Beastly Verse

Beastly Verse

JooHee Yoon / Dec 09, 2019

Beastly Verse Poetry and children belong together and for a long time the music and playfulness of verse wove itself through children s days and lives Beastly Verse aims to help return the wonder of poetry to chi

  • Title: Beastly Verse
  • Author: JooHee Yoon
  • ISBN: 9781592701667
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Poetry and children belong together, and for a long time, the music and playfulness of verse wove itself through children s days and lives Beastly Verse aims to help return the wonder of poetry to children s lives through sixteen exquisitely illustrated poems, four of which have the surprise and pleasure of being foldouts Consisting of playful as well as powerfully memorPoetry and children belong together, and for a long time, the music and playfulness of verse wove itself through children s days and lives Beastly Verse aims to help return the wonder of poetry to children s lives through sixteen exquisitely illustrated poems, four of which have the surprise and pleasure of being foldouts Consisting of playful as well as powerfully memorable poems, Beastly Verse transports the reader into a richly worded world of tigers, hummingbirds, owls, elephants, pelicans, yaks, snails, and even telephones A playful romp through verse, rhyme, and gorgeous images, this book carries children into the poetic realm in a way that is not only fun and inviting, but inspiring as well Representing poems from Anonymous, as well as some lesser well known poets, this volume also includes poems from Lewis Carroll, William Blake, Robert Desnos, Hilaire Belloc, William Cowper, Christina Rossetti, and D.H Lawrence Both short and long, these poems can be read and reread, committed to memory and enjoyed all life long.JooHee Yoon is an illustrator and printmaker committed to the art of bookmaking Her art work has appeared in the New York Times, New Yorker Magazine, Le Monde, and many other international publications She also exhibits her original drawings and prints in gallery shows around the world and was the recipient of the Ars en Fabula Grant from the Bologna Children s Book Fair in Italy.

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    1. Poetry. What’s the point? I say this as a woman who simultaneously gets poetry and doesn’t get it. I get that it’s important, of course. I only need to watch my three-year-old daughter come up with an ever increasing and creative series of bouncy rhymes to understand their use. But what I don’t get is Poetry with a capital “P”. I have come to accept this as a failing on my own part. And to be fair, there are works of poetry that I like. They just all seem to be for the milk teeth set [...]

    2. This is a book of children's poetry by various authors such as Christina Rossetti and Ogden Nash. It is a new book but illustrated to appear old style. I didn't like it as much as I thought I did. Here is my favorite:THE EELI don't mind eelsExcept as meals.And the way they feels Ogden NashI happen to have eaten eels as a child and never wanted to repeat the experience as an adult. Tastes very fishy with flesh more like a chicken and it does look like a snakeMy husband liked the following:ELETELE [...]

    3. Compilation of famous animal poems written by many different authors. I was pleased to find two of my all time fave poems included, Eletelephony and The Spangled Pandemonium(not a page from the book)I liked how there was only one poem on each page. Poetry is always more enjoyable to read when it's not squished onto pages. The poems chosen were delightful but I wasn't a huge fan of the artwork.

    4. Sixteen previously published poems about animals, including "The Crocodile" by Lewis Carroll, "The Tiger" by William Blake, and my personal favorite for sharing--the hilarious and fun to read--"Eletelephony" by Laura Richards make this book delightful. Not only are the verses fun to revisit or visit for the first time, but the illustrations are literally drenched with color. Young readers and their parents will also enjoy the four gatefolds that expand the book's images.

    5. Bright, primitive-style illustrations perfectly complement short animal poems by the likes of Lewis Carroll and Walter de la Mare. An intriguing collection that may serve to spark an interest in poetry in young people and their grown ups.

    6. Loved the bright, distinctive, fanciful graphic illustrations that accompany these animal poems by a variety of writers. My favorite poem might be "The Pelican" by Robert Desnos--new to me. Impressed with every single page of graphics.Would kids like it?4.5 stars

    7. A rich, gleefully illustrated and beautifully designed collection (including some great gatefolds) of playful verse about critters by such poets as William Blake, Lewis Carroll, D.H. Lawrence, and Christina Rossetti.

    8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! A collection of fanciful poems matched with bold color art work. Releasing in April; perfect for poetry celebrations and a must have for your home library

    9. Different animals of all kinds are spotlighted in poetry. Fold out pages and brightly colored layered pictures are featured. preschool and up

    10. I want to buy this book. I absolutely loved it. I can see kids wanting to hear it over and over, and then going back to it when they’re adults and getting so much more out of it. It’s a great learning tool with great illustrations.

    11. POETRY->+ illustrations are so cool and unique, some of the poems are awesome and kids would love, fold out pages, collection of poems by different authors- some of the poems are way too advanced for elementary school kids (there were many that I couldn't even understand), at least half of this book I would not use in my classroom

    12. Some very familiar, some newly read poems that are brilliantly and fiercely illustrated. This is riotous art that completely fills the pages and on some opens up or continues on further pages to cause wonder and awe. A treat for young and old.

    13. This non-fiction book Each of the poems within the book focus on a different animal with different rhymes. The poems within have free verses, a limerick and rhyming stanzas. You could have a poem about a hummingbird, owls, tigers and elephants. What's cool about this book is that it's filled with poems from different poets so you are seeing rhymes consistently but you are also getting the rhymes with different contexts according to the animal. This is great for an English class because it does h [...]

    14. An illustrated picture book of famous poetry about animals from the quaint to the silly to the serious. There are free verse, rhyming stanzas and even one limerick. Poets include those hailed for children such as Christina Rossetti, those famed for the humorous such as Ogden Nash and the masters such as Blake. I always say I'm not a poetry person, and I'm not really. But! This is the way I like my poetry: presented in an illustrated children's collection. Several of these have prominent places o [...]

    15. Children are introduced to a collection of poetry from well-known poets as well as anonymous and lesser known ones in this picture book. Each poem focuses on an animal and the collection includes William Blake's The Tiger among others. The animals are varied and make for page turning that is exciting and interesting, since you never know if the next animal will be a pig or a hummingbird. The poems are cleverly selected for child appeal and yet many of them aren't specifically children's poetry, [...]

    16. Oh, a good collection of poetry is a delight--and even if you stodgy grown-ups disagree, most children I know will heartily concur. This collection is a riotous exploration of poems about animals--most titles starting with "The" and many titles of which are familiar. The poets are even more familiar than some of the titles and are mostly European/American in background (Lewis Carroll, Ogden Nash, etc.). That being said, the artwork in this book keeps the collection from feeling like a relic. Vib [...]

    17. Joohee Yoon's hallucinogenic art is what makes Beastly Verse an outstanding collection of poetry for readers of all ages. All of the poems are about animals, and the beasts Yoon portrays are those of folklore and imagination. They wear clothes and cheshire-cat-smiles with nightmarish teeth. There are no black lines. Instead, borders overlap in a style that mimics traditional block printing, using transparent cyan, yellow and magenta inks.Walter de la Mare, Christina Rosetti, William Blake, Ogden [...]

    18. I expected to like this collection of animal poetry so much more than I actually did. First, there's the idea of a collection of animal poetry that sounds like just the ticket for me. But it turns out I didn't much care for most of the poems that JooHee Yoon selected for this volume, and I didn't think they would really resonate with children either. Then there's the illustrations Once again, the colors seem like something I would like, but they just don't work with the subject matter for me. Or [...]

    19. Not what I was expecting; the title led me to think that it would be about beasts & monsterst about chickens and butterflies and other such innocuous creatures. "Beastly" in the title refers to all sorts of creatures, large & small. A few great classic poems. The illustrations are just EYE-POPPING!!! I started to feel like you could wear 3-d glasses and the pictures would just jump out at meough not necessarily in a good way. They almost detract from the poems as they are just SOOO Over- [...]

    20. A stunning collection of poetry. The illustrations are wonderful, bright, and funny with some huge fold out pages. The poems are all terrific, and usually I find that I am indifferent to at least half the poems in a collection. Some of them are classics like: "Eletelephony" by L. E. Richards and "The Yak" by Hilaire Belloc, others were new to me like "The Spangled Pandemonium" by Palmer Brown. This was a great collection suitable for the whole range of elementary school from kindergarten to fift [...]

    21. Are you a fan of poetry? You'll love this colorful book of selected famous animal poems illustrated by Joohee Yoon. If you are not a fan of poetry you might want to try Beastly Verse on for size! The poems and illustrations can be humorous or scary, short or long. They tell stories and will give you the giggles too! This book is sure to inspire you to create some illustrated poems of your very own. For ages 5 - 10.

    22. A collection of poetry (mostly about animals/creatures) that offer up fun with language and silly situations.Full page, full color screen prints support the poems and is the bog appeal for this book as the artwork is incredibly vibrant and does a great job of depicting the elements of the poetry.Nice read aloud either in snippets or in its entirety for PreK-4+.

    23. These poems were a lot of fun to read with my kids. The vocabulary was advanced at times but they were so engaged they asked for some to be read again. And the kids loved the illustrations. I love that I could talk to them about how the illustrator was a woman, in case they had just assumed a man was more likely to depict beasts.

    24. LOVE this one--great selection of clever and classic animal poems (Ogden Nash, Lewis Carroll, Christina Rossetti, etc) with amazing and weird illustrations done in a stylized form that is hard to describe (looks like printing mixed with scratchboard), but will draw kids in and inspire them to illustrate their own poetry selections. Colorful, fun and respectful of readers. Highly recommend.

    25. The color/image illustrations are characteristically retro for Enchanted Lion Books, and they are well suited to this anthology of animal-centric poems from the past, sometimes long past. A collection of long-loved classics on this theme works well and can be used to introduce young readers to classic authors.

    26. Bright, bold illustrations accompany a collection of poems about animals. Prints are colorful and enhance some well known and and some discovered by the author. Some foldout pages tempt suspense and imaginative settings will capture children's attention.

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