青の祓魔師 13 [Ao no Exorcist 13]

青の祓魔師 13 [Ao no Exorcist 13]

Kazue Kato 加藤和恵 / May 28, 2020

Ao no Exorcist

  • Title: 青の祓魔師 13 [Ao no Exorcist 13]
  • Author: Kazue Kato 加藤和恵
  • ISBN: 9784088801407
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 5/5 estrellas.Debo confesar que durante todo este tomo fui más lágrimas que persona. Cómo me dolióY qué ironía que, con tantos personajes de Gehenna que venimos conociendo a lo largo de esta historia, las personas que se nos presentan en este tomo número 13 son más demonios que ellos. Cero humanidad. Qué rabia todo.Btw, creo que me acabo de enamorar de Lucifer. K desirles chicos.

    2. Quite nothing happened. I was expecting some major development by now, instead we are still stuck in the middle of the action. Still waiting.

    3. This was really exciting. We finally got a back story from izumo. After all the things she's been through, no wonder she is the way she is. She also just became one of my favorites. Holy shit. This volume really had me going. So many feelings.

    4. I really liked this volume, and the whole Illuminati arc itself is very enjoyable! It was nice to see some expansion on the previous volume in regards to the illuminati arc, yet also leaving room for further development, answers to questions etc, in the next volume. The development of characters and their history was also a very prominent idea throughout, although unfortunately this meant Rin was not a heavily featured character. Kuro, however, had some very funny, memorable appearances, so I gu [...]

    5. *3.5 stars*As always, I really enjoyed this! This is one of my favorite manga series, and even though this one isn't one of my favorites in the series, it was still enjoyable. I didn't feel like a lot happened in terms of plot development, or not as much as other volumes, which is the reason for the rating being lowered by a little bit. Still highly recommend this series though and can't wait for the next volume!

    6. Izumo: the conclusion to Izumo's. Try sad backstory has arrived and with a few surprises about exactly how compatible she is with Nine Tails I'm excited to see where this story and Izumi go as a character.Rin; It seems Rin has hit a moral blockade now that his enemies are people who were and essentially are still human. while it's not surprising that someone who values life so much is struggling with this I do hope he overcomes it soon.Shima: screw it. I still like Shima, I'll just go on believ [...]

    7. Tal como disse no anterior volume, onde uma nova dinâmica foi introduzida, uma nova história, a série ficou muito melhor. De certa forma nota-se um pouco que se quer contar muita coisa em pouco tempo e a história podia ser mais cuidada nesse ponto, como nas anteriores. Mas continua muito interessante a introdução dos Iluminati.

    8. The attempts to rescue Izumi which began last volume continue. The X-wires come in together and quickly get separated as they're up against some mad-scientist created zombies. Still smack dab en medias res when the volume ends.

    9. Agora faz sentido! Os Illuminati estão por trás de muita coisa. Assim o Todo não caiu de paraquedas na história

    10. Ghouls and Zombies vs Demons and Exorcists In a shopping mall.WhatWhat kind ofI can't even with this one.

    11. Amazing, this manga is getting good. So many thing happening at once, I usually don't like that. But with all the images help. New characters are shown(although from volume 12 but new) the face of Lucifer is shown, by the way he sure is handsome. Lol! Cannot wait for the background story of Shima on why he turn evil. To if each and one of the exwires make it pass those weird creatures. A must read manga! Going to get volume 14!

    12. 3.5 stars. I'm not sure why I couldn't go all the way to 4 stars for this one. It feels like something is missing and I'm not certain why. There is plenty of stuff in this volume, lots of emotional stuff. Maybe it's because Izumo isn't a character I've ever warmed up to. Maybe there's just too many fight scene pages. That's not to say it's bad in any way. It just feltke it needed something.But seriously, tons of stuff happen. We learn Izumo's tragic back story. What she and her family has suffer [...]

    13. The intensity continues from the last volume, wow this is amazing. The final part of Izumo's backstory is told and its still sad tbh, I do hope she will reunited with her sister at the end. I'm glad she managed to escape in the beginning by herself but that's short lived since you can only do so much when handcuffed and against a much stronger opponent. Shima is a bastard though and he needs to die, however I'm sure that the reason he was the fastest one to reach her in the corridor is to finish [...]

    14. Izumo's past is revealed to the group after she is captured by the traitor, Shima and the Illuminati. When Izumo was younger her family was captured to make use of her mother that had the nine tails within her. They experimented on her mother in order to perfect a body for Lucifer (one of Satan's sons). The group attempts to rescue Izumo but are attacked by zombies and then separated and attacked by zombies that are basically immortal. This was an interesting volume that revealed more about some [...]

    15. 3.5 stars.In the aftermath of Izumo's kidnapping and Shima's defection, the rest of the exwires and Yukio head to a city where no one seems sad or upset - a place where people's emotions are being manipulated by Illuminati, until they are brought to Dream Town Inari, where horrible things are happening. When the Exwires investigate, they find themselves separated and beset by something they haven't yet encountered - something both horrifying and crushing.Meanwhile, in the halls of the Illuminati [...]

    16. ~4/5Shima’s betrayal is still fresh, and Izumo is still being held captive with her demise in mind. Meanwhile, the gang is attempting to save her. They’re split up, forced to fight their own enemies, and it’s bad.This is messier than I expected, and darker. But I’m loving the development of plot and character. We get to know more about each character, most of whom I’m already a fan. We get to see what Shima is up to, and I’m really not a fan of him at the moment. I feel terrible for [...]

    17. I was mortified when I read this volume, first of all the cover is black? Gedion is a beautiful creature and the horrible past of Izumi is only getting awful and more hurtful. And those things! They are not zombies!! They are AN IMMORTAL ZOMBIES!!! My god this is like MazeRunner zombies all over again except they are IMMORTAL! I worry about Rin and the gang. I don't think backup is coming back anytime soon. And IZUMI IS JUST GONNA DIE AND SHIMA IS A TRAITOR AND I CANNOT PREDICT ANYTHING! Why SHI [...]

    18. Esto se resume en dos cosas:1-La historia de Izumo sigue siendo muy triste.Y 2- Sigo sin entender a Shima, ¿Qué rayos está pensando?, ¿Será que esté planeando algo?, ¿Por qué está haciendo esto? Resulta ser todo un misterio, eso sí, el uniforme le queda muy bien y cada que aparece me resulta genial aunque un poco despreciable, solo espero que al final no defraude porque toda esta trama que lo involucra me parece muy interesante.Y pues se avecinan más problemas y presiento que al final [...]

    19. This book did not really develop the characters or the plot, it was more action based which is fine, but the balance seemed off. It also made many questions brought up earlier more relevant, but didn't answer any. It focused on hated characters like we were going to get a pay off of the good guys kicking butt, but we didn't. I can't wait to read the next book and it's not even out in English yet.

    20. Here we have a volume dedicated solely to the shitty childhood of Izumo Kamiki. And believe me, it was a genuinely shitty childhood. It was an enjoyable book overall, but the series is starting to fall into a cookie-cutter pattern with its story arcs.We get it, Kato. Everybody's had a shitty life so let's see everybody come to terms with it and move on with their lives.Oh wait they're Exorcists destined to save the world and wallow in an olympic sized swimming pool of angst.

    21. GrrI thought this was volume 12, which is why I picked it up at the library. When I realized my mistake, I read it anyways, not thinking there was going to be anything huge going on. Of course. Of course. The volume I skipped just had to be filled with major plot development and twists that popped up in this volume. Why? Whhhhyy? DX

    22. This manga is up there in my top 10. Action, adventure, a smidgen of romance. The character designs are all quite unique which I appreciate. As an aside, the manga and anime are so far removed from each other one you get past that first story arc that they could be 2 completely different stories. They are both quite good, though. Do both.

    23. Another series I been trying to keep up with. 13 volumes in and the series keeps getting interesting, story especially since I wasn't sure what I was expecting when starting from volume 1. Pretty good so far.

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