Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

J.M. Barrie / May 25, 2020

Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens Peter Pan has enchanted children and the young at heart ever since it debuted on the English stage Like its ageless hero this is a fantasy that will live forever Wide eyed readers will follow Peter a

  • Title: Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
  • Author: J.M. Barrie
  • ISBN: 9781905716401
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Peter Pan has enchanted children and the young at heart ever since it debuted on the English stage Like its ageless hero, this is a fantasy that will live forever Wide eyed readers will follow Peter and the Darling children to Neverland, that wonderful place second to the right and straight on to morning, where they ll meet such unforgettable characters as the jealousPeter Pan has enchanted children and the young at heart ever since it debuted on the English stage Like its ageless hero, this is a fantasy that will live forever Wide eyed readers will follow Peter and the Darling children to Neverland, that wonderful place second to the right and straight on to morning, where they ll meet such unforgettable characters as the jealous fairy Tinkerbell, the evil Captain Hook, Tiger Lily, and the Lost Boys Also included in this edition is Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, the touching fairy tale in which Barrie first introduced Peter Illustrations by the legendary Arthur Rackham and F.D Bedford The world s greatest works of literature are now available in these beautiful keepsake volumes Bound in real cloth, and featuring gilt edges and ribbon markers, these beautifully produced books are a wonderful way to build a handsome library of classic literature These are the essential novels that belong in every home They ll transport readers to imaginary worlds and provide excitement, entertainment, and enlightenment for years to come All of these novels feature attractive illustrations and have an unequalled period feel that will grace the library, the bedside table or bureau.

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        Sir James Matthew Barrie, 1st Baronet, OM was a Scottish author and dramatist, best remembered today as the creator of Peter Pan.The son of a weaver, Barrie studied at the University of Edinburgh He took up journalism, worked for a Nottingham newspaper, and contributed to various London journals before moving to London in 1885 His early works, Auld Licht Idylls 1889 and A Window in Thrums 1889 , contain fictional sketches of Scottish life and are commonly seen as representative of the Kailyard school The publication of The Little Minister 1891 established his reputation as a novelist During the next 10 years Barrie continued writing novels, but gradually his interest turned toward the theatre.In London he met the Llewelyn Davies boys who inspired him in writing about a baby boy who has magical adventures in Kensington Gardens included in The Little White Bird , then to write Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn t Grow Up, a fairy play about this ageless boy and an ordinary girl named Wendy who have adventures in the fantasy setting of Neverland This play quickly overshadowed his previous work and although he continued to write successfully, it became his best known work, credited with popularising the name Wendy, which was very uncommon previously.Barrie unofficially adopted the Davies boys following the deaths of their parents Before his death, he gave the rights to the Peter Pan works to Great Ormond Street Hospital, which continues to benefit from them.


    1. Peter Pan or, How one man’s repressed paedophilia captured children’s imaginations for a century, was a cheery wee book. My reason for reading this as an adult? I have not grown up. I remain frozen in childhood. Whenever I find myself in adult surroundings, like an estate agent office, I wiggle in my chair and fight back the urge to say things like “how can you do that, pretend to wear the suit and act all grown up?” as I suck on my lollipop. Yes. Your humble reviewer might be able coast [...]

    2. 3.5 stars! My copy is split into the two stories, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and Peter and Wendy, and they are so different!Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. "The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it. The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings."This story focuses on the origin of Peter Pan. A young child of only 7 days falls out of his pram and lives with the birds and the fairies in [...]

    3. "רק העליזים והתמימים וחסרי הלב יכולים לעוף"פיטר פן אוהב להקשיב לסיפורים של אימהות. את הסיפורים הללו הוא מספר לקבוצת ילדים אבודה בארץ לעולם לא. ערב אחד כשהוא מקשיב לסיפור שמספרת גברת דרלינד לילדיה הוא מזוהה ע"י האם והכלבה המטפלת בילדים, וכשהוא מנסה להימלט, הצל שלו נתפס ע"י הכלב [...]

    4. Barrie says of Peter somewhere: “Oh, he was merry! He was as much merrier than you, for instance, as you are merrier than your father.” With all due respect, he could not have made a worse choice of adjective. Merriment is joy grounded in something solid; Peter is certainly gay, but there is nothing merry about him, nor about his world.Now, I don’t dislike the world of Peter Pan for being magical; if anything, it is not magical enough. The hallmark of a really magical world is that everyth [...]

    5. "To die would be an awfully big adventure." Peter Pan is one of these stories that means a lot to me, meant a lot to me and always will mean a lot to me. It's the story my dad read to me about a billion times for a bedtime story, the sequel of the Disney movie was my first ever movie I saw in a cinema. And my dad always says that it was so important to him because it's a story for children and their parents, with so many layers. And now I'm 16 and a little closer to 'adulthood' than I was than w [...]

    6. Peter Pan was AWFUL. Gave it 1⭐ But I rather enjoyed Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens (3⭐). So, overall 2⭐

    7. Oh that was marvelous. Where to start? I've been familiar with the story of Peter Pan for most of my life. As so many of you, I grew up with the Disney film. I must admit that it wasn't one of my favourites, but I remember the mermaid-scene vividly. The film and novel aren't that different from one another plot-wise( as far as I remember. Cut me some slack on this one, it's been at least 10 years since I've last seen Peter Pan ), but what struck me most about the novel is how vastly different th [...]

    8. Like the best children's books, especially children's fantasies (meant in its most expansive definition), much darker and thornier than the versions everyone remembers. The novel is even a couple steps darker and more poignant than the play, with a would-be murderous Tinker Bell (two words, okay?!), Wendy getting seriously confused over whether she's a child or adult, the constant description of youth as "gay, innocent and heartless", the mass death of most of the Indians, and the incredible cal [...]

    9. A book that can be enjoyed by children as well as by adults. While the plot and the several events in this book are written to cater to a kid's imagination, it includes jokes and references (e.g. to history, other books) that are probably more suitable for the enjoyment of their parents. Such clever hints were my greatest joy while reading, and best of all you don't have to get them all yourself because, in my edition at least, they are explained in a glossary, so everyone can enjoy the book wit [...]

    10. I read Peter and Wendy just a few months ago and it became my favorite classic and today it's one of my favorite books, so I bought this edition. But I'm not rereading the story now, but reading Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and the play "The Boy who would never grow up" which I found online in Gutenberg AustraliaStarting with the play, the dedication was so beautiful and then again the stage directions were so well done and hilarious how things were put. The story was very much the same as th [...]

    11. I first knew Peter Pan from that Disney’s film, and after knowing the boy for many many years, I finally got into the original text written by J. M. Barrie. I am really impressed since I never thought that the story is much complicated and philosophical. That made me wonder whether Barrie wrote this book for kids or not (from Finding Neverland, he wrote it for kids). I also found this heartbreaking tone in Peter Pan, especially the scene when Peter finally finds that Wendy has grown up. Is it [...]

    12. Still totally in love with Peter Pan but definitely prefer the movie rather than the book!

    13. This was a really cute book! I absolutely loved delving into the world of Peter Pan again, it brought back so many memories <3

    14. I did not care much for Peter Pan but Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens made up for it a bit. I tried to go into it without thinks of the Disney version but it was difficult.

    15. Penguin Classics edition with introduction & notes by Jack ZipesA book "directed in part at younger readers, it is clearly written primarily for adult readers", and to remind them what it is to be childlike and imaginative - and less appealingly given Barrie's paternalistic manner "to explain children to adults". I do like the introduction here a lot. It does spend too much time on biographical detail that differs surprisingly little from Finding Neverland - but it only quickly alludes to t [...]

    16. Leído en español, y una vez más, no encontró mi edición escaneada. Comprendo que a los niños pueda resultarle largo para leer entero seguido, yo lo he disfrutado mucho leyéndolo a capítulos durante varios días y me ha encantado.

    17. Some books will always remain classics. Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings. They will be remembered for years to come. So will Peter Pan. Most people know it as the 1956 Disney movie, which is what I knew it as too. Then I watched the 2003 real-life film, and Finding Neverland (the retelling of how Barrie was inspired to write Peter Pan). Watching all those movies got me a little obsessed with Peter and the wonderful and exciting world of Neverland, where mermaids, pirates [...]

    18. Inspired by Barrie’s friendship and patronage of the Llewelyn Davies family, the story of Peter Pan, the boy who will never grow up, first appeared in Barrie’s 1902 novel The Little White Bird, written for adults, as a story the narrator tells a young boy as they walk in Kensington Gardens. The section where Pan first appears is included in the Penguin Edition and is definitely worth reading in order to understand Pan’s myth. The story we are most familiar with, however, was published in n [...]

    19. 2 stars for the last 1/3 of the book, no stars for the first 2/3.I think I would have liked this book more if I had skipped the introduction. I may have ended up seeing things that weren't really there. After reading the intro, I saw this book as nothing more then Barrie writing this story to get over mommy issues.I honestly found nothing likeable about Peter. He was a sadistic bully who found joy in murdering anyone he felt like. We're told while Peter is away, Neverland is a happy place. Every [...]

    20. Reading this, you can easily tell it is meant to be read aloud. The flow of the words, the pacing, and even the narrator's little asides all lend themselves beautifully to being read aloud. And J. M. Barrie's tale of a timeless boy is a timeless tale for all to read and enjoy.Like many, I was first familiar with Peter Pan through the Disney adaptation. While good in its own right, the book has so much more depth and so many more layers to Peter Pan and the Neverland than Disney was able to touch [...]

    21. This book contains both the classic story "Peter Pan" and the story "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens." Though I have read "Peter Pan" before and thoroughly enjoyed it, for some reason in this reading, I came away with a sense of sadness at the end of the story. This may be due to the fact that Peter Pan does not stay with Wendy, and often times forgets to come back to visit her, but also to the fact that we are reminded that we must all grow up and lose our innocence. I feel that many of us ofte [...]

    22. This book is really hard for me to rate. First of all, I love and adore Peter Pan. The play, the movies (Disney and the 2003 film, as well as "Hook"), and even the spin-offs, adaptations, etc. We see so very little of Never-Land and all of its magic in this short little novel. The narrator is a little too involved for my taste (Barrie, I still love you for providing me with hours of entertainmentally, I do disrespect here) and for the type of story I wanted this to be, I would prefer a less intr [...]

    23. Peter Pan is a figure I think we all remember thanks to the Disney movies about him. Most of us will also know that it is based on a book by J.M. Barrie. Based but certainly not the same. While the main idea is the same, Peter Pan and the others are a bit different. While Peter Pan and the other story in the book I read, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, were quite short, it did not feel like it at all. In fact especially the starts of both stories felt incredibly drawn out by longwinded descript [...]

    24. *3.5 starsso I liked this original Peter Pan story so so much more than the Disney version I've seen. (and the musical for that matter, I saw a Dutch musical version and yes it's for children but it was just too childish)The way this story is told is lovely and its a classic I really could get into.I'm not going to say a lot about the story since I suspect that most of you already know it but this was a refreshing telling of the story and also the original which made me understand why this story [...]

    25. The Disney film was a hallmark of my childhood so I was excited to read the book. Although it wasn't what I expected, the snippets of charm and humour certainly served to delight me. I was particularly fond of Mr. Darling and his sensible silliness.However there were also unexpected snippets of darkness. Although the killing didn't bother me, what did bother me was the cruelty sometimes evident in the narrator. I particularly wasn't fond of the line about Mrs. Darling being dead and forgotten, a [...]

    26. So many mixed feelings. I really do love Peter Pan, the archetype, the kind of never-growing-up character, because I strongly identify with it But I never would have guessed how cruel and strange the actual Barrie character is!I'm sure there is plenty to analyse in this novel (Peter Pan and Wendy) but right now, my feelings are unsettled. Peter is cruel, selfish and ignorant. Is it a way to teach readers that growing up is actually best? That children are selfish little pricks?Peter forgets abou [...]

    27. Re-Read ReviewThere are so many things that you just don't notice the first time. It's just awesome. Like opening up an origami puzzle.I reread this for a paper I'm writing for one of my MA classes. THERE WAS SOOO MUCH GOING ON!!.I never thought this book would be as good as it turned out to be. I thought that since I knew the gist of the story that nothing would surprise me or move me in a big way. But this book was a complete and utter joy to read.I loved and enjoyed everything about it. Every [...]

    28. "So long as children are gay and innocent and heartless" This was a really beautiful book, to be honest. I mean, who doesn't love the story of Peter Pan?

    29. I read this book for the first time when I was a lot younger, and I never understood the gravity of the ending until now. Reading it this time around, I wasn't all that impressed with the first 90% of the book. It was the same old story I'd heard many times before and seen in the movies, and it was cute and reminiscent of my childhood, but nothing huge. The last chapter, however, was different. It was much heavier and more realistic. It's hard to put into words, but Barrie somehow perfectly capt [...]

    30. I like the introduction/critique in the Penguin classic books, and I would recommend Penguin classics to everyone.I thought this book was interestingly written especially based on the common Peter Pan story we know from Disney. The role of the narrator sometimes seems overly involved. Overall the story of Peter and Wendy was a fun read.I must say that the short story Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens I found quite dull. His adventures were not all that interesting. It is interesting how Barrie dev [...]

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