Cub Creek

Cub Creek

Grace Greene / Apr 02, 2020

Cub Creek In the heart of Virginia where the forests shelter secrets and the creeks run strong and deep Libbie Havens doesn t need anyone She s fine on her own When she chances upon the secluded house on Cub C

  • Title: Cub Creek
  • Author: Grace Greene
  • ISBN: 9780988471443
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the heart of Virginia, where the forests shelter secrets and the creeks run strong and deep Libbie Havens doesn t need anyone She s fine on her own When she chances upon the secluded house on Cub Creek she purchases it She ll show her cousin Liz, and other doubters, that she can rise above her past and live happily and successfully on her own terms Libbie has emotIn the heart of Virginia, where the forests shelter secrets and the creeks run strong and deep Libbie Havens doesn t need anyone She s fine on her own When she chances upon the secluded house on Cub Creek she purchases it She ll show her cousin Liz, and other doubters, that she can rise above her past and live happily and successfully on her own terms Libbie has emotional problems born of a troubled childhood Raised by a grandmother she could never please, Libbie is comfortable not being comfortable with people She knows she s different from most She has special gifts, or curses, but are they real Or are they products of her history and dysfunction At Cub Creek Libbie makes friends and even attracts the romantic interest of two local men, Dan Wheeler and Jim Mitchell Relationships with her cousin and other family members improve dramatically and Libbie experiences true happiness until a tragedy occurs Having lost the good things gained at Cub Creek, Libbie must find a way out her troubles, to finally rise above them and seize control of her life and future, or risk losing everything, including herself.

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    1. A wonderful and enjoyable novelGrace Greene uses a slightly different writing style with this novel that works extremely well. The reader begins the novel and has hit the end without realizing it. Such wonderful and realistic characters bring this novel to life. The sheriff, who has some helpful and not so helpful qualities, as far as Libbie is concerned. The lawn and garden owner, Jim, who always is there when Libbie needs help with her garden projects, but also with life. The cousin who has an [...]

    2. I wanted to be at Cub Creek, to help Libbie with the old house and be her friend. Grace writes such descriptive stories!Libbie Havens had a difficult childhood and is trying to overcome the past, and move on with her life. When she happens upon the house, on Cub Creek, it's probably the best thing that ever happened to her. She buys the house, goes about renovating it and starts meeting people and making friends. Then, something happens that threatens to bring everything crashing down around her [...]

    3. EnjoyedGood read. Interesting characters. Mystery and a little love story. To me the characters make a book. And this book has quite a few. Lobbied is a strange young woman with a strange past. She is a loner and likes it that way. You will route for her to come out of her shell. She has only one relative, and she has two kids. Gruesome a significant part of the story. Read and enjoy.

    4. I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters and the storyline flowed well. This was a story of forgiveness and healing. It was a story of accepting ourselves for who we are and not trying to be what others want us to be. I will be reading many more books by this author. Wonderful!

    5. This is the second book I've read by this author and both books were very good. I will be putting her other books on my list to read.

    6. A good readA good readlearning to forgive oneself is hard to do but the main character finally did through the help of a new friend and an incidental couple.

    7. I loved this book. Libbie, the main character, at first makes you wonder if she is totally compus mentis. Then, as the book progresses, you find yourself totally at ease with the wiring in her brain that differs from most people. Libbie sees herself as odd, and not especially likeable, but given her childhood, you like her all the more for her quirks. Libbie is a reclusive, independently wealthy women who can live and go anywhere, but she chooses, on a whim, a fairly isolated estate in Virginia. [...]

    8. The cover and the synopsis of Cub Creek had me intrigued. How could I resist the story of quirky young woman buying on a whim a house in the Virginia country side? I have to say that I was slightly disappointed by the whole story turned out. For one, Libbie's obscure childhood remained a mystery for the longest time. Secondly, Libbie continually vacillated between knowing her mind and then doubting herself. For sure, this came from the insecure few family members who wanted to control her. As fo [...]

    9. Good Story; Sloppy EditingI like Grace Greene's writing & love her characters. That being said, there are places in this book where the voice switches from third-to-first-to-third person. Frustrating to read. In addition, there are places where the author makes assumptions about what the reader knows. A few words explaining what the reader should see as the scene moves from the terrace to the garage, for example, would help avoid confusion (why is the author suddenly describing a scene in th [...]

    10. This novel paints a disturbing picture in a beautiful setting. Libbie is running from a tragic past, but her impulsive purchase of a home in the middle of nowhere turns eerie quickly when she feels like she's being watched and has flashbacks to some of the horrors in her formative years. Her relocation isn't enough to keep tragedy from following where she goes. There's hints at some sort of mental illness on top of Libbie's abusive family background.

    11. This was a very strange book. I don't usually read 'women's lit' books. I didn't really like it at all. Libbie has some real issues, and she seems to suppress them all instead of dealing with them. There are some major boundaries being crossed by family, and she seems to swap 2 men around like they are interchangeable. Someone nearly dies, and the end is a newspaper article about a future event that, I guess, is supposed to tantalize you for the next book. All it did was confuse me.

    12. Just well WOWThis was a well written tale about finding yourself when you aren't even looking. A story spun around questions of life, love, and the past it is overwhelmingly touching and soulful. Cover to cover a good read

    13. Page turner. A little mystery, a little romanceEnjoyed the descriptions of restoring the house and the journey of healing. I did want to shake Liz when she turns her back on Libby.

    14. FantasticAnother fantastic book to read by grace Greene! I can't say enough wonderful things about her writings! They grab you as if you're a part of the story! Highly recommend grace Greene books!!!

    15. Start hereSo much in one story. Great read, get your tissues ready. Aka sure to read this one first it will make Leaving Cub Creek easier to understand.

    16. I enjoyed my first Grace Greene novel. I loved her descriptions, and I enjoyed seeing her heroine become her own person.

    17. Libbie is a messed up person. That's not my opinion, that's actually her character. Her cousin Liz was completely unreasonable in a few circumstances, mostly based on past events. These past events are revealed slowly throughout the story, but not before you're completely frustrated with the characters. I wanted to like Libbie, but I really didn't. I didn't dislike her though - I just didn't care about her story. The two boyfriend characters, Dan and Jim, are very similar, but that is explained [...]

    18. Better story than i expectedI really liked the way the author handled the mental illlnesses that were present in the story. The treatment the main character received from her family was not the best but it happens. There is a sequel to this book but this book stands alone.

    19. Cub Creek is a book unlike any other I have read recently! Greene drew me in with the descriptive details of the Cub Creek home and scenery. I wanted to be there on the porch watching the entire story unfold! The whole story has this otherworldly feeling, I was never white sure what was going to unfold next! I loved Libbie and silently cheered her on as she made changes and learned to believe in herself! If you enjoy a mysterious clean read with beautiful scenery while a great story unfolds, the [...]

    20. I guess I have been reading to many personal growth fiction books. This book is about realizing that the way you live your life doesn't have to be the way someone else lives theirs. Accepting who you are and looking at the events of your life in a new and adult way. It is suppose to be a mystery and it is just a little bit, but I wish the author had just come out with the so called mystery and didn't try to build the book upon it. It really is a very nice story about self acceptance and personal [...]

    21. Cub Creek is by Grace Greene. It is a Virginia Country Roads novel in the Cub Creek series. Libby Havens buys a secluded house and fifteen acres that she saw as she drove down a Virginia country road. She hadn’t fit in anywhere and has been lost in the shadows. She sees many photographic opportunities here. Right now, she is photographing fences. She had a troubled childhood and is trying to overcome it. Will her seclusion here help her or make her worse?

    22. I loved this book! Libbie who is trying to get over her past just happens upon a house in Cub Creek and falls in love with it. The house is out in the woods and needs a lot of work. Libbie loves the house and enjoys renovating it and making new friends. Than something terrible happens and her past comes back haunting her. Can Libbie work thru her past and get on with her life? Read the book today to find out. It will grab your interest from beginning to the end of the book.

    23. After surviving a sad and traumatic youth, 33 year old Libbie Havens has finally found her "sweet spot" (huh?) - an old home outside of Charlottesville, VA. Living alone in the country agrees with her, but she must overcome a few obstacles before she can find the balance and peace that has alluded her. Lots of friendly characters populate this small town!

    24. Ms. Greene’s characters are interesting and her setting well-constructed. Read full review in the 2014 September issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    25. Good storyI couldn't put this book down. I loved her kindness to Joyce and how she tried with Tommy, but in the end she was able to help him and his mother. Like I said good story, and easy to read.

    26. In my headEXCELLENT!!!! Many thanks to Ms. Greene for yet another work of of purposeful, meaningful writing. Libbie will steal your heart and you will be pondering for some time.

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