Luke - The Callahan Brothers

Luke - The Callahan Brothers

Emily March Geralyn Dawson / Jun 03, 2020

Luke The Callahan Brothers They are the Bad Boys of Brazos Bend Matthew Mark Luke and John Callahan New York Times USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author Emily March invites readers to travel from Eternity Spri

  • Title: Luke - The Callahan Brothers
  • Author: Emily March Geralyn Dawson
  • ISBN: 9781942002017
  • Page: 101
  • Format: ebook
  • They are the Bad Boys of Brazos Bend Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Callahan.New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author Emily March invites readers to travel from Eternity Springs to Brazos Bend, the small hometown of the Callahan brothers snuggled deep in the heart of Texas DEA agent Luke Callahan has suffered one loss too many and a fishing tripThey are the Bad Boys of Brazos Bend Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Callahan.New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author Emily March invites readers to travel from Eternity Springs to Brazos Bend, the small hometown of the Callahan brothers snuggled deep in the heart of Texas DEA agent Luke Callahan has suffered one loss too many and a fishing trip with his brothers is just what his broken spirit needs to heal What he doesn t need is a gorgeous stowaway harboring secrets and running from killers Never mind that he does his best work undercover Maddie Kincaid is accustomed to trouble, but she d hoped to leave it behind when she settled in peaceful Brazos Bend Who would have guessed that helping a gentle old man would land her in the middle of an attempted murder her own Now she s running for her life straight into the arms of the infamous Luke Callahan Lucky for her, he s deadlier than the men chasing her Unfortunately for him, protecting her means breaking a vow he holds dear When the nights heat up and the secrets start to spill, Luke faces a brand new danger losing the woman he loves What s a mad, bad, and lethal Callahan man gonna do

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        Pseudonym s Geralyn DawsonEmily March is the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels, including the critically acclaimed Eternity Springs series Publishers Weekly calls March a master of delightful banter, and her heartwarming, emotionally charged stories have been named to Best of the Year lists by Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Romance Writers of America.


    1. 5 stars – Romantic SuspenseTop Ten Things I Liked About Give Him the Slip:1. Three former hell-raiser, bad-boy brothers referred to as the “Holy Terrors of Texas” turned hard-edged military/security men/government agents 2. Devilishly sexy DEA Agent hero Luke “Sin” Callahan 3. Spunky red-headed heroine and secret rock princess Maddie “Baby Dagger” Kincaid 4. A lovable mutt named Knucklehead 5. A goldfish named Oscar 6. Sweet, steamy romance7. Hilarious dialogue 8. Zany, quirky, dyn [...]

    2. I enjoyed this romantic suspense novel by Geralyn Dawson very much. It was quite a bit different from the other books I have read by her, and I liked it better. I thought that Luke Callahan was a great hero -one who was a bit on the tortured side - and his brothers sound like they will make great heroes for the other books in the series. Heroine Maddie Kincaid, a girl who has made quite a few bad decisions in the past, was also very likeable. Maddie Kincaid has sworn off of men and started a bus [...]

    3. Luke Callahan is my favorite hero. He is the bad boy turned cop, and boy is he is hot! I loved him and Maddie together and I was rooting for them the whole time. There was a period where I wanted to shake Maddie, but it was brief, so I won't put her on the TSTL list.I LOVE this series! It reminds me of Nora Robert's trilogies where the are three siblings that are very close and involved in all three stories. Thanks ladies to all who pointed me to it! :D

    4. 3.5 of 5 Stars - Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne's Reading DenHmm… I’m disappointed to say that Give Him the Slip, the first Callahan Brothers book by Geralyn Dawson did not captivate me the way her Eternity Springs series, written under the pseudonym of Emily March, did. Angel’s Rest, the first book in the Eternity Springs series is John Gabriel Callahan’s (Gabe Callahan’s) story and was one that really grabbed me.The four Callahan Brothers of Brazos Bend, Texas - Matthew, Mark and Luke [...]

    5. It may have been me, but it took me a long time to finish this romantic suspense, set in East and West Texas. I even put it down a few times to read other books. My mistake was reading this series backwardst a good thing to do. :-( I can say that I enjoyed #3 and #2, so was looking forward to #1Give Him the Slip was just too light-hearted, loosely written, with a lot of slow parts for me to get hooked into. The characters, Luke and Maddie were okay. Thought Maddie being "Baby Dagger" was kinda d [...]

    6. This one started off with a BANG for me. Maddie channels her inner Stephanie Plum and sneaks onto a houseboat to use the bathroom, go thru the fridge and "borrow" a beer. She falls asleep on the houseboat and is rudely awakened by a naked DEA agent, Luke "Sin" Callahan. Fireworks commence.But things sorta fizzled out for me after that. Too many rabbit trails and whodunits. Too many snarls and grunts and crankiness by the hero. I don't think it was the author's fault (?) - my mind is going a mill [...]

    7. I got this book free from the author. This is my honest review.What happens when two independent people find that sparks fly whenever they're together, and though they both have secrets, they find that they do need each other for life and for love?Luke, and his brothers, Matt, Mark, and John were know as the "bad boys" of Brazos Bend when they were teen agers. Now, John's murder caused the others to become estranged from their wealthy Dad. They have all become responsible adults, working in diff [...]

    8. #1 Callahan Brothers - Sexy Romantic SuspenseVery enjoyable series debut featuring the Callahan brothers of Brazos Bend, Texas.Luke "Sin" Callahan casts off from the marina on a peaceful fishing trip, only to be startled by an unexpected on board guest. Maddie Kincaid boarded his houseboat and fallen asleep while looking for a friend. A female friend.Maddie's got big trouble. Her responsible and calm life has been uprooted when she finds a stash of drugs, and now she's on the runA Agent Luke wan [...]

    9. I loved this book! Maddie and Luke are a great couple and the story was wonderful. Luke "Sin" Callahan is a former bad boy who has grown up to be a good man. Maddie is a strong woman who wants to make a life for herself and find a place to belong. I like the romance to be the focus when I read romantic suspense and that was the case with this book. The suspense story was well-written and kept you guessing, but the romance was the focus and I really enjoyed it. There are two other books in the se [...]

    10. First in the Brazos Bend series about the Callahan Brothers by Geralyn Dawson. Maddie "Baby Dagger" Kincaid is the daughter of a rock star and just wanted a normal life so she settled in Brazos Bend, Texas. She ends up having to run for her life and encounters Luke Callahan. Wonderful balance of romance and suspense. Such a fun and delightful read.

    11. Very good story. Maddie runs a business helping senior citizens, and on one of her jobs comes across some drug related mushrooms. Fearing the consequences, she takes off, and is sent looking for help by another one of her clients. She ends up with ex-DEA agent Luke Callahan, who really wants to leave it all behind and go fishing. Much as he wants to, he can't just walk away from a woman in distress.I liked Maddie and Luke. They have a magnetic relationship that both pulls them together and pushe [...]

    12. Just finished this book. It was great! Luke aka Sin was so damn hot! Wow. The bad boy turned good ( kinda) *wink wink** Luke is just souhhhhh!! Ok so in the beginning he has a chip on his shoulder and man the issues that Luke and his brothers have with their father broke my heart. I wanted to hate his father but in the end my heart just wasn't into it. I felt bad for them both. OMG who did not love Luke's stray dog Knucklehead?? I loved him! There was a lot of mystery in this one and just when [...]

    13. I love this author - have for years - and she did not disappoint me with this book, first in the Callahgan Brothers series. Rarely does Ms. Dawson use the Stupid Misunderstanding device, which I so appreciate. I also like the way she develops a closeness between her two lead characters, and yet they each have people who are important in their lives, who are also worked naturally into the plot. Now I hope that I already have book #2 here in my TBR closet

    14. If you love Emily March's Eternity Springs series you have to check out her Brazos Bend books. LUKE CALLAHAN has action, humor (there were times I was laughing out loud), and still tells a heartwarming love story that is classic Emily March. A really great read!

    15. 3.5 starsI really liked this one. It was fun, had good characters and a nice mix of romance and suspense. I'm looking forward to reading about the other brothers, so I'll definitely continue with the series.

    16. Maddie Kincaid was running for her life. She was told to find Terri, on a yacht in another city, for help. But nobody was there when she finally arrived. Exhausted, she fell asleep in one of the bedrooms. Luke Callahan needed to get away for a while so he headed out on his boat to meet with his brothers for a fishing trip. He was surprised to find Maddie on board and even more concerned when he found out why she was there.Maddie had had quite a life. She was the daughter of a famous rock star an [...]

    17. The author slipped stowaway, Maddie Kincaid, on board the good ship "Lil' Misbehavin II". This storyline fantasy waltzed down the aisle to, in this case, an inconceivable, "lust at first sight" romance. A love-hate, sophomoric love story ensued, garnished with gobs and gobs of out-of-place, sexual innuendos and ceaseless dramas. The storyline was plagued by weak character development and many tiring redundancies. The author churned out the next three installments, in a matter of only a few short [...]

    18. Emily March, author what more can be said She is one of my special favorite authors and I just finished reading her newly released book, "Luke The Callahan Brothers" originally titled "Give Him the Slip" written under the pen name of Geralyn Dawson in 2006. This story speaks about the Callahan brothers, Matt, Mark, Luke and John of Brazos Bend, Texas.The first book is about Luke. I was hooked on this author before and now can't wait to read the rest of this series What a story it's a roman [...]

    19. Were I to describe this novel in one word, that word would be priceless. March has created a comical yet sweet & sassy story that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. She develops the town of Brazos Bend in such a manner that readers are not only able to picture it, but feel as if they’ve been invited into the town that is the backdrop for her captivating tale. The combination of romance & sass, old grudges & new beginning, action & suspense is eloquently and memorably done.Marc [...]

    20. When Maddie Kincaid arrives on his yacht unexpectedly, Luke Callahan is shocked and disbelieving of her story. Drugs and murder in his small home town - unbelievable. Maddie works her way into his heart though and he follows her back home to protect her from whatever forces are at work in Brazos Bend. The sexual tension between Maddie and Luke is intense and the sex is HOT. Luke is fighting moving back to the town his estranged father controls. For many reasons, none of his sons will speak to Br [...]

    21. This was a fun ride with interesting characters.What I enjoyed:* Maddie - poor girl has had a crazy life, but built something she could be proud of. Her secret is interesting (view spoiler)[Baby Dagger, the child who broke up a popular rock band (hide spoiler)] and I like her spunk.* Luke - other than his father issues, he is just about perfect.* Poor OscarWhat could have been better:* (view spoiler)[It seems a bit odd that Austin and his dad managed to keep the secret of what happened to Sparkl [...]

    22. Although I had read this book years ago, I decided to listen to the audio version, so this review will be about the audible version only. The story is still as good as ever, but I had a few issues with the narrator. Most of the time I really didn't mind his voice, but I actually think this would have been better with dual narration. The male narrator had a very deep voice and even when it worked with Luke and the other male characters, and it didn't always work with them either, it really didn't [...]

    23. This book so addictingSizzling, funny and plot twist I LOVED ITmaddie is a very cute woman, shes brave, independent, sexy as hell poor thing, she always had bad situation accidently through her life but shes survived it is bad boy cop , alpha , sexy and smarthes very smitten with maddiehes in love with her all the waysexy book and cant wait to read callahan brothers next series

    24. This was one of the best 1st books of a series that I have ever read. Both the hero and heroine were great and very likable. Luke "Sin" Callahan is the perfect “bad” boy. His steam factor is off the charts. I am so glad that Maddie didn't let the trouble of her past relationships cloud her feelings for Luke. The suspense aspect of this book was also very good.

    25. I originally picked this up because I wanted to read the backstory for Emily March's (aka Geralyn Dawson) Eternity Springs series, they of the gorgeous covers.This actually turned out to be pretty good with a nice balance of emotional story and intriguing romantic suspense. And two more Callahan brothers to go to round out the trilogy and the segue to Eternity Springs. 3.5 - 4 stars.

    26. An awesome read!I love Emily March's writing. Luke is fun,sexy,engaging and overall a delight. I laughed,I sighed and I smiled. I am eager now to read Matt,Mark and the Christmas story. I highly recommend Luke if you want a fun easy read with a touch of mystery.

    27. I picked up this book because I am a fan of Emily March’s Eternity Spring Series, which is, in my opinion, one of the best romance novel series out there. So I began reading this book with high hopes.Luke by Emily March begins interesting enough, and by that I mean, that starts with enough tension and action to keep me interested, but not so much that I was eager to get back into every time I put the book down. Thankfully, that changed after about a quarter into the book, and it actually got q [...]

    28. I was given the opportunity of listening to the audiobook version of this story, and couldn’t wait to start it. Why? Because, whether you are a long time fan of Ms March’s , or new to her stories, her books are always engaging. This one was no different.The beginning of this series lets us know that four brothers, who were considered the Bad Boys of Brazos Bend, left the town without looking back. Each one has his reasons, the main one being their father. The symbolism of their names, Luke, [...]

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