Tainted Rose

Tainted Rose

Abby Weeks / Mar 31, 2020

Tainted Rose Rose Meadows has been taken Now she is forced to work as a stripper in a desolate bar owned by the Dark Rebel MC This is the same club that killed her father and wiped out his club The Sioux Rangers

  • Title: Tainted Rose
  • Author: Abby Weeks
  • ISBN: 9781927947241
  • Page: 337
  • Format: ebook
  • Rose Meadows has been taken Now, she is forced to work as a stripper in a desolate bar owned by the Dark Rebel MC This is the same club that killed her father and wiped out his club, The Sioux Rangers The Dark Rebels humiliate and abuse her and she is beginning to lose hope of ever being rescued Josh Carter lives like a wolf He roams the streets of Montreal like a ghoRose Meadows has been taken Now, she is forced to work as a stripper in a desolate bar owned by the Dark Rebel MC This is the same club that killed her father and wiped out his club, The Sioux Rangers The Dark Rebels humiliate and abuse her and she is beginning to lose hope of ever being rescued Josh Carter lives like a wolf He roams the streets of Montreal like a ghost He is the last surviving member of the Sioux Rangers and without his club he is completely alone in the world He has no friends, he has no family He rides alone When Josh learns that the DRMC have been holding Rose captive, he knows he has to do something about it He can no longer let the past control his destiny Join Josh in the first novel of this stunning new series This story is a beautiful and heartfelt portrayal of the limits of love in the brutal and dangerous world of Quebec s outlaw motorcycle clubs Find out if love can overcome all the odds Find out if the Sioux Rangers will ride again.

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    1. TITLE: Tainted RoseSERIES: (The Darkness Trilogy #2)AUTHOR: Abby WeeksGENRE: Dark | Adult FictionPUBLICATION: April 11th, 2014MY RATING: 5 STARSWarning! This book contains triggers that some readers will find distressing. It is not for the faint of heart. Just like Book #1 the author states that:The following story is based partially on events from my lifeWILL ADD MORE TO THIS REVIEW TOMORROW Hearbreakingly rawThe only thing I'm finding in these books so far that could improve them reading wise [...]

    2. Ummmm.So let me get this straight, she was just raped repeatedly for 2 years and the moment Josh Carter shows up the first night they are alone they make sweet love and at the end exchange "I love yous" like shit didn't JUST happen. Oh and they left the sick bastard alive and just walked out. SERIOUSLY! How many of us scream at the tv when the poor victim finally over powers the killer, knocks him unconscious, then throws the gun right beside him and turns to walk awaywhile he's still breathing! [...]

    3. DNF @ 57%ggghhhhhhhI am not sure I can say exactly what it is about this book for me to quit reading. Just a lot of little things, from the boring flashbacks that happen a lot to the too descriptive of minor details that have really nothing to do with this story.A lot of the story was the same thing over again.I had high hopes for this trilogy!

    4. 4.25 Brutal StarsHoly Shit! This book is brutal. I love a good "bad boy MC" book. Like seriously love them. But this book is not that. It is not the loveable rapscallion leather-wearing but loyal MC guy book I love. This is something different. This is HELL x 3.14 NO. Rose is tainted. Yes indeed. She didn't start that way. She was raised in a MC club. A club were the members were loyal to each. They were family. But for Rose things change when her father is killed. She no longer has the family s [...]

    5. Like the first book in the series, this one begins with Rose in a hopeless position. She's been property of the DRMC for 2 years now, being forced to strip and service club members at a bar in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the inhospitable Northern Canadian wilderness with no hope of escape or rescue. Honestly, I don't know why she didn't take her own life. When things get even worse and she decides she'd rather die trying to escape or commit suicide than live another moment in those depl [...]

    6. 4.5 stars*some minor spoilers aheadTainted Rose is the story of Rose Meadows, a 23 year-old woman who two years ago was forcefully taken to a dismal bar in the middle of nowhere in Canada. Rose’s life is a living nightmare from the moment she is taken by the Dark Rebel MC. She’s forced to work as a stripper and whore; she is abused, raped and mistreated in every possible way by a group of men who consider her worthless property. Her story is brutal and harsh, no details are left out and the [...]

    7. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I am a huge fan of books featuring motorcycle club culture, and almost anything featuring a dancer of any kind is sure to snag my attention. I prefer my biker themed reads to be gritty and unforgivably “real”. This is that and much, much more. Warning, this is an extremely dark read. This storyline deals with a lot of explicit abuse, and rape, so please be aware that this book might be a trigger landmine for some readers. I personally lo [...]

    8. This was a very emotional story. This is not for the faint at heart, this has some very hard scenes to read but that what's makes the story so deep. It was very well written. I read this in one setting the story was so gripping. My only complaint is the romance was rushed at the end, this is supposed to be part of a series, so maybe the next installment follows Josh and Rose and there newfound romance.

    9. 4 Dark, Disturbing, Abusive stars.Tbh this series is one of the grittiest MC books I've read. It's not even a love story well not until the second half of the book where the 'hero' was finally introduced. This book was f*cking brutal. There were scenes that were hard to read but since I'm a fan of the author's vivid, compelling writing style, I couldn't put it down. Rose Meadows was the exact definition of the word "tainted". I could hardly imagine how brutal her life had been in the hands of th [...]

    10. *I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team*2.5 Revenge Stars!WARNING: May be disturbing to some readers!"Respect few, fear none."Rose grew up within the life of bikers. Everything was taken on one bloody Sunday, her father and anyone considered family was gone. 10 years later she's now a slave to the rival MC that took her family out. Rose is trapped in the middle of no-where, forced to strip for truckers and bikers. That's until Josh Carter comes to tow [...]

    11. Taking a deep breath, not sure how to rate this book. I usually rate a book according to how much I enjoyed a story, but I don't imagine this is a story to enjoy. So I'm going between 2.5 to 3.5 stars, but only because i don't want to sit on the fence.It is predominantly a story of the tragic situation a girl has the misfortune to find herself in, simply by making a massive error in judgement. Rose had my sympathy, i felt her pain and wanted the best for her but couldn't imagine how she could fl [...]

    12. This is VERY hard to rate!!! On one hand i felt the need to rate it 5++++ stars just because of the way it made me feelicky!! I mean I respect someone being able to write a story that makes me just keep saying OMG what?!? On the other hand I have a hard time rating a book with so much terrible stuff happening OVER and OVER a 5. I went into this series blind, so I had NO IDEA that I was getting into such a depraved world of bikers. These are not your normal bikers! I think the ending was REALLY r [...]

    13. Great biker read with some nasty bikers who are brutal to rose then when she thought nothing could ever get better in walks the stranger josh x

    14. Un definitivo no 👎 El,primer libro es tan desgarrador leer como sufre Rose, que mi mente masoquista quiso leer el dos y saber cómo seguía sufriendo y sobre todo cómo iba a salir de esa vida de humillaciones.Pero NO, este libro es aburrido de leer los flashbacks, además sin sentido aparece un chico 10 años después para salvarla y dos cosas que me sobre pasan es que teniendo la oportunidad de matar a Serge no lo hacen porque Rose no podría vivir con dejar tres cadàveres detrás de ella, [...]

    15. One I started reading this book, I was completely addicted. I spent my free time reading.Abby Weeks takes the reader on a brutal ride with the main character, Rose Meadows. One horrific event changes her life. The story is very well written in the third person.I was able to feel the pain and suffering that Rose had to endure. Her abuse was described in vivid detail, I was horrified. She endured two long years of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of vile, disgusting bikers. These bikers w [...]

    16. Tainted Rose by Abby weeks4 StarsBeing a huge Sons of Anarchy fan, when I read the blurb on this book, being about an MC, it was a no brainer really, I had to read it. Oddly enough I haven’t read a book about a bikers before even though I grew up with a Dad who has rode all his life and still rides now even in his 70’s! Now the DFMC is absolutely nothing like the romantic notions I have about these gangs. There is no loyalty amongst them, they stick together through fear and fear alone and n [...]

    17. First of all let me say this is a very brutal book. To say it contains triggers would be putting it mildly. *Contains rape abuse and extreme violence* I usually don’t mind MC violence but this was way beyond a normal MC book. That being said I still enjoyed the story I just wish the hero & heroine had more time together.I pitied Rose mostly because she was getting numb to her situation. She had lost the fight and let them break her. Yes she had strength to endure everything for years so I [...]

    18. I received an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review.Note to readers if you are not into dark reads, violence and sexual abuse, this book IS NOT for you. It is a very dark read. Personally I prefer my MC books dark and gritty, this book is exactly that and more. I read the book in less than a day I was so absorbed in the story, I could feel Rose's pain. There were passages in the book where I was literally holding my breath to the point of getting dizzy ! The author has a way o [...]

    19. Review of Tainted Rose (The Darkness Trilogy #2) by Abby WeeksReview done for Hooked on Books & CherryOBlossoms Promotions3 out of 5 starsRose Meadows is suffering at the hands of one of the most gruesome motorcycle gangs in the world, the Dark Rebel MC. She was kidnapped and made to work as a stripper in one of their dive bars in the middle of nowhere.She is repeatedly raped and tortured. She doesn’t think she can last much longer. There doesn’t seem any hope to get out of this nightmar [...]

    20. ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~This book two of a three book series. I found this book difficult to get through. I found myself skimming through most of it. It became so repetitive that I was almost bored and that shouldn’t be the case in a story such as this. The only redeeming quality in this book is meeting Josh. Thank God he finally showed up, I was losing hope! Josh is out for revenge, little does he know that his revenge will ultimate [...]

    21. ** I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads**I liked this book. Alot. Maybe to much considering the horrific things that are inside it.Rose has become employed at a very secluded little club in the middle of no where. Few men go to this club, but when they do Rose is expected to perform.She is very unhappy and most of the time takes her self to an other place mentally.She wants to get out but has no way to.That is until someone from her past shows up.He is the key [...]

    22. This is a hard story to rate. Rose lived through her fathers MC being massacred by a rival club, the DRMC. Even though Rose survived the massacre she was later found by the DRMC and forced to be a stripper and a whore at a remote strip club. The book details what Rose went through during her time at the mercy of the DRMC. It also tells the story of A man named Josh Carter, who helped Rose and the other children of her fathers MC escape the massacre, and of his quest to avenge his own fathers dea [...]

    23. *I received a free copy to read & review for Wicked Reads*I really don't know how to rate/review this book. The first 50% was very bleak and depressing-the descriptiveness was almost too much for me. I almost got bored with the repetition of Rose's existence (being brutalized). I was ready to give up at about 54% but then there was a POV change and we meet Josh. Thank goodness we FINALLY get some break from the monotony of Rose's life with the DRMC. The end of this book just frustrates me - [...]

    24. The first 75 percent of this book was so depressing, degrading and a disgusting nightmare I didn't know if I wanted to kill myself or kill Rose the main character in this book so she didn't have to suffer anymore.I wanted to kill every single mother fucker in the book by cutting their penis off and stuffing it in their mouth. While carving there faces up and slowly watching them die while forcing them to beg forgivness from Rose.Not even the last 25 percent could redeem it for me. You can only r [...]

    25. ** I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. ** I went into this one with no expectations. It was tough to get into, I skimmed a lot. There seemed to be things that were repeated, within the same page sometimes within the same paragraph. I did really like Josh's character, bringing him in was brilliant. It saved what was left of this book for me. I enjoyed reading about him and his revenge against the MC.

    26. "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."This is a dark and dangerous book, which takes a long time to say very little and then seems to rather rush to the ending. There was an intensity to it, which made me really think about what I would do in that situation, but then the flicker of spirit would be doused out. I'm glad I have read it, as it is thought provoking, but light reading it certainly isn't!

    27. well, I triedwas WAY too long and drawn outI found myself having the tl;dr mindset during most of it so I knew I had to stop readingStinks because I LOVED the first book. Probably because it was shorter.

    28. A Heartbreaking, gritty story to read. I'll admit it was difficult to read certain scenarios, but you just felt your heart go out for Rose just Struggling to stay a live and enduring so much pain. It was agonizing just waiting for a miracle. My heart goes out to the author.

    29. Bad ending. The love connection came a bit too quick for me. Didn't make sense. Rose has been kidnapped, brutalized by a biker club. Josh comes in and saves the day.

    30. Tainted Rose$2.99 for 308 pagesThis is supposed to be the second book in a trilogy and while it picks up where Tangled Rose left off, this book also finally answers those questions we were left with from Tangled, as well as rehashed (though not in as much detail) how she came to be in the strip club where we find Rose. Really, I was left with impression that the novella of Tangled came to be written after this novel and I was a sucker.This had numerous editing errors that did impact the flow of [...]

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