Vikings Unleashed: 9 modern Viking erotic romances

Vikings Unleashed: 9 modern Viking erotic romances

Kate Pearce Anne Marsh Crystal Jordan Zoe York Shawntelle Madison Dayna Hart Loribelle Hunt Saranna DeWylde / Dec 07, 2019

Vikings Unleashed modern Viking erotic romances Hide your virgins Viking Romance on Top Sci Fi Romance These are not your mother s Vikings Nine biker shifter sci fi and paranormal Viking erotic romances modern sexy versions of the origina

  • Title: Vikings Unleashed: 9 modern Viking erotic romances
  • Author: Kate Pearce Anne Marsh Crystal Jordan Zoe York Shawntelle Madison Dayna Hart Loribelle Hunt Saranna DeWylde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hide your virgins 1 Viking Romance on , Top 10 Sci Fi Romance These are not your mother s Vikings Nine biker, shifter, sci fi and paranormal Viking erotic romances modern, sexy versions of the original alpha male bad boy heroes Nine brand new bedtime stories VIKING FIRE by award winning author CRYSTAL JORDAN Wolf shifter Erik once betrayed the only woman he Hide your virgins 1 Viking Romance on , Top 10 Sci Fi Romance These are not your mother s Vikings Nine biker, shifter, sci fi and paranormal Viking erotic romances modern, sexy versions of the original alpha male bad boy heroes Nine brand new bedtime stories VIKING FIRE by award winning author CRYSTAL JORDAN Wolf shifter Erik once betrayed the only woman he ever loved, the shieldmaiden Bryn, and it cost both their lives Now, they serve the gods as immortal warriors, and an ancient prophecy forces them together to try to stop the coming apocalypse What they don t expect is for the fire to burn as hot between them as ever AT THE VIKING S COMMAND by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author ANNE MARSH A werewolf tries to protect her Pack and ends up in the arms of a ruthless Viking Following her Viking s orders ignites a fiery passion and fulfills her secret fantasies, but can she claim her Viking for keeps HEL s BELLES by DAYNA HART Hela s one night stand is assigned to mentor her through the creation of her new motorcycle club, but as their relationship starts to develop, the secrets she s keeping might cost her everything THE VIKING QUEEN S MEN by award winning author HOLLEY TRENT As the newly installed queen of an enclave of telepathic Viking descendants, Tess is the final arbiter of conflicts Unfortunately, the very first one she has to resolve is in her own bedroom Two men would fight to the death to win her, but to gain full control of her considerable power, she must find a way to keep them both TAMING THE VIKING S DRAGON by SHAWNTELLE MADISON Only two riders can command an ice dragon Drifa wants nothing than to complete her training as a Woman of Frost, but she is called to help destroy an evil force fallen from the stars Three years ago, she left Steinn behind To fight this new foe, they must forget their differences and reunite as man and woman But for two Viking warriors, waging war is easier than forging peace A VIKING S PEACE by NYT Bestselling Author ZOE YORK Thrown together in an intergalactic diplomatic mission, Reinn and Ashleigh know they must fight the burning attraction between them But this Viking has finally found his mate, and nothing else matters VIKING S HEART by national bestselling author LORIBELLE HUNT Jolie Hall is ready for her life to change Being given to a Viking to clear her father s debts isn t quite what she had in mind, however She can t deny she s drawn to Stone Ulfson, but can she believe his claim that she is his destined mate VIKING S FURY by award winning author SARANNA DEWYLDE Magnus the Destroyer will do anything to escape prison planet Hel and punish his captors, including taking the warden s innocent daughter Mercy as collateral Only after they crash on an uninhabited planet, Magnus learns some things are precious than vengeance VIKING UNBOUND by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author KATE PEARCE Encased in ice, traveling through space and thousands of years adrift from his world, Viking Einarr Bloodaxe can t help but respond to the call of his female and finally break free of his magical entrapment.

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      297 Kate Pearce Anne Marsh Crystal Jordan Zoe York Shawntelle Madison Dayna Hart Loribelle Hunt Saranna DeWylde
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      • Kate Pearce Anne Marsh Crystal Jordan Zoe York Shawntelle Madison Dayna Hart Loribelle Hunt Saranna DeWylde

        NYT and USA Today bestselling author Kate Pearce was born into a large family of girls in England, and spent much of her childhood living very happily in a dream world Despite being told that she really needed to get with the program , she graduated from the University College of Wales with an honors degree in history.A move to the USA finally allowed her to fulfill her dreams and sit down and write that novel Along with being a voracious reader, Kate loves to climb the volcanoes and lie on the beach in her new home in HawaiiKate is a member of RWA and is published byNAL Signet Eclipse, Kensington, RipTide and Virgin Black Lace Cheek.


    1. 3 1/2 stars, Let me first start by saying that when I saw this on NetGallery I failed (again) to read the description correctly. I think was reading so many different book descriptions that I though (in fact I was sure) this was a set of 9 novellas. So when I got approved and added this book set to and saw it was 874 pages I couldn't believe it. And then I saw(today) it was only priced at .99 I was shocked, .99 cents for 9 books. This book bundle has something for everyone. Nine books with info [...]

    2. I've discovered that I don't like modern vikings.Who doesn't love a viking? That was my thinking when I first saw this book nine tales of strong warriors and the women who fall in love with them, but this compilation wasn't what I expected and while you might like this I was surprised to actually discover it wasn't for me. I've read loads of viking books in the past and I can't think of a single one I didn't like until I read these. These are modern vikings, I knew that before I started reading [...]

    3. This is a review of Kate Pearce's story Viking Unbound as Kate gave it to me free for a review.I was delighted to read and review her novella in her Triad Series. This was a short story that tells us about Einarr Bloodaxe a Viking with magical powers that got flash frozen in ice and found 4000 years later. The plan was to carefully thaw him out in a controlled lab environment on a planet away from earthe best laid plans rarely happen as planned. Science Officer Frey is assigned to keep watch ove [...]

    4. I was given the ARC of VIKING FIRE by Crystal Jordan to read and review.First off, it's been a little while since I read a story by Ms. Jordan and boy did I almost forget how HOT her stories are. The chemistry between Bryn and Erik sizzles off the page. With all of their past relationship problems, there were a few times when I was worried if they would make it. I really enjoyed the complexity of the storyline and how Ms. Jordan helped incorporate the past into the present with these characters. [...]

    5. **I was given a copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest reviewFirst, let me say that this is a very big book and well worth the read. All of the stories, for the most part, were full stories. Some were a bit rushed, but not bad. I've read a number of anthologies with numerous authors I've never heard of and there's usually a percent of them that I have to skip through as they didn't make much sense or just didn't flow for me. That wasn't the case with this one. While some were better [...]

    6. I really never know how best to review a bundle like this as some of the novellas I may like more than others. Viking Fire by Crystal Jordan is the first book in the collection and it sets the pace for heat, sensuality and excellence for the rest of the books.Viking Erik is a wolf shifter who was once betrayed many years ago by shieldmaiden Bryn, the woman he loved. They are drawn back together by an ancient prophecy to try and stop a coming apocalypse. They are not too pleased to be forced toge [...]

    7. Viking UnboundIf you have ever dreamed about being with a 'Viking', this is the book for you !Using the thought that you have a soul mate and he/she could be anywhere OR any time will open your mind to the unbelievable. thinking that your soul mate already was on the planet and you were just born thousands of years to late to met them makes this story plausible, and the luck of future beings able to meet their soul-mate WONDERFUL.Kate Pearce's writing made me smile from the moment I realized the [...]

    8. This was a great anthology to read a genre I don't usually go for. But I'm glad to have found it. It got me the chance to discover some new authors/series. The overall review is for 6 out of 9 books. I didn't read them all as some descriptions weren't interesting enough for me to try them. But, I may come back another time to finish them THE VIKING’S COMMAND by ANNE MARSH - 4.5 starsThis was surprisingly great. It started out strange for me as I didn't see any connection to the blurb but I'm s [...]

    9. If you had told me a year ago that I would be reading a collection of sci-fi/ fantasy/ paranormal erotic stories with a Vikings theme I would have scoffed and told you that I only read "normal" romance books. But since then, I've found to my surprise that I really enjoy romances that are out of the norm, that take a basic romance plot and add world building and sometimes astonishing ideas to craft a unique and compelling story. To wit, I've had the pleasure of reading some of the stories in this [...]

    10. I hadn't read any of the stories contained in this anthology and so was quite excited to see this book pop up. I'm not a huge fan of historical fiction ( although I do read some) so the idea of modern day Vikings complete with Odin ,Freya and even the mythical Valkyries really appealed to me and luckily quite a few of these authors are favourites of mine but several are indeed new to me. So new authors to try alongside established must reads meant that this is a book that goes straight on my mus [...]

    11. ARC provided by Vikings Unleashed Collective via NetGalley for an honest review!I have FINALLY finished reading these 9 spectacular stories!I'm going to be upfront with you and tell you that I do not normally read and/or enjoy stories of shifters, time travel, weird animal people, etc . i think you get my drift. I'm just not big on fantasy reads. BUT, since two of my favorite authors, Zoe York and Kate Pearce, were part of this bundle, I thought I'd give it a go. AND they were all short stories [...]

    12. VIKING FIRE by award-winning author CRYSTAL JORDAN - My pet peeve is a book/story that has to explain to me what things are before the book but then also explains in the story as well. It's unnecessarily repetitive. This story just wasn't for me. I couldn't get into it. It felt odd that there are grand kids that are about the same age as the main characters and what not. The story just did nothing for me. Sure it was sexy, but didn't hold my interest. AT THE VIKING’S COMMAND by New York Times [...]

    13. *I received as an ARC by Victory Editing via NetGalley for a honest review*Viking Fire (Crystal Jordan)Rating: 2 starsI did not connect with this story at all. I know that this is a moot point to make since the story has already been published, but I would have really preferred to read about their story before where the story started off. I’m more a fan of the aftermath when I’ve already read the steps they took to get there.I really wanted to like this story. The heroine really intrigued me [...]

    14. This is a great compilation of stories! These are modern Vikings so you are in for something a little bit different than what you may be used to in your more traditional Viking stories. But, I love stepping outside the box! My review below highlights the first story Viking Fire. I loved it! I don't know just couldn't put it down. I felt like this story alone would be worth the .99!With sets like this there will always be some stories you like and others you don't but, it's a great way to sample [...]

    15. 5 STARS My first review is for AT THE VIKING’S COMMAND by Anne Marsh I will add the rest of my reviews as they are completed.Calder is a seven foot Viking, one of Loki's Berserkers he was created to wreak havoc. Along with his Viking brother Calder is being drugged and forced to fight to the death in the pits of Vegas.Tyra has been bitten and now she is in an unfamiliar place with no idea of what is happening to her. When she ends up in a cage next to Calder in the pit she soon finds out what [...]

    16. So far I have read one of the nine books. I'm loving it and I can't wait to read the rest. I will edit my review as soon as I'm done reading all nine.Calder was a Viking Berserker. Tyra was a newly made werewolf. They met while being held captive at an underground fight club. It was told that a werewolf would kill Odin and bring about Ragnarok, the Norse Armageddon. It was Odin's standing order to kill all wolves on sight. For some reason, he just couldn't kill her. After the escape they never s [...]

    17. I read a review copy of Zoe York's book in this set, A Viking's Peace, and despite my misgivings on the genre (which isn't my favourite) I really enjoyed it. I've loved all of Zoe York's other books so took a chance and read this book and was pleasantly surprised. Despite the setting and futuristic approach the characters were easy to relate to and interesting. Zoe York has a real talent in making readers care about her characters almost immediately and she did it again with this novel. My only [...]

    18. Vikings Unleashed is a collection of nine unconventional Viking novellas. Modern day Vikings, Vikings in space, Viking shifters, and Vikings in the future. All of them are well written and most of them are well edited.I enjoyed reading this anthology even though there were one or two novellas that didn't work for me, but that is always the way with anthologies. Seven out of nine isn't bad.The one thing I wasn't fond of was that some of the novellas ended with cliffhangers. Most, however, did end [...]

    19. I enjoyed and have had the pleasure of diving into Vikings Unleashed. I’m still working my way through the stories, but I must say they are sexy and keep your attention. You not only get the men and the romance. You get stories that go beyond time and space. You also get magic and paranormal. So far, I have read Viking Unbound, Vikings Fury, Vikings Heart, and a Vikings Peace. And I must say I really love the whole Viking lot thus far. The stories are full of power of burning attraction and me [...]

    20. In spite of the definite theme of modern day Vikings, this is fairly diverse collection of stories. Like most anthologies it is a tad hit-and-miss in terms of reader interest, but over-all there is decidedly more here that is good than bad.My one issue with this book was that, though they were all Viking in origin, many of the storylines read more as shifter themed than Viking. Featuring nine decently sized novellas, and clocking in at over 800 pages, this collection is more than worth the cover [...]

    21. While trying to read this anthology, I found that I 1) don't like modern Vikings, and 2) don't like anthologies. Which is sad, because this was something I've tried getting into on multiple occasions. But I couldn't find a story that really hooked me. It seems that I only want historical Vikings. It was jarring to read these stories set in our contemporary world (with some variations in some stories). BUT since that's what this anthology is, I'm not going to give it a low rating for being what i [...]

    22. I'm a big fan of anything Viking to the point I have a Viking tattoo. Anyway I love the moden twist that's been giving to these stories, makes me want to find my own Viking. I do have to say the stories dragged a bit at times but still kept me hooked. I laughed and cried reading this. The woman were kick ass and the man had everything you need to swoon over. I sure will be happy to tell my book friends and followers about this book. Not great read but not a bad read. One to take your time readin [...]

    23. Viking Fire by Crystal Jordan- This one was a super fast and an extremely hot read! Very action packed and fast paced.I love Erik and Bryn getting a second chance. It was really interesting to get a different insight into the mythology of their story. I really like the authors take on them. They really do belong together. All of the characters in this were a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the secondary characters and hope to get their stories soon. I'm excited to get the next book and see how ever [...]

    24. This was an interesting book. There are 9 stories in this book. They are all focused on Vikings in one way or another. You will meet old Vikings, young Vikings, ghosts, dragons, etc. There is one story I found hard to read. I had to reread passages and it just didn't blend in well for me. I won't tell which one as I don't want to prejudice you. You may love it. Give this book a chance. Enjoy! I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.

    25. This was an amazing collection of books that once I started, could not put down. I had to read them all. It was great having them all in one collection, because as soon as you finished one, you could continue on without having to search for more. This books are are all awesome reads by amazing authors. A must read.

    26. Who doesn't like a good viking right? These are modern tales of Viking stories and some people just lost interest in that. But all in all they were all pretty decent some a lot better than others. With 9 different stories I feel like there is a little something for everyone. Granted you wish some would just end and others would last for the whole thing ;)

    27. Ok so this is a 3.5 - 4 star box set!!!It took me ages to read it (2 days and that's a lot for me) !! Why because some of the stories seemed boring and my mind kept wandering . :PHowever, some of the tales were epic!!!! :DYou decide which you prefer and which you would rather ignore *snigger* - it's a tough choice!!

    28. Nine sexy stories of modern day Vikings. This story is a combination of hot sexy Vikings that have somehow ended up in modern day. It brings the Viking lore with a twist of paranormal to Hot Alpha male sexy. I love reading these bundles because I always end up finding a new author and so many great reads at such a low price. I loved it.

    29. Totally enjoyed each and every book in this boxed set! I have reviews of each book on both and . The books were in the theme, exciting and more than worth it's price. Am so glad I bought this set!

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