The Forty First Wink

The Forty First Wink

James Walley / Jan 21, 2020

The Forty First Wink Marty is having a bad morning Roused from slumber by a gang of polo mallet wielding monkeys and a mysterious voice in his wardrobe he must quickly come to terms with the fact that the world outside h

  • Title: The Forty First Wink
  • Author: James Walley
  • ISBN: 9780990390916
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marty is having a bad morning Roused from slumber by a gang of polo mallet wielding monkeys and a mysterious voice in his wardrobe, he must quickly come to terms with the fact that the world outside his door is now the world inside his head Lying in wait amidst bleak, gloomy streets, deserted theme parks, and circus themed nightclubs, lurks the oppressive shadow of a myrMarty is having a bad morning Roused from slumber by a gang of polo mallet wielding monkeys and a mysterious voice in his wardrobe, he must quickly come to terms with the fact that the world outside his door is now the world inside his head Lying in wait amidst bleak, gloomy streets, deserted theme parks, and circus themed nightclubs, lurks the oppressive shadow of a myriad of giggling, cackling pursuers, hell bent on throwing a custard pie or two into the works.Assisted by a string of half cocked schemes, a troupe of tiny unlikely allies, and literally the girl of his dreams, Marty sets out on a heroic quest to wake up and get out of bed.

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        Hailing from the mystical isle of Great Britain, James Walley is an author who prefers his reality banana shaped.His debut novel, The Forty First Wink, released through Ragnarok Publications in 2014 scuttles gleefully into this bracket, with a blend of humour, fantasy and the unusual A clutch of follow up work, both short and long including books two and three in the Wink trilogy are in the offing, and have a similar demented flavour.When not writing, James is partial to a spot of singing, the odd horror movie or ten, and is a circus trained juggler.


    1. Ragnarok Publications does it again. The Forty-First Wink is a delightful journey into the realm of dreams and beyond. Right from the first page, a reader will be immersed into author James Walley’s fertile imagination and given no break. The adventure is relentless and quick, rendering this novel a solid choice for summertime reading for consumers of all ages.Imagine rediscovering Douglas Adams all over again and injecting his works with the likes of Grant Morrison and Dr. Seuss. As I devoure [...]

    2. The Forty First Wink is not your average kind of novel. It’s a laugh-out-loud, ‘glorious romp’ of a novel, which offers a delightful mix of humour, adventures, quirky characters and memorable dialogue. It’s also James Walley’s debut as an author, and another excellent offering by Ragnarok Publications.The story starts off with a bang (literally) when our main protagonist, Marty, wakes up with a hangover, a gang of polo mallet wielding monkeys and a mysterious voice in his wardrobe. The [...]

    3. Review copyBizarre, stream-of-consciousness, fantasy; It's hard to put a finger on James Walley' s debut novel. One thing's for sure, you won't be bored.Marty thinks he's awakened with a massive hangover, but actually he's still asleep and stuck in his dream with evil clowns, cloth pirates, bodies of water made of paper, mirror images with a mind of their own, flying galleons, and much more."When he had woken that morning, he had not expected to be going to work, and he had certainly not expecte [...]

    4. Well, that was weird.If you wonder who out there might be around to offer the kind of whimsy and weirdness that readers loved from Terry Pratchett, James Walley is a writer you may want to consider.In The Forty-First Wink, Marty is your usual lovable schlub. One morning he awakes with what he believes to be one monster hangover. Why else would there be monkeys in his bedroom wielding polo mallets?Well, turns out Marty is trapped inside his own mind, or more accurately, his dreams. All of the wac [...]

    5. The Forty First Wink was quite a bit different from what I've gotten used to in the last year or so and it took me a long time to finish itHaving said that, it's a heck of a fun read. It begins with Marty (our hero) waking up with a monster hangover which quickly turns into something quite different. High adventure! Clowns! Pirates! THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS! It's great kids, step up and take a peek.I actually got this copy free in exchange for an honest review and here's a quick and dirty one bec [...]

    6. Poor Marty he is awoken by a bunch of monkeys drumming on his head and stealing his pocket change, or maybe it was just a night on the Tequila! And so starts this trip through Marty’s hangover morning. However, when the cupboard starts to speak to him I knew that something else was a foot!Awake in his own dream Marty starts his morning off by losing his Mirror Iimage and re-friending his old pirate toy named Timbers by splatting him with a slipper! With an invite to the Giggletastic Carnival S [...]

    7. Douglas Adams. Grant Morrison. Dr. Seus. Terry Pratchett. Those four names right there, found in the cover blurb for The Forty First Wink, are what initially caught my interest . . . and what had me so cautious about diving into James Walley's world. If he could live up to that literary legacy, then Walley would have a sure-fire winner on his hands, but were he to stumble even a little . . . well, those are some lofty expectations under which to be crushed.As it turns out, they are all fair comp [...]

    8. James Walley's debut is a roller-coaster through a dream, and never once does the tone drift from a neat blend of adventure and surreal. I was lucky enough to be given a review copy,and boy am I glad. It's unique, but has echoes of Groundhog Day and Alice in Wonderland. The best news? It is the first in a new trilogy. Go forth and read.

    9. When I first got the PR email telling me about this book and asking if I wanted a copy to review, I recall saying that it sounded “too entertaining to say no to”. Happily, I was right!Admittedly, surreal humour doesn’t always hit the mark with me. I absolutely adore Terry Pratchett’s Discworld opus, but I was much less taken with Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - both of which this author’s writing has been compared to. In fairness, I think it’s a tricky thing to [...]

    10. I have been desperate for a new author to capture my attention and this debut novel by James Walley certainly hit the spot. With all the good characteristics of a great fantasy/comedy/supremely odd book, the author is enticing you in to the wonderfully weird and intoxicating depths of his subconscious.The Forty First Wink sends you through a myriad of emotions and doesn't stop until you turn the last page and leaves you wanting more.It's intelligent, funny, witty and creepy all at the same time [...]

    11. I’ve been reading a lot of very dark, very serious books lately and was about to reach for one I was in the middle of reading when I had the thought, “Yeah, I’m just not in the mood for bleak right now. Let me try something light.” It was a very good idea.James Walley’s debut can be summed up in one word. Fun. This book is a fun read.After being rudely awoken inside his own dream, Marty begins his epic quest to escape his own surreal dreamscape and wake up. His companions include the t [...]

    12. The Forty First Wink plunges you into a strange world that’s a gloriously weird hybrid of Labyrinth, Legend and Who Framed Roger Rabbit with a fast pace that doesn’t let up. Characters are strong and distinct, keeping up with the action and keeping you turning pages. This debut novel is funny and terrifying at the same time, making you relive your own hellish nightmares and wish for companions like Walley’s characters. With flying pirates, talking canaries and deranged clowns The Forty Fir [...]

    13. An outside reality of what one man's mind. A journey of laughs and almost every child's worst nightmare clowns. Marty think he has woke up but his journey has just begun. With a cast of likable characters that take on a fight with clowns over sea and in the streets. A rip roaring journey that will have you flying through pages. Walley's concept of a dream state is very interesting. Clowns and pirates have never been better.

    14. The words "glorious romp" are accurate - but just too dry to do James Walley's incredibly impressive debut "The Forty First Wink" justice.I cannot recall the last time I had so much gleeful, ghoulish, surrealistic, garish FUN reading a novel.You know that feeling you got as a child on Halloween night? The first year that you were old enough to really absorb all the childish mayhem, fun mystery, and underlying creep between your excited giggles?That was "The Forty First Wink" for me. The magical [...]

    15. This book is clever. It's written well. Has some breathtaking action scenes. Kind of a whale of an adventure. Reminded me of the movie Time Bandits or The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988). Only, this adventure included some pretty epic (and evil) clowns. Oh, and pirates! It certainly deserves more than 4 stars but not quite enough for me to push it to the top along with my ultimate favorites close, though. In any case (and more importantly) it entertained the heck out of me. I will definit [...]

    16. Love this book just want i have been looking for something with adventures and a lot of laughs Marty, Timbers and the crew are amazing together perfect fit. Its a great read you wont be disappointed im so looking forward to reading more by James Walley

    17. One of the most fun reads in years. Clowns, stuffed pirates, a flying boat, what more do ya need for a good time? One of those stories where you just want to have out with the characters. Going to miss Timbers and the gang.

    18. A magical and whimsical journey into the inner-worlds of dreams and nightmares, The Forty First Wink details the twenty-something protagonist Marty as he wakes up into a day filled with adventure, talking stuffed pirates, thrilling chases, demonic clowns and wonder; or does he? This book brought me back to my childhood with the memories of such film classics as Time Bandits, Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland and many more. In fact reading this hectic and whirling comedy was akin to watching one of [...]

    19. This was an amazing book about a man named Marty who wakes up in his own dream, meets a toy from his childhood, and clowns from his nightmares. He has to find his way home from his own dream and his own reflection.

    20. If Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett had a live child, that child might have come up with The Forty-First Wink. But, then, James Walley could sue for plagiarism, because he wrote the book first.A fun read, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hurry up and write me some more words, Mr. Walley!

    21. The Forty-First Wink is a novel which would make an excellent Terry Gilliam movie. It doesn't have that deep psychological edge or dream-logic which makes things like Brazil so appealing but there's some fun stuff here which is reminiscent of Time Bandits (an underrated classic). If I were to summarize what it's like, I'd say it's what you get when you dump Simon Pegg's character from Shaun of the Dead into Toon Town. It's very obvious the novel was written by a resident of the British Isles sin [...]

    22. The Forty First Wink is the debut release from British writer, James Walley. The story centers around Marty, who after a night in the company of Tequila manages to awaken trapped inside his own dream. From that very first moment when he comes around to a beer monkey sat on his chest wielding a polo-mallet it’s obvious this is going to be quite a ride. That ride naturally being on land, underwater and, of course, from the deck of a pirate ship being flown through the air, carried by a large met [...]

    23. I'll start by saying this isn't my normal sort of book. I tend to stick to reading Fantasy with a healthy smattering of sci-fi. The Forty First Wink exists in a genre all of its own and if I had to name it I'd probably call that genre Pratchett.The Forty First Wink follows our protagonist, Marty, as he struggles to wake up. Sounds a bit odd, but that's pretty much the long and short of it. Marty wakes up in his own dream and has to try and find a way out of it. Along for the ride he has a crew o [...]

    24. Fantastic, if not a little bizarre, tale. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a bit of a reality escape as it's just so fun and daft in places. Really enjoyed the mini world James Wallet has built and looking forward to reading the next installment.

    25. Marty is having a bad morning. Roused from slumber by a gang of polo mallet-wielding monkeys and a mysterious voice in his wardrobe, he must quickly come to terms with the fact that the world outside his door is now the world inside his head. Lying in wait amidst bleak, gloomy streets, deserted theme parks, and circus-themed nightclubs, lurks the oppressive shadow of a myriad of giggling, cackling pursuers, hell bent on throwing a custard pie or two into the works.Assisted by a string of half-co [...]

    26. Picked this up on a recommendation and enjoying the book blurb that it was potentially like Hitchhikers, it clearly isn't story wise but the comparison on writing style is a good one, with perhaps a touch of Pratchett thrown in for good measure.I really enjoyed the central idea of someone waking up in their own dream and having to figure out how to wake up and get home. It was a nice plot device that was central to the story but didn't dominate the characters or plot at all.I would have to say t [...]

    27. What do you get if Monte Python has an acid trip? The Forty First Wink, thats what. When Marty wakes up with an epic hangover with the beer monkees banging the drums, and his old pirate doll from his childhood starts talking to him, Marty realizes this is not just another ordinary day. In fact, Marty is trapped in his own subconscious dream, while his id has escaped throught the mirror. Marty then starts a hilarious and darkly comic romp through his subconscious, having allies like the pirate do [...]

    28. Wowzers! This was great! I've never read humor fantasy before as I always had the blind notion that it was just taking a jab at the genre I loved. I've begun reading Ragnarok Publications' catalog -- which only seems right as I work there -- and when seeing The Forty First Wink I thought, "What the hell, let's give it a shot, people seem to dig it." And after the first section I was mad that no one had forced me to read this sooner.The atmosphere of the various settings are concisely given and h [...]

    29. Having waited with bated Kindle for the imminent release of this debut novel, I was definitely not disappointed. A well-deserved 5 stars awarded from me as this author, from the very first page painted a picture in my head in glorious technicolour with his words! vividly descriptive, funny, twisty, creepy and downright odd in places this novel is an un-putdownable page-turner from the very first word.From endearing animate pirate toys to mechanical birds, monkeys with hammers (I'm guessing the a [...]

    30. What an absolutely charming and delightful book. Written in a wordy, very British style, James Walley's book is full of fun and fancy. Humorous, clean, and teetering on the edge of Bizarro, it was just a joyful read. Marty, his stuffed pirate friend Timbers, and crew encounter some strange friends and foes in the world located deep inside of Marty's dreams. Beautiful detailed, I could easily picture the scenes in my head. Walley is working on the sequel to The Forty First Wink and I can't wait t [...]

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