The Alhambra

The Alhambra

Washington Irving / May 28, 2020

The Alhambra The Alhambra written by author Washington Irving is a collection of tales and essays which he wrote during his residence in the Alhambra The writings are based largely based on notes and observation

  • Title: The Alhambra
  • Author: Washington Irving
  • ISBN: 9781599867366
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Alhambra, written by author Washington Irving, is a collection of tales and essays which he wrote during his residence in the Alhambra The writings are based largely based on notes and observations made and care was taken to maintain local coloring to present a faithful and living picture of that microcosm which the world outside of the Alhambra has largely had an impThe Alhambra, written by author Washington Irving, is a collection of tales and essays which he wrote during his residence in the Alhambra The writings are based largely based on notes and observations made and care was taken to maintain local coloring to present a faithful and living picture of that microcosm which the world outside of the Alhambra has largely had an imperfect idea of This is an excellent publication of writings by Washington Irving and had been very popular among fans of his writings and also for those interested in his work from produced during the time of his stay at the Alhambra.

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        Washington Irving was an American author, essayist, biographer and historian of the early 19th century He began his literary career at the age of nineteen by writing newspaper articles under the pseudonym Jonathan Oldstyle In 1809, he published The History of New York under his most well known public persona, Diedrich Knickerbocker Irving is best known for his short stories The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, both of which appear in his book The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent which he published in 1819 Irving s historical works include a five volume biography of George Washington after whom he was named as well as biographies of Oliver Goldsmith, Muhammad, and several histories of 15th century Spain dealing with subjects such as Christopher Columbus, the Moors, and the Alhambra Irving felt a strong connection to Spain and was appointed by President John Tyler to serve as the first Spanish speaking U.S minister to Spain from 1842 to 1846.


    1. In the spring of 1829, Washington Irving, America's first great writer, with an unnamed low - ranking Russian diplomat, a new friend, begins a leisurely expedition on horseback, from Seville to Granada, a young guide takes them through the Andalusian mountains. He boasts the Spaniard, nicknamed Sancho, an alias he enjoys ( this is the land of the renowned Don Quixote), his rifle raised high above his head, that no bandits will threaten them in their journey, but keeps it safely unloaded and behi [...]

    2. [9/10]I understand now why this Alhambra book is sold at every news stand and souvenir boutique in the city of Granada, translated in every major tourist language. Washington Irving account of his visit to the palatial complex around 1830 is almost single handedly responsible for reviving interest in the almost ruined 'pile' of masonry, in its chivalrous histories and spooky legends. It is both a blessing and curse. A blessing because it allowed the palace to be restored and maintained. A curse [...]

    3. This was the book that cemented the Alhambra's romantic reputation in the minds of the Anglophone reading public. Based on Irving's three-month stay in the palace in 1829, Tales of the Alhambra is presented as a series of traveloguish essays and historical sketches, although they really have more to do with his grand ideas about lost Moorish glories than any realities of medieval Andalusia. Irving finds it impossible tocontemplate this once favourite abode of Oriental manners without feeling the [...]

    4. The edition I read, and have somewhere, tucked away and hidden from my own greedy fingers is a lovely little book illustrated with reproductions of contemporary lithographs.In 1829 when Irving visited the Alhambra it housed a small garrison of Spanish soldiers and wasn't a major tourist destination. Tourism in those days being an eccentric pass-time reserved for the wealthy, Irving stayed in the Alhambra sleeping more or less where he wanted in different parts of the palace, observing forgotten [...]

    5. To the traveler imbued with a feeling for the historical and poetical, so inseparably intertwined in the annals of romantic Spain, the Alhambra is as much an object of devotion as is the Caaba to all true Moslems.The name “Washington Irving” has haunted me since I was a boy. I went to a school named after him. We visited his beautiful house, Sunnyside, on a field trip. My childhood home is just 500 feet from Irving’s grave in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery—quite a modest grave. My high schoo [...]

    6. من أجمل وامتع الكتب التى قرأتها عن قصر الحمراء ومدينة غرناطة وبلادالاندلس كتاب مسلى يحمل اسم ( حكايات قصر الحمراء ) لكاتب امريكى اسمه واشنطن أيروفنج .قرأت الكتاب للمرة الاولى فى العام 1999 عندما عثرت عليه صدفة على أحد أرفف المكتبة المركزية ضمن جولاتى الاستكشافية فى غابة الكتب [...]

    7. Charming. This book is sort of a mix between travelogue and mythical tales. While in Grenada working on another book, Irving became enchanted with the Alhambra and penned this book in tribute: “Such is the Alhambra;--a Moslem pile in the midst of a Christian land; an Oriental palace amidst the Gothic edifices of the West; an elegant memento of a brave, intelligent, and graceful people, who conquered, ruled, flourished, and passed away.”First published in 1832 then later revised in 1851, this [...]

    8. Adding this book to my reading list after seeing Fanny Thornton gushing about it in North & South to Margaret Hale!

    9. I'm visiting the Alhambra for the first time in April and thought this would fire my imagination beforehand - it certainly did that. This mix of myth and anecdote from the author, who was actually staying in the run-down, mostly ruined Alhambra Palace of the early 19th Century, peoples the building with the squatters of his present-day and the Moorish ghosts of the past. What surprised me, given the period he was writing in, was Irving's open-minded respect for the Moslem civilisation of al-Anda [...]

    10. La versión que he leído creo que es sólo una selección de las mejores historias, espero encontrar pronto una versión completa.Me ha parecido entretenido, son historias que se leen rápido y me han servido para despejarme y para desear ir a Granada.

    11. A wonderful glimpse into a time and place that most of us were never aware of. I would have loved to have read this book while traveling in Spain.

    12. الحمراء في 1829 م غادر المؤرخ الأمريكي واشنطن ايرفينغ إشبيلية متوجهاً إلى غرناطة، كان قد فرغ لتوه من كتاب عن كريستوفر كولومبس، وفي ذهنه فكرة أخرى لكتاب عن سقوط غرناطة، ولكنه بين هذين المشروعين وضع مشروعه الصغير هذا (حكايات من الحمراء)، والذي للأسف اختصرته الترجمة العربية إلى ( [...]

    13. Me encanta este libro, quizá porque tengo debilidad por los cuentos y leyendas tradicionales y, lo reconozco, forma parte de mi infancia y por eso le tengo cariño. Vaya por delante que, como no podía ser de otra manera teniendo en cuenta el momento y mentalidad desde la que se escribe, es una obra machista (reproduce y justifica muy claramente roles tradicionales), racista (carga con más o menos violencia contra toda cultura que no sea cristiana) y LGTBfóba (ni cuestionar la cishéteronorma [...]

    14. Tales from the Alhambra is a charming, eclectic collection of writings by Washington Irving (of Sleepy Hollow fame). The Alhambra is a palace/fortress located in Granada, in the south of Spain. The Alhambra was developed into a magnificent fortress by its Moorish rulers in the 14th century, and is a major tourist attraction today. However, when Irving first travelled to Spain in the 1820’s, the Alhambra had been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair, and was filled with a colorful collecti [...]

    15. My copy of this classic was bought in the gift shop at the Alhambra in Granada and has a beautiful aubergine-coloured cover. It is a special edition to mark the 175th anniversary of the first publication of the American writer’s stories. Irving was a writer and diplomat, lodging in rooms at the beautiful Moorish palace. This book is a collection of stories and folklore that he collected during his time at the Alhambra, delightful tales of lost treasure, lovelorn princesses and brave soldiers. [...]

    16. I am actually reading "The Conquest of Granada, Agapida Edition." The copyright date is 1892 and there are two leather bound editions from the Knickerbocher Press, New York. Great followup to my trip to Granada a few weeks ago. I have finished Volume 1, Volume 2 covers the actual conquest of Granada. Finished Volume 2 on 12-11-12, loved it and now ready to move on to new cities and countries.

    17. Hoogtepuntje: de inleiding op de Legend of the Two Statues doet denken aan Bolano en de grotscene komt zelfs terug in Savage Detectives (abyss):"The sight of this talisman called up all the favorite superstitions about the Moors. The dance was neglected, and they sat in groups on the ground, telling old legendary tales handed down from their ancestors. Some of their stories turned upon the wonders of the very mountain upon which they were seated, which is a famous hobgoblin region. One ancient c [...]

    18. العنوان الاصلي للكتاب "قصص الحمراء" ، في الترجمة العربية سُمي الكتاب ب"الحمراء" وكعنوان فرعي أُضيفت الجملة " أثر الحضارة العربية الثقافي والاجتماعي على الأندلس واسبانيا".لماذا أُضيفت هذه الجملة؟ أعتقد أنّ الإجابة تكمن في أن كل القصص التي وردت في الكتاب،حتى الإسبانية بتصرف،ت [...]

    19. Abandonado cerca de la mitad. No es que esté mal escrito sino que el tema y los personajes no me interesan en lo más mínimo. Por más que lo intenté, no logro engancharme con este libro. Después de hojear las páginas restantes y ver que es más de lo mismo decidí abandonarlo por mi salud mental.

    20. Cartas desde la Alhambra, literales, las que escribe Washington Irving (1783-1859), las primeras en su estancia breve en 1828 y más tarde, durante los tres meses, de mayo a julio de 1829, el cual tiene la fortuna de ser alojado, por gracia del gobernador de la Alhambra, en unos apartamentos de la misma -en los que el gobernador no llegará a tomar posesión, pues prefiere vivir éste en la ciudad-, junto a una ama de llaves y su sobrina, la joven Dolores, y nadie más a su alrededor. Irving se [...]

    21. I read this book, along with another Washington Irving book, in preparation for a recent trip to Spain and Andalusia. I strongly recommend both Tales of the Alhambra and Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada. The latter can be found on Kindle as part of the "Works of Washington Irving" and you also get Tales of the Alhambra and most if not all of his other works. It was so cool to see several monuments to Irving as we toured the Alhambra. The Tales make a great pocket book for the plane or to rea [...]

    22. Back in 1986 I travelled to Granada and was introduced to Irving by my traveling companion. It was twenty years after that I came to read this fairytale like stories. Most striking for me was that in the time of writing the old and new continent were still much more interwoven.Irving was not only a writer but had a foreign affair mission. I can't help to think that his purpose was not only to write some tales. America at that time was ready to losen her relation with Europe. Likewise children fi [...]

    23. What I liked about this book was the "short-story" aspect of each chapter. Made it very easy to pick up again (expecially since I mostly read it during my lunch hour). Some of the stories were touching, some funny, and yes, some were on the boring side but not many. Overall not an engrossing read, probably due to the individual aspect of the chapters. As I reached the last quarter of the book I found myself more glancing through the chapters just to get the main idea of what it was about. I knew [...]

    24. I went on a rare European vacation and picked this up in Granada, Spain. It is full of moorish tales that made the Alhambra come alive for me. We saw the plains where Ferdinand and Isabel defeated the last moorish enclave in the Iberian peninsula. Leave it to Washington Irving to raise the hairs on the back of your neck! The stories had all the more meaning when read from the ramparts of the castle of Granada. Imagine how the Moors felt to see their armies defeated! And, yet, it is at least as i [...]

    25. I bought this book at the Alhambra on the advice of a friend, who said it was no longer in print in the United States (true until recently, it seems). His recommendation was some of the best advice I've received all year.Irving's book is a wonderful combination of history, memoir and fairy tales, describing recognizable places in a fantastical yet believable way. While it may seem strange to say Arabian fairy tales are believable, but if you have ever visited the Alhambra, you will know that it [...]

    26. I enjoyed this account of Irving's time at the Alhambra, particularly since I read it on my trip to Spain and Morocco, which included a visit to the Alhambra itself. While it demonstrates the typical and regrettable attitudes Americans and northern Europeans had towards Spaniards (that they are all simple, lazy, and yet proud), it also reveals Irving's somewhat surprising (to me) admiration of Moorish culture. He seems more hostile to Catholicism than to Islam, and acknowledges throughout the sc [...]

    27. The copy I am reading was purchased in Spain - but text is in English - not exactly perfect (typos can give a sense of humor where the author did not intend!) - Written over a century ago - it is still an easy read and rather Gothic in tone - "the mysterious East!" - entertaining short stories linked together yet can stand alone - perfect for that 15 minutes you might be stuck waiting somewhere.

    28. another goodwill find. Mine is a hardback from 1984. It is illustrated with beautiful vintage color pictures. I have nbo idea what this book is about-but is was a must have the moment it was in my hands.

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