Shamblers: The Zombie Apocalypse

Shamblers: The Zombie Apocalypse

Andrew Cormier / Dec 06, 2019

Shamblers The Zombie Apocalypse Betrayed by his best friend and left to die at the hands of zombies Nick Steiner has a vendetta to settle if he can stay alive Being shot by Marcus Gray has given Nick sufficient reason to want reven

  • Title: Shamblers: The Zombie Apocalypse
  • Author: Andrew Cormier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Betrayed by his best friend and left to die at the hands of zombies, Nick Steiner has a vendetta to settle if he can stay alive.Being shot by Marcus Gray has given Nick sufficient reason to want revenge for that alone Marcus deserves to die Yet Marcus didn t just shoot Nick he stole Nick s woman as well.Nick has vowed to kill everyone and everything in his way until heBetrayed by his best friend and left to die at the hands of zombies, Nick Steiner has a vendetta to settle if he can stay alive.Being shot by Marcus Gray has given Nick sufficient reason to want revenge for that alone Marcus deserves to die Yet Marcus didn t just shoot Nick he stole Nick s woman as well.Nick has vowed to kill everyone and everything in his way until he gets his girl back and makes Marcus pay.DISCLAIMER This novel contains depictions of extreme violence, adult language, sexual references and situations, and other miscellaneous terms that are considered racially, ethnically, or sexually derogatory If you are easily offended it is advised you think twice before purchasing this novel The author wants to make it known that any offensive language and situations contained within Shamblers have been put there solely in the interest of story telling they are used to show how certain people could behave in a real apocalypse if society collapsed let s face it people wouldn t be very nice None of the derogatory terms are meant as jokes They are actually used quite seriously in the story and hence should reflect on some problems with our society as it now stands.The author does not condone violence in any manner Nor does he condone any sort of racism, sexism, etc, against anyone.EXCERPT It had initially been thought that the zombie virus was an offshoot of Ebola Many zombie virus symptoms mimicked the terrible, hemorrhagic fever.Ebola infection starts with a fierce head and backache As the virus amplifies within a host, it tries to turn every living cell into a duplicate of itself It turns a person s skin yellow and causes red splotches to appear throughout the skin as the victim bleeds internally It also turns their eyes red As it spreads, it dissolves the muscles that control facial movements it changes a person into an expressionless zombie It also wipes upper brain functions, which destroys an individual s personality and leaves that person a shell of who they once were.Ebola then turns the insides of its host into jelly you begin to vomit black junk which is basically your dissolved liver and internal organs The vomiting is uncontrollable and goes on and on Your stomach fills with blood Blood clots multiply and begin to surge through your body You may have a heart attack or stroke You then bleed out from every orifice In its final stages, you shit out your intestinal linings in a rush of a blood.How do I know so much about Ebola It was on the news everywhere for weeks when scientists first believed it was the agent responsible for the zombie epidemic At first, many people infected with the zombie virus experienced similar symptoms to Ebola they suffered from high fever and head backaches Their skin changed to yellow or pasty white They developed discolored patches of skin They vomited uncontrollably for hours They bled from their eyes, nose, mouth, or a combination of them.Once all that was over with, they died as they curled over in agony, clutching blood filled stomachs Unlike Ebola, they came back and spread the disease through biting others It would likely never be proven if the zombie virus had spawned from Ebola The men and women who d bothered with that type of thing were mostly the really smart and scientific folk As far as I knew, they were now all dead Maybe they weren t as smart as they d thought Or maybe scientists lacked common sense but were good book readers Either way, they hadn t found a cure.

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    1. Quick question: You are standing in a crowd of strangers, someone there tells a sexist, racist joke. Do you:1. Quietly walk away.2. Laugh along halfheartedly.3. Confront the individual about inappropriateness of the ‘joke’? “Dude, not funny.”This book is crass. The characters are sexist and racist. The plot is shallow and weak. I found nothing enjoyable about this book.

    2. This was a never ending thrill ride from start to finish. It starts out in the midst of the zombie apocalypse and the story is centered around Nick, his friend Marcus, and Becky who are all trying to fight the zombies while fighting over Becky. The details and characters draw you in right away and I felt like I was right there with Nick fighting the zombies and Marcus both. I was actually holding my breath in places, and loved the twist at the end! I started this before bedtime, but when I picke [...]

    3. I have not been exposed to a lot of zombie fiction. So, with little to no expectations, I dove in to Shamblers. Over all I had a fun time with this. Very fast pace, lots of action. The characters were a bit shallow but each had their own personality. You will root for the hero and dispise the racist villain, everything you want in an action story. The story follows the adventure, and misfortune, of a couple of zombie apocalypse survivors as they struggle through dealing with other people, while [...]

    4. First line: "What do you mean we're out of bullets? Fuck!"Gory and bloody and sexist and racist and just plain wrong in a lot of places, this is still a fun, fast read for any lover of the zombie apocalypse. I mean, what do you expect, polite people who sneeze into their hankies, beg apology, and act sweetly? Nah, what you get here are a group of survivors who are bloody, vicious, and stab each other in the back. This is the way of the world at the end of civilization, and it's not nice. And of [...]

    5. 3.7 if you want to get technical :)I nabbed a copy of 'Shamblers' last week, partially because the author was courteous enough to offer me a copy in exchange for a review, but also because I'm a zombie author myself who hasn't actually read many, so with all of the titles out and about to choose from, it was good to have a bit of motivation. That being said, I bought a copy myself, as I always do, so I would feel free to review it candidly. Shamblers was a pretty good novel, and if I was more li [...]

    6. Luv, Luv, Luv the Zompoc!!! Treachery abounds in this new offering by Andrew Cormier. Resources are scarce and the competition for them is absolutely cut-throat in the new bleak environment. Man against man. Man against zombies. Nice twist at the end. Revenge is a dish best served cold. I very much enjoyed this gritty, treacherous, unflinching view of the zompoc. I think you will too.

    7. Shamblers is a well written novel, with lovable characters and an intriguing story line, showing the real fear and horrors that would go on through people in a zombie apocalypse. I’ve read my fair share of zombie novels and have been let down by the lack emotion that the characters show, not only to the people that they are now sharing their world with but also to themselves. With Andrew using a variety of swear words through the individuals and placing them in the right sentences it is really [...]

    8. Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I've only read a few zombie books, and all so far were either YA or paranormal romance. So, reading one that didn't fall into either of those two areas was new for me, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought this story started off as promising, though the writing didn't really flow very well for me at all. The story concept though seemed interesting. When it came to the characters though, it was very d [...]

    9. This book starts off with fast paced action that is non-stop throughout the novel. Nick is an easily enjoyable and seemingly level-headed character, while his buddy Marcus is quite the opposite. From the beginning I knew Marcus was trouble and despised his character. The author does a great job of depicting characters and a merciless society as it most likely would be in the face of the apocalypse. We watch as the characters have to make difficult decisions that mean life or death for others. It [...]

    10. Shamblers was the perfect book for my summer of waiting for the Walking Dead to return to AMC. Nick and Marcus are the main characters who start out as best friends and then become enemies. Their story is something that happens in all walks of life. You see something that someone has and want it. Marcus has decided that Becky is supposed to be his woman, Becky has other ideas and wants to be with Nick. This of course enrages Marcus and he comes up with a plan to get of rid of Nick.

    11. Andrew Cormier ShamblesSo another zombie apocalypse bookAndrew has made a good story.This story is told in three parts one from Nick's point of view and the other from Marcus the third part is from their combined story. Bloody and vicious and a lot of death.

    12. Cover art is one of those things that I find extremely important when selecting a book. I hate criticizing someone's hard work, because I know all too well what goes into trying to do the artwork, but I have to admit the cover art for this one needs a redesign in a major way.The first person narration contains an abundance of swears, which is something I tend to utilize in my own writing, but I remember some advice a well known author gave me early on. Cussing in a book shouldn't be done as a no [...]

    13. 2.5 stars.This actually started off with promise. Yes, the characters are quite dislikeable, especially the bad guy, but I think that the zombie apocalypse would bring out the worst in most people. Some of my favourite zombie novels demonstrate this with various characters the protagonists run in to, I wonder if having such an obnoxious lead character detracted from the overall story.I think in part the description in GR gives too much away - the first part of the novel leading up to the betraya [...]

    14. I am truly excited for this zombie apocalypse novel and here’s a few cool reasons why: 14+ characters who get to die in awesome ways (usually from zombies), a showdown with enemy survivors, a stunning betrayal, an intensely cruel and devious villain, a hero who has to save his woman and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, a great sex scene, and hyper-realism that you would expect from people in an apocalypse – I don’t believe in stupid characters who look behind a door knowing that their [...]

    15. It was okay - the ending made me laugh. One of the rare zombie books where I think everyone gets the ending they deserve.

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