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Unwritten He s my best friend s brother and the only boy I ve ever loved Movie star manwhore and totally off limits Until now I told myself it was time to move on until one epic night changed everything Now

  • Title: Unwritten
  • Author: Melody Grace
  • ISBN: 9781310499012
  • Page: 196
  • Format: ebook
  • He s my best friend s brother and the only boy I ve ever loved Movie star, manwhore, and totally off limits.Until now.I told myself it was time to move on, until one epic night changed everything Now there s no denying the way I feel when he touches me, or the reckless desire in his eyes.Once we cross that line, there s no going back But can I risk it all for him whenHe s my best friend s brother and the only boy I ve ever loved Movie star, manwhore, and totally off limits.Until now.I told myself it was time to move on, until one epic night changed everything Now there s no denying the way I feel when he touches me, or the reckless desire in his eyes.Once we cross that line, there s no going back But can I risk it all for him when he s still hiding secrets of his own Some love stories are destiny Ours is still unwritten.

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    1. Started out really good. I love the unrequited love aspect of it. It reminded me a lot of the movie Sabrina (the original one) where girl was in love with the guy but he doesn't notice her so she goes off to Paris and then comes back a swan. That's what Zoey did after being unknowingly rejected by Blake over and over again. She went to Paris and became glamorous. She came back to Beachwood Bay intent on winning Blake's love once and for all.I was rooting for her but she started playing games lik [...]

    2. So, not only is this my first Beachwood Bay book, but it’s also my first Melody Grace book. I’ve seen the books around and may even have one or two on my kindle, but I just never got around to reading them. Unwritten is book seven in the Beachwood Bay series. I’ll admit that I was a little worried that I would be lost, but I’m happy to report that I had no problems following along. This is a standalone novel with a HEA (wooo!). Zoey has been in love with her best friend’s brother for y [...]

    3. I really enjoyed Unwritten. It was nice to get back to Beachwood Bay and all the characters I’ve loved from the past books in this series. Unwritten is book seven in the series and still as good as the rest.Unwritten centers on Tegan’s best friend Zoey and her brother Blake. Zoey has been in love with Blake for years. Finally, one New Year Zoey decides to see if the connection she feels to Blake is only one sided. With one kiss everything changes between Zoey and Blake.Blake is back in Beach [...]

    4. ☆ I received an ARC via Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ! ☆ Unwritten was one of those sweet unrequited love romances that many of us gals fall head-first over.But, was it just me or with all of the potential the story line had, did it feel as if it fell short of expectations or not feel realistic?; not to mention, it seemed pretty sappy and made the female heroine look ultra pitiful and the male heroine look like the wishy-washy type?Don't get me wrong, I did thin [...]

    5. Blake that boy is either bi-polar or he just has some series issues, I mean one minutes he's all, "I don't want to eff you up against this wall, but God, I'm close," and then the next he's a moody twit. He's a touchy type of man, "I wish we could spend all day in bed." His hands trace light circles on my stomach through my T-shirt." Blake when he pushes his woman's buttons he better watch out Zoey has a temper on her, "your assistant?" My voice rises. "Is that what you think of me? That I want t [...]

    6. Making MoviesFive Amazing StarsI was just pleased to receive the eleventh book to this most amazing series, Beachwood Bay. Written by by this most amazing, Melody Grace. I have so thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful series so much. And enjoyed this book so dearly too!!Months later: As Zoey goes speeding down the aisles at the shopping centre grabbing her items of food she needs. Heaving her huge box of bottled water as her mobile rings, receiving a call from this her Boss, Kira. Furiously telling [...]

    7. Hurting in plain sight. . .I'm a fan of the Beachwood Bay series. I have to confess that it's my love of rock star romance that got me started. However; every book isn't centered around them, even though they do make an appearance. It's a family of brothers and their little sister, and one of the brothers is a rock star. Zoey is the best friend of Teagan who is the little sister. They met at boarding school when they were 14 yrs old, and that's when Zoey fell in love with the older brother, Blak [...]

    8. 4.5 Unwritten stars!"You can hope and dream for something for years, and then get exactly what you always wanted, and it's nothing like you thought it would be. Real life isn't a dream, Blake. It's a lot messier and more painful than that"Unwritten follows the story of Blake and Zoey. Zoey has always felt like an outsider. Her parents live a very busy life, never really having time for her. She's been shipped off from one school to another, basically raising herself. She had no friends. She was [...]

    9. Melody Grace strikes gold with Unwritten, another brilliantly-written 'Beachwood Babe' book! My favorite intertwined series, Beachwood Bay books are all sizzling, sexy, fun, witty, intriguing, and raw. You can't help but connect and fall in love with the characters. Zoey has had a school-girl crush on four years older Blake Callahan, her best friend's older brother, since she was fourteen years old. Blond and blue-eyed Blake, the youngest captivating Callahan, is tall, muscular with that oh-so-h [...]

    10. UNWRITTEN (Beachwood Bay, # 7)by Melody GraceMarch 10, 2015Publisher: Melody Grace Books233 pages, approximatelyRomance: Contemporary, Coming-of-age** Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review. ** -- SYNOPSIS --He’s my best friend’s brother – and the only boy I’ve ever loved. Movie star, manwhore, and totally off-limits.Until now.I told myself it was time to move on, until one epic night changed everything. Now there’s no denying the way I feel when he touches me, or the reck [...]

    11. I have read every book in the "Beachwood Bay" series and each book has got better and better.You can read this book as a stand alone if you want to, but I'd recommend that you read the whole series as the books are amazing.I absolutely love a forbidden love story and this story was just that. Zoey has been in love with her best friend brothers, Blake for a very long time. She's always trying to get his attention, but never really having much luck.Zoey has a rough childhood. She was bullied at sc [...]

    12. Zoey is a girl abandoned, quite literally. Her parents are wealthy, her dad an ambassador, and she traveled along as their baggage until they left her in boarding school. There she met Tegan Callahan and her three older brothers. Blake, older by four years, was especially nice to Zoey and helped her feel good about herself on all those occasions when Zoey's parents couldn't be bothered. You know, like Christmas and graduation day?Anywho, Zoey idolized Blake, loved him from afar, and ran off to P [...]

    13. The Beachwood Bay series has quickly become a go-to read for me when I need a well written story that is guaranteed to keep me smiling as I turn every page. I always enjoy the best friend’s brother story line, and this one delivered a fun romance between two people who have had a connection for years, but have to work through some issues before they can find their happy ever after. It had some angst, some heat, and some sweet, which made this another good read for me.Although this isn’t my f [...]

    14. Loved it!! I love this series!! And I really loved Zoey and Blake's story!! Zoey has had a lonely life. Her parents were always traveling and never had time for her. They dropped her off at school and she was left to fend for herself. She was bullied while in school but her parents never listened to her. She didn't have any friends and she was always by herself. One day while sitting outside her school she meets an older boy who gives her very good advice about all the high school drama she is d [...]

    15. I loved this story it had a variety of things for me to love. You know the forbidden fruit yes this story kinda has that vibe. I have read some of the books in this series but I have missed a few so going to go back and get caught up on all of them. Zoey who was always pushed aside by her parents and she was treated poorly at school. The mean girls until one day she meets Blake. Just a random guy who sits and talks to her and makes her feel important. But as quick as he was there he's gone. So s [...]

    16. **ARC provided for an honest review**There's no greater feeling that opening up a book that you've anxiously waited on. As a reader, I have a handful of authors that I follow and fangirl like crazy when it's release time! Melody Grace is one of those authors for me! And to be a member of her ARC team is like wearing the crown jewels!Unwritten doesn't disappoint! In this book, we follow Blake, the youngest boy and older brother of Tegan Callahan. Blake is the golden boy. Actor. Playboy. Charmer. [...]

    17. This is defiantly a MUST READ!! Melody Grace just keeps you coming back for more!! WOW I just so adore this book, it's all action and keeps you on the edge to the very end!! Blake is wonderful character, part of me loved him and part wanted to shake so sense into him. Zoey was a very strong willed and determine in what she wants, and you can't help but root for her. This Book has got to be one of my top favorites of this series, it's so filled with passion, intense, and emotional through out!! Z [...]

    18. This is my first book by Melody Grace. I have to say I enjoyed the pace at which she writes. I didn’t realise til I had started that this was book 7, so I wasn’t familiar with all the characters and was meeting them all for the first time. I don’t think it spoiled my enjoyment of the book though.I liked Zoey to begin with. She had been in love/lust with Blake for years and she went off, reinvented herself as a sexy vamp and came back to claim her man.Unfortunately, Blake was an up and comi [...]

    19. Unwritten is part of the Beachwood Bay/Callahans series. We finally get to see movie star Blake!So, first I'll say, overall it was great. I fell in love with this series from the beginning, with Emerson & Jules in Unbroken. I loved the characters and I love the writing style, so I've continued to followSo, Zoey & Blake: Zoey has had a crush on Blake, her best friend's older brother for years. That's always one of my favorite scenarios for some reason! She has grown into a strong, fairly [...]

    20. I was given a copy of Unwritten by the author for an honest review.We meet Zoey and Blake who have known each other through growing up. Zoe is best friend with Blake's sister. Zoey being in love with Blake for as long as she can remember always trying to gain his attention,but figuring he always just seen her as another little sister. Blake the stubborn guy doesn't trust that he is good enough for Zoey and doesn't want to move forward with anything to mess up the dynamic. But when Zoey returns f [...]

    21. *An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review* This was a pretty good read. I hadn't read the previous books that led up to this read but I wasn't lost. It would have however been nice so on my part, I want to start from bk one to start from the beginning of the series. I, in a sense could relate to Zoey because of how she had a crush on Blake for some time. Because of this, I was routing for her from the go. And then there was Blake. Where to start. Well I really was hoping that he'd sna [...]

    22. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. Melody has done it again!!!!! I absolutely love the Beachwood Bay series and Unwritten did not disappoint!! I was able to read the book in 3 hours. I didn't want to put it down. In this book you meet Zoey and Blake. The chemistry between is undeniable!! He is trying to make it big in the world of acting and Zoey just wants him to notice her. I was so happy this book also included all the other characters from the series so far!!! I am ready for [...]

    23. Zoey has been in love with Blake her best friend brother forever. When she follow his steps to be closed to him their relationship takes a new level. Is Blake ready for Zoey ? LOVE this book :) Congratulations Melody Grace :)

    24. 3-3.5 stars. Escaping to Paris for 3 years to mend her broken heart may have given Zoey confidence, but she has no back bone. She is still insecure and immature. Blake may be charming, but he is a self-centered jackass. Nothing lovable about these two. Just O.K.

    25. Zoey has weathered many storms in her life. Her love for Blake has never wavered. Does he see it? Does he want to? I enjoy the weaving of the families and friends of Beachwood.

    26. I was kindly given an ARC for an honest review :)This is my first book by Melody Grace and it won’t be my last. Unwritten is the 7th book in the Beachwood Bay series – each book centres around a different couple so they can be read as a standalone, as I have with this edition.Zoey has been in love with Blake Callahan since the day she met him. Having grown up together she’s seen him grow into all of his perfection…d he’s seen her at her most awkward. Her feelings for him have always go [...]

    27. Zoey has been crushing on Blake for almost 8 years, but he has been fairly oblivious about it even if most of his family could plainly see it. She has never pushed the issue because he is her best friend Tegan's brother, he is 4 years older and viewed her as a kid sister, and if she takes a chance and it backfires, she could lose the only family that matters to her. Her own parents have ignored her for years so the Callahans are all she has.Blake put on a brave face after the death of his parent [...]

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