The Darkest Touch

The Darkest Touch

Gena Showalter / Dec 15, 2019

The Darkest Touch From New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter comes the long awaited story of Torin the most dangerous Lord of the Underworld yet Fierce immortal warrior Host to the demon of Disease Torin s

  • Title: The Darkest Touch
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter comes the long awaited story of Torin, the most dangerous Lord of the Underworld yet Fierce immortal warrior Host to the demon of Disease Torin s every touch causes sickness and death and a worldwide plague Carnal pleasure is utterly forbidden, and though he has always overcome temptation with an iron will, his contrFrom New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter comes the long awaited story of Torin, the most dangerous Lord of the Underworld yet Fierce immortal warrior Host to the demon of Disease Torin s every touch causes sickness and death and a worldwide plague Carnal pleasure is utterly forbidden, and though he has always overcome temptation with an iron will, his control is about to shatter.She is Keeley Cael The Red Queen When the powerful beauty with shocking vulnerabilities escapes from a centuries long imprisonment, the desire that simmers between her and Torin is scorching His touch could mean the end for her, but resisting her is the hardest battle he s ever fought and the only battle he fears he can t win.

    The Darkest Touch Lords of the Underworld by Gena The Darkest Touch is the story of Torin and Keeley Now since the series started, one of the characters I was most excited for was the kind and heartbroken ly sexy Torin, who possesses the demon of Disease because of which he s not able to touch anyone as they get infected by the worst of diseases and plague, and eventually die. The Darkest Touch A spellbinding paranormal romance novel Nov , The Darkest Touch A spellbinding paranormal romance novel Lords of the Underworld Gena Showalter on FREE shipping on qualifying offers From New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter comes the long awaited story of Torin, the most dangerous Lord of the Underworld yet Fierce immortal warrior Host to the demon of Disease. The Darkest Touch Demon Hunters Jaci Burton Nov , The Darkest Touch Demon Hunters Jaci Burton on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Ryder The man was just as sexy as she remembered him tall, lean, and dangerous, a demon hunter with the body of a god But archaeologist Angelique Deveraux has little time for lust She s been hiding a gleaming black diamond The Darkest Touch Audiobook by Gena Showalter Audible The Darkest Touch Long Awaited Worth the Wait Any additional comments Other than Paris story, Torin s has been the one I have anticipated the most My mind was very skeptical how Gena S was going to pull this off while being believable and enjoyable Without a shadow of a doubt, she hit this one out of the park, hands down. The Darkest Touch Demon Hunters, by Jaci Burton Jan , The Darkest Touch is the third novel in Jaci Burton s Demon Hunter series Do you like your men who can kick some demon ass like nobody s business, and their women who are smart and intelligent The Darkest Touch will definitely appeal to readers who like paranormals that have action packed scenes and a great deal of adventure within the pages. The Darkest Touch Lords of the Underworld Series by The Paperback of the The Darkest Touch Lords of the Underworld Series by Gena Showalter at Barnes Noble FREE Shipping on . or Holiday Shipping Membership Educators Gift Cards Stores Events Help

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        Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in paranormal and contemporary romances, as well as young adult novels Her series include White Rabbit Chronicles, Angels of the Dark, Otherworld Assassins, Lords of the Underworld, Alien Huntress and Intertwined.Her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine, and have been translated all over the world The critics have called her books sizzling page turners and utterly spellbinding stories , while Showalter herself has been called a star on the rise.


    1. Ahhhhh Torin you sexy beast finally!!! Just please let there be lots of hot sex! I was disappointed with Kane's book for the lack of it. The sex scenes used to be so much better, steamier and more detailed, why hasn't it been like that anymore!!?? It was like reading a Young Adult book. That needs to change! And I just hope Torin will still be his wicked self;) I love him, hope he hasn't changed. Also let there be lots of William and his POV!! TEAM GILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!

    2. 5 Worth The Wait StarsTo be denied forever what I crave mostYEARS. Years, I've been waiting for Torin's book. I've been sitting in anxious anticipation from book one just waiting to get his story. But see, here's the thing the past year, I've also been dreading it a little too. Why? Because the last few releases from this author have left something to be desired for me. They just haven't quite been the same, with that signature Gena spark missing. So I was extremely nervous that one of my most a [...]

    3. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS TO COME OUT IN NOVEMBER!!I hate waiting so long for a book to come out in a series that you love. ----------------- 3.5 stars

    4. DNF at 40%And the Biggest Disappointment of the Year Award goes to The Darkest Touch.Or, to be precise, to Torin. This Torin is not the Torin I got to know and fell in love with in the previous books of this marvelous series. I felt something like this:Eleven chapters of the book couldn’t convince me that this is the real Torin. This Torin here, this arrogant, self-conceited, self-proclaimed badass and bloodthirsty champion of constant erection is NOT the “hero” whose story I wanted to rea [...]

    5. *sigh* After postponing this book for over a year, I kinda wanted to like it but yeah, I don't think that's the case. At least completely.I had several issues with this instalment. The first (and probably the main one) is the dialogue. I. Just. Couldn't. Stand. It. I didn't like any of those "quirky and cute" comebacks between Torin and Keeley. Boy, they probably are my least favorite couple. I thought Kane and Josephina were bad.But if I had problems with the way Torin and Keeley talked to each [...]

    6. ** 5++ "I would even eat raisins for you" STARS **It was 4 years ago that I first saw this fanart around the Internet while I was suffering a major fangirling episode after finishing the 1st book in the series, The Darkest Night.And I was instantly in love.Torin has always been one of my favorites among the Lords and all these years, I've been waiting for his story to finally come.Thank God, I wasn't disappointed! This book was everything that I've expected and MORE!The characters were perfect! [...]

    7. 4 Crazy Queen Stars!This is the eleventh book in the Lords of the Underworld series. It's Torin and Keeleys story. Torin is keeper of disease. He can not have skin to skin contact with anyone without giving them a disease that will spread and kill a ton of people. So he spends his days locked in his room doing all the computer work. He can hack into anything. He's like the security guy. When he leaves the room he makes sure his skin is covered with layers of clothing and gloves on his hands. All [...]

    8. Poor Torin. All this time he's waited and we finally get around to him and he doesn't even get to have a cock. Why couldn't he have been gotten in while we could still have good sex? Surely of all the Lords, the virgin most deserves a cock. Paris got to have a cock, even, as hard as he'd worked that thing, but Torin will only get to have a hardness used as a noun or worse, an "it." This is so unfair.

    9. TorinKeeleycael, the Red Queen*2 depressing WTF sad stars*Ouch. This hurts. :( What in the hell happened?? I justn’t even form words to what a complete disaster this was. What happened to the emotions? The angst? The suspense? It pains me to do this but damn this was a disappointment all around. The most disappointing book out of the entire series for me honestly. It's freaking Torin, Tor Tor and he got royally shafted (no pun intended). I have been waiting for his story since Book 1, I even m [...]

    10. Torin: Demon of DiseaseButterfly: on his stomachHis curse: He is responsible for plagues, cancer, Ebola and many other life threatening diseases. He cannot touch another living being skin-to-skin without infecting him/her. He is a good guy and he does not like it. Thus, he wears gloves all the time and he has spent centuries locked inside the Lord’s castle interacting only through his computer.Keeleycael or Keeley: The Red Queen.Supernatural ability: She is most probably the most powerful fema [...]

    11. OH MY GOD IT'S TORIN!!!!!!*Spoilers*I have wanted Torin's book Since the first book in this series. I was a little worried that because I waited so long for this book and because I have loved Torin since the first book that my Expectations would be so high I would be disappointed, But I was wrong WOW!!!!!!! This book Rocked it out! Torin is still The sexy ass MoFo I fell in love with in the first book. Keeley Was so kickass She made the Perfect woman for My Tor!They want each other so much that [...]

    12. Update: December, 16th, 2014 I finally finished this one. Geez, but it took me forever and a day to actually do it!I don't even know what to say. It's Gena Showalter, folks, and it's her best series yet and it's freaking Torin aka Disease, so of course I would like it. But I just feel so disappointed.Maybe it was because my expectations were too high, giving that Torin was always my favourite, along with Aeron, and there's the fact he could never touch anyone, so of course it would be monumental [...]

    13. Gena Showalter has created a spectacular world, dark and complex characters so beautifully detailed in her long-running The Lords of the Underworld series and her latest novel, The Darkest Touch, the 11th book, is as refreshing and breathtaking as from the start of book #1.Torin, the demon of Disease has been a fascinating character from the first time we met him….a warrior, loyal, lonely, unable to get close to or touch anyone due to what is demon is able to do…His life is about to change w [...]

    14. Well, we finally get to Torin's book and it is a doozy. I have felt bad for Torin since we first were introduced to him. He harbors the demon of Disease and that means a single touch can kill you and yes, he has started world plagues. But can you imagine never being able to touch another? Not to mention, never to have any sexual contact! And please, that nonsense with Cameo just made things worse. And then we have the Red Queen, aka Keeley, who is a different being all together. You would think [...]

    15. 5 All Hail The Red Queen stars!!! "I will be such a benevolent overlord,"she said."I will demand only that everyone do exactly as I say, when I say. And bow whenever I enter a room. And bring me gifts at least once a day. And throw rose petals at my feet as I pass."Phenomenal Read!

    16. TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN! TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN! TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN!TORIN! TORIN!i can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but until thenPS:i would like to see him with cameo(misery) but we'll seeIF that happens then these two are my cast>~<TORINCAMEOUPDATE 26.02.2014WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT???????!!!!!!!!!WHO'S "Keeley Cael"???????????????THERE GOES MY DREAM ABOUT TOMEO(TORINxCAMEO)BUT THAT D [...]

    17. *Buddy read with Mel :PPP*DNF at 11%I'm sorry, I really tried but I can't bother and don't have the time for reading more of that nonsense. I can't believe that this book was written by the same author who wrote Lucien & Anya or Aeron & Olivia stories. Poor Torin, I truly think that he deserved better than this. I couldn't even recognize him here :(((Except for the few passages related to William the last book was boring but I managed to finish it. With this one I'm done with this series [...]

    18. My most anticipated LOTU novel- ugh. Disappointment abounds. Ya know, I can’t even say I was disappointed with his heroine,( although to be the Red Queen (“OFF with her head!”) You’d think you’d get a little more reference to her time in Wonderland?? Idk maybe copyright issues there, but found that I before E except after C weird.). I was disappointed with Torin. This? Was not the Torin we saw before. Starting off with Torin trapped in another realm imprisoned by Cronus, with a girl wh [...]

    19. Re-Leido *EDITADONICE!!!!!!!!!! The Red Queen she is sooooooo funny and is goodThis books 1 and the 11 are my favorite**SPOILER ALERT***Me gusto este libro despues del primero es uno que e disfrutado con los otros me costo bastante el acomodarme a las parejas ya que con Cronos existia un patron que se mantuvo por 5 o 6 libros y luego simplemente se rompe y se descontrola todo, en este se ve más de BADEN!!, Torin alfin consigue a su pareja y nada menos que la Reina Roja la cual es entretenida, t [...]

    20. Venom, vixen, viral, virgin, valor, and volatile! Too many V words? Eh, no worries cause this was gooood! How long have you waited for this? Well folks, the wait is over and it is so worth it. There is a tremendous amount of sexual tension. The slow burn, cat-and-mouse, and all-consuming kind of chase that makes the pay off worth it: that’s what we get.Torin is so sweet, and his longing to be able to touch and be touched makes him an instant book boyfriend. No matter the demons, he is on my li [...]

    21. Es una buena historia; un poco loca para quien se interna en este mundo de inmortales, sin haber leído el primer libro. (Me pensaba que era este) Y, quizás, por esto mismo, no puedo ponerle más estrellas.

    22. 5 'I want to live in this book and never leave' stars. This is possibly Gena Showalter's best book yet. Torin's book was definitely worth the wait, and I am so happy that he got such an amazing partner in Keeley. She is everything I'd hoped for him and so much more. Highly recommend this one!

    23. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ İçimdeki fangirl, tüm yıldızları buraya döşemek istiyor! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Millet burada Torin'den bahsediyoruz! Hani Hastalık'ın Muhafızı olan, birine dokunmasının salgın hastalığa neden olacağını bilen, KAR BEYAZI SAÇLARI, YEŞİL GÖZLERİ OLAN ADAM HANİ!Şimdi siz sabırsız hatunlarıma diyorum ki; bir an önce çıksın inşallah sizde okuyun gelin dedikodusunu yapalım. Tamam mı?

    24. Unfortunately I didn't like this book.I know this is romance. It has never been my reason for reading this series but I know this will play a big role.But seriously, it's so annoying in this book. All we get is "She's hot", "He's gorgeous", "I want to touch him", "I want to touch her" and so on. There is hardly any real conversation or plot because all we hear is how attracted they are to each other.Oh, an there is constant denial from the characters in the beginning. "He did this but NOT becaus [...]

    25. "The Darkest Touch" is the story of Torin and Keeley. Now since the series started, one of the characters I was most excited for was the kind and heartbroken-ly sexy Torin, who possesses the demon of Disease- because of which he's not able to touch anyone ( as they get infected by the worst of diseases and plague, and eventually die.)He's also excluded from all the fights and is isolated because of his inability to touch.We know that by the end of last book, he found a friend who inadvertently g [...]

    26. RATING: 4.5 "Too-Much Feels For Torin" HEARTS!!I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to get Torin’s story in my hands, so to say I had high expectations would definitely be an understatement. With the last few books lacking the usual Lords of the Underworld-esque charm, this one needed to reel us in hook, line and sinker. I needn't have worried as Gena Showalter beautifully nails it with The Darkest Touch. Combining pulse-pounding action, sizzling and provocative passion, humour and [...]

    27. "My inability to rile you is maddening.""I'll yell at you if it'll make you feel better.""That would be extremely helpful, thank you."This is Torin’s book. I repeat this is Torin’s book. I have waited sooooo long for this book (I think we all have). I’ve been anxious to read with whom Torin was going to end up with.What do we know about Torin? Torin is a Lord of the underworld and keeper of Disease. That means that if he ever touched anyone, that person is going to get infected and eventua [...]

    28. 8/26/16 Update:I promised I was going to give myself some time to come to terms with Gena Showalter's new writing style before I decided if I would read Torin's book or not so I wouldn't be disappointed with whatever new plot, twists and character developments I might encounter. Sadly, it's been about 3 years since I last read a Showalter book, the last being The Darkest Craving, and well, that seemed to have left a bad impression since I haven't even felt the urge to read any of her books. As a [...]

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