Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein

Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein

DonBrown / Dec 05, 2019

Odd Boy Out Young Albert Einstein When he was born in Albert was a peculiarly fat baby with an unusually big and misshaped head When he was older he hit his sister frustrated his teachers and had few friends But Albert s stra

  • Title: Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein
  • Author: DonBrown
  • ISBN: 9780618492985
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When he was born in 1879, Albert was a peculiarly fat baby with an unusually big and misshaped head When he was older, he hit his sister, frustrated his teachers, and had few friends But Albert s strange childhood also included his brilliant capacity for puzzles and problem solving the mystery of a compass s swirling needle, the intricacies of Mozart s music, the secretWhen he was born in 1879, Albert was a peculiarly fat baby with an unusually big and misshaped head When he was older, he hit his sister, frustrated his teachers, and had few friends But Albert s strange childhood also included his brilliant capacity for puzzles and problem solving the mystery of a compass s swirling needle, the intricacies of Mozart s music, the secrets of geometry set his mind spinning with ideas In fact, Albert Einstein s ideas were destined to change the way we know and understand the world and our place in the universe In spare, precise text filled with graceful detail and accompanied by sometimes humorous, sometimes lonely portraits, Don Brown introduces us to the less than magnificent beginnings of an odd boy out The result is a tender rendering of the adventures of growing up for one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century.

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    1. This wasn’t quite what I’d expected and I got a different take on how Einstein was as a child. I’d always thought he did poorly in all subjects (but apparently he always did well in math and well enough in music) and first began to talk much later than this book indicates. I also had no idea he felt so very alone and was a frustrated, angry, and aggressive child, although I suppose it makes sense given what we now know about his brilliant mind. However, I had a bit of a hard time liking th [...]

    2. What ARE you going to say about Einstein that'll fit in a picture book for the 4 - 8 crowd?Quite a lot, apparently. Like many children, young Albert (and this book does focus mainly on his youth) never fit in. The other children liked sports, and watching soldiers on parades; he didn't. Other children talked and cooed at two; he didn't. Other children answered questions quickly in class, and bothered with the classes they didn't like, and socialized at parties not so Albert.The author covers Ein [...]

    3. This book was an excellent introduction to the life of Albert Einstein. For me, it won't be an Introduction, though. It will likely be the entirety of what I'll read about him. But I enjoyed it and learned some things about a great man. I say I learned "some" things, but there's really only one thing that I'm taking away from this book: I learned that he was a pretty nasty child, with an awful temper. He was violent, even, toward his poor little sister. :-( (Throwing a hard ball at her? Hitting [...]

    4. This book enlightens us about Albert Einsteins life as a child and growing up into adulthood. The reader learns the "human" side of Einstein. Overall anyone who is interested in learning about Albert Einstein will find this book appealing. It does a terrific job of summarizing his life. The Hornbook Guide rated it a 1 and I agree with that evaluation. All of the information is presented in a clear way.Specifically, it is a good introduction to Einstein, scientists in general, and physics. It is [...]

    5. This was a wonderful book that gave readers a look into Einstein's young life. I liked this book particularly because it discusses a lot of facts about Einstein. I never really learned about him formally in school and I am not sure if younger children now do either but I think this book would provide a lot of facts and create background knowledge if/when students do learn about him. I also liked that it showed readers what he was like as a kid. Einstein was very different and he was angry and em [...]

    6. I am not sure what went wrong with this book. It really started out promisingly--the first couple of pages engaged my niece and nephew (and me), and I thought, "oh, this is going to be a biography of Einstein that will be accessible to the kids!" I was excited! And then. I wasn't.It was interesting to learn that he was a problem child, to be sure, and I think those bits will stick with my niece and nephew, but I really don't think that anything past Einstein's early childhood years is going to r [...]

    7. This book introduced my girls to Albert Einstein, taking him from his birth to the years of his greatest accomplishments in theoretical physics, highlighting his early characteristics, personality and interests. My older two girls liked the book, even though they didn't understand the science it contained. They were especially intrigued when the book mentions Einstein's early fascination with the compass, since they recently acquired compasses and we have been working on the concept of magnetic [...]

    8. When I discovered that there was a picture book about Albert Einstein, I was thrilled to be able to share his story with our girls. This book helps to explain a little about his early years, his interests, and his love for solving puzzles. I liked that the book shows that he was considered a troubled child and that he became a wildly successful mathematician and scientist, despite his difficulties in school. The narrative wasn't as engaging as I'd hoped, but the pen-and-ink and watercolor illust [...]

    9. Age: 6-12Review: This is a simplified and picture biography of Albert Einstein. The book describes Albert as a young boy and how he appeared different to the rest of the world. It then shows how he came to be known as a great scientist through exploring his interests. This is a very kid friendly book that gives students a brief biography of Albert's life. It would be great to start a science class or a research project for younger students.

    10. This doesn't really do much other than give a few snapshots into the birth and childhood of Albert Einstein and then kind of slips in that he discovered his famous formula and won a Nobel Prize. I would have liked some more details to really make it meaningful or impactful.

    11. Odd Boy Out is the biography of young Albert Einstein and shows his love for math and science growing up. It is a great connecting book for math instruction, and also could be used to highlight history and science connections as well.

    12. Good book to introduce Einstein's life, but very little about his actual discoveries and seems to jump quickly in places. Enjoyed the story of his young life, though, and found the illustrations quirky and fun.

    13. Albert Einstein was one of the most intelligent people who have ever lived. Did you know, that Albert did not do well in school? Most things that excited boys and intrigued them, had the opposite effect on Einstein. This story takes you through the major life events of Albert Einstein and what his childhood was like. Many students who struggle with traditional learning in school can relate to this book. Einstein is an absolute genius, however looked like a failure in school. This book can be pai [...]

    14. Title: Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein Author: Don BrownIllustrator: Don BrownGenre: Biography geared towards upper elementary Theme: Believe in yourself; dedication; motivation; strive for greatness; the life of EinsteinOpening line/sentence: “On a sunny cold Friday” Brief Book Summary: This story talks about the life of young Albert Einstein. He was a different child growing up who didn’t like to play sports and was made fun of for liking math. He struggles through his childhood, but [...]

    15. This book tells the story of the life of Albert Einstein. It tells of how he grew up and faced many struggles. Those struggle turned him into the scientist that is known worldwide.I like this book. I think it is very informative. I think it can encourage students who may struggle in some subjects to see that they can still succeed if they focus on their passions.I could use this book in an elementary school classroom to tell the history of a well-known scientist. I could also use this in middle [...]

    16. Well, darn. Here’s what I’ve learned from this book. Einstein was a BRAT. Physically abused his sister, terrorized his tutor, and threw massive tantrums. Reading that his parents let him wander the streets alone at 4 years old? They were probably hoping his bratty butt would get lost never come back home - Hansel and Gretel mentality. They left out that he was also a womanizer, but I guess that isn’t suitable for a kid’s book. This book left me feeling pretty disgusted with Einstein.

    17. This is a great introduction to Albert Einstein the child, who was unusual in his own right. I plan to read this to my elementary students to open up a discussion about expectations that other people have of them, and children in general, and how the students can achieve success by exploring the topics that truly interest them, by trying new things, and then becoming experts in their "field." There is no one size fits all in education and success. Einstein is a prime example.

    18. Strange children's illustrated book about the boyhood of Albert Einstein. The book makes him out to be angry and misunderstood. The illustrations are watercolor and pen and never seem to show eyes. Hard to connect to characters when you cannot fathom their expressions. Also having just read "The Other Einstein" and learning of how Albert stole his wife's ideas, it is difficult to see her described here as basically the baby maker. Augh.

    19. An informative picture book on Albert Einstein's youth. The book failed to engage my child, who wanted more on Einstein's actual discoveries. There is a lack of picture books on Einstein, so this would work as an introduction to the scientist, but so much is left out I would recommend following up with other books or media.

    20. Copyright: 2004Genre: Biography Comment: A biography about Albert Einstein starting as a baby with a enormous head. This book gives us insight on how Albert was unique even when he was a child. Used: A great picture book to include into a science unit that is talking about Albert Einstein.

    21. Good book and beautifully illustrated on the life of Albert Einstein. He was born on March 14, 1879 and went on to become the famous intellectual minds of all time. Good book for students in grades 3-6.

    22. Title: Odd Boy Out: Young Albert EinsteinAuthor: Don BrownGenre: Biography (3-5)Theme(s): childhood, learning, growing upOpening line/sentence: “On a sunny, cold Friday in the old city of Ulm, Germany, a baby names Albert Einstein is born.”Brief Book Summary: It is the story of Albert Einstein’s childhood. He was an odd boy with strange ideas and a bad temper, but the strange ideas he had would change the way everyone in the future understands the world.Professional Recommendation/Review # [...]

    23. Title: Odd Boy Out: Young Albert EinsteinAuthor: Don BrownIllustrator: Don BrownGenre: Biography grade level 3-5Theme(s): Science, Growing up, Being differentOpening line/sentence: On a sunny, cold Friday in the old city of Ulm, Germany, a baby named Albert Einstein is born. Brief Book Summary : This story is about the interesting yet difficult way Albert Einstein grew up. He was different looking, had problems with his siblings and didn’t have any friends. However he was very smart and later [...]

    24. CSULB 545 Class 5: Children’s Biography: Odd Boy Out: Young Albert EinsteinBrown, Don. Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2004.[May contain spoilers]Subject: Albert, his parents, his familyTheme: Fitting into the expected role of behavior is not what’s most important.Golden quotes: “To things he enjoys, he brings a single-minded attention” (7). “‘I believe that love [of a subject] is a better teacher than a sense of duty -- at least for me,’ he later sa [...]

    25. Odd Boy Out (Young Albert Einstein) is an informational picture book biography, which effectively highlights Einstein’s quirky brilliance, natural talent for math and passion for scientific puzzles. Don Brown uses humor and simple text to give the reader an authentic insight into Albert Einstein’s life.The life story begins March 14, 1879 in the old city of Ulm, Germany on the day of Albert Einstein’s birth. Einstein is a big baby with an even bigger head. The family physician reassures th [...]

    26. This book is definitely one I am adding to my "must buy when I have my own classroom" list. It is short enough to read in 20 minutes or less but carries so much information between the covers. I have read a few biographies about Albert Einstein, but none have ever given such details about his childhood. It was a great opportunity to read into the beginning stages of the life of the genius everyone speaks of. The illustrator has complemented the text beautifully with his detailed watercolor paint [...]

    27. Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein (2004) by Don BrownSummary:This story talks about when and where Albert was born. He is a different child growing up. Albert does not like sports. Classmates taunt him for being Jewish. He loves math but hates Latin and Greek. His teachers become annoyed by Albert who never gives short simple answers to their questions. He earns great grades and loves music. He meets an older medical student who gives him a geometry book. Albert soared through the book and his [...]

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