Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man

Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man

Mark Waid Kieron Gillen Mark Bagley / Jun 05, 2020

Original Sin Hulk vs Iron Man Could Tony Stark be responsible for the accident that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk A new development threatens the love hate relationship you ve been following on screen and in comics Collecting

  • Title: Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man
  • Author: Mark Waid Kieron Gillen Mark Bagley
  • ISBN: 9780785191568
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Could Tony Stark be responsible for the accident that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk A new development threatens the love hate relationship you ve been following on screen and in comics.Collecting Original Sin 3.1 3.4 Hulk vs Iron Man

    Original Sin Hulk vs Iron Man by Mark Waid The premise of Original Sin, a separate tale collected elsewhere, is that upon the death of the Watcher, a multitude of secrets only he knew stand revealed One of those secrets is that while Bruce Banner was perfecting the gamma bomb that would later create the Hulk, Tony Stark was called in to consult and he made some adjustments. Original Sin Vol . Marvel Database FANDOM powered Jun , The identity of his killer is revealed in Original Sin Iron Man relives the gamma bomb explosion that created the Hulk, that happened in Incredible Hulk At the time of this story, Hulk and Iron Man have clashed many times. Original Sin Hulk vs Iron Man Paperback This story encompasses what the Incredible Hulk saw during the reveal event in Original Sin, which caused him to rage after Iron Man The resolution to this story was lame but the art work was very good. Original Sin Hulk Vs Iron Man CBR Jun , Sporting a J.G Jones cover that features very Silver Age y looking Hulk and Iron Man, Original Sin . contains a story co written by Kieron Gillen and Mark Waid with a script by Waid and art from penciler Mark Bagley, inker Andrew Hennessey, colorist Jason Kieth and letterer Cory Petit. Hulk VS Iron Man Original Sin Tie In The Complete Sep , Hulk VS Iron Man Original Sin Tie In The Complete Story Comicstorian Hulk VS Iron Man Original Sin Tie In The Complete Story Comicstorian Totally Awesome Hulk Original Sin Hulk vs Iron Man eBook Mark This story encompasses what the Incredible Hulk saw during the reveal event in Original Sin, which caused him to rage after Iron Man The resolution to this story was lame but the art work was very good. Original Sin .n Hulk vs Iron Man Review Jun Jul , The opening page has Original Sin . in the statement of ownership and Hulk vs Iron Man as the title of the issue So that s what I m going with as it seems are the online comics databases Tony Stark used his st Hulkbuster armour against the Hulk in Iron Man . Original Sin Volume Comic Vine Original Sin Original Sin by Aaron Deodato Original Sin Hulk vs Iron Man . . Original Sin Companion . . . . Hulk by Mark Waid Gerry Duggan The Complete Original Sin The Complete Story Comicstorian YouTube Sep , Original Sin The Complete Story Comicstorian World War Hulk Vol X Men Duration Hulk VS Iron Man Original Sin Tie In The Complete Story Original Sin comics Writer Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato conceived the Original Sin storyline as one in which different heroes worked together in different investigations to find out who murdered Uatu the Watcher Main plot edit Sam Alexander, while training with Uatu the Watcher at his moon base, stumbles across Uatu s weapons storage.

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        Mark Waid born March 21, 1962 in Hueytown, Alabama is an American comic book writer He is best known for his eight year run as writer of the DC Comics title The Flash, as well as his scripting of the limited series Kingdom Come and Superman Birthright, and his work on Marvel Comics Captain America.


    1. Hulk smash puny recovering alcoholic!Wow, I'm actually kinda shocked! I just checked out what my friends thought, and it seems that I'm all alone in enjoying this one. Boo! Hiss!Well, it isn't the 1st , and I somehow doubt it'll be the last time I'm stuck out on the Island of Shame all by myselfPbbbt!Whatever. Ya'll know I'm right!Anyway, after reading a bit of the Original Sin stuff, I poked my head into this tie-in on Marvel Unlimited.<--not buying these!Basically, this is a (my opinion) ki [...]

    2. That dull thumping sound you heard, football fans, was wishy washy Marvel editors punting the metaphorical football away on the ending to this storyline.This is an Original Sin tie in that basically went like this: During a critical moment in this jumble of a crossover event Marvel universe secrets were revealed. Iron Man and the Hulk were standing next to one another and got a dose of truth. For Tony Stark, it was the realization that he (and a bottle of whiskey) could have been the cause of Br [...]

    3. In Original Sin, Bald, Silent and Toga’d was murdered and his eyes were plucked out because they’re magic or something. A guy with a giant eye for a head imaginatively calling himself The Orb used one of the Watcher’s eyes to somehow unleash psychic energy upon Earth’s Mightiest. This energy burst revealed the heroes’ deepest, darkest “sins” to each other. In this four-issue spin-off, Bruce Banner discovers that years ago Tony Stark tinkered with his original gamma bomb – the one [...]

    4. Whilst the actual Sin of this book was revealed in interviews long before the book finally came out, there are still some twists and turns to be had with the story. It does once again like Volume 4 of Indestructible Hulk hinge on Tony Stark being an arrogant ass and Bruce Banner being intent on proving himself to drive the story, but the fight scenes are good fun, at least. For something that's meant to be an end-cap to both Waid's Hulk and Gillen's Iron Man however, it does feel a bit lacking i [...]

    5. I'm currently sitting on the floor with a blanket over my head trying to shield myself from how depressed this comic made me, but to no avail.I can't even form an opinion on whether the issues were well written, I am now a shell of my former self. I have no critiquing energy left.Marvel should expect an emotional distress lawsuit from me in the coming months since this has effectively robbed me of my will to live.

    6. Hmm. Not sure what to say, to be honest. Although I typically like stories that center around Banner and Stark's scientific backgrounds and competition, this one kind of left a bad taste in my mouth for many reasons I can't quite articulate. By all accounts, the plot should have kept me into it, but think all of the twists in the plot came off more flip-flopping than well-crafted. Similarly, the premise (view spoiler)[ Tony Stark's staggering jealousy and weakness leading to the creation of the [...]

    7. It is difficult to put into words just how much I hated this, but I'll do my best. Everything about this was horrifically terrible. This four issue Iron Man/Hulk story is part of the Original Sin event which I have been enjoying. In the Original Sin story line, the Watcher's eye was set off by the Orb as some sort of truth bomb, throwing the secrets of the Marvel universe into the faces of our heroes. One secret that was revealed is that Iron Man is some how responsible for Banner becoming Hulk. [...]

    8. I did not really care for Original Sin. It did the usual job of moving the pieces around on the board (making Thor Unworthy of his hammer, getting rid of the Original Nick fury) but besides that I didn't really understand the point of the event.Weren't the secrets of the Marvel Universe supposed to be exposed?I guess it is my fault, I didn't take the time (or spend the cash) on any of the tie ins. Apparently, this is where the secrets were spilled.I was really fortunate to find this trade in the [...]

    9. Enjoyed this tie-in to Original Sin. Not knowing a whole lot about either Iron Man or the Hulk, seeing this interplay between them based on something Tony Stark did to Bruce Banner years ago was quite interesting.

    10. I don't much about the origin story of Hulk, but I can't remember Tony Stark in it. maybe a bit late to pug him there now. Also, I think the story misplaced. OK, the Watcher's eye makes people remember a secret but still, not the point.

    11. Did Stark have something to do with the accident that created Hulk? Stark cannot remember and investigates. The Hulk is looking for Stark. This is a fun and clever short story that looks at the person Stark used to be before he reformed. A good read.

    12. It's an interesting story, a sort of "what if?", but set in continuity (at least, prior to the latest Secret Wars). Tony Stark had a hand in Bruce Banner's gamma bomb? Bagley's art felt sooooo rushed that it was awful.

    13. This review originally appeared on To Read or Not to Read?The Iron Man/Hulk tie-in for Original Sin didn't really bring a whole lot to the table for me. It alters the origin story of Hulk just enough to not really make any difference at all, except for pitching Banner against Tony. I feel like this was an effort to deepen both characters and their relationship, but it just created dissension bred from misunderstanding and, especially given the ending, it dissatisfied me.

    14. This story retcons Tony Stark having been involved in the creation of the Hulk. Although I won't reveal the extent he is involved, what additional involvement there is doesn't really add anything noteworthy to the Hulk's origin. It is interesting how the creators attempt to rationalize Bruce Banner's motivations for building a gamma bomb in the first place for a more modern audience. Unfortunately, the creators don't do Tony Stark's character any favors. Even though this story takes place years [...]

    15. I thought this was fine. There's a danger when you go back to these origin stories because, like, Tony Stark's 1 megapixel video-taking cellphone would have been pretty outrageous in 1962 when Incredible Hulk #1 was published. In, say, 1988, it still would have felt like extreme science fiction maybe. Speaking of extreme science fiction, what about that CSI Mode Iron Man that can reconstruct a crime scene 50 years later just by looking at it?And the ending . . . . . was very forced. It was clear [...]

    16. I haven't really known what to think about Waid's retconning a shared background for Tony and Bruce. It started back in his previous Hulk volume. I'm not fundamentally opposed to retcons (in fact I found the retcon at the heart of Original Sin itself interesting), but shared backgrounds can be a little too precious.Still, the interactions between Tony and Bruce are great, and the comparisons between them are even better (and ultimately the point of the story). Some folks seem to think the "origi [...]

    17. Not sure why so many were negative about this book, I really enjoyed it. I thought it added a real extra dimension to the relationship and history between uber-smart scientists Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, before they became Iron Man and Hulk. The writing and characterisation was excellent, and the art was very good, expressive with some great double spreads of the Hulk emphasising his size and power. The only negative was the godawful ugly Iron Man armour at the moment, but that aside, a very s [...]

    18. One of the first Marvel Comics I bought in the month I got hooked, August - September 1970, was an issue of The Incredible Hulk, I think #131, featuring a Herb Trimpe/ John Severin Hulk/ Iron Man fight. That was the issue in which scripter Roy Thomas introduced Jim Wilson as a sort of Rick Jones / sidekick to The Hulk. In this one we get uncomfortable portrayals of Tony Stark's alcoholism. Works for me, except for one scene where Stark brings a martini glass with him into a big meeting. Maybe it [...]

    19. It was alright, but I was confused on some points. I'm pretty sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that I haven't been reading any current Iron Man or Hulk titles.This is something that I've noticed more and more in three years of reading comics. These events can and often do rely on currently running series. This can discourage readers from reading them and instead of these major events acting as entry points for new readers and re-invigorating the current ones, you can end up alienating bo [...]

    20. This story is part of the aftermath of the death of the Watcher. The Watcher was the keeper of many cosmic secrets. In this volume, we find out moreinformation about the origin of the Hulk. In this version Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are competitors, rivals, and sometime friends. The day of that fateful Gamma bomb detonation are rexamined. Did Tony Stark have a role in the creation of the Hulk?Read this volume and find out.

    21. The Original Sins idea was absolutely brilliant. It opened up endless story lines and allowed the writers at Marvel to delve into the past of many of the great heroes we've come to know and love over the years (decades now for some of us). This was a classic example of this. Everyone knows the Hulk's origin story, but wait, there's more! And this tells the story of what 'really' happened on that fateful day and the night before.I loved it.

    22. Honestly I liked it more than a 3 star book. Ultimately, instead of a big reveal (the sin) the story chases its own tail right back to the beginning, leaving this reader wonder what was the point? No status quo shake up. No change, but there is an illusion of change on the way along. Just a bit of male bonding betwixt Banner and Stark. Which is kind of cool. Don't usually see that pair's relationship featured. They were college buddies?

    23. If, like me, you enjoy Tony Stark and Bruce Banner having feelings about science and ethics at each other, you will enjoy this book immensely. If you're actually looking for a Hulk vs Iron Man fight, I mean that's in here too. But it's mostly feelings. also this is the first and maybe only book I've read from the Original Sin event, but if you're willing to accept that Tony and Bruce have swapped memories for ~space reasons~ it reads fine on its own.

    24. Collects Original Sin issues #3.1-3.4In this short "Original Sin" tie-in miniseries, both Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are given memories that potentially show that Tony Stark's tampering with the Gamma bomb years ago could have directly led to the creation of the Incredible Hulk.Bruce is obviously angry about this, and the whole thing leads to a smackdown between Iron Man and the Hulk.

    25. As part of Original Sin, one revealed truth is Iron Man's hand in the creation of the Hulk. While the idea of that is an intriguing development in the friendship of these characters, the overall tale goes over material we've seen MANY times before. Hulk gets a new incarnation, Tony Tries to make up for his dickish actions from the past. It is cool to see an entire city weaponised against The Hulk, but that can't make up for the story.

    26. Out of all the tie ins to Original Sin, this one was my personal favorite. The story was believable enough, since the reaction of the Hulk was perfect. I think this event also sets up the stage for Doc Green to appear. I did not expect for the last couple of pages to occur, and now I'm wondering if Iron Man will ever tell the Hulk, especiall with him being an asshole now and the current series of the Hulk taking the Hulk into a darker direction. Overall, this book was my personal favorite.

    27. The actual Original Sin event was odd. This was somewhat less so, though it did sort or retcon a relationship between Bruce and Tony that wasn't really there before. I think that works well, and it also shook up both titles a tad, but it could have been a bit more engaging.

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