Crow Fair: Stories

Crow Fair: Stories

Thomas McGuane / Jan 29, 2020

Crow Fair Stories From one of our most deeply admired storytellers author of the richly acclaimed Gallatin Canyon his first collection in nine years Set in McGuane s accustomed Big Sky country with its mesmeric powe

  • Title: Crow Fair: Stories
  • Author: Thomas McGuane
  • ISBN: 9780385350198
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From one of our most deeply admired storytellers, author of the richly acclaimed Gallatin Canyon, his first collection in nine years.Set in McGuane s accustomed Big Sky country, with its mesmeric powers, these stories attest to the generous compass of his fellow feeling, as well as to his unique way with words and the comic genius that has inspired comparison with Mark TwaFrom one of our most deeply admired storytellers, author of the richly acclaimed Gallatin Canyon, his first collection in nine years.Set in McGuane s accustomed Big Sky country, with its mesmeric powers, these stories attest to the generous compass of his fellow feeling, as well as to his unique way with words and the comic genius that has inspired comparison with Mark Twain and Ring Lardner The ties of family make for uncomfortable binds A devoted son is horrified to discover his mother s antics before she slipped into dementia A father s outdoor skills are no match for an ominous change in the weather But complications arise equally in the absence of blood, as when life long friends on a fishing trip finally confront their dislike for each other Or when a gifted cattle inseminator succumbs to the lure of a stranger s offer of easy money McGuane is as witty and large hearted as we have ever known him a jubilant, thunderous confirmation of his status as modern master.

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    1. This is an excellent collection of short stories set in the rural areas of modern-day Montana. Most of the characters are living on the edge socially and economically, struggling to hang on and make sense of lives that often simply don't make sense. The characters, both men and women, are beautifully rendered and each of the stories is a tiny gem.

    2. Out of the 17 stories in the collection, I count 7 total knockouts. They are:-"Weight Watchers": A man takes in his father, who's been kicked out by his wife for being too fat-"The House on Sand Creek": two bad parents are better at arguing than parenting-"Grandma and Me": a man forgets his blind grandmother at the creek when a dead body floats by-"On a Dirt Road": a former senator is dealing with how bad everything's become in his life-"The Good Samaritan": a man whose son is in prison hires a [...]

    3. Stories Oughta Set You to Grinnin' Like a Mule Eatin' CactusIf you haven't read anything by the silver-penned slang-whanger Thomas McGuane, you should consider punching yourself up a ticket to the CROW FAIR. McGuane strings the whizzers in this 2015 collection of twistical tales set on a Montana line between his patented dry sense of humor and his keen perception of the common natures of humans.As in McGuane's prior florilegia, these stories center almost solely 'round folks in a box facing some [...]

    4. McGuane's Montana short stories are highly readable and full of lines wry and funny lines, my favorite being: "The feeling came back to me, from the days of our marriage, that I was doomed in life to take a lot of shit and make weak jokes in response." In fact, many of McGuane's characters in this collection are such sad sack characters, lamely playing the hand that has been dealt to them, or, should they bluff, getting their comeuppance and then some. In that sense, they start to blend, and by [...]

    5. I think this is one of the best short story collections I have read in a very long time. McGuane's underlying themes, such as how oblivious people can be to the realities of their own lives, are rather serious, but the stories themselves are witty, entertaining and a lot of fun to read. In this respect, he reminds me a bit of Flannery O'Connor. I love his eye for detail and the way he has of getting to the "core" of a character with just a few sly sentences. There really isn't a bad story in the [...]

    6. I'm DNFing this at page 39. Apparently this guy is talented and has been compared to Mark Twain. I am not, however, his target market.You know those people who live their life from one bad decision to the next, never really complaining, never really taking responsibility for why their life is all screwed up, just resigned to a life of repetitive misery? This book, or at least the first three stories in it, is about those people.I see enough of that in real life, thanks. I received a complimentar [...]

    7. "Montana Noir" (Akashic Books) turned me on to Thomas McGuane’s compelling “Motherlode” and that sent me to his latest short-story collection, "Crow Fair," which also includes that short story. Yes, I read it again. Four times? Five? It keeps on giving. I found one other story in "Crow Fair" on par with “Motherlode,” a taut battle of survival and justice-by-nature in the great outdoors with the understated title “River Camp,” but the entire collection is worth reading.Montana is th [...]

    8. This collection of stories, as is typical for Thomas McGuane, take place in Montana, or "Big Sky Country," and this part of the United States is beautifully illustrated. The stories are funny at times, wry and ironic, with interesting characters. I found myself liking the stories, but not feeling particularly emotionally involved in them.

    9. The stories in Thomas McGuane's collection really evoke a certain mood and this mood encompasses all the stories in this book. Think diet Flannery O'Connor, set in Montana. A lot of the stories have this feeling of menace, or of characters with malicious intent, than only the reader is privy to. Like in the second story, "Grandma and Me." The narrator enjoys taking his grandmother out every once in awhile, but abandons her to chase something down the river. It doesn't seem so bad, but then we fi [...]

    10. 3.5 stars.There is some really great writing in this collection. I just didn't feel moved at all by it, as I had hoped.

    11. McGuane, Thomas. Crow Fair: Stories, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2015 (267pp. $25.95)Tom McGuane lives on a ranch outside McLeod, Montana where he raises horses and is an accomplished trainer and rider. He’s lived there for many years, having purchased the property after a stint writing movie scripts. His early novels “The Sporting Club”, “The Bushwacked Piano” and especially “Ninety-two in the Shade”, were famous moments in the revival of American fiction in its wilder, sometimes s [...]

    12. CROW FAIR. (2015). Thomas McGuane. *****.This is likely the best collection of short stories by a single author that I have read in many years. I am not, particularly, a fan of McGuane. I knew him only as a competent writer of novels set in the Montana region. These stories knocked my socks off. McGuane excels at characterization, dialog, and setting. His characters care about each other, and make us – the readers – care about them too. I haven’t read the author’s work for several years [...]

    13. Here are 17 compact works of prose that deliver an emotional knockout. McGuane's stories describe the strains of family life and friendships in the rugged Montana prairies and mountains. His economic – and witty - narratives drill deeply into the bonds of love and loyalty that comprise our relationships. Fathers and sons. Husbands and wives. Mothers and children. McGuane is a modern-day Mark Twain who understands the human condition like no other author.

    14. An excellent collection. McGuane's variety of scope is fantastic. He has the rare ability of compressing the vastness of the modern day Western American landscape into nuggets of restless discomfort. The characters in these stories fitfully attempt to reconcile the rehashed, questionable glory of their ancestors with a disappointing world of missed chances and wasted time.

    15. I am going to give it 3 stars even though I had a 1 star experience.Short stories are not something that I experience often. It requires a different focus and for listening to it on audio I had a difficult time discerning the ending and the beginning of the next.The only story that I had a sense of completeness was "Crow Fair", the last presented.

    16. I love McGuane's style. I kept putting this down after each story so I wouldn't "use it up" too quickly. He has a lot of Montana culture nailed in these stories. Easily one of my favorite living Montana authors.

    17. Do you know this author's works? He flies under the radar for many people - but he's worth looking into. "Crow Fair" is not his best work but yet, these short stories certainly represent his style, humor, and guile as well as anything he's written. Living in Montana does that. After reading these stories, I suddenly have a craving to re-watch movies made from his books and stories - "Rancho Deluxe" and "The Missouri Breaks" come to mind

    18. This was very boring. The stories don't really end, they just stop. I listened to the audiobook and this quirk made it really hard to tell when one story ends and another begins. All the stories blend together. There is no entertainment to be had or anything to be learned from this book. I can't believe I finished it.

    19. A wonderful collection of beautifully flawed characters. Set in 'modern-day' Montana, the setting is unto itself a quiet, mysterious character lurking in the background. I love the way McGuane tells a story.

    20. I would love to give a 5* review, but sadly I never received my copy after winning the First Reads ARC giveaway!

    21. Thomas McGuane the young writer was wild, his alcohol, drug, and woman exploits earned him the name "Captain Beserko"--but for the last thirty years he has been married to the same woman and shown discipline in life by running a work ranch, becoming an expert in cutting horses and fly fishing and carrying that discipline over to his writing. We readers benefit from the best of both worlds, thanks to his current lifestyle we read more and read better from McGuane, but his characters and stories s [...]

    22. As of this minute, CROW FAIR is the most recent Thomas McGuane. As of this minute, Thomas McGuane is seventy-seven years old. He is an old-timer, and in many ways it is unlikely that you could find a better representative of the subtle modulations of growth over time. McGuane has been one of my very favourite writers since I first discovered him. His second novel, THE BUSHWHACKED PIANO, remains one of my very favourite novels of all time. It is, of course, a product of the era of insanely robust [...]

    23. PW Best of 2015: The best story collection of the year, Crow Fair shows McGuane's total mastery of the English language. Set in his Montana terrain, it's packed with perfect lines, laughs, and unforgettable characters. This, McGuane's 16th book, is arguably his best Starred: "Me and Ray thought you ought to see what dementia looks like,” a woman named Morsel tells Dave, who has just driven Ray across the prairie to visit Morsel and her peculiar father. It’s one of many funny, sad, and awful, [...]

    24. Actually 4.5/5Crow Fair by Thomas McGuane is a work of beautifully written literary works of short fiction, each story is set in Big Sky country, and yet while family and friendships appears to be the central theme, each story, there are seventeen in all, are quite different and yet all the stories draw the reader into the messed up lives of the characters, yet their flaws make them even more human and readily accessible to the reader. It is not often I read a collection of short stories I care [...]

    25. I'll be generous and give four stars for this one - if the writing hadn't been so good I'd have rated it a bit lower. A handful of the stories in this collection are real knockouts ('Weight Watchers', 'The House on Sand Creek', the superb 'Hubcaps', 'Prairie Girl', 'The Good Samaritan') but there is an over-reliance on the same loser characters that populate so much American fiction, and some of the endings fall a bit flat (in particular the clichéd ending of 'Motherlode', otherwise a wonderful [...]

    26. I'm not usually a huge fan of short story collections as a book, but recent works by Rick Bass and now Thomas McGuane are changing my mind. This one by McGuane has a few "meh moments," but most are strong, not formulaic, and sometimes just flat-out stunning. An example of this last is the title work, "Crow Fair." I read it the first time rather late at night, and didn't feel like I got all there was to get. So I re-read if the next morning when fresh and along with a cuppa java. Wow. I was knock [...]

    27. McGuane has long been a favorite writer of mine. His novel 92 in the Shade was one of the books that made me the reader that I am . This collection of short stories all set in Montana does not disappoint. Nearly all the stories are set in modern day Montana and concern themselves with the trials and tribulations of male characters who find themselves adrift in the world. There is a certain sameness in the stories but in this case that is a strength. Each story is an individual piece of work but [...]

    28. There are only a very few writers whose books I wait for with a mixture of anticipation and excitement and I have never been disappointed.Crow Fair bears all the trademarks of a McGuane book: ordinary people living ordinary lives, lives that get messy, that come undone, that end or, worse, continue on. The delight comes from McGuane's relationship with those characters he creates and with the words he weaves together seemingly effortlessly. While it remains very much the same, McGuane's voice is [...]

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