by their secrets and hidden feelings. Add "Sasha" to the mix, and I was hooked and eager to know how things would work out. I really enjoyed this story and can't wait to read more from Shari Slade.

    16. Me gusto mucho este libro corto, necesitaba algo romantico y este fue genial. Por mas que no fue muy largo, tuvo su contenido y su historia lo que lo mejoro.Genial para una lectura corta, facil y rapida de romance

    17. So, for anyone that follows Shari Slade on Twitter, you know there is much glitter and sparkle. I didn't see glitter in this book, but there was confetti within the first sentence! That started the awesomeness and it just kept going from there. This book was all about feelings and let me tell you, it gave me a lot of them. When I tried to start this review, all I could think about was how my shoulders were tingling and my chest felt tight through the whole story. Shari Slade has a delicious way [...]

    18. Me gustó, pero podría haber sido mejor. Siento que falto mucho desarrollo. Cómo llegaron a ser amigos? Se suponía que el era don Juan y todo, pero solo se habla al respecto no hay acciones.

    19. ARC is provided by the author for an hones reviewI don't know how to start my review because I don't really like this book actuallyCallie and Tayber have are friends. But actually Callie has feelings for him for so long because he is care about her. Apparently Callie isn't really good at socializing. She barely have friends. She has terrible past, being bullied and ignored by people in her school. However, Tayber is that bad boy that often hooking up with random girls and never have stable girlf [...]

    20. Full Review @abookishescape/2014/05This story has potential for a lot more. There where a few things I would’ve done differently but it was very enjoyable and a quick read. This is something I recommend to those that enjoy a sweet and sexy read. Definitely a bit more brazen than what I’m used to regarding NA but sexy and fun none the less. I’m hoping and looking forward to seeing more from these cute characters! My Rating3.0 Movie, Rain, Instant Message, Crate, Cookies, Futon, Pink Lace, D [...]

    21. I loved this novella. I just think it would've been better explored as a longer piece of work. It can only be a good thing if the reader is left wanting more, I guess.I want to hug Callie tightly. Her longing for her friend Tayber was so palpable, I almost felt her desire radiating right out my Kindle. I'm not sure what's up with her (view spoiler)[stealing (hide spoiler)], though—there might be some history there? Tayber is a little more fleshed out. He's such a cool, genuinely caring guy. Th [...]

    22. 2 starsOnly read this as it was purchased in a pack so i didnt want to waste the money unfortunately i gave up as life is too short to read books you arnt enjoying.

    23. I like novellas if only for the fact that they can be read in one sitting without taking up your whole day. However, most of the novellas I read are part of a series. So you already know the characters and the book will get right down to business. I rarely read novellas that aren’t part of a series but I’m glad I did this time.The Opposite of Nothing is about two friends. One is a man whore who sleeps around to prevent getting close to anyone. The other is a girl who was the outcast in high [...]

    24. What is the opposite of nothing? Everything. But how can you want everything when the person you want it from wants nothing? The Opposite of Nothing is a quick, steamy read that delves just a little bit deeper into the psyches of two interestingly flawed college students who end up getting more than they thought possible.Callie is very easy to connect and relate to. She has this inner strength that doesn’t show on the outside because she’s still afraid. Of her past, of failure, of her own fe [...]

    25. * I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*Callie and Tayber are best friends with a lot of baggage between the two of them. They do everything together. They study, eat, and go to the movies together. And late at night, they chat online. Together?Callie chats with Tayber at night as Sasha. Tayber and Sasha’s are hot and steamy! She gets Tayber to open up about his life and things going thru his head. Something he hides from Callie. What Tayber doesn’t [...]

    26. Callie loves her best friend Tayber, but she can’t tell him that because he’s basically a player that’ll, within reason, go after any female with a heartbeat. Not wanting to ruin their friendship with her one-sided undying love, Callie makes a fake internet account, becoming Sarah, so beginning a flirty, and often heated, internet relationship with Tayber. But things get complicated when what Callie is supposed to know and what Sarah knows collide – will Callie’s secrets ultimately pus [...]

    27. Alrighty guys this will be a mix of reactions and my thoughts that I had while reading this beauty.First thing first, I still can't believe how short this book was. BUT I do love how short it was. Being 100 pages long/short, there wasn't room for unnecessary outside forces to come into play and make things worse between Callie and Tayber, except one. The story stayed true to them and the problem they shared.Okay when I started this book I immediately thought "Oop she's dreaming," followed by "WA [...]

    28. Sin duda una historia llena de lecciones de vida, personajes que compartían miedos, pasados tormentosos y heridas que cargaban como una cruz sobre sus espaldas, el desarrollo y la trama me parecieron buenos, sin embargo hay tópicos que quizás si hubieran sido mejor desarrollados o abordados por la autora la historia tendría mejores pilares e impediría que catalogáramos este relato como sexo entre jóvenes con un alto grado de hormonas exigentes, a lo largo de la lectura. Es una historia en [...]

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