The Etiquette of Social Media

The Etiquette of Social Media

Leonard Kim / Feb 29, 2020

The Etiquette of Social Media Did you know that % of College Admissions Officers found something online about an applicant that negatively impacted their college application Or that than two in five % Hiring Managers found inf

  • Title: The Etiquette of Social Media
  • Author: Leonard Kim
  • ISBN: 9781500918538
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • Did you know that 30% of College Admissions Officers found something online about an applicant that negatively impacted their college application Or that than two in five 43% Hiring Managers found information online that caused them not to hire a candidate Is social media preventing you, or someone you know from achieving their dreams and desired opportunities QuitDid you know that 30% of College Admissions Officers found something online about an applicant that negatively impacted their college application Or that than two in five 43% Hiring Managers found information online that caused them not to hire a candidate Is social media preventing you, or someone you know from achieving their dreams and desired opportunities Quite frankly, it is hard to say, as usually when we are denied something, frequently than not, we are never told why.From the statistics above, we can see that social media is a huge determining factor in whether or not us, our children or our friends and family are accepted into the college of our dreams or into our dream jobs In my professional life, I have always been told that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure In other words, it is better to be fully equipped and prepared for the opportunity as it arises, as opposed to wondering what we did wrong after we are passed up Much like how a building must have their foundation built into the cornerstone that allows it to withstand the tests of time, we must have our foundation etched and chiseled out so we can be the best that we can be This book, The Etiquette of Social Media, is the complete guide on the basic foundation that we all need to ensure that our online image is bulletproof from being judged by the decision makers of the world who may be able to have control of our destiny.Social Media is paving the way of the future It is a new trend that is becoming standardized as a part of our daily lives This new standard includes media outlets ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn to Quora and Twitter, along with many others.With how new social media is, there are no classes at our schools that cover the etiquette of social media Whether you are in high school or a senior level executive, chances are you are oblivious to the guidelines of how to act on social media In this day and age, that has been forgivable.Why Because never before has there been a guide covering The Etiquette of Social Media, until now.Inspired by best selling author James Altucher, Leonard Kim decided to write his first book of many Being a personality with high visibility and a Top Writer on Quora, an Online Knowledge Market, Leonard has seen it all.From comments to messages to public attacks, Leonard has broken free from the viewpoint we all have of what is right in front of us He has been able to expand outside of the myopic bubble of the Internet we have all come to see He has expanded his view of our online society as a whole In a single year, Leonard went from being a nobody to having over five million views on the internet He went from being an introvert with less friends than he has fingers to cultivating friendships all across the world.Through decades of experience, Leonard has acquired a unique skill set With a background in branding, Leonard understands the importance of your online reputation He has been able to identify the key points to ensure that you come across as an approachable and likable human being.Are you looking to make new friends Manage your online reputation Or expand your business connections This book will provide you with the essential tools you need to get ahead.The world is changing Soon it will no longer be forgivable to be ignorant of your behavior on social media People will start to judge you for each action you make Read this guide to prepare yourself before that dreadfully awaited day finally arrives.

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    1. I have to say that I was pretty surprised by the plethora of undesirable reviews on this book. I can't agree that this guide is any product of bad writing, uninteresting content, and/or irrelevance. I would think that one wouldn't want to purchase a book called The Etiquette of Social Media unless they were genuinely interested in what this author had to say on the subject, but based on some of the negativity and borderline cruelty making its way into the reviews, I'm inclined to think that the [...]

    2. In this book I found some good advice that reminded me that what I say on the internet could affect me in the future and helps others to constitute an opinion about me . I think it is very helpful for people who own a business or want to start one , or just for people who use social sites to comment and share opinions . It is important to pick your words carefully when speaking to strangers over internet .

    3. Knew the author so I picked up this book and it gives good advice for navigating communication in the 21st century.

    4. *NOTE: We (The Readdicts) received a copy of The Etiquette of Social Media by Leonard Kim in exchange for an honest review. We thank Leonard for the book! Initially, I did not want to read author Leonard Kim's The Etiquette of Social Media. It's just that it didn't sound like something I would require. But I was very interested in knowing what the book is all about when I was making the author interview and giveaway post we did for the same. While it wasn't the best book I've read, I really do n [...]

    5. I really like this book. I feel as strongly as the author that the etiquette of social media needs to be taught. In every generation for all of time every new climb up the progressive ladder has been taught as its become a known part of society. The sad thing is is that society, as progressive as we may be now, has long forgotten the word etiquette and the ideal of learning new knowledge. I'm sure that every single person who has lived in this era of Internet and social media has made at least o [...]

    6. At first blush, this books looks to be an impressive length, and covering seemingly timely and interesting subject matter.Then you realize this book is filled with content like this:"As we have begun to move into the digital age, online friendships are becoming more common. We can meet people anywhere in the world, whether it be the United States, Europe, India or even Australia."Really, Mr. Kim? Can we go online to meet people "even in Australia"? This is one example of many of the useless plat [...]

    7. Not too sure what to think of this one. The information provided was indeed useful if the reader needs it, but most information and tips are forms of common sense that a majority of people already apprehend, thus proving itself useless if you're looking for something new and innovative that hasn't been said before. What's taken from this book is dependent on the person and if they are completely inept or adept with social media. The way it's delivered is amateurish at best and deserving of only [...]

    8. The information from this book was not particularly useful for me and I don't recommend it either. There's a little bit of extremes and exaggerations I noticed in a couple of the chapters. The bonus chapter is supposedly funny but I found it lacking proper etiquette to be copying and pasting other people's emails to the author and making fun of those individuals. Two stars is being generous.

    9. May be helpful for those new to social media. Definitely for beginners, though there is advice experienced users may find helpful. Received as a firstreads.

    10. So I won this book in the book give away and I really enjoy reading and even throw I have a good sense of what to and what not to put online, this book still gave me a lot to think about!

    11. I am not even sure if the author believes what he's written. He emphasizes that it's important to use proper etiquette because colleges care about that stuff. But he really contradicts himself. If you follow him on Social media, you will find that Leonard Kim has a mentor who actively advises people NOT to go to college, and not to pursue a full-time career. So which is it? Does the author think you need to go to college, or does he believe in the words and preachings of his mentor? can't have i [...]

    12. "A business professional turned writer, he has shared his life experience to help improve the lives of others. By once having everything one could ever desire to losing it all, he has acquired extensive knowledge about essential life skills and effective communication" reads the author's bio online. Yet we find tons of comments in the book that are of a high-school/college nature in terms of these "in" jokes. I found it shocking that a "business professional" would choose the type of lingo that [...]

    13. Author Leonard Kim writes a book about social media etiquette and hails himself an expert on the subject. Yet this is an irony as he does things that are opposite of the proper etiquette to be used online:*When one of his peers gave a less than favorable critique of his writing, this author copied and pasted her e-mail correspondences with him online for everyone to see, and called her out for doing so. Why not simply discuss the matter with that individual? Why do something drastic such as what [...]

    14. I absolutely do not understand how this book has such a good rating here and on -- and my entire book club of 12 avid readers agrees, so it's not just me.This seemed like such a great idea: We thought this was a sure-fire winner. Only one of 12 people finished it, and that's because she's the one who recommended it. I finish almost all books I start, and definitely finish book club books, and couldn't finish this one. I would have given up by page 23, but soldiered on till about half way throug [...]

    15. I read through several chapters of "The Etiquette of Social Media" and tried to be as objective as I could, but unfortunately my honest review is that the book is mediocre at best. There were some inconsistencies that I noticed with respect to what the author is saying about the proper etiquette versus what is practiced in real life. Also, according to the research that I did before deciding to read this book, I discovered that the author wrote the entire thing in less than 2 months' time after [...]

    16. "our real life friends are just as important, if not more important than our online friends." That's really insightful. Thanks Leonard. I couldn't have come up with that on my own. "Remember we still have to live a happy life. To live a happy life, we have to invest in all our relationships." Well, if you want a book full of cliches and hyperboles and nothing insightful, go ahead and purchase this book. Plus if you are interesting in reading him relive how many girlfriends he met online as a tee [...]

    17. Waste of time.I'm sorry to say that this book is a colossal waste of time. Basically this book says to be nice and treat others with respect in order to build successful relationships in the world of social media. Boring and obvious. To make it worse - that's ALL the book says, over and over again, in its 100 plus pages. This book should really just be five pages, max. Length does not equal quality.I also think that the author takes the principle of being nice way too far - as an example he stat [...]

    18. I follow him on social media and I have to say I've been skeptical for good reason. I notice he changes his bio every week or so. He used to imply he advises/consults at a $1 billion firm and then he changed it to having expertise in co-authoring books even though this is his first book. After thinking a while, I decided to not finish the copy I have. I'm not sure which part of the book is an exaggeration and which is real. Sorry to say.

    19. This book is satirical and funny. But not exactly a self-help book so it's miscategorized. Perhaps it's meant more to be satirical and not self-help. And watch out, it's got some naughty language and subject matter. Being old and married and all, I don't feel as fazed as I used to, but I wouldn't recommend the book to a young, impressionable mind.

    20. Our class instructor got us to read this book as part of the curriculum, but the book was so boring that most of the class strongly protested. We only got past Chapter 2 before the instructor listened and gave up. The points outlined in the book were so obvious that it wasn't worth our time in class to go over them. We voted in class for something more useful because our time is valuable.

    21. I found the book written like a high school book report. Was given the book for free in exchange for an honest review and rating.

    22. This book tries to be witty but only occasionally comes close, and so really only achieves college or high school student humor. I got to page 37 before I gave up.

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