Done With Men

Done With Men

Shuchi Singh Kalra / Feb 23, 2020

Done With Men Travel journo Kairavi Krishna Kay has had it with men After a series of disasters losers philanderers leeches mama s boys and possessive psychos she is all too tempted to walk out on the prospec

  • Title: Done With Men
  • Author: Shuchi Singh Kalra
  • ISBN: 9781927826522
  • Page: 212
  • Format: ebook
  • Travel journo, Kairavi Krishna Kay has had it with men After a series of disasters losers, philanderers, leeches, mama s boys and possessive psychos , she is all too tempted to walk out on the prospect of ever finding love Accompanied by her best friend and flat mate Baani, she sets off for Goa, hoping to get away from her miserable love life and vowing to stay clearTravel journo, Kairavi Krishna Kay has had it with men After a series of disasters losers, philanderers, leeches, mama s boys and possessive psychos , she is all too tempted to walk out on the prospect of ever finding love Accompanied by her best friend and flat mate Baani, she sets off for Goa, hoping to get away from her miserable love life and vowing to stay clear of the male species Goa however, has a host of surprises in store for her Ricky, her pesky ex boyfriend, is busy painting the town red with his hot new girlfriend Now what is poor Kay to do other than overdose on vodka, smoke pot, get an outrageous tattoo and fall off the hotel balcony She wakes up in the hospital to the tender ministrations of Dr Vivian D Mello young, suave and handsome as hell Will Kay stick to her guns or will she fall for his ridiculously sexy charms And what s up with the mixed signals he s giving out

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        Shuchi Singh Kalra is the author, freelance writer, editor and blogger with bylines in major Indian and international publications She is the owner of Pixie Dust Writing Studio, a writing and editing firm that services a global clientele, and the Indian Freelance Writers Blog She has started dabbling in fiction only recently and her first book, Done With Men published by Indireads , has received rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike Her short stories have appeared in Love Across Borders, Stories For Your Valentine and NAW Anthology 2013 I m Big So What is her second book Before she took to writing, Shuchi was an Optometrist at one of India s leading eye hospitals Traveling is her first love and she leads a happily nomadic life with her fauji husband and livewire toddler Pay her a visit at shuchikalra.Blog link indianfreelancewritersProfessional portfolio shuchikalraCompany website pixiedustwritingstudioTwitter handle shuchikalra


    1. The first thing that attracted me to this novella was its title which really piqued my interest. The heroine, Kay, is fun and quirky, and though she confesses not to have a dramatic flair, her story turns out to be pretty dramatic nonetheless. She loves to party hard, has a string of disastrous ex-boyfriends to boast of , has a tendency to make mistakes “that makes you go into face palm mode and want to die every time you are reminded of them”, slips up and practically falls on her bottom on [...]

    2. Indireads has indeed metamorphosed into a garden of diverse hues, shades and fragrances, in full bloom. Every flower, or book, in this garden is unique in its own way, and adds its own singular beauty to the grand milieu that Indireads is. I say this not just as an author with the brand myself, but also as an ardent romance fan and lover or all things desi. Every single book in Indireads gives you a new and fresh perspective on romance. There's romance between an aged couple, romance blossoming [...]

    3. A light read, a bright and breezy romantic comedy by an Indian author who could well be in the running to be the next Marian Keyes (you know who Marian Keyes is, surely? The queen of rom com fiction and chick lit? Who’s Irish just like me?). The plot is simple enough. Writer Kairavi (Kay to her friends) has foresworn men after a string of failed relationships. An ill-fated night on the town leaves her hospitalized, however, with a tattoo declaring ‘Done With Men’ and considerable injury to [...]

    4. First things first – I don’t read romances or chick-lit and I picked up this book purely out of curiosity (blame the title!). The book got me interested from the very first page and I finished reading it in a single sitting during my office commute. Some of the scenes had me laughing out loud, which is quite embarrassing when you are using public transport in London, but I am not complaining. The language too is of a much better quality that what we generally find in popular books written by [...]

    5. First thing that struck me about this book was the title – ‘Done with Men’. It is brilliant and perfect. Kairavi (kay) is a travel journalist who is down in the dumps, thanks to her unfortunate choice of boyfriends. After dumping her latest, she heads out to Goa on an assignment, meets her ex there and tries to experiment with her sexuality that ends in a accident.At the hospital, she meets the hot doctor Vivian, to whom she is instantly attracted. With her best friend Baani and her boyfri [...]

    6. Done with Menby Shuchi Singh Kalra was an absolute delight to read.The protagonist of this story Kairavi Krishna(Kay) is a modern free thinking woman and is fed up of all the guys that she's been with including Mama's boys to over-possessive losers.She's started losing faith in the idea of love and just wants a break from her pathetic love life.When opportunity presents itself as a job assignment in Goa, she takes it and accompanied by her best friend Baani heads to Goa.A disastrous night in Goa [...]

    7. Kalra's brilliance in the execution of this novella is three-pronged:a)she captures the chick-lit genre to perfection with the lovable but slightly neurotic heroine Kay, and the mature, grounded doctor who knows and loves her for who she is, as any sensible man would, duh!b)her voice is humorous, intelligent and absolutely likeable. She carries the reader through ups and downs, hurdles and jumps, with a laugh here, a smile there and at times, stitches in your stomach with all the laughing. I for [...]

    8. Dear Author, You rocked !!!This was my first book by the author Suchi Singh Kalra and I loved it thoroughly. This was an easy breezy read of a wonderful and fun filled girl Kairavi and her love life.Author has done a wonderful job with the alphabets. Each character is beautifully developed especially Kairavi. Title of this book is enough to arouse the interest in a reader. Kairavi is a heart broken girl who visits Goa for his office work and eventually fall in love with Vivian, a doctor and then [...]

    9. Done with men is a short and sweet novella bigger than a story but shorter than a novel.Kay is a successful writer, but her love life was going nowhere, with multiple breakupa and heart breaks, she has decided that she won't get involved with men anymore. She gets an assignment to go to Goa, which she thinks will help clear up her mind and refill her energy, but fate had other plans.She meets an handsome doc in Goa and she gets signal that it also will end up like another heart break. Will it? W [...]

    10. Done with men – is any woman actually ‘done’ with men? How can women be totally ‘done’ with love, romance, and the ‘oh-so-essential-driving-force-of-the-whole-world’ concept of being in love? This book tells you exactly about that. A travel editor for a magazine gets a chance to do a special travelogue on Goa, the land of parties, booze and casual flings. Fresh from a series of breakups that do nothing to help her psyched mental state, Kairavi Krishna, a tamilian (yes, you read it [...]

    11. First of all I would like to thank Naheed Hassan from Indireads for sending out the ebook.‘Done with Men’ is a light, short, delightful read. Although I am not into Chick lit romance, but I don’t think I was ever disappointed in picking up this book.It is a story of travel journalist Kairavi Krishna who is dealing with a recent breakup in the background of a long past of failed relationships. In hope of diverting her attention off the breakup, her friend and flat-mate, Baani, arranges an o [...]

    12. Done With Men is a light romantic comedy set in Goa. Kairavi ( or Kay) is a quirky, bubbly travel journalist who has had her fair share of loser boyfriends and has decided to steer clear of men, both literally and figuratively, and has a tattoo that says Done With Men etched on her skin in a desperate attempt. But when she crosses path with the super sexy Orthopedic in a hospital she is admitted to, she starts to look forward to meeting this suave and sexy doctor and falls head over heels in lov [...]

    13. As the blurb says, Done with Men is a tale of Kairavi Krishna’s misadventures in love. A travel writer by profession, she finds herself in Goa on an assignment to cover the Sunburn Festival during New Year’s. But what actually transpires is a drunken escapade that lands her in the hospital. With a recent break up, a catastrophic beginning to New Year and a long line of meaningless affairs, she finds herself as disaster’s favorite child. But then walks in the tall and handsome orthopedic su [...]

    14. I loved reading ‘Done with Men’ by Shuchi Singh Kalra. Kay is a quirky journalist who falls easily in love and much more easily falls out of love. One of her drunken escapades lands her in hospital and she meets a hot surgeon. There is a life between her ears, which has a knack of making bad things worse and this thought bubble & Kay together make worse things hilarious. A bunch of interesting characters along with her BFF Baani make it an interesting read.Shuchi has a way with her words [...]

    15. A definite quick fix for heart-aches!“Done With Men” the debut novella by Shuchi Singh Kalra is a quick, fun filled read, perfect for spending a cozy afternoon with! A hilarious take on the fast paced life of a 20 something girl, with an upscale Mumbai lifestyle, does give you a slice of complicated life the youngsters lead in today’s world!However, instead of regretting the age they are in, the hectic work schedules, round the clock deadlines, complicated relationship status and the const [...]

    16. To start with, The title 'Done with Men' is itself so unique and it creates a curiosity when it comes to judging it from its cover.Inside its a whole different ball game. 'Done with Men' is a fun read where Kairavi (Kay) plans to take an assignment in Goa and plans to relax at the same time. She has had a series of bad relationships and now wants to enjoy sometime alone. Alas, her loneliness takes a turn and she ends up in a hospital where she meets a good looking doctor to treat her. She is att [...]

    17. Seriously I would have never picked up this book if it wasn't the fancy mysterious title. The story revolving around the female protagonist, Kay, has shown the real plight of a "desi" Indian modern girl trying to make her own way. Once you read the book, I am sure you will find resemblance of all characters in your real life friends group. Its a book full of spices, gossips, and most importantly THE ingredients to make people engrossed to it. I never felt that this is the first book of the autho [...]

    18. A delightful book, with a wonderful, true-to-life heroine. Lively, bubbly journalist Kairavi Krishna is a 21st-century woman, with a job, several lousy relationships with the opposite sex and a great best friend. When she's on assignment in Goa and sees her ex-boyfriend (whom she dumped) having a great time on the dance floor, she consoles herself with several vodka shots and finds herself lying in a hospital bed, with a dislocated shoulder, a fractured clavicle and a lot of pain. Dr. Vivian D'M [...]

    19. I received this book as a part of the Indireads Reviewer Program and this is my honest review.'Done with Men'was an awesome read! Shuchi Singh Kalra writing is hilarious, witty and oh-so relatable. I had almost as much fun reading this as I did reading the Shopaholic series. This is a light easy read (only a 130 pgs!) and I would recommend it to women of all ages and ethnicity. While the story is based in India, the characters are modern and their experiences are universal.Definitely pick this u [...]

    20. shuchi singh kalra has pulled out a refreshing, well connected love comedy with an ease. The novella had bound me to its ups and downs and I enjoyed the roller coaster ride through out. kairavi the central charachter is a young dynamic girl which relates itself to the young fast moving genre. The thought bubble played the part of best critic at moments and best friend at another beside Baani. I felt Vivian was way too mature and in real life its really difficult for guys like me to behave like v [...]

    21. The first few pages got me all curious about Kairavi. Written in first person and clearly from Kay's point of view, her voice and 'Thought Bubble' is what keeps everything interesting and bubbly. Her mother's wisdom and Baani's advice about men, lends more realism to the novella. Add to the mix, Vivian who is so drool-worthy. My only complaint is that the most complete description of Kairavi comes mid-way in the book, which means you just figure her along the read. Shuchi names all the hotspots [...]

    22. Well started reading this book as a break from the incessant pressure of my work life. And was pleasantly surprised. I am a chick lit connoisseur and an author so I do know what the genre benchmarks are. And Ms. Kalra hits the ball right out of the park. In love with the quirky, ebullient, whimsical Kay. 20 pages to go and I am betting I won't be disappointed.

    23. This one's got all the elements of a fun-filled, light-hearted chick-lit story. Unputdownable ! Shuchi Singh Kalra has done a superb job for a debut novel.

    24. njkinny/2014/04/blKairavi or Kay is a journalist and being a fun loving girl, she plans on enjoying her life. But she has had rotten luck with men so far. Tired from trying to get the companionship of a suitable man who, it seems are all equally bad, she decides to take a break and go to Goa with her flatmate, Bani.But her problems are not over and after a disastrous night, she finds herself in a hospital with little to no memory of how she got there. As if this is not enough, the doctor treatin [...]

    25. I wanted to revamp my blogging with an easy breezy and light read hence entered Kairavi Krishna or Kay who has messed up her life with a dedicated consistencyAll thanks to her love life, yet her job as a travel journo and her super caring and lovable BFF Baani sort of keep things going and of course there is a thought bubble that pops up at all times giving Kay a different perspective 24X7Oh yea how can we miss Kay's way with sheer stupidity that sort of lands her into troubles and that's the wa [...]

    26. GIVEAWAY GOING ON RIGHT NOW- thereaddicts/2014/ Done With Men by Shuchi Singh Kalra was a really cute read. The title may sound as if the protagonist is done with men and she is or so she thinks. Fate just has other plans for her. I didn't expect much going in the book and that worked in my favor. I ended up really enjoying Done With Men.Kairavi or Kay as her friends like to call her is a travel journalist. She has had a series of disasters where men are concerned and it always seems like she fa [...]

    27. Why did I pick up this book? Well, because it had a woman with a big straw hat lying on a beach with a cocktail. I loved it. To top that, the title said “done with men”. That was too much temptation. And after I’ve read it let me tell you that this book money well spent. The novella has everything I love in a story – deadlines, tension, jealousy, heartbreaks, strict boss, loving mom and great god-sent friends. Frankly I feel this book is more about friendship than any other thing. It is [...]

    28. After a third failed relationship, Kairavi decides that she had enough. What does she do? Goes off to Goa with her soul-sister cum best friend Baani. After a fall from the balcony and a few broken bones later, Kairavi finds herself in the hospital, with bandages, sick face and a permanent tattoo, ‘Done with Men’ on her wrist. Meeting the handsome Doctor Vivian is her fate.The 25 year old Kairavi is not a regular heroine material. She is 5’6”, curvy, ditzy, not –so –straight hair, sli [...]

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