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Sabbaths Wendell Berry s most formal poetic work to date is a sequence of traditional and classic meditations spanning the years to Written in the solitude of his hillside study over seven years of

  • Title: Sabbaths
  • Author: Wendell Berry
  • ISBN: 9780865472907
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wendell Berry s most formal poetic work to date is a sequence of traditional and classic meditations, spanning the years 1979 to 1985 Written in the solitude of his hillside study over seven years of Sabbaths, these are poems of deep spirituality, meshing the metaphysical and the natural worlds.

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        Wendell Berry is a conservationist, farmer, essayist, novelist, professor of English and poet He was born August 5, 1934 in Henry County, Kentucky where he now lives on a farm The New York Times has called Berry the prophet of rural America.


    1. Beautiful collection of poems by the one and only Wendell Berry. Well worth the time to read. Ideally, I would read 1-3 poems each Sunday and stretch out this experience the way he created it, taking his time over a period of years. To get an idea of the restful (but still intellectually engaging) mood of these poems, here is the final poem in the book:Slowly, slowly they return To the small woodland let alone:Great trees, spreading and upright,Apostles of the living light. Patient as stars, the [...]

    2. Each time I read a few pages, I felt as if I'd had a taste of Sabbath, a moment of thought and reflection and fresh air and spiritual insight.*Round two. Reading this book again, 1 year and 2 months later. I savor this book and it inspires me to rest. I need to purchase this one.

    3. I go among trees and sit still.All my stirring becomes quietaround me like circles on water.My tasks lie in their placeswhere I left them, asleep like cattle

    4. SO MANY GOOD THINGS HERE! But to choose one to share to tempt your taste buds, I share this. For this shepherdess sees and understands deeply. And misses.1982, IIIThe pasture, bleached and cold two weeks ago, Begins to grow in the spring light and rain;The new grass trembles under the wind's flow.The flock, barn-weary, comes to it again,New to the lambs, a place their mothers know, Welcoming, bright, and savory in its green,So fully does the time recover it.Nibbles of pleasure go all over it.

    5. I like the subject matter, but the writing style is too baroque for my taste. I like the free verse psalms of On Farming more than Sabbaths. The baroque quality makes it more heavy which detracts from the transparency of the poem.

    6. I wanted to love this collection, but just as there is a time to every purpose, perhaps this is not my time. Some of the individual stanzas were lovely, but I just couldn't get there-there on the poems in their entirety.

    7. "Another Sunday morning comes/And I resume the standing Sabbath of the woods" (1979/II). The poems in this collection are the product of Wendell Berry sitting down every Sabbath to contemplate and write about his life on the land his family has lived on for 3 generations. This is my favorite volume of Wendell Berry's poetry, one I return to often, but this is the first time I have read the whole book, cover to cover, without interruption. Doing so has given me a new appreciation for the individu [...]

    8. Poems can feel like conversations in a way novels never do, to me. This book was a life-improving-and-deepening conversation last summer. I stumbled upon it at the Point Reyes library and renewed it again and again, unwilling to let it leave my side. Wendell Berry's ideas on what is rest and what is work, what is nature and what is cultivation, where beauty can be found and how to love, fill me with gratitude and grounded hope.

    9. I am not religious, but I don't mind experiencing the art of the religiously-inspired. This is a sometimes beautiful collection of poems that I read while visiting an amazing natural place (Crater Lake NP). Given the setting, some of these meditations cut right to the core of my experience; it was wonderful.

    10. Wendell Berry is an intellectual hero and personal saint to me. This is my first foray into his poetry, and I'm not all that impressed by it. His poems still reflect what the man's about, which is great.

    11. I did appreciate Berry's beautiful imagery, however I found it grew burdensome after 50 pages of thick-description at his winding pace. It certainly evoked the feeling of walking through a quiet wood, alone, on a winter morning, and walking, and walking, and walking

    12. This was a book of poetry to savor. The images of nature that Berry paints through words are calming and hopeful.

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