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Target This

LilyWhite / Dec 16, 2019

Target This I m not sure what I was thinking that day It was a normal Thursday nothing new or exciting had occurred in the morning I d risen from bed taken a shower and brushed my teeth I d then jumped on the

  • Title: Target This
  • Author: LilyWhite
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  • I m not sure what I was thinking that day It was a normal Thursday, nothing new or exciting had occurred in the morning I d risen from bed, taken a shower and brushed my teeth I d then jumped on the 8 05 bus that ran a short distance between my house and the county library where I worked The ride took its usual 15 minutes before it left me standing fresh faced in frontI m not sure what I was thinking that day It was a normal Thursday, nothing new or exciting had occurred in the morning I d risen from bed, taken a shower and brushed my teeth I d then jumped on the 8 05 bus that ran a short distance between my house and the county library where I worked The ride took its usual 15 minutes before it left me standing fresh faced in front of a building of gothic construction that was my favorite place in the world After straightening my knee length skirt, I pushed open the door that led into the interior of the library.It was at that moment that my world would change impossibly and forever It was a fateful movement of wood that collided with the shoulder of a man that would alter my very existence It wasn t fear that I felt at that moment like the feeling of being watched It was the feeling of knowing that danger lurks the sensation of the hair standing on end at the back of your neck.Looking back on a moment that happened so many months ago, I now realize that I should have listened to that feeling.As I would later find out, the man standing in front of me referred to himself as Master Lucas and I was his next target.

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        Lily White is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism She is most known for her Masters Series Her Master s Courtesan and Her Master s Teacher , Target This, Hard Roads, and Asylum She s co authored Serial a four part serial series When she isn t writing as Lily White you can find other books by her under M.S Willis where she has penned the Control Series, the Estate Series, Because of Ellison contemporary romance , and Standard Romance Story Romance Comedy Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.In addition to writing, Lily is an avid reader, gummy bear slayer, and a gold medalist in puppy naps.


    1. Now live!!! 4.5 stars!!Much like a game of chess and with characters that play a specific role, Target This is a compelling, complex, and extremely thought-provoking book. A little dark, somewhat of a mindfuck, and 100% erotic.Those that have read a Lily White book before will know that this author has the ability to raise goosebumps and suck you in to her stories like a vortex. Compared to her other books, I’d say that Target This is far more erotic than dark, yet it is written with dark inte [...]

    2. AND IT'S LIVE!!!! When I was little I had this book that was a collection of fairy tales and folklore (I know it's basically the same thing) But I remember reading one called Bluebeard and even then being the weird child that I was, I was always fascinated by the story. Okay, so you're probably wondering where I'm going with this. The two stories are in no way the same, but I did get that same feeling when I read Target This by Lily White, Lucas is my modern day version of Bluebeard! Well at lea [...]

    3. 4 stars for the little fly that got caught in the spider's webI’m spoiling EVERYTHING in this review, you have been warnedThis book is LITERALLY not for meThis is probably the first time i admit to people and myself that i found this book very dark for my taste, i love dark themed books but this one is beyond dark GOD !! I’m mindfucked now, i feel so betrayed and hurt and helpeless (dammit remember it’s not real they are fictional character), we have four characters in the story Autumn, Lu [...]

    4. 3 STARS! ★★★“I wouldn’t stop until I had her. She was a project that was too hard to resist. She was a character that needed to be developed and an angel that needed to fall.”After coming out from the Original Sinners series & DNF-ing 3 books later, I thought the only way I could be saved from my book slump would be to go back to my trusted dark reads. And who better to get it from Lily White herself. Sadly this read left me feeling underwhelmed and while I did enjoy it for the m [...]

    5. 3.5 Slightly Underwhelmed Stars.Autumn Cleary, the poster-child for the prim and proper, prudish librarian, meets Lucas Bates, famous dark erotica writer while he's researching for his newest novel about a serial killer. Lucas is taken back by the stiff, judgmental librarian that doesn't mince words on her opinions of his literary work. She finds erotica sickening and depraved and should take no space in her library. She treats him as if he's not anything more than a dark, twisted freak. He's in [...]

    6. 4 You Hit My Target StarsThere are two authors who give me shivers and goosebumps and Lily White is one of them.Lucas Bates is a writer of dark erotica.He relocates to a small town, he needs to finish his next book and soon.For some reason only at this time known to Lucas. is that he is obsessed with a stuffy, prim and proper librarian called Autumn who is repelled by his dark taste in writing.Autumn was my target – and for as much as I wanted her body riding my cock, I needed her mind to reve [...]

    7. ***** 5 NON-CENSORED STARS *****Before you begin this book NOTE the I love the fact that this was the first thing in the book for readers to read.Now that you have read the warningIf this is not for you then that is fine.BUT if you like to live a little dangerously and like your books DARK ( like me) then read this book. But remember you have been warned!I am not going to go into to much detail of the book just give you the bases because honestly you need to read the book to get the full experie [...]

    8. 4.5 Muse stars!!Autumn’s stubborn nature was the key to her destruction, the element that caught my attention and the factor that made her the perfect target.Another fantastic psychologic-erotic tale by Lily White. Wow! I'm a little speechless about that ending.Dark erotic author, Lucas Bates is in town doing research for his latest book. When he literally runs into librarian, Autumn Cleary, he knows he has found the muse for the heroine that is needed to make his book great. The prim and prop [...]

    9. When reading Target This I felt a mixture of feelings but ultimately I felt like I was playing a game of chess or trying to find my way through a maze where it's players were all part of the game and played there part well. I really enjoyed this one for one Lily's writing was as strong as ever and kept me on my toes with the suspense of what's going to happen next and although this is a darker read I'd say it has a lot of erotic in it too and for me it was a mixture of genres, erotic being the m [...]

    10. 5 "Total Mind Annihilation" StarsI didn't think it was possible for Lily White to turn out another amazing masterpiece like Her Master's Courtesan. But dare I say this was even better than HMC!!Lucas Bates is a renowned dark erotica novelist. He has moved into a small town to find peace and quiet as he works on his latest book. But he's also looking for his next muse. Each of his books has one. And he's about to find the perfect "target" in Autumn McCleary. Autumn McCleary is a prude. A p [...]

    11. I give this book 2 1/2 - 3 stars. I had a really hard time getting into this story until over half way through. The writing was fine. I just didn't feel any connection to the story or main characters. If I had it to do over, I would have read something else on my "to be read" list.The female protagonist, Autumn, was an uptight, prudish librarian with a stick up her ass. While many authors are able to take such a character and make their antics comical or endearing, this author did neither. The m [...]

    12. Did I read the same book as everyone else? Horrible horrible horrible book!I can officially say this is the first book that had me shaking with anger. Every single fucking aspect of it. Oh but the ending, the ending was the worst. I'm not going to pinpoint everything that pissed me the fuck off with this book because I'd be here all day and I'm pretty sure there is a word limit on this. However, I will say this:Lucas is a stupid bastard who gets off on hurting,degrading and abusing women.He thro [...]

    13. I loved the beginning of this book (guess I have a thing for snobbish librarians?) but my interest took a nosedive from the 40-86% mark. The ending should've felt like a great mind-twisting revelation, but it mostly felt anticlimactic to me. Lucas was a jerk, Detective Marx was untrustworthy, and there weren't any characters to root for. In the end, the uptight librarian still wasn't a very good judge of character. Overall, an okay read.

    14. ** M U S 3 stars!WHATE.FUCK.DID.I.JUSTAD???Most people took issue with a person who was attracted to the darker side of life. We were the people that others considered abnormal and strange. We enjoyed things that were taboo and without taste.I'm kinda a late person who read this. Lily White is my top author for dark and twisted story. Thanks to anyone who support me to read this. Especially myself who survive Target This. Lily White is really amazing author who target my sanity all the time.Autu [...]

    15. WTF?"There is a whore inside you waiting to be released."oh, yeah, those are really the words every woman wants to hear! oooh, I am so turned on right now!C'mon!I didn't like the guy, Lucas at all, inspite the description (black hair - blue eyes, tall, dark and dangerous)but really? he was a sadistical prickbut Sarah, well another character to hateat's a pin pointAutumn, I don't really know what to say here, at first i was kinda rooting for her "not to give in to" Lucas's ways but then she caved [...]

    16. 4,5 crazy mind games stars!"Like I care. You see, the true sign of a Master or Mistress is the ability to manipulate somebody’s mind without even having to touch the body. It’s the ability to get into someone’s thoughts, to know them better than they know themselves - to be able to suggest what you want them to do, with full confidence that they’ll do it. "HOLY SHIT!!! That was fuckin' brilliantly crazy!!!!!I'm not gonna talk about the storyline or the characters i'm gonna talk about the [...]

    17. Autumn Cleary is a dedicated librarian who respects all forms of literature though if she had her way her library wouldn't carry 'erotica' books, most especially those written by Lucas Bates. Little does she realize that she's about to meet 'Master' Lucas in the flesh and it's for that and other reasons that he's decided to target Autumn as his next.Warning: this is a dark (inho erotic thriller/horror) themed read. This isn't your fairy tale BDSM read with a HEA ending. It's dirty, raunchy, dist [...]

    18. Not what I was looking for. It's dark. Twisted and unexpected. The first half of the book was good, but the other half was too much. It felt unbelievable, too long and it left me hanging. Lots of unanswered questions.“And what makes you think you would have to turn ME away? It’s not like I’ll get drunk and suddenly turn into a whore.”

    19. Well, I do love me some dark erotica and Lily White is undeniably one of the Queens of the genre. So be prepared – this is absolutely not a romance novel. If you’re looking for hearts and flowers, a white knight to ride in at the eleventh hour and rescue the damsel in distress or possibly just plain old erotic romance, you won’t find it here. What you will find is a twisted, darkly erotic and disturbing tale of lust, control, manipulation and absolute dominion. It’s an edgy and darker wa [...]

    20. WHAT THE FACKIN ENDING WAS THAT?!!! I FEEL LIKE TO SMASH SOMETHING!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 You-Shitting-Me Stars!There, you have it. And to be completely honest, I will think twice if I ever come across to Lily White's book again. The irony though, I was thinking about giving this 4-5 stars because it has good story, very different from her 3 previous books i have read. But truth to be told, the epilogue was shitting me! How in the mind-fuck mind [...]

    21. DARK AND TWISTEDLILY WHITE AT HER BEST!!This book will seriously mess with your headLucas is an eccentric erotic writer and I suppose you could say looking for a muse or 'target' for his next book.He develops an obsession with Autumn, a prim and proper Librarian ( who hates him on sight and his books .)I just hated,hated,hated Lucas so much and was desperate to witness his downfall heart ached for Autumn and what she went through,"Your inner whore is awakening,my lovee dirty bitch that resides b [...]

    22. A total mindfuck!!A gritty dark and twisted novel full of delicious darkness. Now I've been beginning to like more and more of Lily White's book. The ending was awesome. Didn’t see it coming but I totally loved how it ended.

    23. Target This is a psychologically, entrancing, enchanting book written beautifully by Lily White. It is my first book by her and what I debut for me it was. I mean this book had me on the edge of my seat. This book is not a heart and flowers kind of book. There is no love or good. Just a book that goes between right and wrong. A book that streches the boundaries of the human psyche. What you believe that there is good in the world but there is also evil in the world. Target This showcased that ev [...]

    24. **I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review**Ahhhhh I am so happy to have read a well written dark/erotic book. With so many popping up and so many times I have been disappointed I WAS NOT with Target This. Autumn is a prudish librarian.Not liking anything erotic or sexual in her library she is appalled that the erotic/thriller author, Lucas Bates, is doing his research their.(Personally I would never go to a library that doesn't have sexy books in it)The woman flock [...]

    25. Loved it. Not as dark as I thought it would be but still a great read.Autumn was like a fish on the end of a fishing line slowly being reeled in by Lucas. Until he got what he wanted. Sarah the complete bitch but then every book has to have one. The suspense had me hooked right through to the end. I still hadn't figured it out but I loved how it ended. Brilliantly done.

    26. I have FINALLY popped my "Lily White" cherry!! I lost count how many times I asked on my blog people to pimp/tag their favorite author and this author's name came up every time!! So I turned off life picked up this book and I seriously could not put this fukka down, it truly just sucks you in and makes you want to keep reading to find out what the fuck happens next, it was also totally different to what I thought it would be, I thought I was going to be dragged into a dark gritty read but it end [...]

    27. Whoa! I have been left totally shocked out of my wits !!Whew!! I was reading this book until 3:00 in the morning i just couldn't stop i was super engrossed with all the characters of the book , and towards the end i even felt in awe for one of them ! When i started seeing how our main girl Autumn was described , i liked her maybe she was a bit to into her shell but , i thought she had spunk , the way that she laid it down on Mr.Lucas. At times though i wanted just to shake her and be like dont b [...]

    28. Target This by Lily White4-4.5 Stars -The Dark Queen messes with our heads yet again!I would love to jump into Lily Whites brain and just see how things work in there. How does she come up with this stuff! Seriously! It boggles the mind…This was a maze of twists and turns and the end was just wow! It’s ALL about the end I tell ya! Yep that ending is STILL in my head a day later. Okayyy moving along, I appreciated that we were able to get more stories WITHIN the story due to the fact that Mas [...]

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