Mighty Avengers, Volume 3: Original Sin: Not Your Father's Avengers

Mighty Avengers, Volume 3: Original Sin: Not Your Father's Avengers

Al Ewing Greg Land Salvador Larroca / Jun 07, 2020

Mighty Avengers Volume Original Sin Not Your Father s Avengers Dr Adam Brashear super scientist James Lucas cop on the edge Kaluu master of black magic Constance Molina two fisted reporter The Bear explosives expert and were woman Blade vampire slayer In

  • Title: Mighty Avengers, Volume 3: Original Sin: Not Your Father's Avengers
  • Author: Al Ewing Greg Land Salvador Larroca
  • ISBN: 9780785190721
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr Adam Brashear, super scientist James Lucas, cop on the edge Kaluu, master of black magic Constance Molina, two fisted reporter The Bear, explosives expert and were woman Blade, vampire slayer In 1972, they banded together to fight what couldn t be fought alone as the Mighty Avengers Collecting Mighty Avengers 11 14

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    1. 3.5 starsThis is the first Mighty Avengers title I've read, and it was pretty cool. Since this was an Original Sin tie-in, I thought I might be lost (more than usual), but I was able to follow the story fairly well. In fact, since it was a lot of flashbacky stuff, I think I was able to get the gist of it even better than I normally would have.Hello, 1970Insert Isaac Hayes' Shaft theme song playing during this reveiwGo on, open up a new tab, and let it playCan you dig it?Alright, now that I've [...]

    2. This book (and in fact, the entire series) started off great, but just seemed to be going through the motions by the end. A lot of set up with not much payoff. I'm not even entirely sure what the big baddies whole plan was. Did I miss something? Did I not? Did I care? Not really. And the Deathwalkers? Really? I hope this was only supposed to be a funny name for our elemental vampire villains and not something that was meant to be taken seriously because all it did was make me laugh.The first vol [...]

    3. Decent continuation of the story from the last trade. Not sure why they need to go all cosmic sometimes small stories are the best maybe have a little character development oh and did I mention that Greg Land is a pretty awesome artist?

    4. Marvel keeps finding these terrific, new writers. Excellent adventure and something very new and different from the other Avengers titles. Loved the 70s flashbacks. Can't wait to see what Ewing will come up with in CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE MIGHTY AVENGERS.

    5. Collects Mighty Avengers (2013) issues #11-14This is an "Original Sin" tie-in story in which Luke Cage finds out that his father was a part of a super-powered, Avengers-like team in the 1970's. I love Al Ewing as a writer, and I think I may finally be at the point where I want to track down and read everything that he has written. For me, this is a writer that I like so much, he is approaching the level that I'm at with writers like Jonathan Hickman, Dan Slott, Brian Michael Bendis, and Geoff Jo [...]

    6. This was fun, kind of simple/standard superhero plot. I loved the retro feel of the whole thing. This was also the first comic I ever read with Blade in it, so that was interesting.

    7. The Deathwalkers are an ancient enemy that have reappeared with everything they need to conquer the Earth. Shockingly one of the people who know all about them is Luke Cage's father James.James Lucas had quite the interesting past.Not Your Father's Avengers has some good parts to it. Mainly the fact that Luke Cage's father helped out some superheroes when the Deathwalkers were causing problems in the 70s. It's an interesting reveal that can't help but make me think how much do I know about my pa [...]

    8. This continues to be an interesting series that fills in some of the gaps of an updated history of the Marvel universe in an interesting and somewhat ironic fashion. Due to the events of the Original Sin event, we find out that Luke Cage's father (from whom he has long been estranged) was a part of a superhero-like team that fought a team of immortal elementals, and that tied this whole series together. We get the history from a reluctant father, and through the process of the story, we find out [...]

    9. A great mix of b-level heroes deal with a weird variety of menaces from across the marvel universe, while reminding us what it means to be a hero, as well as an Avenger.Most of the Avenger series out there have forgotten how to do that.Love how Blue Marvel is not just a superman rip-offahemhomage, but is specifically a silver age superman homage. Like the growing chemistry between White Tiger and Power man 2.And especially loved 70's blaxploitation Avengers!When do those guys get their own mini- [...]

    10. Ewing offers a satisfying conclusion to this arc of Mighty Avengers. Though this book is light on the character moments that drive the series and make up its primary strengths, there's a lot of resolution for Luke Cage in particular. Because of this, the volume reads more like a solo volume for Luke with much less of a focus on team dynamics. The barely disguised deus ex machina coming out of Original Sin that resolves the plotline between Luke, Blue Marvel, and Luke's father is easier to forgiv [...]

    11. A save the world story that managed not to feel old hat. And this is entirely because the characters work so well. The characterization in these books is stellar. Ewing seems quite capable of making anyone at all into a fascinating character--so hand him characters with the built-in potential of Luke Cage, Blade, Spectrum, the Blue Marvel, etc. and what do you expect he'll do with them ? Pure awesomeness. This is a fascinating story, and wonderfully powerful.

    12. Not as strong as the previous two volumes, as it's largely the inevitable conclusion of some of the plotlines that have run through this comic. Nonetheless, the two issues set in 1972 are fun, and overall this is a good conclusion to Ewing's Mighty Avengers.

    13. A fun story with a great ensemble, even if the overall story dips in places.And it's fantastic to see Blade back.

    14. I could read stories like the 70s flashback stuff all damn day. The non-flashback stuff is pretty great, too. Al Ewing is doing the best superhero team comics published today.

    15. As so often, the story at the margins of a big event proves more interesting than the core. Plausible retcons, shocking reveals, and plenty of punching.

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