The Salvation of Daniel

The Salvation of Daniel

D.H. Sidebottom / Jan 25, 2020

The Salvation of Daniel The second book in the Blue butterfly series Mae had taught me many things the ability to smile that hope was a real ideal and most of all that I was worthy of love Annie also showed me that She show

  • Title: The Salvation of Daniel
  • Author: D.H. Sidebottom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The second book in the Blue butterfly series Mae had taught me many things the ability to smile, that hope was a real ideal and most of all that I was worthy of love Annie also showed me that She showed me how to see the good things in life How to sing with the birds every morning, how to laugh when flour and egg decorated the kitchen walls and how to feel the warmthThe second book in the Blue butterfly series Mae had taught me many things the ability to smile, that hope was a real ideal and most of all that I was worthy of love Annie also showed me that She showed me how to see the good things in life How to sing with the birds every morning, how to laugh when flour and egg decorated the kitchen walls and how to feel the warmth of the sun every day She also proved that I could love with an engulfing force And I did I loved my daughter with every fibre of me and every raw nerve that had once only felt pain My heart swelled with each of her cheeky smiles and every single sweet echo of her voice My daughter was very much her mother s child From the lustre of her ebony hair to her twinkling sky blue eyes and from the way her smile lifted my heart, to the way her stubborn side exasperated me I was strong in my beliefs Determined to raise her the way her mother had wanted me to But Annie, like Mae, found the funny side to life so effortlessly She laughed easily and frequently, she delighted in simple things and braved each daily troubles optimistically And I followed her She taught me how to live as I taught her how to grow And just as I relaxed into life as a father, my father found his way back into mine As did Connie, Mae s dead sister Goodbyes can t be taken back The past refuses to be varied And death cannot be reversed Or can it

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    1. “I was her decimation. She is my salvation.”“The Salvation of Daniel” is book 2 in “The Blue Butterfly” Series by D.H. Sidebottom. Like the first book in the series, this one was dark and raw. It wasn’t so disturbing like the first, but it evoked the same emotions. It was gut wrenching and heartbreaking at the same time. It has suspense, drama and erotic moments. In some way it has everything I’m looking for in a dark read. “Life is an execution. Death is a privilege.”“The [...]

    2. Absolutely fantastic! How D.H Sidebottom could top The Decimation of Mae I'll never know. But she did it! I couldn't read fast enough! I LOVE the new characters! I just needed you to know. If you haven't read The Decimation of Mae yet for whatever reason. Do it DO IT NOW! Be ready for The Salvation of Daniel! EDITED✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰Finally Just Another Book Bitch Spoiler Free ReviewARC given for an honest reviewIf you've read Mae(Which for the love of books I [...]

    3. ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 "Life is an Execution. Death is a Privilege." Stars ☆☆☆☆☆ First and foremostIS BOOK.I started this book within seconds of finishingThe Decimation of Mae . I can't begin to explain the feelings I had through this series. Again, DH Sidebottom proves why she is AMAZING! Daniel is making a life without his lamb. His soul now revolves around his angel, Annie. Everything he gained from Mae's love is now in front of him in his daughter's eyes.Until Annie starts talking about [...]

    4. Review: Surj HarveyFacebook: facebook/TheHopelessRBlog: thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bHoly guacamole D.H Sidebottom way to give your readers a coronary OMG "The Salvation of Daniel" really did give my blood pressure a run for it's money but I absolutely loved this conclusion to Daniel Shepherd's story. It was completely not what I expected and the author definitely sent the readers on a wild goose chase with those teasers that's for sure. Expect the unexpected folks because this book was full to [...]

    5. Read my review atSinfully Sexy.4.5 STARS!Yet another ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and emotional page-turner from DH Sidebottom!Secrets. Lies. Deception. The sins of a father can be far reaching and extend generations.When I first started this, I was a bit afraid of the meaning The Salvation of Daniel might take on – we all know how Mae met her salvation – but, this was really the perfect ending to the story of Daniel and Mae. Once again, DH Sidebottom spins a tale where divulging almost anything wou [...]

    6. I'm glad there was a part two of this series. It wasn't needed but the closure I got for Daniel was perfect. I was a little sad, I kept hoping Mae would resurrect from the dead, you know like her sister and her and Danielwould live HEA. Granted, this story was much more believable than my version and it was still perfect. In the end Daniel did end up with her and everything did work out how it should have.

    7. 5 STARS Just doesn't cover it!!!!"I was her decimation. She is my salvation."WARNING: This review will contain ramblings and may be slightly spoilerish but only if you haven't read The Decimation of Mae, not for this particular book! With that being said, go read The Decimation of Mae before to embark on this journey. "The blue of your eye is the beauty in the butterfly. It’s time to spread your wings and soar up high. Your soul is now eternally free, and in my heart forever you will be."How d [...]

    8. You NEED to read The Decimation of Mae before you read this book!!!! First off this wasn't what I was expecting. I shouldn't be surprised because D H Sidebottom always gives me the unexpected and this book was no different. I EXPECTED, because of the ending of Mae, that Daniel was going to change into this nice, sweet, caring man.Which he is BUT only with his daughter Annie. Picking up two years after Mae's death, Daniel and daughter Annie are living a seemingly normal everyday life. Until Annie [...]

    9. DH Sidebottom is a master of manipulation, and will leave you completely blown away by how she plays with your emotions to a tee. She has a way of turning a love hate relationship into utter chaos, leaving you breathless. Decimation of Mae left me absolutely reeling, and she’s outdone herself once again, with The Salvation of Daniel. BRAVO!Daniel is definitely a character we should hate, I know I’ve wanted to throat punch him numerous times, but I’ve come to realize what we see isn’t alw [...]

    10. ** PERFECT * PERFECT* PERFECT! The Salvation of Daniel is just perfect!This is the second book in The Blue Butterfly Series and the PERFECT follow-up to Mae's story.Daniel's story is a suspenseful erotic and addicting, it is full of drama and emotion. The Salvation of Daniel picks up two years where Mae’s book finished. S.O.D (Salvation of Daniel) introduces us to Mae's sister Connie and so many new interesting characters. As the story unfolds it allows us to see the many different sides of Da [...]

    11. STANDING FREAKIN OVATION!!!! A MUST READ!!!! The Salvation of Daniel spews stars like a torrential downpour!!! STUNNED, I'm kinda just at a loss for words at how unbelievably great this book was! I mean are you friggin kidding me right now, D.H. Sidebottom?? How in the hell did you manage to write TWO books that rival each other for top spot on my dark list? I'm not going to lie, I really didn't think ANYTHING would hold a candle to The Decimation of Mae but you friggin did it!!!! OH MY GOD. I h [...]

    12. 5 "I was her decimation. She is my salvation" stars! WOW! This book blew my mind After book 1 I was left hurting, emotional and debating whether I wanted to find out how the story played out. it was so bittersweet. I knew this book could possibly do me in and it absolutely did. It ripped me open, DECIMATED me and then put me back together with a whole new look on how I think a story should end. I knew after the ending of book 2 that DHS didn't care what we as a reader wanted to happen, she only [...]

    13. Read this as a Beta reader. Wow, we thought Sidebottom had reached her finest with the Decimation of Mae Think again. Her writing skills have developed tremendously since Mae and once again she drags us into Daniel's world of depravity and debauchery.The characters old and new, are even more developed and we fall in love and learn to hate them all at the same time yet again. Sidebottom's unique gift of leaving the reader unsure who to like and trust is fantastic in this book.Again a dark read an [...]

    14. Reviewed on behalf of Fictional Mens RoomREAD AND REVIEWED ON BEHALF OF FICTIONAL MENS PAGE FOR BOOK HOS facebook/pages/Fictio/user/show/2

    15. Can I just start this review by doing something. *Stands up and claps hands* This was hands down one of D H's most amazingly wrote books. The way she gets you right into Daniels head is BRILLIANT! You only touch the outskirts of his mind in the Decimation Of Mae. I went into this thinking 'You will not like Daniel! Even if he did do a LITTLE 180 in Mae, you WILL NOT like him' Yeah I can't say I stayed like that past the first chapter! Ugh he was just so LOVEABLE *GASPS* not Daniel right? RIGHT? [...]

    16. 5 stars isn't enough for this book If you haven't read The first book The Decimation of Mae do it Now if you like dark books you will love these If they aren't for you simply don't read them But Can I ask please don't judge a book if you haven't read it by what you hear. To understand this powerful story you have to read them for yourself THIS BOOK WILL NOT BE FOR EVERYONE!Absolutely fantastic! Well I really don't know how to review this book I don't know how D H Sidebottom could top The Decimat [...]

    17. Twisted Sisters Book Reviews5 Blue StarsI am writing this review on an emotional high. Please excuse the ramblings but there is no other way to express my thoughts in this book.There are books that you read that maybe stick with you for a few days.You ponder and think about it and eventually it fades into the background with the other hundreds of books.And then there are books that STICK with you. Days weeks and months later you rave about them. Even a year later they are fresh in your mind.I ha [...]

    18. Yea, let's just put aside the story-line for a second hereWhat in God's name is "was stood there"?Or "was sit there"?Or "he sited there"?Either I have forgotten my tenses or the author?I am willing to bet that it's the lattere I am 150% sure "sited" is not a pastorfuture form of "sit".I cannot get past this. I'm sorry. I know it's ridiculous to judge a story based on an author's grammar which is why I prepared a list of all the glitches in the book. Let's just start with the horrible child-care [...]

    19. I've got to start by saying that I've been trying to write my review for two days now. No matter what words I use, they just seem so inadequate. I'm no wordsmith and wish I had a fraction of this author's talent but I just can't seem to do it justice. So here goesWhen I read and reviewed The Decimation Of Mae (book #1 in the Blue Butterfly Series) I was affected in a way that no other book has affected me before. I knew at the end of that book, that book #2 was coming - what else could we expect [...]

    20. I was both excited and dreading this follow up at the same time. I was nervous as hell to read what was to become of Daniel. I read the previews and felt sick with anticipation as to what this story would contain and would it live up to the standard already set by the debut in this series.I loved The Decimation Of Mae. It will be a book that’ll stay with me forever.I loved that Mae saw the beauty within Daniel’s darkened soul. They had such little time together, but the love they held for ea [...]

    21. After Mae, I was devastated, my heart a torn bloody mess. That book didn't leave one part of my soul untouched. I'll admit, I was terrified to read The Salvation of Daniel but I just couldn't stop myself. I had to know where the story was going to leadI knew with DH, it would be down some dark, twisted path but I was going to take that journey no matter the cost. Daniel's Salvation is about the cost of choices and how high a price we are willing to pay. There are some curves thrown in here, so b [...]

    22. I really don't know where to begin I always say I love DH Sidebottom and her work couldn't possibly get better but by God she does, Every book she produces seems to get better and better . I adored The Decimation of Mae and was eagerly waiting for Daniels story. Daniel was a hard character for me I really fought against myself I hated him for the things he did to Mae and when I found myself warming to him to him I hated him even more. Daniels story helped me put my feeling for him into perspecti [...]

    23. I felt like an addict waiting for their next score while waiting for this book. Please tell me you've read The Decimation of Mae. If you haven't, you need to stop reading this review and go read it. I can't promise I won't throw in any spoilers so this is your warning. This book had me on edge through the whole thing. When Mae was mentioned I wanted to scream and cry. "You, Daniel, you are beautiful. I often wonder how you will look when your life drains away, how it would make me feel to watch [...]

    24. 5 stars and beyond!!!!!!!Damn this series is fast becoming one of my favourite dark reads!!!!!I don't even know where to begin!!!!! I personally feel like there are a lot of spoilers from book one leading to this so I feel like I can't say too much.This book slayed my heart so damn much. It has the most unforgettable characters with the most tremendous spirits.Daniel Daniel Daniel. I know I should hate you. He had suchhhh an evil streak OMG but I feel like he redeemed himself a huge amount in th [...]

    25. Well what can I sayDawn Sidebottom just grabs you from the first page and takes you on a wild and crazy ride. I think one of the things that i love the most about reading her books is she can always keep me hooked. I've read all her books and you would think that I can figure out how her twists and turns will go HELL NO!!! Her curve ball is amazing Just when I think I figured it out she throws twist and turns you just don't see coming that leaves me in this AWEEE mode and shaking my head thinkin [...]

    26. D H Sidebottom once again at her best!!!The salvation of Daniel, part 2 of the blue butterfly series had me hooked from the get go. There is something in the way that D H Sidebottom writes that really gets to you, amazing story, characters that you'll love & hate all at the same time but most of all she triggers off every emotion possible!!Another 5 star read from a 5 star author!!!!

    27. One of the hardest books I ever read ! I had to stop because it's a book that's keep torture your soul and your mind . Brilliant writing!!!!

    28. 4.5 Shakes My Head Stars!Review by Jen HagenI actually think I need therapy. There is absolutely no way that I should feel empathy towards Daniel after all the horrible and despicable things he has done in the past; but yet he still pulled at my heart strings. When I first saw the title of his book was “The Salvation of Daniel” my thoughts immediately went to the author giving us a glimpse of Daniel from a different, albeit softer, light. Perhaps even hearing his story from the beginning of [...]

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