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Immunity In the very near future a devastating Ebola like pandemic has struck the world but for the % in New York City it s an excuse for even twisted behavior Taylor Antrim delivers a thrilling new novel t

  • Title: Immunity
  • Author: Taylor Antrim
  • ISBN: 9781941393284
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the very near future, a devastating Ebola like pandemic has struck the world, but for the 1% in New York City it s an excuse for even twisted behavior.Taylor Antrim delivers a thrilling new novel that combines the best of dystopian fiction with a sharp eyed exploration of class and wealth in the world s capital In this fast paced paranoid, near future New York CitIn the very near future, a devastating Ebola like pandemic has struck the world, but for the 1% in New York City it s an excuse for even twisted behavior.Taylor Antrim delivers a thrilling new novel that combines the best of dystopian fiction with a sharp eyed exploration of class and wealth in the world s capital In this fast paced paranoid, near future New York City, we meet Catherine, a broke socialite who is getting sick Desperate, she takes a job with a luxury concierge service that fulfills the most outlandish desires of the ultra rich even if that means hunting down the 99% As the hidden agendas of her employer and his shadowy clients emerge, Catherine realizes things are not remotely as they appear and she finds herself a pawn of mega corporations and government agents all eager to profit from the cure embedded inside of her.

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        Taylor Antrim is the author of the novels The Headmaster Ritual and Immunity His short stories have appeared in numerous publications including Five Chapters, American Short Fiction, and Best American Short Stories A senior editor at Vogue, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two children.


    1. I picked up this book by pure chance because of the gorgeous cover. That florescent orange and the gold embedded title kidnapped me like the promise of rainbows and unicorns. Thinking back, I usually research books before reading and would not have given this book as second thought, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book. I would go even further to say that the book should have been longer. I didn't hate any of the characters, in fact, I was intrigued. You could say that I' [...]

    2. I'm a sucker for any books that deal with pandemics or apocalyptic scenarios - strange and morbid, I know. I managed to read this in a few hours and all I can say is that there's a lot of promise in the premise of the book, but it's disjointed to the point of sloppiness. The first part of the story lays some interesting groundwork but it never follows through. Catherine is a character that wavers between sympathetic and totally maddening, and the rest of the characters are fairly one dimensional [...]

    3. No. I didn't read it by choice and nor should you. First 120 pages (half the book) is a goddamn slog with no point and the rest is underdeveloped (though faster) and ultimately the ending is unsatisfying. Feels like a draft.

    4. Reading the blurb I was totally hooked and grabbed this book off the library shelf. As I started to read I felt the story ramp up and I was totally in ituntil things went absolutely nuts and we still hadn't reached the climax. I liked the character of Catherine, and I thought the idea of the story was fantastic, but there was both too much and not enough in plot development for me. While I appreciate a good wandering story with side plots, I felt like "Immunity" wandered a little too long in New [...]

    5. borrowed, hardcover, libraryImmunity is set sometime in the future, when 10% of the global population has been wiped out by the TX virus. Enter the daughter of an heiress with 800 dollars in her bank account and down on her fortune who most likely has the deadly virus; she gets a lead on a job and she signs away her life for the chance to pay rent--the gig is shady and there is an implant involved. Turns out she's been granted Immunity if she agrees to be a party of a dodgy team. Immunity is a t [...]

    6. I have a thing for post-apocoalyptic, some days it seems so much better than reality. This book was good not great. A flu took out 300 million people (4% of the population) but it still reeks some havoc. In this post-flu world the government seems to maybe possibly have a little too much power and Catherine most definitely gets caught up in it. Confused? I was a little bit too but it is worth a read.

    7. After struggling through the first 100 pages, I was determined to keep reading until something exciting happened. I finished the book today . I'm still waiting :(

    8. from kalireads:What’s natural is the microbe.All the rest–health, integrity, purity (if you like)–is a product of the human will, of a vigilance that must never falter.—Immunity, epigram, from The Plague by Albert CamusOfficials said the best line of defense was vigilance. Report symptoms immediately. Yours. Family members’. Friends’. Get the TX test every three months. Ninety Days… It’s the Law ran the ads. Carry your MED card at all times. Don’t gamble with symptoms. Don’t [...]

    9. I’m getting around to this one kind of late, as it was published in May, but it’s been sitting at the bottom of my “to be read” pile for a few months. I picked it up today around two in the afternoon and finished it about an hour ago, around 6:30 PM, so it clearly held my attention, but it’s also a fast, easy read. Set in New York City in the near future after a flu pandemic has wiped out 10% of the global population, the world and its context are absolutely fascinating and unbelievabl [...]

    10. In a not so distant future, there is a break out of TX aka the Texas Flu. It is highly deadly and highly contagious. There is no cure for it once you have it you go to quarantine to die. Catherine Duvall is a socialite with absolutely nothing going for her. She has zero personality, and zero friends which makes her the perfect idiot to test an implant that makes you immune to TX. It also has tracking capabilities of some sort and it paralyzes you if you get TX or if someone breaks into your back [...]

    11. The general plot of this book was super interesting to me. I love the post-apocalyptic genre and reading what each author views as the aftermath. This version is about the aftermath of a virus which has killed off 4% of the world's population. The resulting description of how the US would respond and how daily life would continue as a result was interesting to read.Even though I find this type of drama interesting, I also need to have a character to root for. I wanted to love the main character, [...]

    12. The story seems to be about a world where tens of millions have died due to some epidemic called the Texas flu. The flu has not been completely devastating, but fear has given way to a government that has ratcheted up its watch over its citizens while simultaneously letting the rule of law run amuck, particularly among the rich. Money buys anything in America now, including trap shooting people, it appears.In fact, the world drawn here is rather sketchy and our lead character, Catherine, is a bo [...]

    13. Spoiler Alert: I think I'm being generous giving three stars because I could tell the idea was there. It was just the execution that seemed to have lost its way.Antrim's book is yet another dystopian thriller, except this time its surrounding NYC's wealthy socialites. Specifically, one whose neglectful parents haven't left her with anything but conspiracy theories. With the people she used to be closest with either dead or closing her off, Catherine is struggling to make her way in a world she i [...]

    14. Decent plot but it falls apart with transitions between scenes. It's too easy to see the framework of the story, like the author has index cards with each scene on it and then just jumps from one index card to the next. All the reader's getting is the index cards with no development or building of momentum. And I don't normally blink at pretend science but holy moly, was novel too, a sort of genetic medley of influenza and Lassa, with the ability to persist in the blood like HIV, that's just st [...]

    15. I thought this would be a more medically based book on the characters' lives after a deadly virus "TX" was released - how they coped, what society was like. IT WAS NOT. It was about a self-centered rich bitch who loses all her money, gets a monkey-could-do-it job just to pay the bills, ends up as glorified eye candy for rich guys who have nothing better to do with their lives than snort coke and shoot rubber bullets at people for fun. She is not a likable character in any way and the story could [...]

    16. There's a wonderful sense of danger and dread in this novel, set in New York after a pandemic has wiped out 4% of the population worldwide. But ultimately, the atmosphere was not enough for me to care what was going to happen (although I did finish it, so obviously I cared on some level). The only two characters who come to life are the main character's 17-year-old best friend and her neck-tattooed Scottish sidekick. If the book had centered on the two of them, I would have enjoyed it a whole lo [...]

    17. Actually more like 3 1/2 stars, this book caught my eye due to the intriguing cover The story took a little time to develop but I have to say that I thoroughly disagree with most of the reviews of this book. It was entertaining, had a couple of plot twists, and the author has a way of moving the story along at a fast pace and does not bog down the reader with pointless rhetoric. Sounds to me like some of the reviewers of this book had a personal axe to grind with Mr. Antrim.I recommend this book [...]

    18. This is a book for anyone who likes dystopian novels. Set in a world of the near-future after an epidemic virus has decimated the world's population, Catherine Duvall is hired for a job which involves an implant in her which is an experimental treatment and immunizing device for the virus. A portrait is painted of a post-Judeo/Christian, post-humanistic, almost totally nihilistic world. Murder is a sport. The bleakness slowly but surely engulfs almost everybody.

    19. Very difficult to follow, especially with the 3rd person narrative. The immunity had very little to do with the story and did not take the path you would expect, there was much less to the plot that expected. There was very little character development and it was very shallow. Huge disappointment.

    20. A pandemic has wiped out 4% of the world’s population, but in the middle of this dystopia, life goes on. But there are several stories here: the disease and contamination of the pandemic narrative, the divide between the haves and the have-nots, and the girl trying to make it in New York.

    21. I was drawn to this book due to the flashy cover. I liked the title and premise of this book however; I found the execution choppy and lacking.

    22. I was hoping for post-apocalyptic but this was merely dystopian. Our protagonist isn't too likable and the plot isn't too interesting. It starts out well enough but just never picks up steam.

    23. I thought the book was well written and had my at the edge of my seat but the ending leaves me disappointed.

    24. This got good reviews, but I didn't get into it that much. It had some interesting points, but was heavy handed in some ways. Eh.

    25. These are terrible characters and its a horrible plot. I can see the appeal to write about the 1% especially if you are considered one of them but reading a tabloid would be preferable.

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