Bedlam, Vol. 2

Bedlam, Vol. 2

Nick Spencer Ryan Browne / May 31, 2020

Bedlam Vol Collects BEDLAM Fill Press formerly the maniacal crime lord Madder Red is trying to protect the city he once terrorized but what happens when the city turns on itself No one is safe when a new k

  • Title: Bedlam, Vol. 2
  • Author: Nick Spencer Ryan Browne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Collects BEDLAM 7 11Fill Press, formerly the maniacal crime lord Madder Red, is trying to protect the city he once terrorized but what happens when the city turns on itself No one is safe when a new killer emerges, pulling unseen strings and wreaking chaos on every corner.

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Nick Spencer is a comic book writer known for his creator owned titles at Image Comics Existence 2.0 3.0, Forgetless, Shuddertown, Morning Glories , his work at DC Comics Action Comics, T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents , and for his current work at Marvel Comics Iron Man 2.0, Ultimate Comics X Men.


    1. ► 4.5 stars. Absolutely amazing and thrilling graphic-novel. I want more of that crazy darkness (please)IGGER WARNING : Loads of violence.The same organization is used in this second Volume, which alternates chapters in Fillmore post-crazy-doctor-operation present life, (where he tries to help the police officers arresting the bad guys)and flashbacks chapters during which he was still Madder Red, (the crazy sociopath who passes the Joker off as a freaking joke)The story is full of twists and t [...]

    2. I love this fucking series but there's two questions burning a hole in my tiny little mind, first off they did the old change the artist trick for the second volume. Nick Spencer does the story and Riley Rossmo who did the art for volume 1 has been replaced with Ryan Browne. Normally this infuriates me, they have an absolutely top notch winning formula and they bloody change it, how many times does this happen, fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck. I'd ban that shit, have a bit more thought for us muppe [...]

    3. 5 issues??? just 5 issues? C'mon! you're killing me here! I know, I'm ranting because Vol. 1 had 6. But seriously the story goes pretty fast.So, it seems that just like Gotham, Bedlam isn't a place you should chose for holidays. From one moment to another everyone decided to kill their fellow citizens. Mass murder-suicide all around you. Yes, Bedlamites (?) are cray-cray and we don't know why. That's why now we need our favourite crime-solver Fillmore Press! Good, now the Bedlam policy realised [...]

    4. Damn, I didn't like this one at all.Listen, if I had done a top reads from last year (which I didn't cause I pretty much didn't read shit) Bedlam Vol. 1 would have been there. It was amazingly dark, twisted, violent everything I wanted from a horror/thriller graphic novel. Was it a bit too much? Sure, it was quite sick, soooo I pretty much loved it.But this one? This one was just messy. It didn't follow the story that was set up in volume one and sadly didn't live up to the expectations. It was [...]

    5. We're thrown right into it.Three strands, all at once, no obvious connection.12 Years ago, Madder Red dominates the City, and it's physical representation, The First.Now, Councilman Severin, secretly The First, fights for funding to the special crimes unit, while still physically fighting crime in the off hours.Now, Fillmore Press, increasingly tortured by flashbacks to when he used to be Madder Red, is still consulting with the police to solve crimes.12 years ago, Madder Red has the First compl [...]

    6. I'm going to quietly live in the hope that this series will come back, recommend it to all and sundry who are comfortable with a distinctly gruesome (and if slightly implausible, well, no more so than any other superhero-comic) crime story, and read my copies to tatters.That is all.

    7. Volume 1 was such a strong start but this just didn't feel the same. May read next volume if there is another.

    8. An enjoyable follow up to the first volume, with a modern day spin on a new killer. With further backstory and views from other characters this helps fill out the world of the first book. Hope to see more of the main character next time though.

    9. Chapter 7: "OUR LITTLE CONFERENCES" Ramira Acevedo and her Extraordinary Crimes Task Force are on the way to getting their budget made permanent. She offers Fillmore a job as consultant. On the flipside there's a new killer and he's killing people with, not suicide bombers, but suicide selfies. Chapter 8: "I'M A VICTIM HERE" A couple of people survive the blast, mostly the people at the library. One of them, the most coherent, spins Ramira and Fillmore a love story type situation, and they help [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this volume, but I think I prefer the first volume. It gives a broader look into Bedlam, we get to see political figures and new places in this one. In this volume, Ryan Browne has replaced Riley Rossmo for the drawings. His style is similar to Rossmo's -sketchy, which I liked. It suits the story and doesn't make it difficult to re-adapt to the story. Personally, I preferred the way Rossmo drew Fillmore Press, but I'm content with Browne's art as well. Again, Frazer Irving is on [...]

    11. Two years after volume 1 there is a new serial killing in Bedlam, a threat at least equal to Madder Red. Normal innocent people are killing each other and themselves. No one is safe any more. Fillmore, former Madder Red, helps police once more to find out who is the man behind all this madness only to stand against him face to face at the very end. Compared to volume 1 this is some 50 pages shorter and story is not so compelling to me even though once again it is a probe into depths of human mad [...]

    12. Okay I'm even more confused right now. I enjoyed this volume much more than the first one. I found the series of murder very interesting and unusual, and just generally speaking everything was fine and quite clear until the ending. And then I was like what the fuck? Is that really the end? Because it definitely looks like the beginning of the real story to me. But I checked on internet, and apparently this is it. The end. Definitely. I really don't understand the purpose of the author by finishi [...]

    13. I really like this series. One, the art work is right up my street. Browne's sketchy style creates fantastic movement which, coupled with his dark colour palette, suits the story and it's world expertly. I really love the main character. As we know he's a "cured" psychopath and it's interesting to see his everyday struggle with not becoming the "bad man" again. Plus his violent alter ego hallucinations are delightfully dark and it's funny to see his horrified reaction to the person he once was. [...]

    14. What the hell happened to the doctor?! His absence was glaring.Still very good, but I really missed Rossmo's amazing artwork from Vol 1. I hate to say it was a disappointment but I'd grown really attached to Fillmore as a character, and now I see that it was in a large part thanks to Rossmo's rendering of him. Fillmore's madness seemed a lot more present and just hardly kept from boiling over the surface in Vol 1. In this book, I was constantly aware that these were just drawings of people.The w [...]

    15. Bedlam continues to impress! A tight, savage mind game is in full effect with this volume. We learn more about Madder Red's former reign with the city interspersed with the current serial killer mastermind. Fillmore Press continues to work with the police department, now as a consultant tasked with catching the man behind a gruesome set of bombings and suicides. A brutal mix of mind control, terror, and politics fill out this volume of Bedlam. Horror/thriller fans won't be disappointed!

    16. After reading this I'm thinking that it's possible Batman has reason to be grateful his parents aren't still around.We do get a little more into The First in this volume and it's kind of amusing. The doctor and his staff are missing - I do hope they return - and overall it's much thinner than the first volume, but with a greater overall cohesiveness.

    17. Another cliff-hanger of sorts in terms of the bad guy. But solid story overall and just as creepy as the first arc. I was worried I wouldn't like the art as much as the first volume, but it's really great. Just so damn creepy and perhaps not the best book to have been reading right before bed.

    18. I did not like this at all! A dark, graphically violent, non-sensical story. Awful scratchy artwork. I'm glad this wasn't the first Nick Spencer book I've read or I may never have read Morning Glories.

    19. A great series, I loved the scene where Filmore talks with the killer and got in a more deep and meaningful discussion. It's too bad that the writer dropped the pen for a while, he created some awesome characters and I would love to see what's next for Filmore and Bedlam.

    20. I loved this one even more than the first volume. This comic is amazing and in my opinion easily rivals the Walking Dead, Preacher, Spawn, and so many more. 5 stars, everyone who loves bloody and grisly comics should read it.

    21. The bad guy is different, though the last volume had left us seemingly with more to that storyline. But maybe this is a trend, as there is a bit of a hanger this time too. Very entertaining. New artist this time.

    22. Overall, I really liked it. This volume dealt with another killer that emerges that causes the previous Madder Red trouble. It was an good continuation of the story. The characters were pretty good. I really liked that twist near the end. Overall, highly recommended.

    23. The story keeps getting better as the weight of the city of Bedlam lies in the shoulders of The First (a Batman archetype) and his nemesis turned police consultant, Filmore Press, as evil doesn't ends, just take another form to prove both who they are at moments of crisis.

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