Winter's Demon

Winter's Demon

Eric R. Asher / Feb 27, 2020

Winter s Demon Some things can never be undone The horrors I ve defeated or even caused with my own hands they are nothing compared to what s coming Philip Pinkerton has brought his madness upon my family my own bl

  • Title: Winter's Demon
  • Author: Eric R. Asher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some things can never be undone The horrors I ve defeated or even caused with my own hands they are nothing compared to what s coming Philip Pinkerton has brought his madness upon my family, my own blood His army of necromancers is on the move, harbingers of a great darkness I fear the war has begun and damn, I don t get paid enough for this.

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    1. This is "Winter's Demon", the third book in Author Eric R. Asher's "Vesik" Series. I was extremely excited to get a chance to read it, as I've been a huge fan of Mr Asher since his first book, "Days Gone Bad" and I wasn't disappointed! One again, Eric wrapped me up in his web of dark humor & even darker urban fantasy & reeled me in! You know how you occasionally find a book that you just can't put down, no matter what you try? Well, this entire series has been that way for me! Eric's lea [...]

    2. Damian is right back in it again. Some months have passed from the events in book two. Nixie, the water witch is away but they’re still together. He talks to her on a kind of magic water-phone. Daaaw.But the evil necromancers, Phillip Pinkerton, Zacariah and Ezekiel, go after his parents and kidnap his Mum. And his Dad is pretty dangerous with a shotgun; more so when Mike the fire demon gives him a special human-only one that fires explosive rockets.I get that they have to travel to another to [...]

    3. I found a lot of parts of this story very slow. The action certainly ramped up at the end! I probably would have enjoyed this better if I hadn't listened to all three books one after the other, but the way the audio book was set up, I felt it would be best to just finish it all.

    4. Really good series so far, really like the action and word building. Especially the good guy necromancers. The only criticism I'd have is that these books are extremely busy - so many characters, all of them cool, but sometimes hard to keep track of.

    5. Great Vesik is back and this time Phillip has kidnapped his mom. Oh yeah there's gonna be Hell to pay when the woman you kidnap is the mother of a necromancer and a vampire, and wife to a bad ass husband. Great conclusion to the first part of the series, can't wait to get a chance to read more!

    6. I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Damian, Sam, Zola, Foster, Aideen, Ashley, Frank, Cara, Mike are all back in Winter's Demon. They are all still fighting the same demons, gods, zombies, necromancers ect trying to save the world. This time around Damian and Sam's mom has been taken hostage which has left their dad devastated and so mad that he will kill anyone who gets his way of getting his wife back. Damian's dad helps them fight all of their enemies to f [...]

    7. Book three did not disappoint. Again, I listened to the audible version of this book. I really cannot say enough good about this narrator. He brings a brilliant series to life in an absolutely fantastic way. Heart stopping action.Strong, loyal friendships.Classic good versus evil done in an unconventional, refreshing way.From humorous to heartbreaking and many emotions in between. Readers of most genres with love this. Can't wait to get into the next book!

    8. What can I say, I'm absolutely addicted to Eric Asher's work. I just started the series a little less than two weeks ago and I've not been able to put them down! Book three of the Vesik series was a lot like the others, full of all the comedy, magic, and horror that I could ever want in a series! While we got to see the shop and check in on all of our favorite characters, we get introduced to some new characters and locations in this one that are quickly becoming new favorites!What got me most a [...]

    9. MAIN ENEMY NOT WHO THEY THOUGHT. Winter's Demon is the third book in the Vesick series. This can be read as a standalone, but I highly suggest you read the books in order so you understand the background story. While it does not end in a traditional cliffhanger, it is clear the story doesn't end here. There is a lot of violence and gore and sexual situations so 18+. Will I continue to read future books in the series? Of course I will.The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not [...]

    10. (Audiobook review)Damian and Sam's mom has been kidnapped by the evil necromancers! An exciting opening, to be sure. In this one, we're still embroiled in shenanigans, especially with Philip and his army of dark necromancers. We've got everything from Old Gods to Amun-Ra helping at this point, which was kind of neat. On top of that, while Vesik and his crew of fae, vampires, werewolves, demons, necromancers, and his dad (with a huge shotgun that fires rockets) are fighting to save his mom from t [...]

    11. Eric Asher has done it again! I already LOVED Vesik and, if possible, this book made me love him all the more! He is everything you want in a leading character…irreverent, strong, not afraid to say WTH and a SUPER sense of humor! He is the man I want saving my world from whatever nefarious plots the dark gods are planning. This installment is action-packed. I could not put it down. An amazing plot with strong characters, villains I love to hate, and the coolest critters ever written. Eric has [...]

    12. “Some things can never be undone” and in this latest installment of the, “Vesik Series,” I will have to agree. Philip Pinkerton has brought war upon this world and the body count keeps on rising higher. Will Damien and his loved ones survive? First off, “Winter’s Demon,” is an edge of your seat, biting your nails, curse at the nearest object next to you, read. With each book there is a wealth of new layers to, Eric Asher’s characters. They are all subtle and flow so nicely you do [...]

    13. Book three didn't disappoint, while I may have picked up book one as a "freebie" there's no doubt this series has hit my buy as soon as it comes out list. The continuation and growth of the storylines by Eric Asher is great. The world he continues to weave within our own is one that has become one that I look forward to visiting. The characters continue to grow and take on depths of their own. It's not only the main character that gets screen time, but a variety of secondary, they aren't just "s [...]

    14. So this one unlike the others I was fine with, no real mysterious inclusions of information, but, ezekiel did not die as there was no real final battle just a warning for some consequences so this has me questioning the pacing and planning of the series across the books, I mean will there be a whole novel on the anubis fight and the old gods or something?, we still need more of an explanation on their language the use for their magic and for the numerous ancient civilisation that we seem to have [...]

    15. I won through first reads. I have read all three of Eric's books and I have to say that I'm not disappointed. This book follows the last part where they are planning to kill Philip and Ezekiel. And again I'm mad at the author for killing a great character like Cassie. WHY ERIC, WHY? It is unfair to kill the most lovely characters. I still cant mourn at the lost of Carter and Maggie and you now kill her, that's so twisted.Ps: there's something about Nixie that I don't like, don't know what it is [...]

    16. Another great book by Eric Asher. This is the third book in the series. It starts off with splattered zombies at the get go. The action keeps on going and going. This installment as the other two has humor as well! And I like to laugh. There is nothing like defeating/fighting evil without some fun thrown in. I have one in mind right now that just kept me entertained for a while- coffee cup lovin' You've got to read this to get it but it's a good one.

    17. I like the original story lines that the author is using and the way he takes a magic school normally considered evil and shows it in an improved light. I find the way he jumps into the middle of a story with no set up a little distracting along with the way he assumes you know the background of his universe with no info from him about it. theses are only two minor things that distract from the story but overall it is an outstanding read and highly enjoyable

    18. First, I would like to thank the author Eric R. Asher for giving me this book for an honest review. Once again, I loved this book, Eric keep doing a great job with this series. The characters are well written and developed. The world building is great. The story-line is outstanding. I am looking forward to reading more of this series by Eric.

    19. I read the first three book series within one week. Enjoyed reading and gave five star rating of all three books. The books were fantastic. I liked Damian’s character and his humorous style. These books are something you have to search and understand their secrets. The author does a very good job. I highly recommend the books.

    20. Amazing series so far. I'm never disappointed when it comes to these books. Damien is still a great character, sam is still witty and adannya is still riding vesiks butt. I love how in this book old characters are coming back into play as well as new, interesting characters. This series is a must read.

    21. I'm really enjoying this series. The characters are very well rounded and the action is superbly written. If are a fan of paranormal fantasy and want to read about necromancers, zombies, vampires, fairies, demons, witches, werewolves, old gods and other assorted Far, definitely start from book 1 of the "Vesik" series dive in.

    22. I enjoy the series, but the comedic moments always make me picture a sitcom -- the one-liner that everyone pauses for, then raucous laughter ensues. The other item that I can accept more is that Zola's accent is always portrayed with her saying "ah" instead of "I". This gets annoying when you're in the midst of reading a conversation if she has not spoken for a bit.

    23. Start with book 1, by the time you get here you will have enjoyed the ride. Guess what, there is another book right after this one. This book contains blood and guts everywhere. I am really enjoying this series.

    24. Another awesome book in this series. Again the characters are amazing and the storyline falls right into place with the previous books. A must read series. I love Foster and I will never look at a heated coffee mug quite the same way.

    25. With every book I grow to love these characters a little more! I enjoy the witty comments and the story keeps me on the edge of my seat! Vesik continues to make me laugh with his Dark sense of humor. This series is a must read and I know because I've read it twice!!!

    26. I love the Vesik series so much. This one was phenomenal and definitely lived up to the others. Eric Asher is a genius of the dark and twisted, but also the light.

    27. Simply put, it was fun. Enjoyed this book and the previous three immensely. The storyline was well developed, characters were believable and dialog was really entertaining.

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