An English Ghost Story

An English Ghost Story

Kim Newman / Feb 21, 2020

An English Ghost Story A dysfunctional British nuclear family seek a new life away from the big city in the sleepy Somerset countryside At first their new home The Hollow seems to embrace them creating a rare peace and h

  • Title: An English Ghost Story
  • Author: Kim Newman
  • ISBN: 9781781165584
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • A dysfunctional British nuclear family seek a new life away from the big city in the sleepy Somerset countryside At first their new home, The Hollow, seems to embrace them, creating a rare peace and harmony within the family But when the house turns on them, it seems to know just how to hurt them the most threatening to destroy them from the inside out A stand alone novA dysfunctional British nuclear family seek a new life away from the big city in the sleepy Somerset countryside At first their new home, The Hollow, seems to embrace them, creating a rare peace and harmony within the family But when the house turns on them, it seems to know just how to hurt them the most threatening to destroy them from the inside out A stand alone novel from acclaimed author Kim Newman.

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        Note This author also writes under the pseudonym of Jack Yeovil.An expert on horror and sci fi cinema his books of film criticism include Nightmare Movies and Millennium Movies , Kim Newman s novels draw promiscuously on the tropes of horror, sci fi and fantasy He is complexly and irreverently referential the Dracula sequence Anno Dracula, The Bloody Red Baron and Dracula,Cha Cha Cha not only portrays an alternate world in which the Count conquers Victorian Britain for a while, is the mastermind behind Germany s air aces in World War One and survives into a jetset 1950s of paparazzi and La Dolce Vita, but does so with endless throwaway references that range from Kipling to James Bond, from Edgar Allen Poe to Patricia Highsmith In horror novels such as Bad Dreams and Jago, reality turns out to be endlessly subverted by the powerfully malign His pseudonymous novels, as Jack Yeovil, play elegant games with genre cliche perhaps the best of these is the sword and sorcery novel Drachenfels which takes the prescribed formulae of the games company to whose bible it was written and make them over entirely into a Kim Newman novel Life s Lottery, his most mainstream novel, consists of multiple choice fragments which enable readers to choose the hero s fate and take him into horror, crime and sf storylines or into mundane reality.


    1. Imagine a house that was haunted before there was a house to hauntNewman brings his unique vision to this slow burning tale of a family that finds itself in the presence of supernatural forces of unknown intent.So subtle as to be nearly subliminal, this almost psychological haunting will keep you wondering if the ghosts ate having a negative effect on the family.e family is having a negative effect on the ghosts, or possibly both, as things spin inexorably from the creepy to the weird.

    2. This was my first time reading Newman, the author until now I only knew rom his Anno Dracula series. Vampires and series being not my thing, never read him until I saw this book. Named so generically, it doesn't really set up any expectations and so it didn't disappoint. Did it impress? To an extent. Newman's writing skills are actually quite impressive, his character development is most excellent and so the first third of the book is really good. Then once it delves into the horror zone, it sta [...]

    3. An English Ghost Story was even better than I'd hoped, shrouded in the paranormal and holding a dark secret within its pages.

    4. This novel indeed has the structure of a fairly classic ghost story. A family comes to live in a haunted house- haunted land, actually. The spirit(s) start quietly, but very quickly ramp up to full scale, capital H Haunting. This family, however, is not your typical English ghost story family. This is a modern day, dysfunctional, can barely get along family. This becomes an important factor later in the story. The Naremore family is looking for a house in the country, hoping relocation will solv [...]

    5. I am a huge Kim Newman fan - anyone who has devoted their life to the pursuit of horror and scares gets a free pass from me. So I was willing this book to be good, and to my relief it was. Really good. It starts off all Magic Cottage-like, and then things quickly go to crap. Fast. In fact, things turned creepy so early on the book that I almost wasn't ready for it. There were some good scary moments, and I loved the 'magic' chest of drawers (I kind of want one but at the same time would be too s [...]

    6. Not my taste. I'm sorry I read all 300 pages; I should have stopped when I first got annoyed. But the book kept hinting about some great reveal about the family's former traumabut that never happened. The whimsy fell flat, the characters were annoying assholes, and the ending was unspeakably saccharine.

    7. I will get around to posting about this book shortly, but in the meantime, if anyone would like my copy (in the US), I'm not keeping it and it needs a home. Just be the first to leave a message -- and I'll give it to you and I'll pay postage.

    8. Not too bad to start but it just got weird and not in a good way. At 60% or so it was so ridiculous that I just scanned the rest, which didn't bode well, so I gave myself permission to call it a day.

    9. The slow burn at the beginning is really captivating, moving from whimsical to uncanny at a good pace. I liked that the haunting took unique forms for each of the family members, which isn't exactly an original take but I thought it was done mostly well here. Newman explores gendered tropes in a way that sometimes felt interesting, at other times verged on problematic or cliche. The men (well, one man, one boy) both adopt uber masculine patterns of behaviour - the boy lives an imaginary second-l [...]

    10. Discounting last year’s ANNO DRACULA: JOHNNY ALUCARD (I do so hesitantly, but it was largely an assemblage of previously published novella pieces with new connective tissue pulling the storyline together) it has been roughly 15 long years (LIFE’S LOTTERY 1999) since we’ve had a new novel from Kim Newman. Sure, we’ve had plenty of incredibly fun novellas and short story collections in the ANNO DRACULA and DIOGENES CLUB and MORIARTY vein to keep us occupied, and every one of them a pop-cul [...]

    11. I've been a Kim Newman fan since "Jago" in the early 90s, and its great that he's finally back to writing horror novels after such a long break (I still haven't read "Johnny Alucard," but I'm chomping at the bit to get to it). "An English Ghost Story" didn't disappoint. It's at once a great, almost classic ghost story in the M.R. James mold, but Newman infuses it with enough of his batsh*t weirdo sensibility to make it utterly its own thing. There's a minor rough patch in the middle where the sh [...]

    12. Book Review & Giveaway: You probably know multi-award-winning author Kim Newman for his bestselling Anno Dracula series. An English Ghost Story is his new stand-alone novel and I was intrigued by it from the moment I saw it in an industry newsletter. Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains, it seemed that listening to and reading ghost stories was an ongoing rite of passage. An English Ghost Story is such a different kind of novel from the Anno Dracula series that I didn’t even realize Mr. [...]

    13. I have read half this book and I found the first quarter excellent but I have never finished it as it becomes more tedious and frivolous the more I read.

    14. The back of the book describes the Naremores as a dysfunctional family, so I don't think it's a spoiler to say that all four of them (parents and two kids) have issues. Some are apparent to the reader from the outset, others are slower to reveal themselves. Daughter Jordan's is the most specific (though it took me longer than it should have to put a name to it), son Tim's the least (I was never able to tell whether he actually had some kind of problem or had adopted his particular obsession as a [...]

    15. This book was really more about the journey for me than the destination, because the ending was a little weak, IMO. The pacing was a tale of 2 books, because what started off slowly took off like a shot around 2/3 of the way in.It is the story of a haunted piece of ground called The Hollow, and a family who moves into the house there. It is obvious right away that it is haunted, but at least at first this is not a bad thing. I won't say more for fear of spoiling it.The premise was very creative, [...]

    16. This was a book that started out GREAT! The descriptions of 'The Hollow' and its effect on what was a splintered and disintegrating English family, was nothing less than charming. Add to that the back story of the house's past, and BOOM.ant readability.The problem comes in the of a meandering plot, and snail slow pacing.By the time you get to the part in the read where charm turns macabre, you are so ready for it that there is no wow.There is also the issue of the family's seeming unwillingness [...]

    17. A highly inventive supernatural scare that weaves English schoolgirl stories from the early 20th century and their reclusive authoress with a modern dysfunctional family and a mercurial old house with a "history." Newman didn't miss a psychological beat as he built up the family's hopes for a new start and brought to bear the pressure the Hollows (the house) exerts for their individual disintegration. Tells a good scare without gore or excess and includes a little bit of wisdom for families in t [...]

    18. I enjoyed the ideas behind this novel-that a land could be haunted for thousands of years, that trees and lamps and long-dead children could manifest power to either help or harm. But there were too many logic holes in this one for more than 3 stars.

    19. This is a very different take on the age old haunted house story. Whimsical is a good word to describe it. Creepy? Yes. Quaint, too. Like, you know how Mary Poppins is pretty and has lovely pink shoes but it also just a little bit scary? That's this book.

    20. The dysfunctional Naremore family wants a fresh new start, so they buy a quaint house called the Hollow in the country. This house used to be owned by a children's author whose books focused on a scrappy little girl, her ghost friends, and their home (a fictionalized version of her own home). The family rapidly realizes that the ghosts are real and the Hollow has a charming sort of magic. Everyone is suddenly getting along. All the problems of the past seem to melt away. Around every corner is s [...]

    21. (Sampled up to 8%.) Sometimes you just instinctively know you won't like a book from page one. That's how I felt about this, though I did drag myself through the first chapter regardless. The style annoyed me, the details jarred. (There's this scene where a teenage girl character wants to play old-fashioned music in the car and is annoyed when her family prefer to listen to a rap song called, and I am not making this up, 'Poppin' a Cap in Mah Bitch's Skull'. Yeah okay.) I'm happy to abandon this [...]

    22. I really like theAnno Draculaseries, so I thought I would give this book a go. However, I was less than impressed. While no one can deny Newman is a talented writer, this book was long, repetitive, and I have to say, sort of boring. (At least in audiobook form where you can't just skip ahead). It wasn't bad though, it just failed to sustain interest, though to Newman's credit, finding out what the big secret was, plus a few nice touches, kept me reading to the end.

    23. I loved this! Inventive, seductive, funny, horrifying, descriptive and a page turner all rolled up into a classic haunted house story. This seamlessly switches between different points of views without being confusing and builds up the characters (and why/how they experience the house differently) brilliantly. Not so much scary and creepy - these ghosts aren't hiding - it's an in your face tale of a family breakdown just with an added haunting!

    24. A nice, simple haunting. A little too neat in the end. I'm not sure you are supposed to "like" the characters at all, as they are each annoying in their own special ways. I think I sided more with the ghosts, and I think maybe I was supposed to do just that.

    25. I often think writing a good Haunted House novel is just about the hardest trick in the world. It's just about impossible to get right. Newman mostly succeeds. Not really a horror novel, though so adjust your expectations towards family drama.

    26. Nice prose and very good character development, but it felt as though things were starting to plod late on.

    27. I don't think I was in the right head space to appreciate this novel. I enjoyed it up to a point and then lost interest.

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