Sing a Worried Song

Sing a Worried Song

William Deverell / Jun 03, 2020

Sing a Worried Song Everything is going well for Arthur Beauchamp in his early middle age Life is so good for the top notch defence lawyer that in a moment of career restlessness he decides to switch sides just the on

  • Title: Sing a Worried Song
  • Author: William Deverell
  • ISBN: 9781770412453
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Everything is going well for Arthur Beauchamp in his early middle age Life is so good for the top notch defence lawyer that, in a moment of career restlessness, he decides to switch sides, just the once, and prosecute a young man charged with murdering a clown Beauchamp is confident he can prove Randolph Skyler is guilty Confident, but still worried and surprisingly bliEverything is going well for Arthur Beauchamp in his early middle age Life is so good for the top notch defence lawyer that, in a moment of career restlessness, he decides to switch sides, just the once, and prosecute a young man charged with murdering a clown Beauchamp is confident he can prove Randolph Skyler is guilty Confident, but still worried and surprisingly blind to how precarious the evidence is and, worse, to the fissures opening in his personal life.It s a case Beauchamp will never forget, not even years later, when he s happily remarried and retired to a bucolic life on Garibaldi Island in the glorious Salish Sea As Beauchamp is about to learn, the older you get, the greater is the chance that the past will come back to bite you In Deverell s latest marvel in his Beauchamp series, Arthur has causes aplenty to Sing a Worried Song.

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        William Deverell was born in 1937 in Regina, Saskatchewan He put himself through law school by working as a journalist for the Canadian Press, Vancouver Sun, and Saskatoon Star Phoenix Deverell served as counsel for over a thousand criminal cases and is a founding director and former president of the B.C Civil Liberties Association He created the television series, Street Legal, and has written screenplays and radio plays Deverell lives on Pender Island, British Columbia.Awards Arthur Ellis Award 1998 Trial of Passion Winner 2006 April Fool Winner


    1. William Deverell offers up another wonderful legal thriller, taking his protagonist back into the earlier days of his eventful legal career once again. By 1987, Arthur Beauchamp has made quite the name for himself as a criminal defence attorney. However, as with any challenging job, there are always new hurdles and adventures to overcome. When asked to act as prosecutor on the retrial of a murder, he obliges. Hoping for a three-day trial where he will again present the air-tight evidence, Beauch [...]

    2. Super Read! It was well worth the long wait for this welcome addition to the Arthur Beauchamp series. I am not even going to try to slot this one into a genre because with the possible exception of suspense/thriller I don't have any idea of where it fits. I just know it's a damn fine story! All of the usual array of zany characters are here and all in fine form. Stoney and Dog are as outrageous as ever - could it really be true that Dog really reformed and dried out? Not likely I expect! Both ep [...]

    3. I so enjoy Arthur Beauchamp, I've gotten to know him over the years and he's charming and loveable, as much as a lawyer can be that is. At this point in his life, he's remarried to an ambitious member of parliament who spends lots of time away from the Island in Ottawa. That's hard on both of them I suspect. In this book he's got a new gig, he's defending one of the Island's own, there's not a lot of evidence and not a lot of evidence on his client's side. Arthur needs to depend on his intellige [...]

    4. Veteran Canadian novelist William Deverell is back with another fine Arthur Beauchamp mystery told with comedic pathos, taking the reader back to 1987 in a fictional recreation of the infamous thrill killing of a Vancouver street person by a young man visiting from Toronto. Beauchamp is an alcoholic going into his third week sober, married to an adulterous woman, and embroiled in his first case as a Crown Attorney, having plied his trade on the defence side of the courtroom for many years. The t [...]

    5. There's a decent story here, however it really amounts to a _short_ story drawn out over ~300 pages.Characters are well established and visualize well for the reader. The immersion into things litigative works in two ways: it contextualizes the environment and it--effectively albeit ephemerally--creates a third character (or machination, take your pick) with emphatic influence. This work would be a sorry wreck without this particular immersion.What severely _dulls_ this and overextends it is the [...]

    6. This book opens in 1987 with Arthur Beauchamp QC in a rare turn as prosecuting attorney. Randolph Skyler had been tried several months earlier in Vancouver, BC for the "thrill killing" of street performer called Chumpy the Clown. Arthur has been hired by the Crown to act as prosecutor.The second and third sections of the book see Arthur twenty-five years later on fictional Garibaldi Island with its cast of eccentric and (often) annoying characters with improbable names. (For some reason, I found [...]

    7. This was a win and a new author for me. The main character, Arthur Beauchamp, is a worry wart and also a struggling alcoholic. I really enjoyed the first half of this book even though I have gotten away from courtrooms after being inundated with them. I omitted mentioning that Beauchamp was a lawyer with a cheating wife. I truly was absorbed with the first half of the book but then it lost something for me. Since I liked the the main character I will definitely try reading another book by this [...]

    8. Interesting to chart the progress of retired lawyer, Arthur Beauchamp, on his Gulf Island with all its' characters, his 2nd wife who is the sole Green Party MP in Ottawa, and the sorrows of his past life as a practicing defence lawyer and partner in Vancouver. The case/mystery involved goes back to the Expo '86 days, and leads to a death threat in current time, from the one time he successful prosecuted a case for the crown in a murder charge. Turns out it's based somewhat on a case Deverell was [...]

    9. Arthur Beauchamp, famed defence lawyer is persuaded to join the crown in convicting a young man for a thrill killing of a clown in Vancouver. The author paints Beauchamp and those around him quite well, but the long drawn out passages about the trial and Beauchamp’s propensity to worry…prove worrying and tiring. Years elapse after the successful prosecution and Beauchamp in retired on Garibaldi Island with a new wife, but still prone to worry. I kept on determined to finish, and did find it [...]

    10. Apparently this is not the first book in the Arthur Beauchamp series. There were many stories, characters and backgrounds that I just did not follow. I did like the sneaky way Arthur presented his case both at the Skylar trial and especially the Dog trial. I'm thinking that if I went back and read the others in this series that I would enjoy it even more. That's not to say this one wasn't entertaining in parts, but there were some parts I just didn't get.Thank you ECW Press and Net Galley for pr [...]

    11. Arthur Beauchamp is one of the most delightful characters I've met -- highly intelligent, self-depricating, and hilarious. He is a retired QC now living on fictitious (but very recognizable) Garibaldi Island, surrounded by a host of island characters. In this book, a sadistic killer whom Beauchamp convicted twenty-five years ago has received parole, and Arthur hears that he intends to inflict revenge on him. A very entertaining read.

    12. I love William Deverell's writing and I love stories about Arthur Beauchamp. Having said that, I felt this book was written "because he needed to write another book". Not because he had a story to tell. I still liked it and it was quite readable and I didn't want to put it down (sort of) because I wanted to know how things turned out, but it did lack a certain freshness/uniqueness that his others stories have.

    13. I am reading the antics of Arthur Beauchamp completely out of order as this is the sixth book in the series - but the first one that I read! I had a couple of Deverell's books in my library from the 70's - so when he came to our independent bookstore for a reading, I went. I liked the book, and will probably start reading the rest in the correct sequence! A Canadian author, with a few writing awards under his belt. Always good to support our own!

    14. Written in 2015 by a high-profile left-leaning Canadian lawyer with a definite flair for words large and small and a frank, playful, at times very funny approach to serious subject matter, this is a satisfying read. Set in the province of British Columbia, the tale offers generous references to a variety of current social, cultural and political goings-on.

    15. An easy delightful read --particularly for someone familiar with Vancouver area and the workings of the Canadian judicial system. I loved the local color and the characters. The story was interesting but rather simple. Fine stage for the various locals to perform and for the lower BC geography description. Those not familiar with the area might not enjoy it quite as much as I did.

    16. I enjoyed this book, the first part was a page turner, second and third a little slower but the way this character was written was interesting. At the end the reference to Side Show Bob should have been foreshadowing for me.

    17. Another Arthur Beauchamp novel - what a treat. I can't decide which "solve a mystery while being a witty, quirky, funny lawyer" series I like best - this one or David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter series. Oh well, guess I'll have to keep reading both! Enjoy.

    18. This was a very mixed bag. The first half -- the trial -- was well done. The second half, taking place 25 years later, was slapstick and rather dumb (too self-consciously "funny").

    19. This book would have had a 5 star rating from me if I had not been so disappointed by favored character, Margaret Blake.

    20. Loved it. Arthur is my hero. I was worried for a while that we weren't going to get to the funny parts. But soon the full cast showed up on Garibaldi. Damn, now I have to wait for the next one.

    21. Deverell has an amazing command of the English language. His witty remarks and nutty characters keep me chuckling throughout. I can't wait for the next book in the Arthur Beauchamp series!!

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