Usagi Yojimbo, Vol. 4: The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy

Usagi Yojimbo, Vol. 4: The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy

Stan Sakai Kim Thompson / Dec 16, 2019

Usagi Yojimbo Vol The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy One of the great epics in the comic book field stars a rabbit That s right Stan Sakai s enormous dramatic saga of death and treachery of ambition and honor is the comics equivalent of Akira Kurosaw

  • Title: Usagi Yojimbo, Vol. 4: The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy
  • Author: Stan Sakai Kim Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781560970637
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the great epics in the comic book field stars a rabbit That s right, Stan Sakai s enormous dramatic saga of death and treachery, of ambition and honor, is the comics equivalent of Akira Kurosawa s classics such as The Seven Samurai and The Hidden Fortress This volume of the Usagi series features the novel length The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy, which originally ranOne of the great epics in the comic book field stars a rabbit That s right, Stan Sakai s enormous dramatic saga of death and treachery, of ambition and honor, is the comics equivalent of Akira Kurosawa s classics such as The Seven Samurai and The Hidden Fortress This volume of the Usagi series features the novel length The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy, which originally ran in six consecutive issues of the Usagi comics series Jam packed with lethal sword battles alternating with humor, horror, suspense, and slapstick, this beautifully crafted and exciting volume features all of the most popular supporting characters from the series, including Tomoe Ame, Gen the rhino, and Zato Ino the blind swordspig Both an excellent starting point for new readers, and an absolute necessity for Usagi completists

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        Stan Sakai Japanese Sakai Sutan born May 25, 1953 is an artist who became known as an Eisner Award winning comic book originator.Born in Kyoto, Sakai grew up in Hawaii and studied fine arts at the University of Hawaii He later attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California He and his wife, Sharon, presently reside and work in Pasadena.He began his career by lettering comic books notably Groo the Wanderer by Sergio Aragon s and Mark Evanier and became famous with the production of Usagi Yojimbo, the epic saga of Miyamoto Usagi, a samurai rabbit living in late sixteenth and early seventeenth century Japan First published in 1984, the comic continues to this day, with Sakai as the lone author and nearly sole artist Tom Luth serves as the main colorist on the series, and Sergio Aragon s has made two small contributions to the series the story Broken Ritual is based on an idea by Aragon s, and he served as a guest inker for the black and white version of the story Return to Adachi Plain that is featured in the Volume 11 trade paper back edition of Usagi Yojimbo He also made a futuristic spin off series Space Usagi His favorite movie is Satomi Hakkenden 1959.


    1. This is my favorite volume of Usagi Yojimbo so far. In a stark contrast to the previous volume, "The Dragon Bellows Conspiracy" is all one story, that draws on elements of everything that has come before it. Gennosuke (the rhinoceros ronin) is naturally tracking down the blind criminal swordspig Zato-ino, who by now has a gigantic bounty on his head. The young lord Noriyuki has tasked Tomoe with investigating one of his neighbors, Lord Tamakuro, whom he believes is engaged in some sort of underh [...]

    2. My favorite volume out of the ones I have read so far. Love this one the best because it's the first volume we get a full story throughout the book and it's the longest of the first four as well. I also liked this one a lot for the samurai and ninja comparisons. They didn't really like each other, but they have similar moral codes. So it was fun seeing the Neko Ninja team up with Usagi and his gang.We get more of a story with the Blind Swordspig, Zato-Ino and his pet Spot too. Which is more of a [...]

    3. Bullet Review:Fantastic! Great characters, introducing plot, twists and turns everywhere. My favorite so far!

    4. Usagi Yojimbo, on the surface is a simple concept. Anthropomorphic animals in 16th century Edo Japan - with the narrative centering around a "Long Eared Samurai", a Rabbit - the eponymous Usagi of the title. Usagi,literally means Rabbit in Japanese and Yojimbo refers to "Bodyguard". Rabbit Bodyguard. It mixes several references to the Samurai films of Kurosawa with a deliberate homage to the great samurai swordsman Miyamoto Musashi while treading its own unique path. There really isn't another c [...]

    5. The best of the Usagi series so far, presenting a fully fleshed out story. Sakai's command of the page is pretty awesome. Surprisingly sad.

    6. it's amazing how graphic novel moved me :DSejak kecil saya tidak banyak membaca, kemampuan saya mengintepretasikan suatu karikatur yang ada di koran Kompas menjadi suatu cerita, suatu fakta, tanpa membaca berita itu sendiri otomatis mengajarkan saya banyak hal. Kecuali saya tidak memahami karikatur tersebut, barulah saya membaca berita di koran tersebut.Karikatur (ilustrasi) mengajarkan suatu fakta tak bersuara, yang mengajarkan saya suatu titik nol, suatu fakta suatu kebenaran. Di tengah berita [...]

    7. Volume 4 of Usagi Yojimbo is pretty much entirely given to one huge, overarching story, and I have to admit - I love it.Lord Noriyuki has heard disturbing reports about the goings-on in the lands of one of his neighbors. Goods are being stockpiled, and ronin hired at an alarming rate, but no laborers seem to be added to the workforce. It sounds like a recipe for war! But being cautious, he sends his retainer, Tomoe Ame, to see what the situation is. But it's just as expected, and things go wrong [...]

    8. Dem bösen Anführer dienen?Wer verkörpert den Bushido, den Weg des Kriegers, besser - der, der einem guten und gerechtem Fürsten dient, oder der, der einem bösen Fürsten dient? Die Diskussion dieses Rätsels zeigt, wie seriös die Reihe "Usagi Yojimbo" mit dem Hintergrund umgeht, vor dem die Geschichte spielt. Auch wenn die Figuren Hasen, Füchse und Schlangen sind, so sind die Themen doch ernstzunehmen.Dieser vierte Band der Usagi-Yojimbo-Reihe bietet alles, was das Herz des Samurai begehr [...]

    9. Lord Noriyuki is suspicious of his neighboring Lord Tamakuro. Recently Tamakuro has been renovating his fortress and recruiting masterless samurai. Noriyuki sends him a friendly emissary whose real mission is espionage. The shocking truth is that Tamakuro is building up an arsenal of firearms, and plans to start a rebellion against the shogun. As the emissary tries to send word to Noriyuki she is captured, and the capture is witnessed by her friend Miyamoto Usagi. He vows to rescue her, but firs [...]

    10. J'aime beaucoup cette première histoire longue d'Usagi. On y retrouve évidement tout ce qui fait la force de cette série : des personnages hauts en couleurs et tout à fait charismatiques, des valeurs extrêmement fortes, des moments de déchirement proches du dilemne corneillien (mon honneur me commande cette action inacceptable moralement).On y découvre par ailleurs un sens certain du scénario hollywoodien, puisque Usagi et ses amis ne vont faire rien de moins que sauver le règne du Shog [...]

    11. My God, I did not realize that Usagi (or any graphic novel) would be included in . Don't let the funny animal stuff fool you, this isn't for little kids. Usagi is a very detailed historical fantasy inspired in part by the life of Miyamoto Musashi and Japanese myth. The artwork is at times breathtaking and despite over 120 issues and 20-someodd graphic novel collections, Sakai makes it easy to pick up the series at any point so don't worry about starting at vol.1, just begin with the first volume [...]

    12. Nádherné zakončení první etapy ušákových osudů a konečná pro některé v sérii již etablovaných postav. Sychravé počasí, skučící vichr, dešťových kapek takové množství až to odkapává ze stránek Prostě atmosféra jako hrom a navíc i pádný důkaz, že Sakai přeci jen umí i delší souvislé příběhy. To vše ve skvělém scénáři, kterému s radostí odpustím i veškeré ty počáteční náhody², které dostanou jednotlivé charaktery "do hry".

    13. The stakes have never been higher than in this, the fourth volume of Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo series. All of the characters we've grown to know and love are back in an effort to thwart a conspiracy that threatens to launch the nation into civil war. The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy is a culmination of everything that has come before it and it's the best, most enjoyable of Usagi Yojimbo books to date.

    14. The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy: True epic storytelling. A complete story full of intrigue, plot twists and good action. This is the first Usagi volume that really impressed me, and made me a fan of the series. Sakai's visual storytelling shines here.

    15. The fourth volume of Usagi Yojimbo is the best one yet. Sakai's previous efforts were far from unsatisfactory, but here he weaves together a dramatic narrative that evokes real emotion—an emotion besides homey coziness, that is. The climactic battle and Zato-Ino's fate in particular are stellar.

    16. More excitement as Usagi continues to find his way into trouble without a master. This arc focuses more on the supporting cast than other volumes have. We get more of the story of Ino the blind outlaw as he treks across the country. Another winning volume in a fantastic series, though not as exciting or game changing as earlier collections. But even the worst of Usagi is still pretty damn great.

    17. I really enjoyed this. It was the first major arc that we got to follow. It wasn't nearly as good as Grasscutter, but considering this happened before it gets a pass. Either way it was a great storyline to carry for an entire volume.

    18. This was the best Usagi Yojimbo graphic novel yet! The entire graphic novel is one large story no short stories. I loved the character development and the storyline. Looking forward to reading the next volume in the series.

    19. Unlike other Usagi volumes, this tells one large story. Full or secret messages, ninjas, sword fights and team ups, this is another awesome comic book that is appealing to all ages.

    20. CONSPIRACIES and RONIN and DYNASTIES, oh my! Another exciting chapter in the adventures of everyone's favorite rabbit samurai.

    21. This is the best Usagi Yojimbo book so far. The stories form a cohesive whole, and the characters from the earlier books make an appearance and lend their talents.

    22. moje prvni zkusenost s usagi yojimbem, pekne se to cte, prijemny pribeh plny japonskych idealu, nasel jsem si i inspirativni casti k zamysleni

    23. This is the best collection of UY stories yet. All of the stories build to a conclusion that is quite explosive.

    24. The most rewarding of the series as of yet. The pacing still seems a bit off for my tastes. I'm not sure why.

    25. These volumes with the huge storylines are always fune they better than the other volumes? I don't think soI think they're all wonderful for different reasons.

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