Justice League 3000, Vol. 2: The Camelot War

Justice League 3000, Vol. 2: The Camelot War

Keith Giffen J.M. DeMatteis Howard Porter / Jun 03, 2020

Justice League Vol The Camelot War In the far flung future in the year Superman Batman Wonder Woman The Flash and Green Lantern are still defending the Earth as the Justice League From the classic Justice League writing team

  • Title: Justice League 3000, Vol. 2: The Camelot War
  • Author: Keith Giffen J.M. DeMatteis Howard Porter
  • ISBN: 9781401254148
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the far flung future in the year 3000, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern are still defending the Earth as the Justice League From the classic Justice League writing team of Keith Giffen and J.M DeMatteis with legendary artist Howard Porter JLA , comes volume 2 of this series starring the heroes of today tomorrow Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE 30In the far flung future in the year 3000, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern are still defending the Earth as the Justice League From the classic Justice League writing team of Keith Giffen and J.M DeMatteis with legendary artist Howard Porter JLA , comes volume 2 of this series starring the heroes of today tomorrow Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 8 15.

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        Keith Ian Giffen is an American comic book illustrator and writer He is possibly best known for his long runs illustrating, and later writing the Legion of Super Heroes title in the 1980s and 1990s He also created the alien mercenary character Lobo with Roger Slifer , and the irreverent want to be hero, Ambush Bug Giffen is known for having an unorthodox writing style, often using characters in ways not seen before His dialogue is usually characterized by a biting wit that is seen as much less zany than dialogue provided by longtime collaborators DeMatteis and Robert Loren Fleming That approach has brought him both criticism and admiration, as perhaps best illustrated by the mixed although commercially successful response to his work in DC Comics Justice League International 1987 1992 He also plotted and was breakdown artist for an Aquaman limited series and one shot special in 1989 with writer Robert Loren Fleming and artist Curt Swan for DC Comics Giffen s first published work was The Sword and The Star , a black and white series featured in Marvel Preview, with writer Bill Mantlo He has worked on titles owned by several different companies including Woodgod, All Star Comics, Doctor Fate, Drax the Destroyer, Heckler, Nick Fury s Howling Commandos, Reign of the Zodiac, Suicide Squad, Trencher to be re released in a collected edition by Boom Studios T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents, and Vext He was also responsible for the English adaptation of the Battle Royale and Ikki Tousen manga, as well as creating I Luv Halloween for Tokyopop He also worked for Dark Horse from 1994 95 on their Comics Greatest World Dark Horse Heroes line, as the writer of two short lived series, Division 13 and co author, with Lovern Kindzierski, of Agents of Law For Valiant Comics, Giffen wrote XO Manowar, Magnus, Robot Fighter, Punx and the final issue of Solar, Man of the Atom.He took a break from the comic industry for several years, working on storyboards for television and film, including shows such as The Real Ghostbusters and Ed, Edd n Eddy.He is also the lead writer for Marvel Comics s Annihilation event, having written the one shot prologue, the lead in stories in Thanos and Drax, the Silver Surfer as well as the main six issues mini series He also wrote the Star Lord mini series for the follow up story Annihilation Conquest He currently writes Doom Patrol for DC, and is also completing an abandoned Grant Morrison plot in The Authority the Lost Year for Wildstorm.


    1. This is one of the worst pieces of shit I've ever come across.The only redeeming quality? Booster Gold and Blue Beetle circa JLI 1990s arrive in the future after having been in cryogenic freezing since our time.Other than that? Ugh.Why is this not cancelled?? Why is it coming back as JL 3001 ??Tell me this isn't true.

    2. Like this first volume of this book, there's a lot to like about this second instalment of the future Justice League, but a few little niggles hold it back from being better.The overarching plot continues with a nice twist that puts the (more annoying than threatening) villains from the first volume out of action to make room for some more interesting antagonists, but they don't get any actual battle experience, so that's all held over for the next volume instead.The action in fact slows right d [...]

    3. Surprisingly good superhero comic. I am always a little taken back by how many Justice League books there are in the new 52. I mean you have Justice League, JLA, Justice League International, Justice League Dark, Justice League United and lets face it Earth 2 is sort of a Justice League book as well. The 3000 series has been a mix bag. I was not a fan of the first volume of this series. But I did give the writer and artist team an "B" for effort. Justice League 3000 does offer the reader somethi [...]

    4. I am all about the bent direction of the classic JLI team, as well as a new sense of humor but the 'jokes' leave a lot to be desired. The dialog is often a revolving wheel of sarcastic observations, which couldn't make even the resurrection of the Blue & Gold all that joyous. Here's hoping JL 3001 can perfect the formula.

    5. Very, very good.Not sure where we are going. I am sure I like this ride.Not real Wonder Woman-Superman-Batman-Green LanternFirestorm?All new Flash.And much, much more from The JLI.Yes, JLIPlus other cool, twisted things going on.A good read.

    6. The war from the last book continues as the unusual heroes want to finish what they started. With The Five weak this is the perfect time to strike as they get revenge. The war ends in an anti climactic way, with the leader of The Five getting captured and then the heroes going about life as they normally would. But nothing is ever that easy, another top secret organization revives villains that were the heroes' enemies in their previous lives. I gave this book an okay rating because it was too s [...]

    7. There were some interesting elements, but over all it fell flat. The new Flash is pretty neat, but the J.L. team still hasn't mourned the previous Flash (Flashes? He did die twice).

    8. Love this series. It's the perfect way to balance Injustice. Giffen still has it. Science may not be able to figure out what it is, but he still has it!

    9. Partially because Howard Porter's art seemed to flag a little bit towards the end I didn;t enjoy this one quite as much as the first volume. But, I do recommend this for comic fans, and fans of the JLA. Giffen and DeMatteis (with Porter) provides a very good take on these characters, while introducing new and old characters at the same time. Regardless of the personality changes that have been imposed on the JL, and these are brought about by the JL's resurrection, not some vile plot, one thing [...]

    10. A future survival from the past. Having been a DC comic reader almost since the birth of the Silver Age, I was both a little sad and a little relieved when the company's "New 52" made their entire line of comics unreadable for me, freeing up a few bucks a month that could be better spent. I thought the retooled stories were dumber, even by comic book standards, and the art ugly. Comics that I had read for decades suddenly lost all appeal. Justice League 3000 has proven to be a pleasant exception [...]

    11. It is a fact universally known that if Keith Giffen is involved in a title, Booster Gold will certainly follow. Okay maybe not every time, but he does have a tendency to appear in the weirdest places, and this certainly qualifies. The major villains of the first volume are readily dispatched in the first few issues and then the story turns into a JLI reunion, except 1000 years in the future. This story doesn't really seem to be going anywhere. The characters aren't quite so despicable, but the m [...]

    12. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold improve pretty much anything. Also, pretty cool to see Giffen and DeMatteis establish that this is the future of their Super-Buddies Elseworld, previously featured in Formerly Known as the Justice League and I Can't Believe it's Not the Justice League. The Injustice League was a nice addition as well, especially after how anticlimactic the resolution to the previous villains' arc was. Although I'm still confused about why this version of Lois Lane is not only evil, b [...]

    13. This comic continues to be interesting, though the exploration of the resurrected five isn't as deep this time around. Still, there's some exciting adventure, a great "new" character, and some nice closure on the comic's normal plots. And then things turn really bizarre as Giffen apparently gets the OK to bring back several of his classic characters in their classic form. It creates a bit of a split-reality for the comic, but it's fun.I do have to question DC's absolutely bizarre trade paperback [...]

    14. A slow build but halfway through this book locks its premise/status quo more or less in place and it's got lots of potential. A futuristic League living on a warring medieval DC Earth! An Injustice League led by an evil Lois Lane (sure.)! The return of Booster Gold, Blue Beetle and Ice! We also see Superman go from utterly intolerable to this team's equivalent of Guy Gardner. Allegedly the DC editorial reins got slackened here allowing Giffen/DeMatteis to do more the book they initially envision [...]

    15. (Read the print edition)This series still has a lot of problems but at least the second volume was a much better read yet the artwork continues to be awful. Also featured was a new Flash, quite a few Justice League International members as well as a new Injustice League was created which now for some reason includes Lois Lane as a member.This version of the Justice League is still not my favorite but the Injustice League seems like they may add something interesting to this series. I wonder if t [...]

    16. The second volume of Justice League 3000 adds magic a galaxy wide war between Camelot and Etrigan, and Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! Giffen gets to mix in some of the things he is known for (his Booster and Beetle of the JLI were always fun, and the references to previous DC stories and characters) with this new 31st century with quasi-clones and incomplete history. New worlds and conflicts mixed with old characters, re-imagined characters and some surprise characters kept me enjoying this story [...]

    17. Começa imediatamente de onde o arco passado parou, mas o desenvolvimento é bem lento, quase chato; os autores só contavam com dois núcleos narrativos o que deixava a história numa inescapável ida e volta. Até o meio,. Neste ponto do encadernado outros focos narrativos surgiram e o álbum ganhou toda uma nova dinâmica e seguiu num cresncendo até o seu final que foi um excelente gancho para o volume 3.

    18. It takes a while to get underway, wrapping up the imperfect future League's battle against the Five from the first volume. But then Giffen and deMatteis start drawing in some more of the legacy of their old League, and the fun really starts. Not least because they all come from a past which was theoretically undone by that godawful reboot. Guess it takes more than a little thing like a complete rewrite of space-time to stop [Blue Beetle and Booster Gold].

    19. One of my new Favorites. The brain damaged Justice League are almost caricatures of themselves and it is just plain funny. Booster Gold and The Blue Beatle show up and take over the story for a few issues and it works. Etrigan has a Demon army and spouts rhymes. The wonder twins are still cool.

    20. I'm all for taking heroes out of their regular scenario and dropping them into a new space, but this story gets weirder the further it gets away from the source material. The reborn JL are in a tight spot, but Wonder Twin Terri, recently respawned with the powers of the Flash, gets them to safety. Then they end up on a planet ruled by King Arthur andNever mind.

    21. I thought the first volume was okay, so I checked this one, the second out from the library. It was a little better than the first, although the way some of the characters act continues to be annoying.

    22. Giffen and DeMatteis keep making me laugh, this has that JLI vibe I loved back then but with more layers in the story and characters. Count me in for vol.3

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